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Part 33: Jefferson Part 2: It's A Mine Pun

Carry? Not exactly.

...and I'd love to play a post apocalyptic a FPS/TPS where I could tear through the desert in a Shwimmwagen.

Post 33: It's Not Yours, It's Mined

The mutant, he likes to mouth off. And a lot more than all the other poor wretches we encountered. They voices boom louder, what with being so large and all.

Not that it ever matters to our fearless leader. He probably guides himself by the sound.

One lucky thing (besides him not exploding) was that this mutant an armor piercing rocket - would be useful if we ran into armored enemies one day!

However, this still left Flashman wounded and exposed to gun fire. Actively exposed to gun fire. And Stitch didn't want to test his metal armor against the machineguns. So yes, my dear diary, I had to sneak to patch him.

Do you know how hard it is to try and patch someone up while you're sneaking? It's no mean feat! Especially when that person still insists on firing a machinegun. I don't even know how I did it.

I miss just being a nurse, looking after initiates...

Not like this job doesn't have its own benefit. Exploding barricades are always amusing.

Flashman running up to roast super mutants? Hilarious.

Although he later complained that it's slow and inefficient. I suppose the man's an expert after all.

Said expert then immediately ran off to murder another mutant at close range.

He also sent Ice away to pick up the Scouter, said that the loot is getting heavy and we need a central repository for it.

Ice said that the car was speedy and not easy to handle, However, it did survive a mine blast, which is more than one would expect from a wheeled bath tub.

Maybe we could go for a ride after some. Stitch watch after Flashman while he's getting his "purge" anyways.

We threw away pots and pands and other random crap that the scouts had in the car and started offloading our loot. Stumpy alone had a dozen grenade and as many landmines.

We'll have to drive home very carefully.

Live free, die young... and a fast car full of explosives is a very rock and roll way to go... but I don't want to just yet.

And then he was sent away to find some more. Who knows where these mutants get their explosives from... explosives and MGs. Might have found a National Guard depo or something.

...and I had to sneak-follow him to check for living enemies. It's easy, working in tandem.

People might suck in general, but not as much as getting exploded.

I found a bookcase, but it just had random crap.

Stumpy found some Afterbuner on a mutant and again I couldn't get any.

I think I read that students before the war used them before their examinations. Medical students even. Maybe there's a way there...

Oh, and he found live mutants, too. Ice had to get in and shoot one, since she's the only one consistently putting rounds on targets.

And while Ice was preoccupied with shooting a mutant, Stumpy had to clear a nearby field for mines. Surprisingly enough, it was already clear, even though it looks like a prime position for their placement.

Now, the field before a small gate was.

Unfortunately, a stray bullet detonated one of the mines, and, well, that went bad. Real bad

Again, as a sneaky medic, I had to sneaky heal him.

Flashman was well and far away by that point, advancing down the road towards the second generator.

Apparently there weren't that many mutants past the barricade.

It did give me time to get Stumpy back in action.

The brave fool went right back to defusing mines. He had... difficulties, but I'm glad he didn't blow himself up.

Even better, he managed to clear the house behind the gate all by himself.

Not a smart move in general, but there were no mutants there, so all ended well.

...unfortunately, he didn't share any Afterburner with me.

Maybe I shouldn't have patched him up

He did declare one building as "possible mutant infestation zone" after he reported back.

On the other hand, Stein found a boring, empty warehouse.

Our boss, however, was a lot more entertained when he discovered a mutant... hiding on the other side of the baricade that he was using.

How did they not notice each other earlier is a mystery.

Anyways, Flashman won, in the end. If he hadn't, I probably wouldn't be writing this right.

Eventually, we made it close to the final generators.

But not too close. Flashman spotted turrets. Said they looked like the one in Preoria and he did not fancy running into laser fire.

Mutants were more than happy to charge into our killzone, however, and we cleared the generator garrison without any problems.

Except he come up with a plan - he has his clearer moments, even with the drugs - to sent me to infiltrate the generator compound and destroy it, likely cutting power to the turrets.

I found an another questionably placed mine almost immediately.

I felt a little uneasy sneaking past a turret - who knows, it might be using infrared instead of simple motion trackers - but I made it past, eventually.

The armors was all itchy, tho. So much cold sweat...

The generator itself was easy - surviving a war and two centuries of exposure to the elements didn't leave in a good shape. Just one SMG burst, and it was down.

Not gonna lie, felt like a badass there.

The turrets stopped immediately.

Capitalizing on that, Flashman set out to punch one into submission.

Unfortunately, one mutant grenadier had actually stayed at his post.

He actually managed to harm Flashman pretty hard... but not as hard as he fucked up himself.

Me? I got some stuff from a crate. Some nice stuff!

Then I got to see how many bullets would it take to kill a turret. If there was one thing that I had plenty of, it was 9mm ammo.

It took long. So long that I Stumpy managed to find and start clearing an another minefield.

Those things are bullet sponges! It feels like throwing stones at them! Hell, throwing stones might work better!

It dragged on so much that Stein manage to drive the scouter here, so that Stumpy could offload some of those mines.

Flashman found me still firing at the turret. He said that there are seventy or so rounds inside.

So not worth it.

Hell, Stumpy probably got more benefit from digging up all those mines.

I even got out a looted shotgun... and it still took so long.

Damn it's good that we didn't attack it head on.

A small - very small - consolation is that we found incendiary grenades on one of the mutants. Not like we're going to use them, but it's worth more than those frags we're collecting.

After picking up the mines, Stumpy checked out a nearby ruin.

Nothing, again.

I hate this mission, diary, I really do.