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Part 34: Jefferson Part 3: NOT A Mine Pun

It's still just a pistol, tho!

Also, why Str 3 char?

Post 34:Jefferson Part 3: Sink or Shwimm

The next big building was weird. Must have been some interesting architecture going on there before a war. Maybe a nightclub.

Ahhh, which there were nightclubs around so I could experience that. But not, the squares had to blow everything up.

Of course, the entryway was mined, so Flashman made his own entry, and found some mutants to shoot man.

That man really gets around fast for his age.

And shoots pretty well for someone who wrecked his eyesight reading near a campfire.

Of course, the high ammo capacity of the MGs helped. Yet with most other mutants, he was still going point blank.

I asked him if he had found anything else aside from the rockets taken from a dead mutant. He said no.

This place is a real dump.

Though that building was turning out to be a good firebase for Flashman. I wonder why mutants didn't try to reinforce it, instead making their fortifications down in gully.

See, diary? I had not forgotten all of the lessons from training.

Well, anyway, fire dying down was the sign that Stumpy can get back to clearing mines without the fear of them exploding in his face again.

I was sent to sneak up to the building Stumpy left a early on, to see if there really were mutants inside.

There was one and I had no shame in running away. I might be a combat medic, but I'm not a combat medic.

Flashman said that one mutant shouting something about medics before dying, but that might have been a drug induced hallucination. Honestly, with the stuff he's taking, I'm not entirely sure that Flashman's in the same world as us.

Especially when you listen to his stories. Like, he was getting the jump on an RPG mutant... the mutie ran way and blew himself up!

How does that happen, anyways?!

On the other hand, it would be a really strange thing to lie about, so... I don't know, I just don't know.

Strange still is that the scouter can't ride under the bridge. Maybe Stein is just a shitty driver, tho.

All that meant was that Stumpy and Flashman had to drag loot to the scouter by hand, which is a chore and a waste of time.

I want to be out of here as soon as I can.

Besides, we had already collected a fairly ridiculous amount of gear.

Including a flamer pistol.

Flamer. Pistol.

Can you believe that, diary?

The boys before the war were in serious need of getting laid. Who the hell builds a flamer pistol!

Anyways, while I was patching up my wounds, Stitch was sent in to outflank and kill the mutant inside the workshop.

He won. Got a little shot up, but he won. Turns out that machineguns don't help that much against swarms of buckshot.

Stitch reported finding no tools, only grenades and what seem to be someone's dinner.

Pity the bottle had rotgut in it. Good as disinfectant, gun cleaning fluid or for softening up pre-war MRE's, but it's a horrible drink. Your liver basically melts through your ass.

Talking about shoddy medicine, Stumpy told me that he had to give Flashman an injection with the Ultra Stimpack.

Oh boy, Ultra stimpacks. Stimulates cellular growth so hard that if it were a just a little more intense, the patient would explode like blood sausage.

Of course, we couldn't got with them and provide aid, as we had to evict mutants from an another building. This guy had an M2 and M2s are no joke.

I had to check if there was anything of interest in the other rooms of the house.

Objects of interest including other mutants, of course.

Nope, empty as ever. On the other hand, the rooms were pretty much intact. Would have been a nice pad to crash with some friends.

I've actually done something like that, before the brotherhood. Someone would steal drugs - well, even voodoo or healing powder - and we'd just blaze away in some more or less intact ruin.

Those were the days...

Did found something none of my friends had ever see: another suit of Environmental armor! Guess it goes to Stitch.

Ah, but the scouter isn't going anywhere. The M2 mutant had a firefight with Ice... the stray bullets hit the scouter, and Stein barely managed to get out.

It's a blessing that the stuff inside didn't explode taking down half the block.

Meanwhile down the road, Flashman had apparently decided to take a detour before going inside the weapon factory.

That man has the strangest ideas.

And a strange habit of going holes into random holes in the ground.

He's also the kind of man that sees radioactive sludge coming out of a hole in the wall and goes "yes, I'm going down on all fours and crawling in that shit because there might be stuff on the other end".

Probably would have done that even without Environmental armor.

He said he found a campsite that basically inaccessible in any other way besides crawling. Who built it that way and who thought it was a good place to hide?

"Probably hobos before the war" was his theory. No theory about the fire in the fireplace tho.

He later emerged in the basement of the weapon factory. 'course, he had been irradiated during his trip... and found rad away immediately.

Fortune favors the bold, I guess, thought I'd rather say that he's a lucky fool.

So, while out brave leader was crawling through much, Ice - beautiful beautiful Ice - was engaged in part two of her firefight with the M2 mutant.

I think he eventually ran out of ammo and had to be put down by Stitch.


The CAWS leaves horrible holes.

Meanwhile, our distant distant lord was exploring the factory.

Even found a friendly mutant. Well, an unresponsive mutant anyways. It's probably as close to friendly as they get.

He also found not so friendly mutants, but that's nothing new.

Meanwhile, Stumpy and newly uparmored Stitch were cleaning out the entrance to the factory.

They were doing pretty well, from what I can gather.

Then Flashman ran in guns blazing and just killed everyone. Just like he always does.

And they found an another suit of Enviro armor! Hey, when am I getting an upgrade? These leathers are comfortable, but I don't feel too safe in them, not with MGs around.

And yeah, they destroyed the third generator.

Honestly, diary, most of this stuff is hearsay. Flashman never got us inside the perimeter and he was the only one who ever went into the factory.

Apparently they even found a female super mutant! Fancy that, didn't know they existed.

She did not survive, however.

He never really told us what he found, inside, however.

I asked him what it was.

"Bad" was all that he said.

I don't know what convinced him not to destroy the factory.

He just blew up the generator and told us all to move out.

Well, take all the stuff from Scouter and then move out.

The mission debrief was that our operation was successful and mutant fled the area. I guess no more factory means no reason to hang out here.

Or no more laboratory. Cure for sterility? I'm sure that will happen one day.

Bah, Flashman and his secrecy. Really gets on my nerves some times

Like I said, I hate that mission. Jefferson was a no fun crawl and filled with mines, and Flashman running away.

I'll go see if Ice is busy, maybe we'll grab a drink or something.

See you later, diary.