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Part 35: Bunker Gamma: Selling Stuff, Mostly

Post 35: Bunker Gamma: I'm My Own Requisition Office

Back in the bunker, the squad know that backbreaking labor awaits them:

Hauling stuff from APC to Flashman, so that he could sell them for a high profit.

Most of the squad realizes that this trade is more beneficial to the Brotherhood than to themselves (certainly a lot more throwaway AKs floating around to arm Initiates).

On the other hand, they can't leave the stuff just lying outside where any raider or tribal could take it. Plus, cold hard cash is neither cold nor hard, something that Ice enjoys a little too much.

Rumours abound that with paper currency making a return, strip clubs are also coming back.

Straining under the load, Flashman was the first one to make his way to requisition.

The deathclaw is still running around (maybe she can't find the exit, but is too proud to ask?) and there was a ghoul from Quincy. He might have winked, but this might have also been an eyelid falling off.

Stumpy also brought a refreshing beverage... that survived the post war years because nobody wanted it.

All in all, the loot was worth 25K scrip

*sounds of Ice fainting*

On the other hand, the Brotherhood had finally found some new shit and a suit of Environmental Armor Mark II was for sale, so Flashman nabbed it for himself.

The addition of the yellow filters for the helmet is the most important new feature.

It makes it look cooler.

And less prone to melting or other unsavory stuff.

Flashman, having the defensive and likely close quarter nature of the following mission in mid, decides to mix up the squad a little.

By taking a Deathclaw insted instead of Mandy.

Ton of healthpoints, melee capability and, unlike other Deathclaws, some ranged defense.

Sharing the APC would be a little awkward, though.

And Stitch got irradiated... somehow. Even with the armor. Must have smuggled in a radioactive snack.

Stumpy took out some mines in preparation (what with being the only one who could set them).

And Mother... well, Mother took grenades.

A lot of grenades.

Might even kill someone.

Pre-mission tests against wolves and cockroaches show that frag grenades are no more dangerous than Mexican fireworks

The squad also visited a crazy invisible man surrounded by docile wolves.

The crazy man has nothing useful to sell...

...but the Flashman still bought a grenade, to support the "Ring Pulls for Wolf Pups" fund.

And then they left for parts unknown! Wolves didn't even manage to leave a mark on the APC.