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Part 36: Kansas City Part 1: I Want To Be Happy LPer

Post 36: Kansas City Part 1: I Hate This Place

Some of you might ask me: "Wait, did you not wander around before going to Kansas city? What about the merchants and the things and the stuff?"

Well, let me ask you a question of my own: why do you hate America? A true patriot would never ask me a question like that.

Now that the last commie pinko rat has been smoked out, lets get back to the LP. As you might gather from the briefing, the squad has to defend Kansas from the gosh darn no good muties.

How do we go about it?

By trying to take a detour through the Nuclear Mutant Church. No actual mutants or fans of 3D Fallout games allowed!

Then you best get to running. Because the mission drops your right in, and the attacks start within a minute or so. Oh how do they start.

Any other objectives can be ignored for now, same as I ignore the map most of the time.

Ghouls who have religious reverence to unexploded nuclear ordinance can also be safely ignored. I doubt that they're the first ones to do so or that they would be the last.

North gate is the quiet gate. You can post one soldier there and they'll take care of the threat. There's probably only one wave of melee mutants coming from here anyways.

Ghouls will mention their friends dying. How do they know that?

Come closer, lemme tell you a secret.

There's a bit of string running along the wall that has cups connected to both ends. It's a marvel of technology, I tell you.

There will be loading, and reloading, and loading of saves, and restoring save states...

...and ghouls will flip the fuck out in unison...

...and there will be a flood of mutants. An undulating mass of mutated flesh, bloated muscles trying to break free from sickly xanthic skin.

It's even worse in the South.

Much, much worse.

And it happens so many times.

In so many different combinations!

Whatever you do, ghouls die.

How can they not? If the heavy weapons of the rearguard muties don't get them, the poor wretches with pipes do.

Neither armor nor drugs seem to help...

And there we go again. Mutants actually walk to take their places, much like actors before the curtain opens. The ghouls don't harm them, only making the impression stronger.

You know what? Maybe it's better that way. Ghouls seem to do better left alone. Clearly they know how to get through this shit!

North, like I said, is the easiest sector to defend.

In the west, you get three waves. There's even some time to emplace mines. Not 20 of them, though.

They pay off spectacularly.

And so does non involvement in south gate. I guess when people talk about the burst fire bugs, they mean that it only happens with player characters nearby.

Oh, look, more mines, in case I missed a few in the previous missions!

Hey, look, a suicidal ghoul!

Hey, look, a super mutant with an RPG that usually one shots Stumpy!

To deal with that, you place a mine! Hopefully, he'll step on it this time!

Sometimes, you don't even know where he is, though. Mutant *ptfu*

North remains a quiet sector, usually. You can send the sniper up the tower, but... why bother?

Good thing about Stumpy is that he has Stimpacks (God knows where he got those) and can patch himself up if need be.

Eventually, what worked ended up killing Mother... and I was just too tired and too frustrated to try again!

The mine survived it all, too.

Most people got a level, too. I think this perk will be the most useful one for Stitch. Seeing that we still have some mutants to kill, and considering the enemies that will follow...

I considered taking MUTATE! for Stumpy, what with the nearby nuke, but...

...none of the other perks looked that good. Tool die hard instead. Might have also given that to Flashman (might have given him +1 Perception instead, tho)

In was tempting to take the "1/8 of your Unarmed becomes armor if your hands are empty for Flashman", but, come on. Killing mutants takes a lot of time even if have the POWER! FIST!

Stumpy will fire lasers one day!

You know what I'd like? A 40K-ish autocanon that would need Str10 to fire. That'd be nice.

Sturdiest man alive goes to check for survivors and shoot them again.

I seems the mutant has been knocked out next to the mine! Flashman bestows The Emperor's The Queen's Mercy upon him.

Fallout Wikia refers to these guys as "snipers". While it is possible to do sniper stuff with heavy MGs (after all, it fires a heavy boolit out of a heavy gun with a long barrel, and you're not forced to go rock'n'roll all the time), you can't really do that with RPGs.

Seems I didn't even have to bring my own mines!


so much blood

Somebody has to be alive here somewhere...

Not anymore! On to hunter-killer part of the mission!

Next time: we hunt, we kill