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Part 37: Kansas City Part 2: So Many Mutants, So Few .50cal Rounds

PhotoKirk posted:

This mission made me stop caring about ghouls.

Damn zombies are already losing limbs without me or mutants having anything to do with it, so why should we bother?

Post 37: Kansas City Part 2: The Second Worst Airport Experience

So, back to the task at hand (hint: it involves killing mutants)

:"Wait a minute, didn't you level..."



So yeah. Deep in the pile of dead mutants, we find an Avenger minigun with no ammo. The mutant also carried around some 7.62mm ammo (without a gun), because Fallout is actually happening deep in Russia and that stuff's like sand there.

Ghouls, of course, carry shitty equipment, which explains why they die like emaciated radioactive dogs.

The UZI, I believe, is the shittiest SMG in game.

Have I ranted how I dislike games that have guns of same caliber, but different damage ranges? No? Well, I'll spare ya.

Incidentally, that half a ghoul down the road? Also an Uzi fan.

You know, I'd be very happy to play an FPS that has all the Uzi variants.

Then again, that same kind of dev would eventually make one with all MP5 variants.

Or AKs, AK cousins and cheap AK knockoffs

Right, kill the commanders. Nice to see that super mutants follow the lead from the back principle. Not that it will help them, especially since they forgot to read the "retreat once all the peasants are dead" part of the training manual.

Especially this guy, who standing with his unprotected back turned to an active battlefield and a rickety ass wall that lets people see inside.

I wonder how much more fun Fallout would be if it ran on Silent Storm engine

Oh, wait, then the linear levels wouldn't be possible

Have to shoot some more muties around here! M2 does an admirable job, the SAW - not so much.

It's still quite deadly in the hands of the muties.

By the way, Flashman is the only one with a distinguishable armor color. It's a little annoying.

Hit the deck!

While your SAW'ing might not do a lot of damage, the muties have an uncanny ability to to cut health in half in one burst. Of course, there are way too many lucky assholes who can kill Flashman in one burst.

Meanwhile, the "snipers" were echanging fire with Ice. More than ARMA, this game teaches about importance of your stance in combat. Ice, while prone, is basically impervious to RPGs, as long as they're not hitting point blank.

Anyways, the MG mutie ran out of (precious, precious) .50cal ammo and decided to get stuck in. I give Stumpy the opportunity to test his micro sledge.

It's not good

Flashman takes an RPG to face, stands back up and calmly shoots the mutant dead.

The bastard is carrying around more Sabot rounds. If you count the 6 or so fired at Ice, he had been lugging around about 10 RPG rounds, which would be the biggest stash yet.

Flashman then limps away to check a nearby hut.

The dead ghoul carries a stimpack, 300 RPs and some random crap.

...why am I so disappointed with it loot? Is it because I'm getting tired of selling 30+ SAWs every mission? Is it because most of the stuff I find is useless?

After dealing with another pesky mutant, Flashman goes to check out a ruin.

If the rumors about Nuka Cola addiction are true, this might have been a pre-war crack house!

Hey, I found the lake were ghouls used to go skinny dipping!

smoked sausage dicks and beef jerky vaginas everywhere!

Hey, another building! I wonder what's inside?

Mutants, that's what's for breakfast that's what's inside.

Of course, he's not the only one and Flashman expires about five more times before I clean it out... and redevelop the instinct to save after every kill.

I'm not very sorry for doing that.

"My <organ>!" is a gag I really, really like.

"My spleen!" is probably the most memorable one. Oh Dawn of War 1, where did the time go...

Nope, let's try going the other way around.

That's better.

Though I think the famous Monrovian militias had better hit rate than these short range MG fights.

This mutant has:
a) read some Bibles
b) met some folk from Van Buren's Salt Lake City
c) been given lines by lazy Aussies

Flashman and Stitch: barely distinguishable battle buddies!

This room has three mutant holed up in it. Not pictured: pain and suffering and reloads trying to storm it.

Big Book(s) of Skience.

Watch in amazement how reading about economical sciences and reproduction of African Swallows makes Stitch better at computers!

Ah, I see skull pillars are popular all over the wasteland.

The only good thing about the sniper rifle is range. Damage is pitiful and that's why Ice's energy weapon skill is already at 73%.

Seriously, with no antimateriel rifles to look forward to and no 7,62mm Diamond Tipped Anti-Matter AP rounds in the game, that's what she's going to do.

Fine, Gauss Rifle exists, but come on...

Micro Sledge 2: Electric Boogaloo.

One more reason to hate looting mutants: SAW's weight a fuckton, so do crowbars, and when they have grenades, it's always more than 10. Add in so random mutants with RPGs or pipes, and that's all the enemies you'll ever see. Yawn.

FN FAL: surprisingly good at killing mutants.

7.62 is the heroic round of this game. Plentiful, useful in a succession of rifles, and eventually good enough for the superior minigun.


Problem: mutant.


Crouching. This turns the firefight into a hilarious dodge fest. The mutant tries, in vain, to hit Stumpy. Stumpy dodges the attacks via shoulder shrugs, like a lazy, midget Neo.

Flashman walks in on an another scene of dead ghouls.

Not even the mighty South African Neostead managed to save them!

Ah, useless shit piled on on useless crap.

Apparently, this placed used to be a civvie airport before the war. Well, a civvie runway, in any case.

Despite the highly civilian nature, Hueys flocked to this place at the onset of the war, never to fly again.

No doubt attracted by dying gaijin no hikoki, a Zero tried (unsuccessfully) to land here, to feast on the aluminum carcasses of the fallen.

A venerable classic that I will never use since I never stockpiled .45 ammunition.

For shits and giggles, I set Ice to shoot people in the eyes (going for headshots doesn't seem to do much against mutants).

Called shots is something I never used in original Fallouts, because I usually took the perk that let me shoot more/faster/for less AP, in exchange taking away your ability to do called shots.

The blue outline means we can hear him fart.

A short PSA detour:

That's why you don't drink rotgut, kids! It will make you blind more surely than masturbation!

No, I haven't killed any of the mutants yet, but I still manage to sneak some people in.

Contestant chooses box number 1! What do we have inside?

*Stitch in a skimpy dress - we're all sorts of progressive up in this bitch LP - opens the first box*

That is one hell of a pick me up! Party like it's 1699, then shop till you drop - there's enough medicine to put you back on your feet in no time!

And what's in the box number 2?

*Stitch wiggles his ass at the camera while he bends down to open the box*

Shotgun shells! The man's man's choice of ammunition! Pump that rifle and shoot some coon or Canadians! Yeehaw!

And now, for our grand finale, BOX NUMBER 3!

*Stitch slily winks at the camera*

It's the Pancor Jackhammer! Some say it should only ever be mounted on vehicles! Nonsense! Such a vigorous young man like you will be able to change ammo drums in no time!

The least exciting weapon upgrade in the game.

"OK, now what?" says Flashman while waving the RPG around, smell of rotgut heavy on his breath.

Now, we fill mutants with shot!

So far so good...

Son of a bitch! He still manages to drop Flashman's health by half, even with the entire squad pouring fire on him.

The last mutant, a grenadier at that, shows the minor annoyance that frag grenades are.

Another las pistol!

Pity you can't go laspistol akimbo in the game!

Oooh, look, laspistol and Nugget SAW food.

In a semi related matter, I know that someone is selling a 1937 Kar98K in Lithuania and I don't have the funds or the license to get it

With the mission done, the squad runs off to report to the ghoul bishop.

Carzy motherfuckers.

If you haven't picked up on this yet, the hat of this particular religious cult is that everything that has anything to do with nukes and radioactivity is holy.

This is called "humor".

I wish I was playing DEFCON.

To be fair, your parish sucks at fighting, getting ready for a fight and placing mines.

It's not a big loss to the Brotherhood.

Repo squad!

Early CGI, musicals and cut rate actors don't mix, kids! Don't hire Paris Hilton and make movies!

Eh, gotta retrieve some of the grenades.

It implies that I would ever feel sorry for raiders and Beastmen. I've seen their handiwork and their lairs. Radioactive poisoning is too good for those shits!

But now, we must go to a new adventure!

By which I mean "selling shit".

Next Time: Bunker Gamma! If you want me to stop going over sales details, just tell me