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Part 40: Osceolla Part 2: Super Rad Tunnels

Anime Reference posted:

Nope, you can't take vehicles to missions, only to random encounters. Unless you can and I never figured out how.

Plus, the Scouter got a bad a case of accidental fire.

Post 40: Osceolla Part 2: Dead Mutants, Dead Mutants Everyhwere

We now return to our scheduled programming. Here we see a mutant that clearly stepped on a land mine.

We also spot a mutant sniper nest. Since these are mutants, they don't use no stinkin' sniper rilfes. MGs all day.

I wonder how they don't get baked in that armor, laying in the sun all day.

Flashman finds a couple of muties patroling this junkyard fun maze.

They die.

Unfortunately, neither they, nor that box have anything fun.

God damn it, I never thought it was possible, but FoTBoS managed it. It's the only game where I'm not only only not happy to find MGs, but I actually loathe them.


Anyways, back to members of our squad more suited for (to?) the whole looting things.

Mutant gimps are holding the perimeter inside the fence.

Some more are... exercising. That's my guess, at least, as there's not enough space for them to be patrolling

Meanwhile, Flashman is going to deal with snipers... his own way.

Charge up the ladder, shoot them at point blank range. I don't think you'll find that maneuver in many military manuals.

That's innovation for you.

He also mows down a mutant or two down there.

The artificial range restrictions on guns in RPGs are really annoying. Man, I wish this was Ambush Alley/Force on Force.

On the other hand, with the restricted AI in these game, it's probably a good thing that players can't shoot from one end of the map to the other.

No M2 food!

Flashman has a sizeable collection of stimpacks and uses some on himself.

Apparently, stimpacks are for the people with no medical skill. Far as I can tell, their healing is totally random (somewhere between 10-16 HP).

This is our next objective. Gonna use tactics and shit.

Note: "tactics and shit" don't involve actual excrement in any significant amount

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Hey, look, a civvie! I wonder if this means mines!

Wonder no longer citizen, this does mean mines!

Flashman defuses one... by stepping on it.

Luckily, his body absorbed most the blast, and nobody got hurt.

Also, lol, everyone uses AT mines in an AP role. My guess? Removing the smaller AP mines was judged to be too much of a chore in developmen

Meanwhile, Stumpy levels up. Somehow, he feels the he's better at shooting small guns now.

Tactical deployment.

Mandy (shaded) will open sniper fire on the closer M2 mutant, and Stein will provide cover with his M2 (his perk that gives him +2 Strength for heavy weapons only works while standing). Stitch (behind the wall) will hang back and rush out if anyone gets hut. Stumpy and Ice are crawling to take positions in the demolished store.

It's a plan that won't work. Damn shitty LoS.

One, two, three... go!

Was this my first reload? I don't remember.

Eventually, two mutants are wasted. Flashman takes the break in fire to jam some needles into himself. It is said that he heals by absorbing medical grade metal.

Ice's targeted fire eventually results in blind mutants... and knocked out mutants.

Flashman's point blank MG means dead mutants.

Unfortunately, the ~350 rounds take us waaay over the weight limit.

Flashman leaves the Avenger, the most disappointing of all Miniguns.

Let's go into the deadly radiation cave!

If we manage to get down the stairs.

The game is having a lot of trouble like that lately.

Neither very radioactive nor impressive.

Stumpy goes to clear way for Mandy. Hey, a mine!

Holy shit that's a lot of mines.

Not gonna bother disarming, just run around them.

Mandy starts plinking away. Some cisterns explode. Business as usual.

You know where this super secret mega radioactive turbo important tunnel leads to?

Straight into the yard.

Near the exercising mutants.

With an MG dude at the top of ladder and grenade gimps around.

Worst infiltration route of all time

If there was any more blood on the ground, Flashman would be drowning in it.

The rest of the squad just barges in through the entrance. The Gommorin Republican Guard had been killed way back when Stein got his M2 and the entrance is shielded from the rest of the base by overturned trucks.

The last mutie is mowed down by Flashman.

This one has survived Mandy's fire, so Ice is brought in to finish this.

Meanwhile, Flashman infiltrates the bunker/jumped up basement.

Who's this?

Those are some grave news... I mean, sure, mutants are dead, but Barnaky is kidnapped by robots?

And with that said, Taccomata dies (like a chump). Not so boisterous now, are ya?

The only thing left now is to find Gommorin and

Traitors die in infamy

Next time: No More Mutants!