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Part 41: Osceolla Part 3: Mutie Blues

Glazius posted:

...well, shit. Looks like we opened the super mutants up to another threat nobody knew about.

Technically we did, and we didn't... this game doesn't shine in the story telling department, I tell ya.

Post 41: Osceolla Part 3: I Really Have No Idea If I'm Misspelling It

Tacomata has only one interesting thing of note: General Barnaky's letter to his wife Maria.

General Barnaky: a general, a badass, a racist and a family man.

Ooooh, an Army Med Kit and Slightly Inferior Though Still Good For Most Injuries Kits.

Ice, Ice, baby.

Energy weapons to 100%.

Dead muties. Mandy's handywork.

Still some sentries left.

If anyone has any military background, can they tell us how military bases/camps react to attacks?



Stein gets a little better a heavy guns. Still looks like a horrible smug shit, tho.

This was a room with many many gas cylinders in the middle (kitchen, really) and mutant among them.

Gammorin really wanted that guy to explode dead.

A bookshelf of stuff.

I doubt those beds are big enough... or those dumbbells heavy enough.

I wonder what is that brown thing in the middle supposed to be. A little shrine, maybe?

I think this might be the last of of the defenders outside.

I wish for a game where I could take PoWs. That would be fun...

Level up! Taking skills over 100% really drains your skill points.

Wait, no, two more mutants inside the shed. They don't fire on Flashman, because he's fast.

So he runs back down.

Ice gets down to the parking lot and starts sniping mutants.

Yeah, sniper rifle is not exactly relevant at this point, but if you aim for the head or the eyes, magic can happen.

Like so.

Stumpy pumps several mags of ammo into the dead muties. If only we had handcuffs/could do coup d'grace.

Hello, there!

The blue guy is Gommorin.

We kill the guys near the bar (some of them didn't even have ammo), the guy in ambush near the door ignores the fight (I won't even notice him till it's over) and we manage to aggro a mutant out without triggering anything.

Does this count as the pronoun game? Made we'd believe your talk about "menace" if you told us what it is.

Or tried to contact the Brotherhood and say "hey, I've got these mutants in tow, wanna wreck shit and crush pussy?"

Flashman is all DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA.

Going from punching people in the face to firing .50 cal while standing.

Flashman wins! Due to still having some HP left and being build like a military grade brick shithouse.

Time to loot shit.

Yes, that pop gun would have scared THE MENACE shitless

Then again, it's easier to give mega loot to bosses in fantasy, because it can always be "sword, but magical-er".

What's this in footlocker?

Oh, it's just a nondescript briefcase

Let's blow this joint!

But first...


Stitch does take-two on that.

With their new master dead, the supermutants dissipate into thin air.

Yep, that just happened. Basically no more corpses around.

Didn't loot stuff? Well, shit.

See? Shit's cleaned out, yo.

Mandy is getting scary good.

Now, just a stroll through the (heavily mined) countryside...

Mines ain't got shit on Mandy.

Paladin Latham: a brother, a Paladin, a crazy shithead that made us lose more than 40 soldiers.

Oh, and we doubled back to see if Roshambo is still around and has anything to say.


Next Time: This Bunker Is Are Bunker