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Part 44: Junction City, Part 2: The Reave Never Stops

Don't worry, folks, the LP is always on my mind.

Usually in the form of "I wish I had more time".

Post 44: Junction City, Part 2: A Light Show

Reaver knocked out (by bullets), time to party!

As long as Toni doesn't let the reaver fire twice, s/he makes it OK.

Probably the only time in the game when the crowbar isn't just dead weight.

Oh...? What's this?




This is the good minigun. Firing 7,62mm, the People's Caliber (as opposed to God's Caliber, .50 BMG), it's the ultimate weapon for that round and likely the ultimate heavy weapon. M2 with certain kinds of ammo would be better, but it's usually harder to run out of 7.62mm.

Flasman gets to loot some other deaders.

Power generator my ass, these things don't recharge.

This gun introduced the possibility of iron sights to many a young Counter-Strike player.

I don't think longer barrel is really that necessary for lasers. I could be totally wrong.

We can build robots, make power armor and shoot lazers, but, uh, let's continue using these Vietnam era grenade launchers.

I'm sure there's a NMA user somewhere out there ready to explain that these weapons we see in Tactics actually come from Army reserve units and mothballed caches, since the good stuff either got nuked or got nuked in China.

In that case... Where's the reserve M60 that I could ride around and look moody?

"Third party hardware? Only an evil PC peasant would use that!"

That phrase would only make sense if you were a vampire, a soul thief, or both.

Normally, I really hate infantry carrying around miniguns, but Vindicator (and Assault Cannons on termies) gets a pass.

That's... racist?

Conga line - not the best formation, especially when the enemy is going to enfilade you.

Like so. No idea why that guy exploded.

Uh, this place. My main attack had to go through there. And it did, after reloads and deleted screenshots.

Going through here means at least one hard to hit sniper and people constantly killing Toni from off screen.

Run in, kill one guy, someone shoots you through the barn wall.

That happened once!

Can't really flank, either, since that rock blocks the path both on this or the other side of the fence.

Would make a perfect make-out point for farm teenagers, though.

So much blood.

Another thing: that barn holds the entire reaver tactical reserve.ALL OF IT. And you have to smoke them out, because they're not like to just come out themselves, like, you know, a tactical reserve would.

I managed to do that, eventually. Here's a survivor running away.

Someone once wrote that Fallout energy weapons (in 1 & 2) had a Flash Gordonesque quality about them. Can't comment on that, but I do prefer these energy weapons to Fallout 3D's. And damage models, too.

Better than Wasteland 2's starting laser pop gun too.

I wonder if there's any meaning to their coloring.

Anyways, clearing the yard (somewhat) lets us get to the back of the building.

How do you lift up (rise/raise? help me here) minigun to shoot over a window still? How do you rest in something for added stability? After Red Orchestra 2, I started to love MGs with bipods that can be actually placed on stuff.

Then again, the only time I saw a minigun used in conjuction with sandbags was Rise of Nations. It is the ultimate upgrade for MG line, I thinlk. It's silly, but, then again, which 4x all-the-ages-of-mankind game doesn't have wonky unit upgrades?

Call to Power? No? Haven't played it.

Hey! We're not pagan! Where the original semi tech cultists!

Die, semi-infidel!

The air was filled with smoke and blood, says every opening campaign cinematic of Total War: Attila. They're cute like that.

Kid, war doesn't work like that. You don't ask people you provoked "not to do it again".

Mandy is quite handy at patching herself up. And goth poetry.

We could have dealt with the sniper much much easier, but... Well, I expected her to shoot him with the laser rifle.

Ice is the one who has been reading Energy Weapon Digest, not Mandy.

Mandy has 0% in energy weapons.

Unfortunately, game doesn't show you that by coloring the weapon red (as in "you can't use this, silly"). You just can't shoot it.

So I was very confused as to how Mandy got shot up so many times without firing back.

Ice is pumping Stein full of stimpacks. Stimpacks appear to have a fixed random rate of healing no matter the skill, though without a medic your steam is still crippled.

Sometimes literally.

Trauma packs are scary, too.

That red bastard not screaming for medic, he's the elusive sniper.

Eventually Mandy gets to him. Flashman braves grenade launchers to take down these two.

This running reaver seems desperate.

Much like my attempts not to write "raider" every God-damn time.

.50 cal is the but of the ol' ultraviolence that saves the day.

Oh no I'm not!

Must be a Deliverance reference.

Looks like on of the guys from the reserves got left behind!

It doesn't end well, for him.

Enforcer corpses are good source of of 7.62mm.

Well, that's about it for today. I'll wrap the mission up next time!

Next time: I smell a rat!