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Part 45: Junction City, Part 3: Reave, Reave, Reave Your Boat

Reasons for not updating LP:

That's me, at war with half of the world, while Attila is almost peace incarnate. Well, burned Greece to the ground, but still. Peaceful lad.

Post 45: Junction City, part 3: What Happens In Junction Is Probably Not Very Exciting

Mandy gets a Steyr! It's not that exciting.

We also find a key on the dead civvie in the yard.

It's fun how the people of Junction City make no reference to the folk who lived in the farm right outside their walls. These guys? Eh, some random hobos. Maybe reavers killed. Who knows! Who cares!

Shit, a trap! Damn it, Stumps, why are you not here?!

Well, since Toni replaced Stumpy, xer gets the honor of defusing it with xer face.

Stitch patches Toni up while we prepare to storm the room.

We find a non-descript robot torso on the work bench.

Ice is now dangerous up close! Provided nobody shoots her. She's still in leather armor.

Would reavers consider Amish to be atheists?

Oh yeah, the second floor has several dudes laying in ambush.

I wonder if the devs wanted to imply that reavers raped the woman before killing her. Devs are lazy like that.

Despite "HOORAY REAVERS ARE DEAD" message, there is, in fact, one reaver left right there in corner.

The most stupid flanking maneuver of all time.

Sunbeam is our new sniper rifle. Now, if only I could kill a hippie with it. Oh the irony.

By the way, when I said that the robot part I bought is probably dildoes? It is. I'm just a stupid schmuck.

Why would be let you be, again? Especially considering that many of your enforcers are dead.

I think the wiki implies that if you collect the robot parts right a way, the reavers attack the town and, well, that's somewhat of a problem to our less than well armed civvies.

Yeah, yeah, scary big robots. I'm sure I won't be killing them by the dozen in a few missions time.

This guy's a weasel and you have to talk to him repeatedly till he breaks.

So don't gamble away your caps like I did.

Here's some wisdom for ya right there.

How can a guy like that bed two women is beyond the mortal ken.

Hey, look, a hole in the ground! Surely this needs investigating!

What the...?


Mandy does some hasty tactical withdrawal and flies up the ladder. Stitch and the young 'un are sent in to risk their asses.

AFAIK, giant rats appear in this level and this level only.,

They are ugly as all hell, so, I guess, cudos to the modeling department.

Seriously, I can almost smell their stink.

That's a lot of guts!

The boxes are mostly filled with useless crap.

However, there's useless crap, and then there's this:

Probably the most infamous gun ever issued to infantry, the Chauchat was meant to turn infantryman into a sort of walking fire point, advancing towards the enemy trench and spraying the Bosche with lead.

In practice, it jammed a lot and was all sorts of unimpressive. Or so they say. I read people argue that it was an OK gun that was fucked up when they rechambered it for an American caliber.

I imagine the open mag didn't help reliability none.

The tunnel has one very long branch, but I have no wish to go there.

More loot that would have been fun 10 missions ago.

And while everyone is heading towards the exit zone, we notice a small pack of reavers nearby.

They don't last long, and we get to explore the house.

Hey, a plasma rifle!

I, uh...

With one of the most genuine moments in the game behind us, let's appreciate the effort that went into making this level. This random crap labyrinth is in the upper right hand corner of the map.

There's nothing inside it.

What a waste.

Yeah yeah, robots = bad, we know. The "it was already damaged" gimmick wore off pretty fast, anyways.

Next time: more bunkering!