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Part 46: Bunker Probably Not Gamma: Selling Stuff, Choosing Missions

Glazius posted:

Man, now I'm all kinds of looking forward to the whole robot overlords angle.

"I, for one, welcome ourAAARGH MY SPLEEN"

Stick around till the end of the post.

Post 45: Bunker Gamme: Hardcore Trading Action

But first, some balls to the wall leveling up.

I wonder how sneak -33% works. Do you actually alarm people further away than you would normally?

There's some ovaries-to-the-wall leveling, too. I will manage to hit at least one 200% stat in this playthrough.

Nothing terribly exciting. Well, leveling isn't exciting if you're not getting perks, that's why 3Dlout showers you with them.

Now for selling stuff. This is one of the biggest loads I ever delivered, and the novelty of weapons works to my advantage. However, People's Round is no longer on sale, so 50 cal is concentrated on Flasman, while Stein and Toni share 7.62mm. Ice ditches sniper rifle for energy weapon shenanigans.

Chauchat is literally worthless

Even the dildo-toaster (toaster-dildo?) is worth some cash.

Making bad decisions here - I already have some 20 explosive rockets in the APC, I just forgot it. Besides, whoever gets blown up by explosive RPGs?

Plasma pistol makes an appearance, gets ignored for one simple reason.

Wikia implies that grenade launchers are classed as rifles.

There's also... that thing. Won't be useful for at least a couple of missions now. Of doubtful usefulness later, too.

Buffout addiction makes you blind more surely than masturbation.

He's kind of ball, a ball made of slime, if you will.

OH BOY! A choice of two missions.

Well, kids, I'm leaving it up to you. What do we take?


Or traitors?

You can vote, yes! Considering my haphazard schedule of updates, you have plenty of time.

And hey, who's that?

Gotta say, our new mechanic is really pretty. Much better than the parade of guys that seemed to have mold growing on them. Sheesh.

A worthy tradeoff indeed.

Here we go! Here we go through the Wasteland!

Don't know where till people vote for it!

We do meet a hermit. Oh random allocation of random encounters, you so silly.

Point in case: the trader isn't selling anything I want/need. Just low level stuff and freaky SMGs.

Also, Flashman was immobilized by withdrawal shakes, so I had to ride him over with the APC and then tell him to get in to get him back on board.

Imagine Stein and Stitch leaning out to grab him as the APC drives away.

Well, not really - the hermitage here is full of rocks and trees, and there's really no good way out for a vehicle. Nice going, jerks!

Next time: consequences of your choices!