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Part 47: Coldwater, Part 1: Treason's Just Rewards

I am so sorry. Actually having a job killed my time dead. Deader than all those raiders that Flashman punched in half.

Post 47: Traitors Die In Infamy

Previously on Battlestar Punchtastica...

Some bandits drugged Brotherhood guards and made away with their stuff. "Stuff" includes Power Armor suits, which are apparently plentiful enough to be sent to guard shitty rear echelon territories.

Yet we still haven't got any!

Where, there appears to be the quartermeister... Brave old dude, standing there on his lonesome.

Oh, that's why

Angriest old dude around!

Also carries a plasmagun for trade like it ain't no thang. I feel pity for any recruit that has to deal with him over gear.

Or anyone who'd be taking up the loo when he has to go.

"I'm vaguely noncommittally supportine one non-specified faction!"

Guldo is a stupid name, likely given to a fat guido.

Appreciate your candor, civvie. You're free to cower in the corner and maybe pee your pants a little.

One civvie merchant (the entire first floor of the first level is filled with civvies, with only two enemies present) is toting around another WWII classic. Why would anyone want to use it is beyond me, since 30.06 isn't exactly plentiful and you're slinging lasers and miniguns at this point

It has a nice out of inventory model. Pity they didn't make specific models for PC and NPC sprites.

Ah, a bar!

Ghouls so revolting they make themselves hurl!

This vendor is only interesting for other civvies.

Coldwater is set into the side of a mountain, like one of those abandoned Amerindian cities down south. Some civvies have houses carved into the hillside.

Not all of them are nice or smart

This entire left wing contains basically nothing, just rooms and civvies. Smart use of resources there. On the other hand, they say that Jagged Alliance 2 had a bathroom in every house. Now that's commitment!

Some citizens are more literate than others.

Hey! Stop checking me out! I'm not just some highly militarized piece of meat!

What looks like another civvie store. Boy, they love tradings stuff around here. Rags, dirty rags, rat g-strings, brahmin bone dildos, old musty books, pet geckos...

Eeeek, a roach race!

Roach rearending: a serious issue in the semi-pro circles.

Hey, look, a walkin', talkin' ball of sleezy. He of course has a Joyzee/Brooklyn/NY accent, despite being nowhere near there.

Off topic: it's strange that Manhattan has yet to feature in a Fallout DLC. After all, it has the thing that all game designers love: a naturally isolated location. Then again, it would be nothing more than neatly (boringly) arrayed urban ruins, and we all know how much fun those are in 3D-outs.

*sleazing continues. A meatball falls out of his pocket and rolls into the race track*

Gee, thanks for the tip. Here we thought that we'd do the usual thing of wandering around till bullets start flying, but thanks for the guidelines.

Hey, look, a market! I wonder if they have free-range iguana-on-a-stick!

No, not that kind of iguana-on-a-stick.

Being a market, it's fairly shitty.

This guy has a freaky gun and a veritable fortune of RPs.

Now, I wonder, how bad would Calico's fare in post apocalypse? Can't imagine those helical mags being that robust and easy to maintain. And there are reasons why those guns are as popular as Kraut Space Magic both in reality and fiction, no?

Are you sure you want to sell me that medkit? Wouldn't you try to keep dwindling medical supplies to yourself?

I swear, if I ever make a post-apoc game, I'll make it that everyone is swimming with nanites released by come cult-corporation for some mysterious (and surprisingly non-nefarious) goal.

And, hey, look, an actual priest of an actual religion! Praised be the Lord and his slightly radioactive, gently mutated flock on Earth!'s a whiskey priest. Despite being a named character, he doesn't offer much in gameplay. I wonder if the game was meant to be somewhat grander and more involved that what we got.

Well, if it had been an EA release, that would have certainly been the case.

The priest has an un-Godly sized secret cavern behind the altar. It could probably be smaller, but hey, isometric perspective.

A drunk priest with metal armor and guns? Could it be...?


One last room and we're almost near party time!

And behold the pale horse since the Lord hast never maketh an RPG-7 rocket dark...

One of those guys is exploding into pieces.

It's one of those games that can make a shootout with an RPG-7 boring.

Stitch to the rescue!

I don't remember who actually killed the last guy, but, uh, so much blood...

You know, I'd like a game where enemies would freak out if you killed their buddies in an especially gory fashion. But nooo...

Toni here acts as an expendable scout for the second floor...

The stiff has nothing of fun and/or value!

And there... Hark! Vagabonds! Ruffians! Ne'er-do-wells!

Wait, false alarm, they have grenades.

Better than the chump who brought grenades to a gun fight!

We get to trial out the grenade launcher.

The results are all sorts of disappointing

Pictured: 40K's Go-to-ground 6+ save in action.

Eventually we kill the guy and it's levels all around for one guy.

Stitch is now better at not exploding.

Hey, another bar! And someone actually wants my attention!

I doubt the Power Armor part (I mean, you'd have to be a really determined rapist if you'd go through all the trouble of taking off the armor to do the deed...), but OK, we'll follow.

The rapist is in the middle room.

Hey, if he's in power armor, he'd be just about done taking of a glove now, not much more...

Speaking of that, this game doesn't appear to think that Power Armor needs any actual training in use. Will someone handwave it as being a user friendly advanced version?

Of course, being an idiot, I charged another room, and Stein was forced to get in and save the girl.

She only got a few 7.62mm rounds in her, nothing major.

Much as I suspected, the rapist did not wear power armor!

...ah, it's getting late. Tune in next time for the coninuation of this story.

Next time: What happens in Reno probably stays in Reno, if it survived the nukes