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Part 48: Coldwater, Part 2: Door-to-Door Delivery of Guns

Glazius posted:

You never had direct control over a squad before, right? Your companions were always just AI?

What would you be referring to, valued reader of the LP? Other Fallout games? Yes, it was all AI guys with some general guidelines you can give them during talks, like stay close, stay away, use guns, use melee, etc.. but that has to be set up beforehand.

Xander77 posted:

It even got a graphics update recently, and now looks ever so slightly better than this game!

Almost imperceptibly so.

Part 48: Coldwater pt. 2: Room-to-Room

Where did we leave off? Ah yes, blood stains. There's a dead guy there, but we'll have to take a detour to get there.

Damn thieves barricaded a communal wash area/basin/orgy spot, and the citizens are walking around dirty/smelly/horny.

Stein gets better at hauling stuff back home.

Flashman might just become saint of killers. God didn't even have to kill his family to do so - Flashman is just punching killing enough people to get noticed.

A scribe in Nu Vatican starts feeling an itch on the back of his hand...

Mandy will be slowly but surely working up to that 200% mark. Hang in there, grrrl!

Ice gets silent running because... well, perk ideas are running low.

Flashman is declaring the pool closed.

I think that idiot attacked Flashman with grenades.


HE and shrapnel ain't got nothing on us.

Hey, look, it's the disappoint-o-gun!

Bandits in environmental armor are like bandits in glass armor: bullshit.

While I applaud the developers for realistic vendor goods - after all, a guy who can only affort 61% of pants shouldn't be totting Super Stims - it kind of makes them boring. Oh boy, what useless, early game crap can I buy this time!

Ah yes, we also have another half of a floor to explore. It is filled with gambling games and gamblers.

And yes, Environmental Armor does get Flashman laid. Sort of. It takes 20 minutes to take it off and remove the catheter, and most girls leave by that point.

There's even wheel of luck! The only thing this place lacks is bingo.

Things this person is selling: air, poverty, the feeling of being better than him, dire straits, Victorian orphan with TB impressions.

Actually surprised that these signs work after all this time. Maybe there's a robotic lamp factory somewhere out there?

By the by, there's a Russian sci-fi book...trilogy, I guess, about technology going live, King style. Visually indistinguishable from normal tech, most of it is benign, and includes factories of food and goods, and construction machinery that builds buildings at random. You have to tame you stuff, and one guy had a taxi cab that had learned to siphon fuel at a garage. One book was named "The Hunt For Wild Trucks" (guess what is was about), and the other was named "The Witcher Of Grand Kiev", which featured (almost) the Geralt as he hunted malicious military tech.

Russian sci-fi is weird.

I tried to be smart with these guys, but Mandy got a little too close. Lucky that Toni has a minigun.

This warrior will not come out to play anymore.

The shit in the boxes isn't terribly exciting as far as I remember. Hence no screenshot.

Well, this would be high time to check out the floor above, now wouldn't it?

But first, we unlock this door through sheer bloody minded persistence. The best kind of persistence.

It paid off! It paid off in bullets!

Ma Baker: not exactly up for talks!

And I have yet to see one

Trust me, kid, if you found out how they pee in power armor, they wouldn't be your heroes anymore.

Just past MaBaker, there's a room with some bandits. It takes some finesse (as in reloads) to clear it.

I'm curious: can you survive a non-limb hit of 50 cal? Or is the hydrostatic chock/gaping wound too big?

Might have broken everything else, too.

MaBaker room is downwards/south of where we're standing. More bandits are to the north.

Yep, all dead. What's next?

Rapists That's what's on the menu.

Rapists with RPGs!


Actually, HE RPG rounds are so bad at this point, I went through my entire inventory trying to kill that guy.

I think he exhausted all of his ammo, too.

Least exciting rocket launcher duel of all time.

That's why you use bullets! Big bullets! About 12,7mm big!

Meanwhile, being an enterprising, empowered, liberated woman in hear early somethings that has armor not suited for combat, she decided to look around, maybe find some stuff to loot.



Oh not this shit again.

Wanting to be independent is all fine and good... as an anarchist pipedream. You can only remain independent if you have nothing that anyone else needs (fat chance) or people around you are willing to let your trainwreck live (fatter? slimmer chance? I can't English). That doesn't really work in a world where one out three people is a raider bandit cannibal with man-eating cockroach robot sidekicks.


Looting the corpses, we find an AK-47 (you can tell it from lack of, uh, flash hider, and also from the game telling you so). At this point of the game, AK-47 is as dangerous to Flashman as a paraplegic shrew.

Meanwhile, we explore the rest of the floor before going up.

Many uses her l33t stealth to spot a patrol and holy shit that's a guy in power armor.

FOTBOS has the coolest power armor of the franchise, no doubt about it.

Still, we have to kill him for great justice and getting the armor.

This corner is getting a little snug, but, uh, gotta hide from the patrol.

Baby girls are pretty darn dangerous when armed, you know!


Well, I guess that's the only way to kill a guy inside power armor.

Ewww, this place (on the opposite side of the patrol corridor) is filthy. The only thing of notice is the box that I totally missed.

Ice tries out her plasma rifle here.

It, uh, didn't go as planned. Take two: now with FLAMETHROWERS!

It's not very effective, but hey, a flaming death animation.

I like to imagine that Toni is warming his/her/xer hands over the flaming corpse.

Somehow, the guy in power armor didn't brutalize this guy to take his fancy plasma pistol.

There's an exploding Glock joke somewhere in there, I just can't find.

Also, say what you want, this is the coolest looking plasma pistol out there.

The last leg of the trip before the final fight is outside. This dick here is a sniper.

Mandy is slowly losing the fight.

Like, losing real bad.

See that guy on the left? He's supposed to indicate a minefield (there are some mines in BoS boxes, too).

No Stumpy means we had to force the field.

Mandy got hurt, but only a little.

And the last leg of the town will be finished next time. Probably next weekend! Stay frosty, y'all.

Next time: power armor full of shit