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Part 49: Coldwater, Part 3: Killin' Crooks

Glazius posted:

I am really looking forward to the day when you get power armor of your own.

Who isn't?

I should probably add a "Updated Weekends" to the OP.


PartPost 49, pt. 3, Bunker Delta: A Thief's End

It's the last leg of the mission, but there's still space for wailing, gnashing of teeth, etc..

Like, the whole approach to that dude is still mined, and you have to micro dudes (pixelmen and pixelwomyn?) so that they wouldn't run into one.

Or you can try and clear the mines with grenade launcher - God knows that thing is useless against actual enemies.

Again, this isn't 100% proof, and Stein has exploded his fair share of times.

...shouldda brought Stumpy.

Nobody can remove this trap. Then again, the door might be permalocked anyways since it's the entryway to the boss lair.

Burst Fire Bug Reigns supreme! Killing that dudes from the beginning of the post is a pain, and nobody attracts stray bullets like Stein. Fuck games with hitscan/abstracted shooting. I wanna see my bullets, like in Silent Storm.

I bet BFB would look really stupid in that game.

By the way, if someone buys me Night Watch, that's gonna be my next LP. Although at this glacial pace, it's gonna be around TYOOL 2016.

Ahem. In the end, Stitch rushes as the dreaded foeman reloads and the fight is decided in two rounds of point blank funtimes.

The box contains another mine. Of course.

OK! Now there's this antechamber we have to storm. That bottleneck entrance is gonna cost me.

Flashman FORWARD!


Also taking time to loot corpses. A lot of 50 cal here!

The room has 3 guys in it: one on the left, a Power armor dude near the biggest blood pool, and a guy in the far right corner (with a sniper rifle). It's an unenviable situation in real life, and BFB makes it hard in the game, too.

That;s one round of firing. Usually they can wail on Flashman for some time, but just run in as a squad, and it's Drop Site Massacre (or Quartz Zone Massacre). Fuck.

The answer, as always, lies with Mandy. Would probably lie with Ice, too, but I forget. She manages to kill the sniper and knock out the PA dude.

Stitch runs in to get some action.

Shotgun Flachette isn't fun against power armor. It even nudges him awake, for what good it does him,

Ever on point, Flashman fires off a burst at the guy, and the Stitch catches some mildly irritating .50 cal.

Yeah, that's the antechamber to the 'boss' room. There's a guy behind the closest sandbag, and and two behind the long one. It's annoying.

And some dead civvies.

I, uh, don't know anything about that.

I wonder, given enough civvies and crowd density, how many could you kill with one burst?

Caught you, bastard!

This... is somewhat stupid. Also, how is .50 cal at penetrating sandbags?

He fell into pieces. Again, I say this: 3D can't really outdo 2D blood violence in visual pleasure.

That does it with the welcoming committee. Time for the main event!

Guido Sciavo, the first guido to make it into Power Armor.

He's not very smart, but that comes with the territory. That, and fake tans.

We come to a town, defuse a hostage situation (even if some women of negotiable virtue didn't make it) and left guards so something like that wouldn't happen again. You poisoned the guards, took their shit and started terrorizing a town like a regular thug.

Totally the same

You don't do this subtly.

There's a guy with a rocket launcher about midway between the doors, as well as a Ripper dude in the right corner. The guys behind the two small sandbags corners have laser guns, Guido has a gun and Power Armor. Had he not been a stupid thug, he... well, he would not have gone against Brotherhood. But if he had been a slightly less dense dude, he would not have penny packeted the PA away, to be killed one by one. Of course, that's gamedev fault, anyways. The only guy I had trouble with was the one in the generator room, and that's because of the bottleneck.

What a scrub!

This screen fires up when you pry the armor of Guido's rapidly cooling corpse. Hosing the turds out isn't our job, thankfully.

The door is still mined. And even if it wasn't, the exit is still a ways back... and there are stair between me and the exit. STAIRS!

Toni experiences an unspectacular level up.

Ma Baker still doesn't talk.

She's actually an undercover paladin, but I might be spoiling that way ahead.

Here's the quartermaster waiting for us to bring his stuff back. Guess he's clenching his butt real hard, since he wanted to pinch that ghoul off about 40 minutes ago.

...waaait, what are you going to do with the bodies, anyways?

Brotherhood Inquisitor must be a very interesting position.

Would be an interesting game, too. Just like one where BoS is competent

A lopsided fight if there ever was one.

HARK! A Special encounter! Didn't we have this one already?

Oh, by the way, Flashman finished the last leg of the mission the good ol' way: hopped up on Buffout.

Just exchanging some stuff for RPs. Not sure if 800 of those are easier to carry around than a shotgun and two grenades.

back in the base, the new mechanics keeps telling herself that the gig is worth leaving her sick father behind.


Those 14 SP's are making themselves felt. I don't know if we'll hit 200% Big Guns by the end of the game.

Unlike Stitch, who is already at double 200's.

Mandy gets better at plinking away with her rifle.

Toni gets better at getting plinked at.

...even if we don't yet have energy weapons of her size.

Lets take some drugs before we shop!

M2s, energy weapons and grenades still fetch a good price. And hey, what's that in the list...?

Oh yeah, POWER ARMOR! Finishing cold water and having the rank of Paladin gives you access to power armor. Hell yeah!

Look at this baby go! Armor class increased by 20, and marked improvement in all defense except for gas.

Oh no, what will I do when Nurglings, gluttons and gassy robots start appearing!

Pictured: class. Maybe a bit of a redcoat, too!

Panties dropping all over the base, I'm telling you.

Meanwhile, the briefing room guards are starting to regress from all the boredom. The base doesn't have much in the way of interesting stuff (unless you think you're missing out on the hardcore doctor bag buying action), so I leave.

What the heck? An unmarked special encounter! Quite pointless, to boot.

Also, props for this guy for grazing in the desert with robots and deathclaws roaming around.

And those sideburns, too.

400-ish RPs get me a single point of DU .50 cal. I hear these are going to get important soon.

Brahmin aren't impressing by our metal box, so we leave.

...and go right into an another special encounter, Guess what this one is based on.

A field of Evereddy bunnies would be too cute!

As you can see in the radar, the field is lousy with the things.

Jeez, when will I get there!

OK, the squad is assembled and ready to kick some Rhoomba ass! Hooah!

Next time: Class M-3 Model B9, General Utility Non-Theorizing Environmental Control Robot Gets Killed