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Part 57: Bunker Delta

In the time between updates I managed to review Beyond Sol (boring, badly optimized crap), Planetbase (boring, soulless remake of Space Colony), Rebel Galaxy (a game Beyond Sol wishes it could be) and I'm still trying to write review for Space Hulk PS Vita (it's like Space Hulk, but with lag, shittier visuals and audio tearing) and Hard West (putting weird into "weird west" and the most flanking you'll ever see in a Western game).

Post 57: Bunker Gamma

Hey Mandy, check out THESE guns.

You could see Stein's arms bulge even through the armor padding.

Mandy just rolled her eyes.

Ice didn't pay much attention to the “kids”. She was busy mulling over the lessons learned during the last mission. Like the importance of dodging. One can hardly spot the scrurry drones from afar, and those flying little toasters will be an issue, too.

Outside the garage, Flashman signaled a halt.

Right, you lot line up. The general wants to have a word with me.

Just be on your best behavior, alright?

A new bunker? Things mere moving up. Or at least West.

Listen up, you lot. We're moving bunkers, which means that you have fifteen minutes to pack your gear, collect any debts and give kisses to any rectal thermometers you fancy. We need to be moving as fast as possible.

Fifteen minutes and a few punches later, the team had packed themselves into the tank and the APC.

Ey bossman, be that lipstick that I'n'I see?

Flashman wiped his cheek with the back of his hand.

Don't talk about it, just drive!

Stitch could swear that he could see a bald female reaver watching them through gaps in the fence as they passed contraband point.

The war continues. Brotherhood intelligence has determined that Calculator and his army come from the fabled Vault 0, the main Vault of the entire system. Originally, the computer and the robots had been designed to serve humanity and help it rebuilt. Now, they only seek to destroy it.

The Brotherhood must adapt to this new strength. New tactics and new weapons have to be developed. Assault teams have to dispatched to robot control, supply and construction nodes to shut them down, permanently.

The journey West hadn't been fast nor easy, even if they managed to ride several robots over with the tank. The team periodically met groups of haggard refugees heading east or patrols that were so jumpy as to nearly fire at them.

It be colda' as we gettin' neara' the heart of darkness...

You said something, Stitch?

Oh, nuthin', bossman!

Next time: Bunker Epsilon! I know it's a short update, but I needed to cut it short for narrative purposes rather laziness as you probably assume. I have also finished the next mission, so that's couple a hundred screenshots to sift through. “LP till Christmas” must be our motto, because I wish to be rid of the game. One of the things that really bother me is the inconsistency in weapon/ammo damage, which hit me hard during the next mission. I'd probably be interested in doing a Hard West LP after this, but that needs video, and I already had to dial the visuals back on my laptop. Who knows, maybe I'll be back to 4X.