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Part 65: Bunker Epsilon: Brother Steel

Just two or three days late, but here it is!

Post 65: Bunker Epsilon: Brother Steel

What the fuck...

The stage stood in the middle of nowhere. A hanful of reavers had arrayed themselves into three lines on the rotting wood and they were dancing in sync. Their feet moved fast while their torsos were still. It was an eerie sight, a coordinated dance to melody nobody could hear.

I've heard of this. Something about implant abuse and blasphemous holotapes. Sometimes, unlucky groups of reavers would get locked in a sync, build a stage and just dance...

...”The Reaver Dance,”

Let's go. I've seen enough weirdness for today, so no more sightseeing.

This made the rest of the journey back to the bunker uneventful,

Back at the base, Flashman rushed to the quartermaster to be first one with the newest toys – you can never know if the other paladins won't snatch the good gear. Flashman didn't even want to think how bad it would be if they had to rely on AK's and leather armor.

Ammo, blocks of C4, even drugs – Flashman traded everything and anything he could for two new rifles and a spiffy suit of armor.

YK42B, the Satan's 42! The elders spoke of this gun, always in hushed tones. It does the work of the techno-devil, fusing technology dead. We have only heard of it in stories.

The Reavers never imagined that we would ever need such a blasphemous tool. We didn't expect the Calculator. One of the elders had a vision for an EMP rifle, but it was too late.

Guess the discovery of guns like these makes the whole mission to rescue us moot, huh?

Now now, Peta. We have armed a lot of people with copies of your prototype. This helped immeasurably. Besides, I don't image that the cache of pulse rifles was that big.

Anyways, how do you feel about the gun?

Peta was turning the long, sleek shape in her arms, checking the tiny arc pylons.

Oh, it's a fine bit of machinery indeed.

The energy stores are greater by 150%, the charge capacity is also larger, and it's smaller, easier to handle.

Sony's light shines upon us.

Flashman turned to an another member of the group, who was studying her new rifle.

Mandy, what do you think about your new toy?

Gauss technology is stretching the limits of my gun knowledge, but this baby packs a whallop. It's much longer than the Gauss pistol, so it has more of the accelerator magnets.

As such, the striking power... is tremendous. I don't know what, short of a robot, could withstand it.

The ammo capacity is greater, too.

Mandy was possitively beaming.

Meanwhile, Ice was trying on her new armor. It was a much improved version of the MK II metal armor, much more ergonomical and equipped with several pylons that helped with dissipating energy attacks.

It was a little restrictive, but the additional protection seemed worth it, at least to Flashman.

Besides, he had already run off, eager to buy more ammo.

You lot wait right here while I check up with the personnel yeoman.

The man could not offer much in new faces – other squads had already had their pick.

There was a young reaver tech, but Flashman felt that Stitch had all the skills he needed. However, the next candidate was much more interesting.

A robot? You'd think that the others would by dying to get one in their squad! However, there it was, silent and cold.

Toni, I'm afraid we have to part ways. I feel like I can't in good concience demand you to go into the line of fire.

But don't forget us, in case they come up with armor for supermutants.

Flashman then turned to the robot.

Now, let's see what you're made off.

This particular robot was very sturdy, with additional armor pannels all over the place and redudant systems galore.

I'n'I see this be a major pain to repair.

It was also wrapped in layers of insulating material, which, coupled with ample auxiliary systems, made the robot more resistant to EMP.

Glad we're not facing him in the field.

HR 1205 looked more robust and bulkier than other robots, and it was resplendent in his green and gold paintjob.

Flashman ordered it to follow him around and went to get his new mission briefing.

Kerr! That mangy old coot. Flashman never found much use of his services and the merchant was too sweet – to the point where one could call him sticky – for his liking.

Hopefully, the squad will get to him before the robots can extract anything useful.

The squad mounted their vehicles and set off.

Somewhere out there in Scott city, Kerr would be waiting for the Brotherhood to deliver the merciful last blow.

Next time: Scott City: Behemoths are dime a dozen

This means that soon-ish, I'll have to play the game again. Not too soon, though - I already have some pictures from the next mission