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Part 66: Scott City, Part 1: Robit vs. Robit

Help me, Witchwood Ginger Beard ale, you're my only hope!

Post 66: Scott City, Part 1: Oodles Of Robots

Scott City was just another hell hole, crammed full of rusting pre war junk, and now swarming with robots, too.

It didn't take long for Mandy to run into some droids on the perimeter.

Fuck yeah!

She was happier than Flashman had ever seen. Must have been the rifle: low recoil, great accuracy, and you can see bits and pieces of robot flying off.

Snap shop after snap shot, Mandy secured the perimeter without even putting in that much effort.

She knew she loved the gauss rifle.

Flashman stood to the side, accompanied by HR1205, and nodded in agreement.

Meanwhile, Ice and Peta had found a Behemoth roaming around.

For all its fierceness, the machine was quite idiotic. It did not fire through the flimsy fence, nor did it charge through it. It just stood there, autocannons fixed on Ice, and waited.

The machine would sometimes start wandering off (or inviting friends), but a few well place shots would goad it back to the fence, where it would remain stuck.

Th' Babylon machine be bridle, but bufu-bufu at same time.

Aye, the machines are stupid… still tough, tho.

Having dressed Flashman's wounds (he always had wounds to dress), Stitch moved to HR1205. The robot stood motionless as team's doctor-engineer replaced some shot wiring and hammered some of the plates back in place.

Mandy had sort of drifted towards to the sounds of lasers firing, and now she was lending her rifle to the task. It knocked something loose in the Behemoth and the machine collapsed twitching – down but not out.

Still, it managed to reboot itself and get up. The machine was hellishly durable.

At the same time, Flashman and HR had secured the flank in anticipation

Eventually (ten minutes of combined fire later), the robot fell on its side, never to move again...

This was getting ridiculous.

Hey, over here!

Flashman was non too subtly checking out the robot positions near one of the GPS scramblers.

The humanoid bots were nothing in comparison to the tiny, annoying flying RPG trucks. Those were really dangerous, if only for their ability to fire clouds of RPGs.

Even worse, a pacification bot accompanied them, too!

The squad startled to trickle in, taking their jump-off positions for the assault on the robot patrol.

The action was furious. The humanoid robots were torn to shreds; the hover bots just fell apart under the weight of fire. Only the pacification bot remained.

Stitch had also chanced upon a robot. This one only had a laser pistol, and was no match for Stitch's shotgun.

Back near the scrambler, an another humanoid bot sort of wandering onto the battlefield and was shot up in short order.

The pacification bot was acting weird, never really closing in for the kill.

It also had a further patrol of hover bots following him.

Hover bots and scurry drones were popping out at random all over the place.

I swear, the robot tactics are getting worse by the day.

Are they? Scurries are probably extremely expendable, so leaving them behind to ambush the enemy when he's not ready is a good idea.

Keeps us on our toes, if anything.

No rest for the wicked… or the just, so it seems.

Finally, Flashman's long-range RPG work knocked the quadrupedal machine out. Armed with a gatling laser, HR closed in for the kill.

Of course, Mandy helped, what with her extremely accurate long ranged rifle. However, it was the gatling laser that eventually sliced the pacification bot in two.

The squad regrouped for healing (and repairs), and was ambushed by yet more scurry bots!

With the nuisance dealt with, the squad arrayed itself for the assault on the junk yard.

We go in, smash everything up, just shoot at anything that moves.

And make sure that no bot reaches that console!

Surprisingly, there weren't that many bots to shoot there.

With that in mind and with the potent gatling laser in hand, HR was sent forward to root out any stragglers.

Unsurprisingly, he found a lot of old crap before he met any sort of resistance.

He did loot the robot that Stitch had slain.

Back at the console, a humanoid robot had tried rushing the alarm panel, but was dispatched with extreme prejudice.

HR's recon had yet to yield any solid results.

He eventually met and (unsuccessfully) tried to kick a scurry bot to death.

Pragmatism won (or at least the right programing reasserted itself) and the tiny bot was riddled with laser beams.

HR felt that it was the right moment to fall back for repairs.

Well, if HR was capable of something like 'feeling'.

Back at the alarm panel, Ice encountered a door she could not pick the lock on.

With the robot repaired (and the door not budging), the most aggressive part of the squad ventured forward to clear the tangle of rust and junk around the second scrambler of any robots.

Two robots had been waiting in ambush and the scrambler was destroyed by stray fire in intense close-range battle.

Mandy was sneaking around the perimeter of the battle to look for additional targets.

She found a third scrambler just across the road from the junkyard entrance.

HR found more of his former steel comrades to obliterate.

He also had to save Flashman from a scurry bot that had somehow knocked him out!

Flashman then dealt with a patrol of hover bots milling about in the street.

I had quicksaved just as HR was about to into the street and get blasted by RPGs. That took many reloads and some luck to fix. Be careful with your quicksaves, kids!

HR was sent to root through whatever was left in the former living containers. However, his advanced sensors picked something up…

...a second Behemoth!

Next time: Yet More Robots

Scott City is a grind and HR is barely any more resilient than Toni. You really need armor to succeed at this point in game. Or the devs COULD have added robot and super mutant armor into the game. Who knows that the scribes can cook up. But noooo