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Part 67: Scott City, Part 2: Through The Mud And The Blood

Took me about two months to sit down and write it. In the mean time, I played Battlefleet Gothic (it's good), The Next World (it's bad), Block'n'Hood (it's weird), Banner Saga 2 (it's better than Banner Saga 1), Master of Orion (it's a space 4x), Wartile (it's very much EARLY access), Xpiratez (best mod for OLD Xcom - you lead a band of probably-not-lesbian mutant pirates several hundred years after XCOM lost and the aliens took earth). If I'm LPing anything after this, it's probably gonna be 4x-ish.

Post 67: Scott City, Part 2: Brain Farts

Finally having extracted themselves from the scrap yard, the squad ran into another robot. This one was also guarding a jammer.

Flashman's first reaction involved RPGs.

It didn't take much to take down two humanoid robots just standing out in the open, though Flashman had suspicions that one of them wasn't really dead yet. This would require some prodding… or punching!

Let's add some style to this thing!

Flashman thought that all the sturdy, absurdly durable robots were taking all the fun out of firing RPGs. However, he reclaimed at least some of it by one-shotting a jamming array.

Once the explosion and the creaking of the freshly destroyed array died down Flashman noticed robotic sounds comic from the gap between a warehouse wall and a destroyed truck.

Kind goons, would you look at that truck? Doesn't look the least bit Fallout-y, now does it?

Got you now, you beeping motherfucker!

The crouching robot couldn't do much as its head was at perfect punching level and thus Flashman's power fist went clean right through it.

At the same time, Mandy discovered an another jamming array just on the other side of the street from the junkyard.

Convenience shines on the soldiers of the Broterhood.

Why had the robots not spread out the jammers to cover a larger area? Was it some sort of a plan for an integrated, overlapping defense?

Well, it failed, as Mandy easily dealt with any remaining hoverbots.

Ice had unpacked her electronic lockpick and was prodding the lock on the warehouse door. After much frowning and beeping, the door clicked.

It's done.

I wonder why the robots would lock a door.

It looked like a regular warehouse, with an another locked door separating administrative room from the goods. A robot had been hiding behind the boxes, but it was taken out without much effort.

HR was sent forward to check out the room.

That's a lot of explosives.

If only the pre-war engineering had not produced walls and fences that can withstand nuclear war, 200 years of neglect and high explosives!

Incessant beeping lead Flashman to discover an another security robot hiding between the warehouses, and it was punched to death with extreme prejudice.

The next warehouse...

The middle of the building was a holding pen for human cattle. These wastelander prisoners were a haggard bunch, caked in filth and viscera, malnourished and shaking. The pen reeked of human waste and desperation, and decomposing bodies were spread out on the floor. The survivors were giving them a wide berth.

Some still maintained their horrible attitudes.

The last room was a slaughter house. A gore-encrusted security robot patrolled between mounds of butchered humans, gliding over hacked-off limbs and spilled entrails.

The robot didn't live long.

Stitch. Take care of the survivors. We're going to check out the last warehouse.

Flashman tore the robot limb-from-limb. In his bloodshot daze he even ignored the barrels of flesh in the room.

This prison had been separated into individual cells.

The supermutant banged on the bars and demanded to be let out.

Neither Flashman, nor anyone in the rest of the squad had any idea who the man was.

The squad questioned the remarkably human looking ghoul about the general's whereabouts, but she could not offer any more help.

The squad didn't have the heart (and didn't want to risk) telling the mutant about the fate of his master. For now, he was hopeful and free.

Away from the prisons, Flashman wanted to clear his head and he did it by punching the last jamming array dead.

He also discovered another cowardly robot in hiding!

Armed with weaponry too weak to make an impression on power armor, the robot was killed with a few swift blows.

The road forward lead through an entrance guarded by two turrets and one nasty patrolling mech that Mandy had spotted earlier.

Fortunately, a set of stairs let the troopers enter a building to the side of the defended entrance.

This also let Flashman spot another patrolling Behemoth. He made a mental note to avoid the beast.

Suspicious of the factory, Flashman called Peta for backup. Soon enough, they found lifters roaming around the area downstairs.

The machines were smart enough to avoid Peta's fire. Or they simply swarmed under her position on the catwalk, their processing units not capable of matching target's Z-axis coordinate to their navigation systems.

Flashman took the chance to go down to the factory/generator floor. He was rewarded with an another humanoid bot, which he beat into submission pretty fast.

Another lifter spotted him and gave chase. Flashman began a measured retreat, luring the robot somewhere where Peta could shoot it.

Unfortunately, this simple race proved to be simple enough for the robot to handle and it actually made its way up the stairs!


The bot couldn't stand the EMP blasts for long and collapsed into a sparkling heap. Flashman gave it a kick, just in case.

Peta, however, decided it was time to go back, maybe play some games with the turrets and see if any can be taken out.

Cries and shots coming from her rear rudely interrupted the adventure.

Some well placed and adventurous scurry bots had taken that moment to pop out. They had surprised everyone, and in that confusion they nearly killed Ice!

Meanwhile, away and oblivious to all that's happening outside, Flashman had discovered a curio: one dead lifter had boxed in a live one in a space under the catwalk. That was too good to be true, but Flashman doubted that Repo Squad will take it alive or even try to.

More rooms, more consoles. Flashman didn't find anything interesting to loot.

He did spot a heavily guarded room at the opposite end of the complex.

Deciding that he didn't want to face the patrolling Behemoth, he took his squad through a small rear exit he had noticed on the factory floor.

Yet even that area wasn't completely safe. Scans showed an another behemoth at the far end of the perimeter wall.

A daring plan was hatched…

...and it amounted to dashing through the middle of the complex, avoiding behemoth patrols, to get to a centrally located door.

It was locked, but not for long.

What followed was an explosion of action! The door opened into a factory floor full of robots of all kinds. It was a hard fight, with the Brotherhood soldiers funneled by the door, but they persevered and won in the end.

With the immediate threats gone, Stitch and Mandy were able to make their run to the rest of the squad, too.

The building was a mess. Clearly disused, it was like forgotten and gradually filled with broken stuff the robots didn't need anymore. However, they had still posted sentries there.

After clearing an another room of robots, they found more dead civilians. Since none of the squad wanted to look at them up close, HR was sent in to loot the corpses.

A methodical and mechanical search uncovered some first aid gear.

Back in the main room, a locker was filled with various explosive trap materials. Basically useless against robots, they have been used against their human adversaries.

Flashman found some stairs and finally burst out to fresh air. He was standing on the roof of a factory. Irritated scurry bots were scurrying down below, unable to get to their prey.

However, there was still some fighting to be had against turrets emplaced up high and some random robots along the way.

Flashman was standing on the precipice of an another room. This time, he knew there's a Behemoth inside. Why would anyone place a giant robot like that in a room? Only the dread AI that drove the robotic forces could say.

Again, the stench, the flies, bodies heaped in a way a butcher wouldn't treat his meat.

But through it all, Flashman noticed something more important.

His face was a gaping maw, but the distinctive armor gave it away: it was the body of General Barnaky. Flashman had found what they were looking for.

However, he couldn't leave without taking a last memento of the General, for safekeeping.

Next Time: Scott City, Part 3: Dodging Behemoths

I made surprisingly few pictures, but basically every fight in this update was a shitshow. Also, fucking Behemoths everywhere