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Part 68: Scott City, Part 3: Car Trip Special

Post 68: Scott City, Part 3: More Than Scott City

Oh Ohm...

Peta was the one to run the gauntlet after Flashman and she was the next one to reach the operating room. She was also hit by the nauseating smell and horrific sights. However, she quickly regained her composure, kicked open the door and EMP'd a remaining turret till it was dead.

She advanced to the cover of metal pipes to get into a shootout with some robots holed up in another building. Their fire was no match for Peta as she sent pulse after pulse their way. Soon, the central building of the roof fell silent.

She notified Flashman and he advanced to secure the building... and loot!

It had been an office once. The room was crowded with tables and shelves full of paper that had rotted away into near nothingness. Three human corpses laid on the floor in puddles of blood. Had the robot takeover been that recent? How long have those unfortunates laid there?

How long had a robot waited in ambush in a corner?

Lacking ammo, Flashman dealt with him in the usual way – punching and more punching.

One of the dead robots held a treasure...

A Chinese made Gauss minigun? Now that was a wastefull weapon in a post-nuclear age, with ammo scarcity making the gun more of a liability than a viable addition to the arsenal.

Of course, the Brotherhood scribes would sell their own mothers to raiders to get a chance to poke and prod this sort of tech, so Flashman took it for himself.

One of the shelves contained some books that were in a much better condition than the others. They might have been brought in quite recently!

Finally, Flashman had to take a look at the building that had been guarded by the auto-turrets.

This operating room was a lot different. For one thing, it still held an alive person... even if the the broken form of flesh interwoven with tubes and electrodes was only dubiously alive.

It was Kerr the merchant.

Flashman did his grim task as he was asked to do, concocting a deadly yet gentle cocktail that would take Kerr to hereafter.

Actually we punched him dead, but “mercy killing via powerfist through the head” doesn't sound that merciful

With his final task for the mission done, Flashman and the squad were free to leave that wretched place.

But Flashman wanted to check out the other structures on the roof.

He didn't find anything at all. One room was literally empty, as if neither robots nor the previous human occupants had found any use for it.

Flashman and Peta ran back to the squad without even a glimpse of the Behemoth.

Peta also took the time to loot a robot that had enough ammo to last her the year.

The rest of the mission was just a blur of running to an exit zone.

Kerr was dead. Barnaky was dead. With heavy hearts and baleful memories of the attrocities of Scott City, the squad set out on the way back to the bunker.

However, their journey was interrupted by a large crater in the ground.

In the center of the crater sat a strange pile of twisted metal, solar collectors and ceramics.

I take left, you take right.

Flashman felt inexplicably drawn to a totem circle near the crashsite. The totems had been carved into shapes of bears and bottles. As he got closer, each breath of air felt like a gulp of spirits, and the smell of smoked fatback pervaded all.


FLASHMAN! Is everything OK?

Cheeky breeky...

Flashman, you're scaring me.

Сука Блять... Er, I'm OK, I was just dizzy.

So what is this thing?

It looks like a space station... A Russian one, even. I have seen some space station holotapes in my time as reaver and I can tell by the square letters that it's Russian.

Might as well be. Not the strangest thing I've seen.

The squad marked the location of the crash on their PipBoy maps (let Repo squad have a go at it) and continued back to the bunker.

Back at the base, there were some sales to be made. As Flashman had guessed, the scribes were really interested in the Gauss minigun.

However, he wasn't interested in leaving them ammo to waste in their “research”. Flashman also haggled for upgraded Power Armor for Stitch and Peta.

The officer tent was abuzz with people and action. Something was in the air.

The final chapter of the fight was about to unfold.

Next time: Cheyenne Mountain, Part 1: Humanoid Cacophony

Yeah, this is the no-return end point of the bunkers, so you can and should splash all that money for ammo, armor, medicine, whatever.

I felt a little sorry for Kerr, even though the rest of the game put no effort to build him up and he looked like a sleazy dude selling some random shit I don't really need. And I don't think there's an option to either heal him or put him down mercifully (super stim pack shenanigans and waiting aside), so thanks for all that “murderer” business. IT WAS MY MISSION TO DO IT, GET OFF MY BACK

That Gauss Minigun robot would kill Flashman in one salvo if you got close to the building. However, at the range that Ice was shooting at him he did basically no damage. Damage scaling in this game is of the fucking hook. The gun itself is basically useless to you, because the ammo is scarce and you want that Gauss rifle for long range fights. Luckily, you're able to buy enough ammo for Mandy to fire it for a month. Or close.