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Part 74: Post Mortem

Post 74: Post Mortem

Oh boy, was this a ride.

Two years ago I was looking for a follow-up to my somewhat adequate smash hit Warlock 2 LP and I remembered Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel.

Brotherhood of Steel had been the first Fallout game I had ever played. In enthralled me in the 6th grade. My class forum name was Paladin Mike. I asked my French teacher to translate "Brotherhood of Steel" and "War Never Changes" into French. It was the best up until the point I dropped it in the robot nuclear plant mission.

It also made cautious about trying Fallout 2, because Turn Based Combat? What is this bullshit? And I can't control all of the squad members? Get the hell out of here!

Of course, I eventually played and finished Fallout 2, got stuck in Fallout 1, finished Fallout 3 (who hasn't?), moaned about Fallout New Vegas DLCs, mourned Van Buren, continually checked No Mutants Allowed for art from Polish Fallout games that would never be made and stuff.

Playing Tactics eventually knocked my nostalgia goggles off my face and stomped on them.

I learned or relearned just what a slogging grind the game was, found out about stuff like the burst fire bug and got to see that I had not missed much by not playing the robot part of the game.

It's a little heartbreaking, because FOTBOS made BoS my Fallout sweatheart and BoS was never that cool in the good games. It also showed that one of the treasured games of my childhood was indeed crap (that's why I'll never LP Freddy Fish 4, too risky).

There are ambitious mods out there - at least two of them - that aim to fix everything or at least most that went wrong with BoS, but I'm not really interested in looking into them. I also want to close the LP before the two year mark, because fuck, how can something like that drag on for so long?

So many sweet plans came and went, like doing this a vid LP, making a post on playing the paper-cut Fallout strategy game with MaterialConceptual, giving characters actual characters and accents....

The views and the comments made it worth doing, so thank you all for putting up with me. And I also learned that it's really hard to write a narrative for a game like this, making the Jagged Alliance 2 LP stand out that much more.

Now then, to submit an archive request and to consider if I have time and games to start an another LP!

Again, I thank all of you!