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Part 10

Entry 33:

Keri says I'm better when I'm high. I am inclined to agree. Unfortunately, she had just run out of 'Tats, and I was not about to waste any of my precious few on her. She's great in bed, but a real bitch.

Jeeze, Listen to me. I've turned into a real cusser. Actually, I've turned into a cussing pill-popper that sexes up unclean women. Speaking of which, I think Keri gave me crabs. Great, now I gotta shave.

On my way out, I was passing by an open doorway. Imagine my surprise when, from that empty doorway, came two well-aimed shell-fulls of buckshot. Fortunately, I returned fire. Not only with my brand-spankin new Combat Shotgun, but with my attack dog, and my best friend. We took a few hits,
but we got them in the end.

The dude who first shot at me ALSO had a combat shotgun. Now I have two. Why does this always happen?

We searched the area the random thugs had been hiding out, and we found a guy in a locked room. Apparently, he's buddies with the Brotherhood Of Steel. He was quite thankful for his unintentional rescue, and said he would put a good word in for us at the Brotherhood. Always nice to have a group of technophiliacs at your back.

We headed over to Far Go Caravans, and hopped on to one of their caravans out to the Brotherhood. Might as well follow up on this guy, he might be helpful.

Entry 34:

Attacked by one really stupid mutant with a knife. There's a very good reason these guys travel in packs.

Entry 35:

We have arrived at the Brotherhood of Steel! I was expecting a bit more then a bit of a bunker, but I'm gonna assume that there is more underground. Ian digs the cherubim with machine guns on their 'Welcome To The Brotherhood, Go Away' complimentary map and pamphlet.

We spoke to a guard at the entrance, and he said the only way to get inside was to join the Order. Well, I do love technology.He said in order to join, we had to venture to this Temple Of The Ancients or something. I wasn't really paying much attention, I was coming off a bit of a Mentat trip. It gets REALLY boring in the caravan.

The other guard said that the Temple is at a place called The Glow. Sounds friendly. And chock-full of radiation. Aces. Lucky for me, I know a great place to get Rad-X and RadAway for every day low-low prices!

As we left, I saw this awesome flag. Something inside of me was just screaming to take it and take it back to Blue Base. Fortunately, I'm good at ignoring the voices in my head.

Entry 36:

Man, don't they ever clean anything up here?

My friendly local drug dealer was more then happy to help me out with the Rad-X and Rad-Away, but I'm a bit short for the full package. I need enough for me, Ian, AND the Dog. You might think it's crazy, but that Dog has taken it's share of wounds for me. I'm not letting him get microwaved for no reason.

I had to think of a way to get some more money for the drugs, so I took a walk. Right into the local library. Which is a bit of a misnomer, they don't let you take out books for free. In fact, the books are quite expensive. As is my habit, I asked the lady if she knew anything about a Water-Chip, and expected my usual 'duh what' reply. Boy was I surprised.

Now THIS is good info! Not very helpful towards my quest, but it does give some reason for why we only have one water chip. The planners were relying on a nearby aquifer to supply the Vault. The region that holds that aquifer was hit directly by an off-course missile, that almost wiped out the whole Vault. Dad told me all about it.

The document even says when the chip was going to fail. Thirty years. Exactly how long it took for ours to crap out. Man. This info would have been great to have before. If we knew the chip was expected to fail, we could have taken precautions. Saved and stored water, sent out a search party earlier, and maybe avoided the crisis entirely! God damn.

Vault 15 has already been explored, but this says that the 'regulatory computers' within the vault would continue to function even in the event of an earthquake. Now, 15 got hit with a hell of a lot more then an earthquake, but maybe the computers in there still have some function. It might be worth going back and exploring, if I ever get the chance.

I'm going to assume that Vault 12 is Necropolis. And according to this, Vault12 had killer water-purification systems, as well as a history for being overly prepared. That means that they are going to have LOTS of water chips. Chances are that at least one of them will still be floating around.

Wow. I might finally find the damn water chip. And then... Go back to the Vault. Wow. Maybe they'll let Ian stick around for a bit. He says that Vault life sounds like a vacation. It would be great to have him around the place for awhile, even just to chat and hang out with. Us intrepid adventurers gotta stick together, you know? They better let me keep the Dog, too. I've spent the last few months crawling around a desert to save their lives.

What am I gonna do when I get back to the Vault? Well, I'll certainly be a hero. I always wanted to be one of the Advisor's, they'll probably scramble to get me in on that. I'll have to kick my Mentat cravings, but that wont be too hard. I can stop whenever I want to. Then what? I dunno. The girls will probably all over me, maybe I'll get a wife, have a kid. That would be nice.

Heh, Ian said that I better name it after him. Or if it's a girl, 'Ianita'. I said I would think about it.

Change of plans, we're heading to Necropolis in the morning. A bit of a hike, but we know the way. Just follow the caravan trail. We probably wont run into any problems.

Entry 37:


Entry 38:

Less of a problem. (Guess which one is Ian and win a prize!)

Hehe, stupid thugs. (Answer: Ian's the one that's not dead! You win a free rock that looks like John!)

Bonus Content


Smith and Ian hanging out in The Hub.

It's imposible to get the Dog to take his RadX.