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Part 11

Entry 39:

Sweet shit! We found a Nuka-Cola truck overturned, with ten grand of shiny new bottle caps inside! You know what that means, diary. Lots of MENTATS AND EXPENSIVE WHORES!

Entry 40:

Welcome to Necropolis! Home of a lot of easily exploded zombies. Ian, the Dog and I greased a few, then tried to find a way around town. A lot of the exits are blocked, but we noticed some of the more not-trying-to-eat-us zombies going down into the sewers. So we followed them down, and wandered around a bit.

We ran into this nice fellow. He had no interest in eating us, so we spoke with him a bit.

Turns out that there are two groups of zombies (they prefer to be called Ghouls). The violent ones controlled by Set, and the peaceful ones that hang out in the sewers.

Seems that he knows exactly where we can get a water chip, but turns out that they need the thing too. Yowch. In order for them to not need the water chip, someone would have to fix the water pump. And I guess that someone is me. Oh well. They seem like nice folk. As much as I'm used to it, I still don't like killing for no reason.

So, into the sewers we went. Lots of rats. It's a waste to go after them with the shotgun, but it's just so funny when they explode. Dog was able to take care of the majority of them, though.

Found what looks like a cool gun, but the first time I shot it, it nearly exploded. I'll sell it to my friendly drug dealer in Hub.

We found the Watershed, and... Oh lovely. Giant mutants. But seeing as they were not trying to kill us, I decided to talk with them a bit.

Using my dizzying intellect (even without mentats), I was able to get by the 'boss', Harry. There's a reason these things come in packs.

Yep, that's a broken water pump, all right. We headed back outside, and went down into the sewers to look for the parts. What we found was a big pile of junk that looked vaguely like parts for a water pump.

Oh well. This is post-apolyptica, everything looks like junk. I took it back to our zombie friends, and now they have given me some books to read on water pump repair. I'm gonna settle down and read these for awhile, awhile Ian teaches the Dog to roll over. Aw, he just did it! Good Dog.

Entry 41:

The water pump is going to remember that repair job for the rest of it's miserable water-pumping life. Take THAT, science!

We also met some Children of the Cathedral. They were impressed by my pretty flower.

We went back down to our zombie friends, and they thanked us profusely, and gave us directions to Vault 12. Seems that the entrance is back in the Watershed building. We'll be walking over there in a moment, just having a breather.

Entry 42:




Entry 43:

Hello, Smith's Diary! Ian here. Smith is strung out on Mentats and Buffout right now, and is currently banging the Librarian. He asked me to write this entry, so.. Here we go.

We're in The Hub now, and Smith is blowing off some steam. I'm pretty sure he's addicted to Mentats by now, but he'll have plenty of time to get clean in his Vault.

So, he's just having a bit of fun before he has to get locked back in that Vault. He said that I could hang out there for a bit when we got there.. Sounds cool to me. The place sounds more like a day-spa then anything else. And it would be cool to see a Vault that's not completely crushed in and rusted over.

Whoops, there goes Smith. I need to make sure he doesn't do anything dumb. Like making out with a dude, or tripping into an open sewer. Which he's already done today.

Smith, get away from that!