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by BOrangeFury

Part 14

Entry 56:

Hey Cabbot. What a nice guy. A bit of a dope, but nice. We talked about the rumors going around... Seems that the place is gearing up for war. A war against, oh, say, the mutants? That would certainly be helpful.

Wow, this please is pretty sweet. A lot nicer then the Vault, even. And far better armed.

There's just something about a woman in power armor that gets me going. Too bad she doesn't seem interested. At least, not yet. What woman can resist the certain charms of a wandering Vault-Dweller and his adorable Dog?

Speaking of Dog, everyone here loves him. I was a bit worried at first that he might pee on someone, but he is quite well behaved.

Initiate? Rescue? Yeah, sure, that was me. Alllll me. Play it cool, Smith.

Do I look retarded? Gee, let me think. Things that I'm no good at using, or POWER ARMOR?

Good lord this stuff is sweet.

I need to get a set for Dog. Seriously.

Sorry there's not muc to update on, Diary. My brain is a bit fried from the long walk from the desert. I'm gonna lie low here for a day or so, and see what I can find out.