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by BOrangeFury

Part 15

Entry 57:

I met my roomate. I don't think I'm gonna hang around the barracks very much...

Also met the head paladin. Not a very cheery guy. Then again, would you be?

The doctor has some quite interesting surgical procedures available. Costly, and take awhile to recover from, but worth considering. I asked if they could do anything for The Dog, they politely declined. Poor Dog. I'm gonna have to figure out some way to keep him from getting killed on the adventures ahead. He's really a great dog.

Found the library.

Wow. Vree. She is hot for a kinda-bald chick. Seriously. I bet she has that 'naughty librarian' thing going on. Kinda like Mrs Whatsherface in The Hub. Only that chick was WEIRD. And married. Oh well, I don't suppose you can blame her for being a crazy MILF, her husband is boring as hell.

Anyhoo, we chatted for a bit, and she gave me some info about the Brotherhood, and about a new gun she designed. She makes weapons too? Be still, my beating heart. Oh, and she gave me some RadX. I think she likes me.

This is some interesting information, and gives me a bit more insight towards why that guy was down in The Glow. I'm going make the educated guess that The Brotherhood is a remnant of the US Army, specifically, from a base located near here. It might have even been the base that Dad was supposed to be stationed at.

Unfortunately, the laser pistol thing's broken at the moment. Oh well, we cant have everything.

The guy at the Power Armor repair station was making fun of me, that they sent me to The Glow. I politely reminded him that, unlike his Brotherhood forefathers, I actually made it back.

Hello Maxson. Nice guy, kinda reminds me of dad. I told him about the mutants, he told me to go scout up north to see if I cant find them. Oooooo-kay. I decided that it would be best to agree with him for the moment.

Then I got a free pick of weapons I didn't want. I got the old Laser Pistol. But the 'Ripper' sounded cool too. ANYTHING named 'Ripper' can be nothing short of awesome.

Okay. Now. To find the mutants. Do I sally forth northwards? Or do I follow 'video game logic' and check out the one place on my map that I haven't been yet, and see if I can get info/quests/savepoints from there?

Oh, what the hell am I talking about. I grew up playing 'Quest For Glory' over and over on the Vault computers. To The Boneyard!

Entry 58:

Found some rocks. Interestingly enough, none of them looked like John.

Entry 59:

Attacked by... Molerats? Are you fucking kidding me?

Entry 60:

The Boneyard. Not a bad looking place. I was directed to speak with Zimmerman, the guy in charge.

This dude doesn't look like he could be in charge of a wet rag. He spouts something about the Blades killing his son... I don't buy it. Something is fishy about the whole thing. That, and 'murder for hire' just isn't my thing.

I waited for morning, and strolled over to the Blades... Only to be lamblasted by their leader. Too bad, she was cute. I got rid of the Gun Runners? What? Man, how high was I in the desert? I don't remember that at all.

I take my leave, and decided to investigate these missing Gun Runners.

Oh fuck, Deathclaws. I'm just gonna sneaky sneaky by...

Nope. They seem quite available in their fortress surrounded by goo. I bought some plasma grenades, shotgun shells, and other crap, and spoke with their leader, Gabriel. He explained to me their issue with the Deathclaws, and I said I would try to help. By getting rid of all the Deathclaws. Agggghhhh, I need to stop agreeing to help people. But at least they promised some cool weaponry in exchange. I think I can get behind that.

I snuck by the Deathclaws again, and went back into the main part of town, to talk with the locals, and see if they knew anything about easy Deathclaw removal. Hey, you never know. I didn't find out much about the Deathclaws, but I did learn about Los Angles. Which is what this place apparently was before it was nuked. Dad told me about Los Angles, it sounded nice.

Entry 61:

Well this is going swimmingly.

I'm hidden down in this cellar with the Dog, trying to keep away from this damn pack of Deathclaws. See, turns out, that as well as there being a lot of Deathclaws, there's also some cool junk around as well.

Cool junk that's needed to run the Hydroponic farms. I, in a moment of abject stupidity, said I would get the parts for the hydroponic farm from the missing scavenger.

For some reason, the Deathclaws are keeping away from this cellar. The Geiger Counter doesn't smell any rads, and I cant figur....

Entry 62:


The theatre's so obsessed
With dramas so depressed
It's hard to sell a ticket on Broadway

Shows should be more pretty
Shows should be more witty
Shows should be more...
What's the word?


No matter what you do on the stage
Keep it light, keep it bright, keep it gay!
Whether it's murder, mayhem or rage
Don't complain, it's a pain
Keep it gay!

People want laughter when they see a show
The last thing they're after's a litany of woe
A happy ending will pep up your play...

Oedipus won't bomb..
If he winds up with Mom!
Keep it gay!
Keep it gay...
Keep it gay!

But's a wile idea, but it just might work...
I see a line of beautiful girls
Dressed as storm troopers, each one a gem
With leather boots and whips on their hips
It's risque, dare I say, S & M!

I see German soldiers dancing through France
Played by chorus boys in very tight pants
And wait, there's more - they win the war!

And the dances they do will be daring and new
Turn-turn-kick-turn, turn-turn-kick-turn
Keep it sassy, keep it classy, keep it...

If at the end you want them to cheer
Keep it gay, keep it gay, keep it gay
Whether it's Hamlet, Othello or Lear
Keep it gay, keep it gay, keep it gay,
Keep it gay!!