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Part 2

Smith's New Diary, Day 1:

It seems that I've gotten myself in a fix, Diary. Remember when dad said 'never be in first, never be in last, and never volunteer for anything'? Seems he was right. When John asked, 'Who wouldn't mind popping out of the Vault for a bit of a hike?', I was silly enough to answer, 'Why, I would love a hike!'. I thought we might be doing a geological and atmospheric survey or something. Really, anything to get out of the Vault for a bit, even if there are mutants and Scientologists out there.

But no. Our water chip is broken. Pardon my French, Diary, but this sucks. It's my job to find a new one. The Vault has 150 days before the water runs out, and if I do not find a new water chip before then, everyone will die! It is quite a load on my poor shoulders.

It's my own fault, really. I'm just too nice for my own good. 'Smith, would you be a dear a fetch me that hundred pound bag of dehydrated fish flakes?' 'Smith, be a pal and fix this radiator.' 'Smith, we could really use someone to work the night shift in the Clinic.' 'Smith, can you baby-sit my kids?' Smith do this, Smith do that. In retrospect, 'Smith, go save the Vault from certain doom', is really just another step in the natural progression of the 'Make Smith Do Things We Don't Want To' chain. Not all that surprising.

John ushered me out of the vault, with a few things to help me along my way. Flares, a knife, some first-aid equipment, and a gun. Golly. I've never shot a gun before. I'll just keep it on hand, in case things get a little rough. I'm sure I wont need it, though. How hard can it be to find a water chip?

Oh dear. There's a dead body out here. Just bones now... I said a little prayer for his soul. Religion is not exactly supported in the Vault, but Dad taught me a few things about Man and God. He said, 'There are no Athiests in foxholes'. He's not a very godly man, and I suppose neither am I. But it is nice to have someone listening, and maybe watching over us. May God let the soul belonging to these bones rest in peace.

Maybe God is watching me. I found some bullets and second knife amongst the bones. These may be of use on the road ahead.

Off I go!

Day 2:

I was attacked by rats! I like rats, too. I had a pet rat named Fido when I was younger. He did tricks and snuggled up with me at night. Fido was a great rat. The rats that attacked me, however, were not Fido. They were bigger, and meaner. I tried to run, but they were too fast, and nip VERY hard. I was forced to kill the little beasts. Interestingly enough, all three of them ended up exploding.

The Outside world, the sun, the desert... I just stared at it for a few moments. It really is intimidating. Everything is big. The sand stretches over the horizon and beyond, the sky seems to envelop me as I walk, and the sun stare down, unrelenting and hot. Fortunately, dad's 'Sun-Glasses' are coming in quite handy. I do seem to be getting a bit red, though.

Day 3:

There certainly is a lot of desert here... I saw a tire and a rock that looked a bit like John.

I am even more red, and the skin that is exposed to the sun hurts! I hope it is not a fever.

Day 4: More desert. I tripped on another rock that looked like John. Sand does not taste good at all.

Fever seems to be subsiding slightly, but the skin is still dark.

Day 5:

I seem to have found a town! Amazing. I did not know there was any civilization outside of the Vaults. The people seem friendly enough. Maybe they have a water chip! And maybe my fever can be diagnosed. I shall ponder on what to do.