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by BOrangeFury

Part 4

Day 7 (cont):

Here we are at the Radscorpion Caves! And it's just as imagined it. Dark, dank, full of scorpions. Of course, I did not imagine the scorpions would be quite so large.

I thought they would be maybe a foot or two long, at the most. Instead, they STAND a foot or two off the ground. These things are massive. 'Big as a legless Brahmin', Ian said. Bigger, probably. The tails alone weight 20 pounds.

We had a bit of good fortune. Neither of us have been poisoned, and I found several clips worth of 10mm ammo. It will be needed, as I am a terrible shot. But getting better.

I also got to know Ian a bit better. He's quite a good shot. Maybe he can show me a thing or two about these things. Ian can hit a fly out of a tin can, and he's giving me a few pointers as we go.

There are no end to the scorpions. Right now, Ian and I are taking a breather at the mouth of the cave. It's a lot cooler in here then it is outside, and there's too much light at the mouth of the cave for the scorpions to bother us. We're going to head back into town.

Day 7 (cont):

We were able to get into town without incident, and headed over to Razlo.

Ian followed this up with 'He better not be doin' anything with MY sac." What a card. Razlo was able to do something with the scorpion's sac, and he made a fine poison antidote. It works on all poisons, it seems. He gave us a 'free sample'. Geeze, you're welcome, Razlo.

I was about to leave, when I spotted a man in the back room, obviously in pain. Razlo seemed busy, so I went back to see if I could help. The man had been poisoned. Since I have no plans to ever be poisoned by anything, I gave him my sample of the antidote. He perked right up after that.

Ian and I are now heading to Vault 15, to see if we cant find a water chip. I can only hope luck will be on our side.

Day 8:

I forgot how sandy this whole desert thing is. Ian makes the time pass a little quicker, though. He's got lots of stories.

Day 9:

Arrived at Vault 15! Finally. With any luck, the water chip will be here, and I can go on my merry way home. Right now, we're just outside of the Vault entrance. Ian is killing some rats, while I

Day 9 (cont):

Dear god. Sorry for leaving off like that, Diary. I was attacked by the biggest rat I have ever seen in my life. Ian said it was a 'Lesser Mole Rat'. Lesser? I can only hope that we don't run into the 'greater' variety.

The elevators are out (in the hallway, I think. I'm certain I saw bits of them by the clinic, under some rat guts), but fortunately, I have a bit of rope from town. Sorry, whoever's bookcase I took it from. We made it down to the second level dorms, where I was able to find a really cool leather jacket! Oh, and some more rope.

Ian says I look almost as good as him. Well, it's certainly better then the Vault 13 outfit. I never looked good in blue. This thing also offers a bit more protection.

We fought our way through a bunch more rats on the third level and... alas. The Command Center seems to have suffered a landslide. There's no way a water chip would have survived that, and even if it did, I could not get to it. Dang, drat, and several other stronger curses I heard Ian muttering. I try not to curse too harshly, it was looked down upon in Vault 13.

In other news, I found a pretty cool crowbar. It has 'Property Of Black Mesa' scratched on the back of it. I will keep it with me, as one never knows when they may need to pry something apart. It's also good for hitting rats.

I feel as if all my experiences are starting to mean something. I wonder where it all will lead...