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by BOrangeFury

Part 5

Day 10:

As we traveled across the wastes, Ian and I ran across this interesting fellow.

He seems to be quite out of his mind, poor old guy. We left him be.

Day 12:

Arrived back at Shady Sands. Ian made a comment that, with the dynamite we picked up in Vault 15, we might be able to blow up some Radscorpions. I'm all for that, really. Explosions are always fun, so long as they are carried out in a safe manner. Unfortunately, our manner was not so safe. But still fun. Somehow, in the course of playing with the dynamite, the Radscorpion cave collapsed. Whoops.

But it was all for good. Blocking up the Radscorpion cave ended the Radscorpion problem! Amazing how that works. Everyone in town was quite greatful. I mean, sure I didn't get a reward, and now some of the townspeople are asking for help with some heavy lifting, bu... Oh dear I'm doing it again.

This always happens! I always get suckered into helping people. I don't even realize it any more. Why must I be such a nice guy?

Oh well. Might as well move on. Ian says that Junktown is just a few days south. Maybe I can pick up some information on the water-chip there.

Day 13:

In the course of our travels, Ian and I stumbled upon a Kahn raider camp. This must be the same group that's bothering the people of Shady Sands. I was not going to approach, but one of the raiders spotted me. He said, 'Death Hand! Have you returned to kill your son?', and then wandered off.

Curiosity killed the cat, but I'm hardly a cat. I entered the raider camp, and looked around a bit. It seems that everyone is under the impression that I am Death Hand, back to kill my son. It does not take a great leap of intellect to figure that Death Hand was some sort of revered figure, and that his son was some notable person within the group. I decided to take it up with the leader of the Kahns.

Ah, so I'm here to haunt him. To avoid looking like an idiot, I just went along with it. Yes, I'm here to haunt you. While I'm at it, I'll be haunting away the stuff on your bookshelves. And your desk. And your refrigerator. WooooOOoooOooo ooh a shotgun! Yoink!

But seriously now, who keeps dynamite in the refrigerator?

I don't seem to be in any position to tangle with these guys. Ian and I are now at the edge of the camp, trying to decide what to do. Ian's all for slaughtering them, but I'm hesitant. First reason is, I don't want to kill anyone. Really now, life is precious, especially in this wasteland. Second reason, I don't want to die. Ian might be able to pull through, but I still have problems with rats. These people have big, big guns, and know how to use them. Quite a difference from a nippy rat.