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Part 8: Chapter 59 (Part 2)

New Character

Kogasa Tatara
Personal Skills:
-Sadism!?: "Boo!" casts the Provoke spirit enemies always target the person that cast it on them on enemies it hits.
-Bullying!?: "Boo!" casts the Mercy spirit the next attack will reduce the target to 10 HP instead of killing them on enemies it hits.
-Tatara Step: Both units in pair do +10% damage and recieve -10% damage.
-Shared Umbrella: The next spirit Kogasa casts is cast on the other unit in the pair as well. (1 Use).
Spirit List: Focus, Wall, Strike, Accel, Provoke, Assault

Mods please probate anyone that bullies Kogasa in this certified No Bully Zone, tia.

Luckily you shouldn't have to, because Kogasa is excellent. As her PSes might suggest, she's a 2.0 Cost unit intended for use as a backpack, and she's very good at it. 10% damage dealt/taken is good on basically anyone, and she has amazing set of spirits for using with Shared Umbrella. She's technically a Real (she gains 40 Armour per upgrade instead of 50), but her base Armour is high enough that she can still easily Support Defend for her friends. For reference, at 10 upgrades, she's only 50 Armour behind Meiling (and at 5 they're exactly tied). She's also one of the few people lucky enough to have Shield Block, letting her reduce damage even further.

Boo! is a pretty funky MAP (you can see it in Ryza's attack video below) that does no damage, but instead debuffs enemies' attack by somewhere around 10-30% damage. It doesn't work on enemies with Special Resistance (so, almost every boss you'd care about), so I never use it or her PSes involving it, but it is a neat mechanic.


-Fairy Overdrive
-Kogasa's Attacks


If you missed it in the first part of the update, we're still voting on whose map to tackle next. I'll remind everyone again that we have to do both of these chapters - this vote only determines the order.

We can follow:
-Team Reimu, heading to Muenzuka
-Team Alice, heading to the Nameless Hill