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Part 10: Chapter 60 (Part 2)


Nue Houjuu
Personal Skills:
-Great Youkai of Heian: Reduces the cost of Confuse to 50 SP (normally 70).
-Dark Cloud: Above 120 Power, it is always considered to be a Night stage for her, and she gains 10% MP Regen.
-Unidentified Flying Girl: For the first 5 turns after she's deployed, or until she gets hit, she gains +30% Accuracy and Evade.
-Youkai Trio: Increases friendship levels with Murasa and Ichirin by 3. (note: Murasa and Ichirin also get this PS for free after this chapter)
Spirit List: Stealth, Alert, Focus, Adapt, Confuse, Friendship

Much like her girlfriend Murasa, Nue is a 2.5 Cost unit that you could nerf to 3.0 with no other changes and I'd still call her amazing.

It also helps that she's literally Getter Robo:

This Nue is fully upgraded, so subtract 25 Mobility and 250 Armor for a better idea of where she's at right now.

Unlike stinky old Nitori who has to change out her FA frames inbetween missions, Nue can swap between three forms on the fly. Her default (Red) form is the most "normal", as Reals go, and has the highest damage. The Blue mode has ridiculous mobility and 8(!) base movement, but is made of wet tissue paper. The Green mode turns her into a ghetto-Kanako: high armor, high range, and not a single post-movement attack to her name. They're all useful in some fashion or another, although I mostly swap between Blue/Red. Maybe you'd use Green if you wanted to partner her with Murasa as a S.Defender? That's something.

On top of that, her PSes are pretty bonkers. Dark Cloud is "here have +10% to everything, and also MP Regen because why not". Of particular note is Youkai Trio, which can potentially give some ridiculous bonuses.

The main thing holding her back would be a lack of offensive Spirits (Adapt improves her damage via terrain ranks, but not by much), but that's something you can get around later in the game. Aside from that, she is just incredibly High Spec in every regard, with some real nice utility on top of a package that already has almost no weaknesses. I haven't put much thought into tier lists, but I'd probably list Nue as one of the Top 5 characters in the game.

I'll put up her Allied Unit animations (which are quite different from her Boss animations) in a couple chapters when we can actually use her. Blame Ryza for not making that video.