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Part 13: Chapter 62 (Part 1)

Welcome to Chapter 62.

Upon entering this chapter we got Nue, Kogasa, and Medicine proper. Interestingly, they all came with items equipped. Kogasa just had an Enemy Marker (+1 range) which isn't new, although it is very good. Nue came with an Unidentified Seed, which doubles your EXP gains, and Medicine with a Suzuran, which increases PP gains by 50%. All very nice, and the Suzuran in particular can catch a unit up skill-wise very quickly.

Since we're finally out of the route splits, we're back to the thread voting on the units. For reasons you'll see shortly, I'm very glad we got Murasa and Suwako.

By the way, as was mentioned in Marisa's chapter, Lily White has a new form she can change into inbetween chapters: Lily Black. I decided to take it for a spin this chapter.

Spoilers: she sucks.

The newhus get some free levels, and we're off to the chapter proper.

BGM: heart fault

(...Did I leave them in the oven a bit too long? Oh well, everyone loves these cookies anyway.)

Someone walks in.

Wow, smells great!


Is that a pie...? No, cookies?

(Yes, rose cookies. They've always been your favorite, Koishi. There are lots, so make sure you eat up.)


(Oh, they're a little burnt, but the taste should be fine. So dig in.)



Y'know Sis, I can't read minds like you can. So use words I can hear, please.

R-Right... of course. Sorry about that. I-

Um... what was I saying again? Anyway, there are lots, so eat up.



You're weird these days. All you do is apologize. Did someone say something mean to you? Are you feeling down?

No, it's nothing. Nothing happened to me... I... What about you, Koishi? How have you been feeling lately? If there's anything bothering you, we could-

Nah, I'm fine. Every day is just so fun. No matter where I go, no one hates me, and I never have to think about bad stuff.

But that's...

Oh, these are rose cookies! But aren't they a little burnt?


...Hey, Satori. I'm happy now. I want to live here with everyone forever.


Yeah. Because you say you love me.

And I love you too. I love everyone!


The screen fades to black.

(...Right. Both before and after she closed her eye, Koishi's always told me she loves me.)

(Her words and appearance are both the same as before. There's no reason I should doubt them now, but...)

(...But I can't tell what she's really feeling.)

(...Do I even know what I'M feeling anymore?)

BGM: Border of Regular and Irregular Days

We're here! I still can't get over how fancy this mansion is.

I don't see anyone else. Are they already inside?

Welcome. This is early for you two.

Surprisingly, everyone got here on time.

So what are you all doing outside then? You came out just to greet us?

It's awfully crowded inside, so we came out for some fresh air. Everyone already gathered and exchanged information.

The talking's over, so we're taking a break now.

C'mon, have a little patience...

That said, Reimu did tell me about what happened. I hear you found Bishamonten's pagoda, Shou?

Yes, and from here on out either Nazrin or I will have it on our person at all times. The light it shines with should also be usable in danmaku battles.

Good to hear. As for us, we met with Yuuka, but didn't manage to obtain any new information.

And we're told your group found a clue towards Koishi's whereabouts, Marisa.

Well, at least SOMEONE's getting things done around here.

You can brag about it after we've actually found her. Anyway, you aren't even the one who found the clue.

Now now, why don't we step inside for some tea before you-

Someone gets smacked.


Wh-What's that racket?!

What are you doing, Ichirin?! What'll you do if that leaves a bump?!

Don't talk back to me! You were trying to mess with the Hieda family records, weren't you?

C'mon, isn't it cheeky of her to be researching youkai? You get it, don't you Minamitsu?

Sorry, you're at fault here, Nue. But you need to chill too, Ichirin.

Could you three take that somewhere else? Some of us are trying to eat here.

That taiyaki looks yummy! Gimme!

Hey! Return that at once, fool!

Your immaturity is showing, eldest daughter. Didn't you buy those for everybody anyway?

Hey, it fell on the floor! It's mine now!

...It didn't use to be this noisy.

It happens. I don't mind.

Excuse us, we're coming in. Looks like we're pretty much all here?

Indeed. The only ones missing are Alice, and Satori's group.

I'd heard about it, but I never expected you to actually show up for this, Nue.

Don't address me so casually, human. I'm not your friend.

Still rude, I see. Did you all not hit her enough?

Tenshi too. You said you'd be back to help, right?

Right. And I expect you to be extremely grateful. I hadn't heard that Iku was coming too though... Did you become friends with these rabble when I wasn't looking?

Well, let's just go with that.

With Iku here, maybe you'll learn some manners.

...I don't like the sound of that, but I'll forgive you for it.

Speaking of newcomers, I wonder if the other one's coming?

Hm? What other one?

The rookie everyone's placing their hopes on! The one who's guiding us to Koishi.

Huh, if she can track Koishi even when she's hiding from our subconscious, she must be pretty skilled. What kind of-



So? Surprised?

Someone gets smacked.


You kicked me! Sadism?!

Remember: this is still a certified No Bully Zone.

R-Reimu! I understand your feelings, but you're hurting Kogasa.

Sanae, you're not supposed to stand up for the youkai. You just exterminate 'em right away. Now do it.

We can't exterminate her. Kogasa's the one who told us where Koishi is.

Really? This sad sack of an umbrella?

Don't worry! I'm super-useful!

Good grief. SHE'S your informant?

A group walks in.

The Master made a drug that can get her to tell the truth. Do you think we'll need it?

Now now, it's such a rare umbrella. It'd be a shame to damage it through reckless handling.

Um, I don't know how you do things in the House of Eternity, but that's a bit...

Come on, stop hanging back and just come on in. No one's going to bully you here.

R-Really?! You sure I won't be suddenly attacked by a rabid human?

Oh, it's Medicine. You came together? Oh right, you said you'd go pick her up this morning.

And you were so resistant to the idea before. Changed your mind?

Of course not. I just came for the chance to see what it's like outside the suzuran field. My goal is to kill all humans and free the suffering dolls!

Uh... yeah. Are we really bringing her along?

No need to worry, Alice and I will be taking responsibilty for keeping an eye on her.

If you say so. We'll leave that you then.

...So all that's left is Satori and her pets then?

Wait, don't tell me she's never been to the surface ever since she moved to the Underworld?

Well, as long as they don't get found by a human who starts throwing rocks or something.

Another group walks in.

...Your worries are misplaced.

Sorry we're late!

Oh, you made it! Was the trip all right?

I hadn't been to the surface for quite a while, but I had Orin to guide me.

We were avoiding humans on the way, so it took a while to get here.

It seems you've had a difficult time. But if you'd simply come to me, I could have-

Thank you, but no thank you. You're all here because of OUR circumstances, after all.

More importantly, is it true you've located Koishi?

Course it's true! You tell her, Kogasa.

It's my turn, yay! What I've got for you will knock your socks right-

...It seems she was spotted north of the village, heading that way should lead us to her.

You don't know any other details, but you think you can lead the way purely by gut feeling.

Huh?! How'd you know?!

Satori can read minds. It's your fault for fudging the truth.

Is this all then? That's not much to go on.

That said, it IS a clue. Thank you, Kogasa.

Yeah! I was useful!

If we find Koishi, we'll be sure to let you all know.

Now then, we'll be off...

Wait, hold on. You're planning on going by yourselves?

Of course. This has always been our problem, and our problem alone. We can't possibly impose on you any further.

No need to be so reserved. We all came here because we wanted to help.

Besides, if you don't know exactly where she is, then obviously it's better to have more people searching. Or what, do you have some secret plan to find her?


There's a commotion outside.

...? What was that noise? It came from out in front.

What's this all of a sudden? I'm not expecting anyone else.

The commotion continues.

I'm sensing more and more of them. They're facing outside the village.

Even if this isn't an incident, I'm a bit worried.

It's close by, so let's go take a peek real quick.

Chapter 62: The Judge of Paradise

So is that it then?

Look, over by the gate! There's a whole crowd of people!

Is there someone outside the village then?

Mystery Woman posted:

...Hm, it seems the bridge has been meticulously repaired. However, this is the main road to town. They should at the very LEAST reinforce the barrier and triple check the bridge.

Could you... NOT lecture the bridge? We should be heading inside.

I remember that voice... If I'm not mistaken, that's...


Oh dear...

That was awfully unrefined of you, Lady Yukari. What could be the matter?

...Yuyuko, there's no doubt it's her, is there?

Hm? Whoever could you be referring to? Kidding, kidding, I have a strong suspicion myself.

What are you two whispering about over there?

ゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴ posted:

Oh, they found us.

Good. Having them come to us saves some time.

And everyone's already gathered up for us too. Guess we arrived just in time?

There you go again, Komachi. There's simply no excuse for tardiness.

Oh, it's Komachi. Looks like there's someone with her too.

Never seen her before. Who's that short yet arrogant person?

Hey, watch your mouth around her! That's none other than Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu!

Eiki... Shabba-dabba-doo?!

Yamaxanadu. It's a managerial position in Hell. It means "Judge of Paradise". Lady Shiki is the Yama in charge of judging Gensokyo's dead.

The Yama?! You mean, the one who pulls out your tongue for lying?!

The World is Hell~♪ The Meaning of Life~♪

Pay it no mind. Today's a holiday, so I'm merely here to patrol Gensokyo.

Huh? You're working on your day off then?

I can hardly believe it either, but that's what makes Lady Shiki so great. On her few days off, she goes around giving advice to help people get a favorable judgement in the afterlife.

So that's why she's so popular in the human village then?

It sure beats dying and then immediately hearing "okay, go to Hell."

Well, I can understand the reasoning, but still...

...It's a splendid way of thinking. I fully support her. If you're here to visit the village, then by all means, you needn't mind us. Go ahead.

I have no business in the village. I'm here to meet with all of you.

What? Us?

Sorry, but we're kinda in the middle of something here.

A bunch of enemy spawn in.

Yeeeeah, and she's not listening.

...Just think of it as a rare opportunity to speak with Lady Shiki.

And that's our girl scout, Keine...

You're all clear to deploy! Head out!

Shou gained the "Shou (Pagoda)" form!
Nazrin gained the "Nazrin (Pagoda)" form!

I don't know why they didn't just let you have these in the intermission menu.

BGM: My Greatest Treasure

True to Shou's earlier words, she and Nazrin can now equip the Pagoda, gaining a new theme along with it. It's basically a frame (like Nitori's FA parts) that only one of them can equip at a time. For Nazrin, this is a fairly simple upgrade to all her relevant stats.

In addition, she gains a new attack with a unique property. If Nazrin has the Pagoda, then Greatest Treasure is just a new powerful finisher for her, plain and simple. If she doesn't have the Pagoda, then she still has the attack, however it becomes a Combo Attack with Shou. Aside from that conditional, the attack is otherwise identical.

Amusingly, the animation actually updates to reflect the difference. In the combo attack version, Shou passes the Pagoda to Nazrin.

BGM: The Golden Brave's Revival

Shou, meanwhile, has a proper upgrade to 2.5 Cost status. She has a similar Combo-or-not deal as Nazrin with her new Radiant Treasure Gun attack. However, her Pagoda form has another new attack, Absolute Justice, on top of that.

Due to us having exactly 0 Cost remaining after the voting, Nazrin will be the one slinging the Pagoda around for this chapter.

Anyway, here's how we're deploying for this chapter. The dudes who can handle being underwater (so Murasa, Nue, and Suwako) go on the right, while everyone else is on the left.

Well, that certainly took a hard swerve. Right when we were about to leave too.

Learn to enjoy the moment. I never imagined an immortal like me would ever be able to meet the Yama.

Glad to hear it. Then I suppose we can leave this entirely to you?

We're taking a little break, okay?

Hey, what are you talking about, you two? Actually, you've been acting strange for a while now.

Surely the less sagacious among us deserve a chance to receive her wisdom first?

Sagacious, are we? Are you sure it's wise to be so rude to me when we haven't spoken for so long? I've already made time for this today, so we're going to have ourselves a nice, long chat.

So what business do you have with us that you're even willing to start a fight over?

I've heard of your activities from Komachi. I must admit they interest me. You're a large group of both humans and youkai who stand up to one incident after another. The interweaving of the various fantasies is the new form of Gensokyo. You're the very embodiment of that way of life.

So, in short, you're here to put that embodiment to the test?

Exactly. I was also considering lending you my assistance for a time.

...! Really?!

Lady Shiki is wary of Makura's movements too. She said she wanted to help, as "someone else who watches over Gensokyo."

This year is a critical juncture that occurs every sixty years. What happens now has incredible significance.

...Come to think of it, it's already been sixty years, hasn't it?

Hm? What's so special about this year?

So anyway, the important part is that we're not talking our way out of this fight. Mind lending us a hand, Orin?

Sure thing. Please step back, Miss Satori.

No, Orin. She's not so simple an opponent as that.

In which case...

You're fighting too, Satori?

Satori? Satori Komeiji came to the surface?

It's been a long time since we last met, Eiki Shiki. I plan to return to the Underworld as soon as I've finished my business here.

Hey, Miss Satori, you're friends with an arrogant lady like this?

That's a little unexpected. I can see how you're connected through Old Hell though.

If I was able to meet you again, then coming here today was the right choice. Now, I'll be testing the strength of Gensokyo's humans and youkai.

Victory: Defeat Eiki.
Defeat: The Palanquin Ship is destroyed.
Bonus WP: Defeat Komachi before engaging Eiki. Then, allow Eiki to lecture 10 people.

And just like that, we've got Satori. For a Real her Mobility isn't too hot, but...

Just like when we fought her as a boss, her unique Mind-Reader skill makes her auto-cast Alert every single turn. It's incredibly useful.

Satori's movelist is looking pretty anemic. She has only one regular attack, Terrible Souvenir. Her other two moves are a bit special, and I'll show them off in a bit.

First thing's first.

BGM: Black Lily III

Say hello to the single most blatant SRW reference in the entire game.

Wha- those movements! Is that really Lily? Doesn't she seem different?

Something's different about her spring... well the snow's still melting.

...I see. There must must be special fibers woven into the fabric of her clothes. As a result, her fighting style and moves have been modified. If my guess is correct, then even her five senses must be-

Uh, no. Can we not take this somewhere weird?

Right, I just changed my clothes for a change of mood!

I think you've changed a bit too much for just that... I wonder what SHE'D think if she came back from the moon and saw you now.

RIP Nadesico.


Hm? What are kappa doing here?

Ack, they found us! We were planning on secretly watching over the Sanpei Fight we left with Nitori, but...

Are we gonna have to deal with you wherever's there's water? That's pretty shameless of you.

Now, now, they're always welcome in the water. But since you're here, we have to keep you company.

That means we fight!

F-Fine then! We accept your challenge!

I really wish you hadn't.

The gameplan proceeds as normal, with most of my dudes heading left (the kappa on this side are grounded) with the underwater specialists heading right.

It's important to finish off the enemies here quickly. Lots of mooks here spawn danmaku fields, and it's easy to get overwhelmed with too many of them overlapping.

Going into battle with the pagoda... we have to proceed carefully, Nazrin.

Speaking of which, do you remember where you put it, Master?

Huh?! Um, well, I'm sure it was right here...

...Good grief. This is the same as before. I know you've changed, so show me. If your intentions are true, then the pagoda should release its light.

Of course. And you've been with me the whole time, Nazrin, so you should be able to draw it out too.

Shine, pagoda! Illuminate our path!

Well, I'm not actually using the Pagoda for this attack. Cool speech though.

I could push ahead farther with some of these units, but like I mentioned, it's easy to get overwhelmed if you overextend.

By the way, these Orange/Green Fairies have Laser Barriers. It's even more reason to avoid this side for characters like Marisa - her best attacks get shit on both by these guys, and by the terrors from the deep.

Murasa, Ichirin, and Nue, all have the Youkai Trio PS equipped, jacking up their friendship levels. These hit/evade rates will get even better once I move Nue next to them, too.

Medicine's partnering up with Nue, because with how jacked (Blue) Nue's evasion will be she, doesn't need a Support Defender.

Plus since they're underwater, they're getting 20% bonus armour. God I fucking love/hate rivers.

...Owowow. Dammit Ichirin, she really hit me full force.

Would you like me to rub in this ointment I got from Eirin when we're finished here?

Yeah, thanks Minamitsu. Wait, would that even work on youkai?

..Is this really the same Nue? It's like she's a different person.

It's more like she's finally back to her old self. She must have made a lot of breakthroughs.

The way things are now, I can be with whoever I want and do whatever I feel like, right? Then I can be myself again!

BGM: I'll Try to Be Myself Again

Nue gets a new Player theme. I preferred her Enemy theme, but this one's grown on me a bit.

For as ludicrous as Suwako In A River is, even she can be felled by shitloads of overlapping danmaku fields. So, I'm still not pushing as far ahead with her as I could.

Here's how we look at the end of Turn 1. Satori doesn't have a partner, so even though she's autocasting Alert I'm playing it safe with her.

Many fools take a swing at the champ, and come up short.

Marisa is getting a 10% damage boost from Kogasa's optimism (by which I mean her Personal Skill). It's nice.

These enemies can attack from long-range, and because of how slow I'm taking this, they're going to be taking a lot of uncounterable shots at me.

Luckily the Youkai Trio don't give a fuck.

These insects are pretty annoying.

Especially when they land 23% bodyblows, the jerks.

Especially when they completely dodge my counterattacks

The infernal wasps are even bullying Kogasa.

At the start of Turn 2:

So this is Komachi's boss she's always talking about?

And she's just as nitpicky as she sounded...


But it's amazing that she can even talk to Miss Yukari and Miss Yuyuko like that!

If only it were merely words. Anyone who lives in Gensokyo long enough will eventually find themselves in her "care". Not even Satori has managed to avoid her.

Oh yeah, how do you know her, Satori?

We're not close. She simply showed up when I was entasked with managing the Remains of Blazing Hell.

I was introduced to the Komeiji sisters through Yukari Yakumo. Your sister isn't with you today, but is she in good health? Was she able to find peace in the Underworld?


Ah... Lady Shiki, that's a kind of sensitive topic...

...? If she's coming to the surface, then surely things have gotten better for them?

...I appreciate your concern. We're both doing well, thank you.

More importantly, you wished to speak with the surface dwellers, didn't you? Don't mind me.


See these fields on the sides of the bridges highlighted here? That's Komachi's danmaku field, and they have a No Entry effect on 'em. You can either go straight down the middle of the bridge, or around, but you have to commit.

I'll mostly be taking the latter option - keeping my units divided into two fronts is better for me than clumping in the middle of everything.

It takes a decent chunk of SP, but we start reliably clearing out the most annoying enemies nearby.

I hope you'll forgive me if I start abridging a bit, because this chapter took a long-ass time.

Satori's too far away for me to demonstrate how Recollection works, so she uses her basic Terrible Souvenir here.

...How long has it been since I fought on the surface?

Miss Satori, I still think you should sit back and let us handle this.

You needn't worry. My opponents can't hit me when I read their minds.

And if it comes to it, I can always awaken their traumas for them.

I see, so you use mental attacks. You read the memory of an attack your target received, and force them to relive it as a hallucination.

What an effective tactic. Naturally that would work well on youkai, but it also affects spiritually strong humans.

Trauma sleeps in the depths of your heart. I'll help you remember it.

BGM: the eyeline

Well, you're just using an eye laser this time. The trauma will come later.

It's worth noting that normally Murasa's lack of the Focus spirit would be an issue - but with Youkai Trio's friendship boosts, she is cruising along with no problems.

I think I forgot to ever trigger Medicine's "first time in battle" conversation, so here it is now:

Erk... an enemy I've never seen before...

If you're scared, you can stay in the back Medicine.

Don't act so close to me, puppeteer! I'll be fine as long as I have Sue.

If you looked up "cheeky youkai" in the dictionary, you'd see her face printed there. Just makes you wanna smother her with affection.

She was just born, so she's neither good nor evil yet. Just simple and innocent.

...If I can't beat chumps like this, how am I supposed to save the dolls? Sue's poison is going to make you all stop moving!

Nue has the Eternity Exceeded equipped, which on her second turn, allows her to bust out...


On the enemy phase...

Komachi busts out the extreme range snipes.

Alright, show me what you've got!

Oh no! How could you betray us, Komachi?!

I never took you for a shinigami who'd prioritize work over your friends.

C'mon, what's with that terrible acting? But still, I'd rather do this than get caught slacking off...

What was that?

Ack! She's got Hell's own ears!

Must be tough for you. But no holding anything back!

Fine with me. I'm sure you all could learn a thing or two from Lady Shiki's lectures anyway.

Let this Sanzu ferry be the opening act!

BGM: Price of Life


No chance in Hell, Komachi.

Here's how we look going into turn 3.

See those green squares on the ground? Those are markers I placed indicating Komachi's max range. If that seems big, you're right! Her max range is 11 tiles away. There's not a lot we can do about it, but luckily Komachi isn't accurate enough for it to be a bother.

Get in there Kogasa.

So many new faces! Home run! It's a surprise grand slam!

...More youkai who won't shut up following me around.

She's a hard worker at heart though. Not to mention she seems to get along with people well.

Liked by youkai? So you're starting to show the true colors of a shrine maiden too, Sanae?

You've got it backwards. She should be exterminating them.

S-So you really are a sadist?!

Hey, eyes on the battle, people. At this rate, forget a home run, aren't you gonna strike out?

Right, right. Surprise, everyone! It's my danmaku!

It kinda looks like Kogasa is about to smack Marisa with the umbrella.

Lily Black isn't good, but her Fallen Angel Mood PS makes all of her attacks 1-6 range Post-Move, which is kinda handy.

I can finally show off Satori's gimmick. If you have previously attacked an enemy (this insect rammed into the ship on the enemy phase) then the attack you used gets added to a list. Satori can then copy that attack against that same enemy.

I'm not entirely sure how the MP costs work, but it means Satori can copy whatever your highest damage attacks are.

FAKE EDIT: according to Nages, she uses 66% of the MP cost, if the base attack used MP. If it used ammo, then it costs her MP based on how much ammo the base weapon has: 50 MP for a single ammo attack (pretty reasonable for what is likely a finisher), and progressively less for attacks with more ammo.

Yeah I guess if I was an insect I'd be pretty terrified of a gigantic ship firing laser cannons at me too.

I've been leaning pretty hard on Suwako, so her MP is running low. That'd be a concern with a bunch of kappa and two bosses left to go, but I've got a plan for that.

Even the made-of-wet-tissue-paper Blue Nue can take a hit while she's underwater.

God I fucking love River tiles

See these two buildings here? They give 10% HP and MP regen while you're on top of them.

I place no value on my time, so I'm going to be getting a full heal from these bad boys.

Alright, we're going to be gradually moving in on Komachi, while healing up and finishing off the last few enemies. The Bonus WP requires we defeat Komachi without engaging Eiki, so I've highlighted Eiki's max range with the green tiles here.

Komachi's No Entry danmaku makes engaging her kind of a pain. I could have just gone down the center of the bridge at this point, but I can just plink away at her with basic attacks and not bother.

By the way, Komachi doesn't have any battle dialogue with anyone.

They, uh, saved all the writing for Eiki this time.

Meanwhile, on the eastern front, these Kappa have been in so many battles that Satori has quite a list of attacks to choose from. She can even turn into the Three Fairies (somehow).

One thing to take note of if you're leaning on Nue is her limited ammo. It's easy to run out of Undefined Darkness, and that third move there with the UFOs only has 3 ammo. Unlike MP, you can't regen it easily, so you need to keep an eye on it.

These screenshots aren't important, I was just reminded of how 2spoogy Yamame is.

Anyway, time to take out the trash.

bring stabbity

I like your spirit, girls!

I hardly ever see you fired up like this, Komachi.

Seeing me in a new light? I'm the kind of woman who can pull through when it counts too.

Talk is cheap. But looks like you won't let us pass for free, huh?

Course not. Those who don't pay the toll get dumped in the river!

Oh no! But I don't have any money...?

I already used up all the allowance Miss Ran gave me...

I don't need your earthly money. Here, you're worth the weight of your virtues. Those who are deemed unloved in life may never be able to cross to Higan.

If we can't know how much we're worth until we die, what's the point in trying?

Marisa with the realtalk.

Right? That's why I'm showing you here and now.

I'll be appraising you! What's the price of your life?

Enemy Spellcard
Death Price 「Price of Life」
Ally: Reverse range penalties
-The closer you get to the enemy within 7 tiles, the less accurate and damaging your attacks become

The penalties can be kinda rough, but Nue aint give a fuck.

Your life is worth this much.

Coins aplenty.

These camera angles are kinda weird.

Also RIP Komachi.

We also get another Enemy Marker, which I'm happy about.

Owowow, who kicked me while I was down?

Sorry, habit. I'm used to fighting off shinigami.

So, uh, I guess life is priceless or something?

My bad, Lady Shiki. They forced their way through.

No matter. You did what you could. Why don't you stand back and observe for now?

Ugh, observe? Guess I won't be having that drink then?

Komachi leaves the battlefield.

Aren't you off-duty? The perils of accompanying your boss on a holiday.

But if she invited you at all, she must appreciate you, right?

Not exactly... as a subordinate, I'd have mixed feelings about that.

Still, I got a good picture out of this. Next stop, the Yama!

And now we all sit around on these houses for a while.

Fast forward to turn 20, now that we're all healed up.

Eiki's generic danmaku field has Range -1 attached to it, which is pretty rough when she's also decreasing your movement speed by half.

Eiki actually has a unique Personal Skill equipped: Judge of Paradise. True to her nature, Eiki likes things in absolute values: hit rates at 50% or below get rounded to 0; hit rates at 51% or above get rounded to 100. Either you hit, or you don't, with nothing left to chance.

You can't see it here due to Suwako outranging her, but this effect also applies to Eiki's hit rates as well.

Between her 160 Mobility and S size, Eiki is pretty hard to hit. Even characters with Focus can sometimes fail to get above 50% to hit/below 50% to dodge, which can make approaching this fight a real pain in the ass. On the other hand, certain extreme characters can have perfect hit/dodge rates without doing anything special, and they can kinda trivialize the whole thing.

By the way, she's carrying a Rod of Remorse. It does nothing for Eiki, and is instead a unique consumable that grants the user the Strike, Alert, and Valour spirits. Very useful for characters like Nue that don't have Valour.

Anyway, a single Focus is enough to get Suwako from 0 to 100, so let's get this show on the road.

I've been looking forward to this meeting.

I can't believe we're fighting the Yama...

This year is the sixty year juncture. Perhaps this was inevitable.

You said that before too. What's so special about this year?

You don't know, Hakurei shrine maiden? Then allow me to explain.

BGM: PoFV Interlude

Sixty years. That's when countless cycles of samsara align, and all of creation momentarily becomes one. Across all of existence, journeys come to an end, and new ones begin.

An ending and a new beginning, then?

Now that you mention it, it's been exactly 120 years since then...

So what's this juncture all about then? You're not exactly making this clear.

You mustn't rush to understand it. Simply keeping it in mind will suffice. Right now I simply want to test for myself the Gensokyo that's approaching this moment.

So we're fighting. Good, simple and easy to understand.

This is the only method by which I may know you. The accumulated karma, and the interwoven fantasies. Where will this lead? This is your Fate of Sixty Years. And I will be your judge.

BGM: Fantasy Judgement of Seventy Years Later

Takes a bite out all this buildup when she can't even counterattack here.

So to complete the Bonus, we have to get Eiki to talk to at least 10 different people. Not too challenging really, just an incentive to read lots of dialogue.

I never thought I'd meet the real Yama.

That's understandable, for someone from the outside world. It's unusual for a human to wish to enter fantasy by choice, and you've even managed to fit in here. However, the vestiges of your relocation remain strong even now.

Indeed, you're a bit too trapped by your past.

I've been making an effort to understand how things are done in Gensokyo though...

I'm not referring to your sense of values. The fear of losing your faith as a god, and the anticipation of moving to a new land. Those have weaved together within you, forming feelings you still hold. If you are truly going to live in fantasy, you'll need to let go of even that, your heart itself. And now is the time to change!

By the way, it's going to throw off the count of how many lectures I've gotten for the Bonus, but I'm posting the partners' conversations right after anyway.

What a pleasure to meet you on this fine day, Lady Shiki.

A baldfaced lie at this point, Yukari Yakumo. Perhaps you should have said that first? But regardless, I see you've been fulfilling your duty of managing the barrier without issue.

Correct, I've forgotten nothing.

Of that I can trust. I'm sure you've maintained the various barriers necesary to fulfill your duty. However, even as you meddle in more and more lives, your core remains unaffected by others.

Indeed, you've taken on too much.


Living while holding an attachment to everything is impossible for a single youkai. All the moreso for a sage. Reevaluate your position before your paradox grows too large to bear!

The laser effects in the later games look so much prettier than they used to.

Thanks to Satori's auto-Alert, she can pretty much attack bosses without fear. It's really good.

I wonder, how long has it been since you've been seen on the surface?

Who can say? I haven't been counting.

It seems you've been managing the vengeful spirits without issue, but I haven't heard much from Old Hell. It would be nice if you could report what's happened to me from time to time.

Sorry, but there's been nothing worth reporting to you.

...Hmm. But I can't say I'm not interested in how you sisters have managed to adapt... This is an excellent opportunity, so why don't I have you tell me during my danmaku judgement?

A ship phantom... If I had to classify it, you'd be a type of restless spirit.

Yeah. And I guess that makes this the first time we've met, Yama?

Spirits who linger in this world are outside my jurisdiction. And I'm glad to see you've devoted yourself to the teachings of Buddha. However, I must balance that against your breaking of the prohibition against alcohol as well as your inability to restrain your youkai impulses.

Indeed, you're a bit too weak to temptations.

B-But that's-

I'm not asking you to deny your nature as a youkai. However, your half-hearted attitude will invite chaos to those around you. If you don't want to live that life, then repent beneath my danmaku judgement!

And Ichirin:

A youkai devoted to Buddhism, accompanied by a nyuudou.

Yeah. I don't think I did anything to deserve getting scolded by the Yama though.

What a brazen thing to say right off the bat. Those nerves of steel are what made you into a nyuudou user, which has also led to people avoiding you sometimes. However, that's not due to the nyuudou's insight. It's because you have stubbornly refused to compromise.

Indeed, you're a bit too impertinent.


See? Unzan says the same thing.

Speak so I can understand you. Anyway, there's no excuse to use another as a shield. Repent here, along with the nyuudou protecting you!

10 damage

So my first job on Team Stick-up-their-butts is to fight the Yama? Great...

Watch your language. Are you some kind of hoodlum?

Hoodlum? That's a new one.

But more importantly, you. There's nothing wrong with having pride as a great youkai, but it seems you've been using it as a reason to distance yourself from others. In regards to which, there's a striking difference in how you act towards those you are close to, and those you aren't.

Indeed, you're a bit too picky.

Yeah... I can't deny that. But so what?

It seems you don't appreciate the gravity of this. Excessive attachment can warp a youkai's life. If you wish to continue as a great youkai, then accept my danmaku judgement and repent!

And Medi:

I don't know what a Yama is supposed to be, but I won't let you get in the way of my doll liberation!

You said something similar earlier. While not knowing me is forgivable, not knowing yourself is far more sorrowful. Dolls are tools, any emotions within them are unilaterally pushed upon them by the owner.

Yeah, and that's why I want to save the poor dolls!

...Hm. It seems it will be difficult to properly admonish you, but allow me to summarize it.

Indeed, your field of view is a bit too narrow.

What? What does that mean?

You're young. It's understandable that you don't understand. But if I see you continuing your behavior we'll have to continue this conversation.


You don't show your face as often, but it appears you're another of the mountain gods.

Yeah, Kanako handles sales while I do the real work.

You have a peculiar relationship of trust. You've mastered your own fears, and given them to others to worry about. To put it another way, you make sure your wishes are granted without ever directly speaking them.

Indeed, you're a bit too scheming.

What? This little froggy isn't like that at all!

That act won't work on me. Rather, it indicates to me that I've hit the mark. If you're aware of it, then fix your eyes on the problem and repent! Realize that this is directly connected to the prosperity of your shrine!

And Sakuya:

I've heard about you from Komachi. Someone who serves a devil while human. But you've been a bit too cold towards your fellow humans.

A knife has no blood to circulate.

Even if you may never cross the Sanzu river with that attitude?

If we're talking about after I die, then I don't mind. I have more important things to do in the present.

It's sad to see more and more people thinking like that. Aiming for a better afterlife is the only way to have a good life in the present. Repent now, before you regret it after death!

One of the fairies governing light.

Fairies don't go to Hell, right? So you don't have to judge me...?

If a fairy's life falls into disorder, so too will nature. Conversely, if you correct your attitude you can provide humans with a better environment.

You, let's see... you play a bit too many pranks.


It's useless trying to sway me like that. Pranks are effective because there is order. You mustn't allow things to fall into complete chaos. Repent here before it's too late!

And Luna:

Uu, how's she gonna judge me...

There's no need to fear it. I'm merely giving you some advice, for your own sake.

You are, let's see... a bit too clumsy.

Well excuuuse me!

...Oh no! Did I just say that to the Yama?!

It seems you have some awareness of the problem. But given the lack of improvement, there's no evidence that you're working on it. Temper your mind and body by running from my danmaku!

And Star:

A star fairy, possessing a dignity that matches well with both the sun and the moon.

Just what I'd expect from the Yama, you know what's up.

To put it another way, you have the ability to ingratiate yourself with anyone you like.

...Suddenly I don't like where this is going.

Indeed, you're a bit too crafty.

Only pretending to do work, you always make use of the other two. But that behavior won't work with me. Today, you won't manage to be the only one unscathed!

The shopowner from the Forest of Magic.

So even the Yama's heard of my humble shop?

A half-youkai who studied under a human in the past. That's more than enough to draw my attention. You run a shop to maintain your independence, but it appears you aren't driven by profits.

Oh, no, that's nothing to be proud of. I just can't stand to part with my precious items.

To do business is to exchange value. To abandon that duty to satisfy your own greed implies your shop is no shop at all.

You are, let's see... a bit too absorbed in your own world.

...I can't argue with that.

If you're aware, then this is an excellent opportunity for you. Endure my danmaku judgement, and breathe new life into your shop!

And Akyu:

It's been a while, I believe this was your ninth life?

Yes, and it's only been a little while since you kindly allowed me to be here.

I appreciate that you understand the depth of your own karma, and it seems you've been earnestly carrying out your duty. However, even while aware of these laws, with each reincarnation you carve out a new existence and attempt to lead a fulfilling, albeit short, life.

Indeed, you wish for a bit too much.


With each reincarnation, your karma deepens. Nothing will ever save you from this. Eventually I will be unable to prepare your next body.

...I am well aware of this. But I believe this latest life has shown me something I've never seen before.

And still you persist... You do realize that that very thought is what will cause your suffering, correct? That said, perhaps it's some kind of fate that we will walk together here. Allow me to ascertain the truth of your assertion.

Man, that one is really .

The avatar of Bishamonten. I've heard of you.

...! Really?!

A youkai who hides their identity while acting as the object of worship for a temple tends to stand out. Recently you've been taking your duties seriously, but I can't say the same for the past thousand years.

...I'm well aware of what I've done. And I intend to accept your judgement.

Did you suppose that a lecture would be unnecessary if you admit your faults? But it's precisely that temperament that you need to reflect on. It seems you're prepared to face your karma and accept any consequences, but you go further than that and torment yourself in your thoughts. You take it on yourself to assign karma for your actions, and have no doubt that you deserve suffering for them.

Indeed, you're a bit too serious.


Being able to face the truth is a wonderful thing. However, doing so won't always lead you to a better life. Cool your head with my danmaku judgement before you close off your own paths in life!

And Nazrin:

An interview with the Yama, huh? I'm getting a chill in my gut.

I believe you were the servant of Bishamonten, correct? You were under orders to observe the youkai acting as his representative.

Yeah, and because of that I've been trying my best not to stand out.

You say that, but your actions have more than stood out. You remained in the temple even when it was unnecessary for your position. It's clear that you have some complicated feelings about it under the surface.

Indeed, you're a bit too wise.


It may sound good when you call it shrewdness, but it can also be called cowardice. It's important to realize that sometimes words are not enough. Reflect on my danmaku judgement before you find yourself regretting it!

Just my luck: leave the Underworld for the first time and run straight into the Yama.

I don't visit Old Hell very often, after all. I'm just glad we had this opportunity. But more importantly, you. I don't mind you openly showing yourself here, but you need to be especially careful about your power. Even if your coming and going has been approved of, the power of disease is still hated. One mistake and this could all come to nothing.

You are, let's see... a bit too tactless.

What's that supposed to mean?

Even if you're popular in the Underworld, you aren't seeing your situation objectively. You don't realize the position you're in on the surface. Accept my judgement and cool your head before you do something you can't take back!

And Mokou:

A Hourai human. You've already realized your sins on your own, correct?

Well, I've got a pretty good guess.

Regardless of your circumstances, you've killed others, and as an immortal you must bear the karma of your actions. But despite that, you've avoided humans for a long time, and carried hatred of another.

Indeed, you've been a bit too selfish.


You can't change your past. But that's exactly why what you do from here on is even more important. If you wish to change, then you'll need to make the proper effort. In order to ensure this, take today's judgement to heart!

It's almost spring, Yama!

The fairy who announces spring. I have nothing but respect for your professionalism, but...

You are, let's see... TOO spring.


Perhaps I wasn't very clear. You're too optimistic.

When you say it like that I can kinda see it, but-

Please wait until I'm finished.

And Ran:

We appreciate you taking the time to speak with us, Lady Shiki.

As polite as ever, I see. However, depending on who you're talking to, you've been known to look down on others.

Indeed, perhaps you're a little overconfident.

I see...

No matter your strength and wisdom, you are but one youkai. If you don't change your attitude, you may find yourself with more enemies than you can handle. Be glad I'm warning you of this now!

I'm not sure that matters to Ran, considering she's a piece of software hijacking a ninetailed fox.

Anyway, that was the 10th actual conversation I got, so Bonus WP acquired .

In the midst of all this, I've gotten my dudes mostly in position, so it's time to move on to her spellcards.

Like so.

Now before we begin your judgement, you should keep your wills even stronger.

She's throwing danmaku while lecturing, and doesn't miss a beat...

I wonder, can she give these lectures in her sleep?

Lady Shiki's words are infallible. Pay close attention to what she says. If you follow her advice, you should get a favorable judgement.

Sounds like you know a lot about this, Akyu.

I'm the Child of Miare. I've reincarnated repeatedly. I live at the mercy of the Yama.

And between incarnations, you work under us. You may be one of the few humans who truly understands the weight of life and death.

Hmph? The weight of death? If that's supposed to be a threat, I'm not scared at all!

Even if you kill me, that's just a little nap!

A newborn youkai and a fairy may not understand the meaning of life and death. Still, it is an unfortunate state of affairs.

Life itself is unavoidable karma. And weighing that is the judgement of Hell. Repent your ignorance in the Trial of the Ten Kings!

Enemy Spellcard
Judgement 「Trial of the Ten Kings」
Ally: No Entry
Ally: Damage -50%

Some of the crosses are No Entry, some of them are half damage, and they overlap in a couple spots. Most notably, the 4 tiles around Eiki are all -50% Damage.

Everything you've done is reflected in the Cleansed Crystal Mirror.

What?! Everything?!

...I see. You bear a heavy sin. You've betrayed your masters, killed your comrades, and live only for yourself.

Indeed, you're a bit too selfish.


If you continue on like this without absolving your sins, you will definitely fall to Hell.

C-Can't I get out of it?! I've been seriously doing my best here!

You can't even recognize your faults, let alone regret them. You need to face the sins of your past and be judged.

But I already apologized to my old master, and she...

She merely overlooked it. That's not the same as forgiveness. You're too quick to interpret things in your favor. A sin is not so easily forgiven. You should realize this!

And Youmu:

This is the first time I've seen you, but I've heard about you from Lady Yuyuko, Lady Shiki.

The gardener of the Tower of White Jade. I know of both you and the condition of the Netherworld.

You are, let's see... You come to the living world too often.

Is that my sin...?

As half-human, half-ghost, you are caught between the living and the dead. That's precisely why you live in the Netherworld and can cut spirits. Haven't you been ignoring that and thoughtlessly befriending the residents of this world?

But I had thought that because of my inexperience, I needed to know more of the living world...

Your intentions are appropriate, but you need to act with more awareness of the balance. You need only accept my judgement, and reflect!

When Mokou is all juiced up on Low HP Boosts, she can hit the 100% Hit/Evade threshold without even using Focus.

This attack is really cool when it hits. Make sure to check out Ryza's attack video at the end of the chapter.

So are you going to lecture me now, Miss Yama?

If something comes to mind, then yes, probably.

Let's see... You're a bit too undependable.

Ugh... that's what Yamame said too.

In order to lead others, you need to present yourself better. The timid will only be taken advantage of. Repent, before you bring misfortune to those who would follow you!

And Hina:

A god of misfortune. It seems you've been properly fulfilling you duties for the humans.

Yes, to the best of my abilities.

However, if you concentrate too much misfortune, the results of a leak could be disastrous.

Indeed, you've been hoarding a bit too much.


I recognize that you've been dutiful, but that itself can bring sorrow. Such is the fate of a god of misfortune. Take my danmaku judgement and reflect on your mistake before you cause a calamity!

Wriggle levels up from this, and gains both her final spirit (Confuse, halves enemy hitrates) a new PS: Firefly Soul. It converts her Confuse spirit into Soul (multiples damage by 1.8x). I'm not a fan, but I guess it's there for the xxxWriggleFan420xxx's out there.

Amusingly, no matter what moves she copies, Satori's attacks always run off her Ranged stat. This makes her better at using Nitori's new finisher than Nitori herself. Actually disregard this, I tested this myself and Satori does in fact use her (lower) Melee stat for copying Melee attacks. I'm leaving this striked out just to clarify a common misconception.

I wasn't planning on getting this conversation, so I'm glad Eiki attacked Tewi here.

Well, well, if it isn't the Yama herself. I'm currently collecting donations for the unfortunate little bunnies at home, so...

Ah, the fast-talking rabbit youkai. Did you think I'd overlook that?

How could you say that? I'm the smartest and cutest rabbit in Gensokyo, just ask anyone.

So there's no doubt that you're the cunning, flattering rabbit then. What you do goes beyond the pranks of the fairies and veers into fraud.

Indeed, you trick too many people.


At this rate, you'll find yourself skinned by someone else before you face my judgement.

C-Can't I get out of that somehow?!

If you have even the slightest intention to repent, then honestly accept my judgement. Between Heaven and Hell, which would you prefer?

In proper form, the fairies get sent to hell on Tewi's behalf.

Lily Black's final attack is such a shitty knockoff of Black Selena's final attack. I fucking love it.


Geez, trials in Hell take forever...

So we have to stay quiet and go along with that? Who would have thought dying would be so troublesome?

Were you able to understand what it will be like to be weighed in the afterlife, if only a little?

H-hmph! That was nothing, Sue! Anyway, the humans are the bad ones! They should all go to Hell!

Hmm, humans to Hell, you say?

Think before you speak, Medicine...

I don't mind. I value all opinions. Could you elaborate though? Are you saying that humans have committed some evil?

Duh! Humans torture dolls and then throw them away! That's why I have to free the dolls!

I see. Then where are these alleged humans and dolls?

Huh?! They're, um...

So you can't answer. This is because you know only the tiny world around you. Those who don't know the pain of others can never truly sympathize with anyone, let alone save them. No matter how much you shout about freeing them, you'll never bring happiness to those dolls like this.


Perhaps you're being too harsh with a child. Is this how a Yama scolds?

All I wish is for everyone to lead a good life. You would all do well to remember this. Human, youkai, it matters not: without leaving your small worlds, you'll never know the hearts of others.

...Turning everything into a sermon. You haven't changed.

I'll say it as many times as it takes for everyone to have a good life, and a good death. Now, it's time for your judgement.

Enemy Spellcard
Judgement 「Last Judgement」
Ally: Movement -2

The effect itself isn't super important.

The important part is that it's a bigass MAP, which I recommend killing the shit out of as fast as possible.

The magician from the Human Village, Marisa Kirisame.

You lie a bit too much.

Wow, harsh. But I've never lied in my life.

If you don't change your attitude, the punishment will be removal of the tongue.

That's why I keep all those spare tongues.

We'll remove as many tongues as necessary. We mean this advice to allow the living to be unburdened by sin. But in your case, perhaps a little suffering will encourage you to change your ways!

And Kogasa:

I don't care if you're the Yama, I'm gonna surprise you!

Such an attempt is futile.

*Sob* I was just joking... you didn't have to threaten me...

As a youkai, you mustn't show weakness before a human so easily.

Indeed, you fold a bit too easily.

Well yeah, I'm an umbrella!

And you also bounce between these extremes.

Whaaat? Well what do I do about it?!

Before me, you will take one attitude. Black or white!

What do we do, Shizuha?! We're up against the Yama!

I bet she'll tell us we love autumn too much or something...

Indeed, the two of you love autumn a bit too much.

See! I knew it!

There's nothing wrong with favoring it, but it's important that the four seasons together form a grander cycle. You devalue the other seasons too much. Spring and winter are just as-

Stop! I'd rather go to Hell than be forced to love winter!

The chill of winter is worse than Freezing Hell!

...If this is how the autumn gods are, what's going to become of the sixty year juncture? It's not too late, repent now!

Anyway, that was the last conversation for my dudes, so lets get this wrapped up.


So you withstood my judgement? I see you're not lacking in spines.

You see that?! That's grit!

Amusingly, if you time out the spellcard, Kogasa says "we're alert!" instead.

Have you seen what you wanted to then, Lady Shiki?

Yes, that should suffice for today.

Yay! We got off on a technicality!

Stop talking nonsense. We still have to find Koishi, remember?

Koishi? Did something happen to the younger satori?

Didn't we tell you? She went missing a while ago, so we're all looking for her.

I see. So that would be why Satori Komeiji came to the surface then. Forgive me, I've taken up your time without realizing.

No matter. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be going.

Hold on, didn't we tell you that we're helping too? Listen to us.

If there's nothing further, then...

...I've changed my mind. We're not done here yet.

Hm? She pulled something out?

That's the Cleansed Crystal Mirror. It reveals the past deeds of those reflected in it.

...Were you planning on peeking into the business of Koishi and I with that?

Do as you please, but there's nothing to say.

That won't do. I can clearly see that you're troubled, yet you're refusing the help of these people. I'll use the power of this mirror to find a hint towards a solution.

Really? We're still going with these lectures?

This is a good opportunity for you all as well. The deeds of your past will lay the foundation for your growth in the future.

Does she never get tired of this?!

Just accept your fate already, I don't see us getting out of this.

Now, mirror! Bring these people's karma to light!

Enemy Spellcard
Judgement 「Cleansed Crystal Judgement」
Ally: Power Down
-After battling with Eiki, your Power will decrease.

I believe on Normal (or Normal+ in my case) this decreases your Power by 50, but by this point in the fight it shouldn't matter.

The Youkai Trio knock off half of Eiki's life in a single attack.

The first time you fight Eiki in this phase, this conversation triggers.

So you won't attack me, Satori Komeiji. But regardless, the mirror reflects your karma.


Miss Satori!


Lady Shiki seems to be interested in Satori for some reason.

You heard her, didn't you? She knows the circumstances that led to the Komeiji sisters moving to the Underworld.

She doesn't show it, but do you think it's weighing heavily on her?

I see, so that's what happened after your move.

Are you satisfied? As I said, you can look at my past, but this doesn't concern you. What could you possibly understand about us merely by peeking into our lives?

But I do understand. Even without seeing your innermost thoughts, your actions clearly bespeak your uncertainty and your impatience.


An endless cycle of regret and self-hatred, an effort not to show anything on your face even as your attempts fail one after another. Burning with anxiety and despair, you nonetheless turn away the hands reaching out to you.

Indeed. You've closed your heart.

But that's...

Hm? What? But Miss Satori can read minds.

Reading minds and opening your heart are entirely different things. You should understand what that means, Satori Komeiji. It seems you wish to resolve on your own, but-

That's right, I need to be the one to resolve the issue with Koishi!

I can read minds, so I should've been able to save her, but, I...!

...You've been trying to do everything yourself?

Did you think Koishi's closed eye was your responsibility?

...I've told you again and again, this is my problem. I have to be the one to solve it, but... but... I don't know what to do anymore...

That's how you've been thinking of it all this time?


Any fights after the first affect the person who attacked her, as normal.

A quick round of unloading our strongest attacks later, and Eiki's toast.


From this level up, Sanae both hits Shrine Maiden L8, and also earns a new PS: Final Max God. It works much like her regular Max God PS, but instead of freezing her faith gauge at 100%, it lets it go all the way up to 200%. It's hilariously impractical, since you won't have her other PSes increasing her faith gains, but it is really cool. 200% Sanae is very powerful indeed.

We also got the Rod of Remorse out of the deal. This is probably going right on Nue and never being taken off.

W-We got through it...

You've endured well. That will be today's final judgement.

You have my humble thanks for kindly pointing out our faults. However...



...I'm not really in the mood to celebrate.

Let's head back to my home for now. We can drink some tea and calm down.

BGM: The Dream is Here

Aaah, I'm beat... Never thought we'd have to fight the Yama...

Just what we needed, an official from Hell. She should just shut up and drag her butt back to Higan.

So not even a great youkai can handle getting lectured by the Yama?

I just don't like people nagging me. Speaking of which...


The entire screen shakes.

Ow! What the heck, Ichirin?! I didn't even say your name yet!

I'm surprised you two still have the energy for that after a battle like that...

We're all tired, so let's head back to Akyu's mansion for now.


You'll get left behind if you keep walking that slow, Medicine.

Ok, got it...


So you haven't recovered from Eiki Shiki's lecture then?

How could I?! It'd be weirder if I weren't bothered, after she said all that! But... was she right? Even if I free the dolls, will that not make them happy? I mean, it's true that I haven't met any of my comrades yet...


...I wanted to wait a little longer before we talked about this, but... I think that you're misunderstanding the relationship between dolls and humans.

What do you mean?

It's true that dolls have all sorts of things forced on them by humans. And sometimes that involves hatred, or curses. But even so, that doesn't mean the dolls are unhappy.

But why? Aren't you just letting the humans stomp all over us?

Because dolls were made by humans. Fulfilling the purpose you were born for, even sacrificing yourself for it, is another form of happiness. And the humans themselves are saved by the dolls too. They both need each other.

So if I free all the dolls by killing the humans, then...

Then you won't necessarily bring those dolls happiness. In fact, they may even suffer for it.

But if you really want to do it anyway, there's not much we can say.

I'm not dumb! I'm not gonna keep going even after hearing all that! But... What do I do now? I finally left the field, but now what? I don't have anything anymore...

Why don't you find a new objective then?

How am I supposed to do that?! I don't know anything about anything out here! I don't even know how to feel other people's pain, like she was saying...

That's no reason to feel down. You can learn these things little by little. Didn't we tell you that before?

If you want to learn about other people, then you're in luck. There are plenty of subjects to learn from right around you.


Everyone's anxious at first. But as long as you keep relying on other people and being relied on in turn, I'm sure you'll mature, little by little. We're here for you whenever you want, if you like.


Sue says that's okay.

Oh, you're finally behaving yourself? Good, that's how brats oughta be.


Unzan's saying "You didn't even say anything to her, so stop acting cocky."

Anyway, we should get to Akyu's house. They've probably got the tea ready by now.

BGM: What's the Strategy?

Ah... This tea really hits the spot!

It's like my whole life was just so I could drink this cup of tea.

Uh, aren't you two getting a little too comfortable in someone else's house?

C'mon, Shizuha, who wouldn't be exhausted after listening to a lecture that long? And while we're at it, I wouldn't mind a little massage.

Leave that to me! I've always wanted to try acupuncture!

No, wait, I really don't think an amateur should be-

A group walks in.

If you want to pressure point for stiff shoulders, I could teach you.

Looks like you've all settled in quick.

Oh, Komachi. You and Alice's group sure took a while...

We had a little talk on the way. So is this everyone then?

But still, that sure took a long time. Just what I'd expect from one of Lady Shiki's lectures.

Act like you've been beaten, already. I never could stand these lectures, ever since we met.

But only a Yama could offer so much meaningful advice.

She was a bit pushy, but you can tell she meant well.

Yeah, exactly. That's why she's so popular in the village. Although sometimes she can get a bit abstract, leaving them even more confused than before.

Indeed, so it seems.


Hm? What is it?

Making a breakthrough? Did Lady Shiki bully you?

Oh, Yuyuko. I wouldn't put it like that...

When we were reflected in the mirror, I had the strangest feeling. Like something was filling me up.

It didn't show us anything about our past though.

Your past, huh?

Another group walks in.

What's important is to take this opportunity to reflect on it for yourselves.

Good work, Lady Shiki.

Looks like they've made tea for us. Why don't we sit down with them for a bit?

Hm. While I do carry my own flask of water, I won't refuse such hospitality. But before that, where is Satori Komeiji?

C'mon, you still have MORE to say to her?

Please excuse me. It's just that I've been worried for a while now that I may have given rise to a misunderstanding. I need to talk to her to confirm that we understood each other.

...Don't tell me that the Yama is worried that she went too far?

Satori's sitting quietly over there.

I see. In that case...

Eiki walks over.

...C'mon, cheer up. This tea they're serving is so expensive it's almost insulting.

Although I can see how it'd be hard to enjoy after getting ripped into like that.

But I'm sure Eiki meant all that as advice...

Indeed. I thought it might help break through your current stagnation.

Eiki Shiki. You have even more to say to me? Although if you're worried that you said too much, you needn't.

Ahem. Then it seems you won't mind if I continue our conversation. Speaking frankly, I think you should accept the help of these people in the Koishi Komeiji matter.


Didn't you reveal your true feelings earlier? That you don't know how you should proceed?

Hold on, that's-

There's no point in being evasive about this. I understood immediately as soon as I heard that.

This whole time, you've always been waving it off, just telling us you were fine.

It's because you haven't been able to say it clearly that Okuu and Orin came up here looking for Koishi, you know.

Ugh... that's....

...I understand. I have no choice but to admit it then. As it is, we alone aren't enough to find Koishi. That's an undeniable fact. It's also unclear to me what move to take next.

Then it's easy! All you have to do is ask us for-

But even so, I have to be the one to resolve the matter with Koishi.

Well, someone's stubborn. Pretty sure we already know why though.


...And that's that. I appreciate your concern, but please leave Koishi to me.

...No. After seeing you bare your heart like that, there's no chance of us letting that happen.

She's right! We're helping you whether you like it or not!

What are you-

It's not that we'd help anyone. We're doing this BECAUSE it's you.

It's because we know that you're one most worried about Koishi, who's spent the most time mulling this over.


Yeah, pretty much. We saw how much you care about your family back in the Yatagarasu incident.

If you think we're lying, then just read our minds.


I think they're serious, Miss Satori.

...Fine, you two. I'll read their minds and- ...No. I could've done so at any time, so how did I miss it...?

Even if you can read minds, being able to accept it is another matter entirely. That will be true for your next task as well. Feelings don't change that easily.

You're right, I have to go-

Sure, sure, but we're coming with you. If you think there's some part you have to do yourself, then just do it.

But you should probably tell us what's going on in more detail so we can help you better.


I understand. In that case...

Good. If that's settled, then let us prepare to leave immediately.

We were heading to the northern woods. We should form a search party centered around the Palanquin ship, so...

My clairvoyance, Reisen's wavelengths, and Star's radar should all be useful here.

I can use my thoughtography too. All I need is a keyword to search for.

Hey! I have an opinion too!

..Are they used to this sort of thing? They all know what to do already..

You're right...

How reassuring. If only you could be so on top of things, Komachi.

I'd rather just do things at my own pace, y'know? But wait, were you serious about coming with us, Lady Shiki?

Of course. How could I overlook someone in need? It's a good opportunity to see how things are for everyone as well. Come on, why are you still sitting, Komachi?

Yeah yeah, I just wanted to finish this tea before we go.

And that covers it for this time. Look forward to Chapter 63 next time.


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