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Part 16: Chapter 64 (Part 1)

Welcome to Chapter 64. This is a special chapter, so let's just dive right into it.

BGM: What's the Strategy

I'll enter in the data from last time we came to the Underworld.

I'll keep a hand on the rudder just so we don't hit those rocks and... there we go.

Phew, done adjusting the autopilot.

Good work. Now we should be able to relax for a while.

It's awfully bold of you to take the ship underground.

Eh, we've already done it before. And I'm sure Satori won't mind us taking her back to the Palace.

How have those two been since boarding the ship?

Miss Satori said she wanted to go for a little walk and stepped outside.

And I think Miss Koishi is relaxing in the other room.

I see. Sounds like they'll make it to the Palace safely, at least.

The problem is what comes after.

Satori said she wanted to fight Koishi in a danmaku battle, but will that really work?

With Koishi in that condition, who can say?

All I know is that after seeing that battle, I thought Miss Satori and Miss Koishi really needed to talk. Face to face.

If we don't change something, I feel like they won't get along even if we take her back to the Palace.

If you're worried, then why not try speaking to one of them?

I thought of that, but I'm not sure it would help.

Satori sounded like she wanted to be alone, and I have no idea what to say to Koishi.

There has to be something we can do though...

Don't think like that. You and Orin both did the best you could.


Didn't you only meet us because of what you did?

Finding Koishi today, and even being able to talk about your worries like this, were only possible thanks to the connections you created.

...That does make me feel better about it. I feel like we're always just causing you trouble though...

If you're referring to when Utsuho Reiuji abused the power of Yatagarasu with the intent of conquering the surface, I've heard about it.

You were, without a doubt, at fault there, but you took action based on the sincerity of your beliefs.

Plus, having you get all depressed about it is even more of a pain in the butt for us.

I'm sure Satori would want you to stay positive about all this.

Y-You think?

I have no doubt. And what Satori needs most right now is your optimism.

...Getting her feelings across to Koishi with her heart closed isn't going to be easy.

But our only option is to bet on that chance with a danmaku battle.

A chance, huh...?

That's why we'll be here, watching over you and praying for her success.

....They're going to have to overcome many misunderstandings in order to face each other head on.

But that's exactly why we need to pray that they will connect their hearts and open up a path to the future.


See?! That's why you have to dry yourself off!

Hmm... I feel like it's not really going so well...

I'm pretty sure wiping your head isn't something that you can be good or bad at...

But back in the Palace, I always had someone to do it for me...

Really now? Not a line I expected to hear from the runaway girl with rave reviews.

When I get home, the first thing I'm gonna do is flop into bed. It's gonna be so soft...

And then I'll eat homemade cookies with Sato-


There's that unhappy face again! At this rate you'll just run away again!


Anyway, you still haven't talked to Satori directly.

I'm sure you're worried about meeting her, Koishi.


You're not sure if she still loves you, right?

That's why you're scared of finding out her true feelings.

I know that feeling. I used to be scared of hearing my sister's true feelings too.

You were?

Yeah. She had me locked in a basement for 495 years without a word.

Since I didn't know how she felt, I thought she hated me.

But then they got their feelings through to each other and now they're starting to get along.

Feelings getting through, huh...?

...But I don't want to know other's people's feelings. I hate it.


You really are worried about this then.

But I think that's all the more reason to talk it out with her.

That way, you can confirm how your sister feels.

You need to tell her how you feel too, Koishi.

How I feel too...

But we don't need to do anything special for that.


She already knows what I think even when I don't say anything.

My sister knows eeeeverything about me.

W-Wait, hold on, you're saying your sister already knows how you feel?

Yeah! She's always been like that!

Patient, hardworking, and she knows everything about me...

That's the sister I'm proud of. The one I love.

I thought she couldn't read your mind anymore?

But I haven't changed. Why wouldn't she still know everything about me? She has to.


...So that's how you think of your sister, Koishi?

Then I think you REALLY need to talk to her about that.

You can't just leave everything to Satori, Koishi, you've gotta do your best too!

Yeah, she knows everything about me, like always...

That's all I need to know to be happy.


(A danmaku battle. That's how my words can reach Koishi's heart.)

(But... how DO I feel about Koishi?)

A group walks in.

Hey! There you are!

I was wondering where you got off too. Cultivating your tragic heroine look?

Worrying by yourself is fine too, but we're here for you if you need to talk.

I see...

Sorry for making you all worry. I'm fine, really.

...Pretty sure that means you're not fine at all.

C'mon, we've come this far together, no need to be so reserved with us.

...Thank you very much.

So I'm assuming you were trying to mentally prepare for your battle with Koishi?

Yes, I was wondering what the correct way to talk to her would be.

Is that even something you can just sort out inside your head?

...I'm still unsure, but I was thinking I should tell her that she misunderstood what I was saying back then.

I didn't mean to blame her for being unable to read minds.

I'm sure you didn't. But...

Are you really okay with Koishi not being able to read minds?


Sounds like you've been having tons of problems with Koishi ever since she closed her eye.

Maybe that one time was a misunderstanding, but deep down it really does bother you, doesn't it?


You're right. I've already lost faith in her heart...

Well, no duh you have, she closed it. You don't need to keep dancing around this.

So you would prefer it if she reopened her third eye?

...I've considered that. But that would only cause her to suffer again.

Koishi was shunned for her power as a satori, and closed her eye of her own volition.

So even if you want her to, you can't exactly tell her that.

That's why I'm lost. What should I do...?

I know exactly where you're coming from. You don't want to hurt your sister.

But maybe you should tell HER that too.

Tell her? But-

I can't do that! I've already hurt her so carelessly, how could I risk hurting her even more?!

If I did that, I might never see her again! And then I...

But if you don't then you'll just worry about this forever!

That's still better than being rejected by Koishi!


...Even with her heart closed, some part of her trusted us. That's how we've been able to keep her around so far.

If I push her away now, then this time she'll vanish forever!

...If that's really what you want, then we can't force you.

But I want you to remember one thing.

No matter how long you keep up this charade, you'll never save her. You won't ever stop hurting either.

...You're speaking from personal experience.

...Both you and Koishi have lost hope under the weight of the anxiety in your hearts and the accursed fate of all satori.

But even so, our support of you is unchanged.

We can't fight your danmaku battle for you, but we can at least help you think things through.

...Thank you.

(I worry about not being able to read her mind. I worry about her opening her heart again...)


The screen fades out.

BGM: wind

Before we get into this, if you've got 40 minutes spare and want to enjoy the atmosphere, my good friend Ryza recorded and subtitled the entire chapter here. You can get the entire chapter through that if you want - otherwise I'll just link to timestamps for some of the more important bits.

Anyway, back to the chapter:

We've arrived at the Palace of Earth Spirits.

We're underground, but it's snowing...

It's nearly spring, but it's been pretty chilly today.

That's 'cause we closed the Hell of Blazing Fires when we left.


Huh? You're not happy? Didn't you want to go home?

I did, but... this doesn't feel real.

I'm sure you'll feel it when we get outside.

The three of them depart the ship, and head forward a bit.

...No, this is weird.

Hey... am I really home?

I-Isn't it obvious?

Not to me. Did... did I really come home?

Of course you did. Now let's-

! Miss Satori!


...Thank you both, for looking after Koishi.

I'll take care of it from here, if you don't mind.

If you say so, Miss Satori...

The pets leave.


...Koishi. Sorry for surprising you like that earlier.

I had planned to go out and pick you up with everyone else, but-

Uh-uh, it's not your fault. I was acting all weird back there.

Anyway! I'm hungry! Let's go inside and get something to-

No, wait, Koishi!


We can't just leave it like this. This uncertainty. Please, wait.

If I let this go today, I may never get another chance.

A chance for what...?

I want to talk with you.

Yes, we need to talk.

Chapter 64: face to heart

Victory: Defeat Koishi.
Defeat: Satori is defeated.
Bonus WP: Capture all of Koishi's Spellcards.

Not only does this chapter have a pretty song, it has a very pretty map.

It's Satori VS Koishi solo (the boat is present, but can't do anything) so there's nothing to do but move forward.


Is Satori gonna be okay?

At least Koishi hasn't gone off somewhere yet.

What do you want to talk about...?

About a lot of things. I'm not sure if I can put them into words.

But I have something I'd like to try. Please, let me try.

That means...

(...Yes, this is the best way for me to exchange words with you.)

(To know you, and to communicate with you.)

The attack lands, but does no damage.

We're having a danmaku battle, Sis...?

They started...

Yeah. I hope this works.

I know you're worried, Koishi, but this is your chance to talk it out.

Yeah, I know, but...


Koishi moves away.


Oh no, Koishi!

I knew it. This was too sudden. We need to step in!

No, let her do what she wants.

Lady Flan...

A little while ago, Koishi told us how she thinks of Satori.

When I heard that, I thought that it'll be no good unless they talk.

Yeah, and face to face too.

Koishi, it's going to be awkward at first, but just give it a shot.

Just follow your heart, and your body should move on its own..

Follow my heart...

Enemy Spellcard
Depths 「Genetics of the Subconscious」
Enemy: Evasion +150%

That's, uh, a pretty nasty danmaku effect.

Also a bunch of enemies spawn in.

Victory: Talk to Koishi.
Defeat: Satori is defeated.
Bonus WP: Capture all of Koishi's Spellcards.

By "talk" it means move adjacent to her and select the command from the list. Same deal as Flandre from the last game.

There's not much we can do, so moving on to our next turn:

As we feared, Koishi is still trying to keep her distance from Satori.

I bet she's trying to avoid a fight. She's still not ready for one.


This is YOUR dialogue, Satori. How you will respond is entirely up to you.

If that's the manifestation of Koishi's unconscious, perhaps you'd like to give her an answer?

My answer...

I know you're still unsure, but you have to take that first step.

In a danmaku battle, you respond to your opponents spellcards with more danmaku.

...Right. In order to express myself through danmaku, I also need to...

(I'm not Koishi. I can't just lose myself to my unconscious feelings.)

(But in exchange, I've spent so much time thinking. 'What should I do?')

(Even if I'm lost, even if I'm unsure, I've had no choice but to keep searching. To constantly reexamine my own feelings and find my answer.)

(Because that's who I am.)

Allied Spellcard
Surface 「Question of Self-Consciousness」
Satori: Final Accuracy +100%

Yep, for the first time in the series, we have a player spellcard. Anyway, these enemies all have money and PP to give as normal, so we'll be mopping them up before we talk to Koishi.

(...What should I say? What are the words that would save Koishi?)

(...No, that's not it. Everyone's been saying I should tell her my true feelings.)

(Right now, I can't afford not to know my own feelings.)

(I can't afford not to show my true heart.)

All of Satori's battle quotes this chapter are about reaching Koishi, by the way.

Koishi moves away by about 3 tiles each turn, so you do have to keep moving.

I'm going to fast-forward through most of these mook fights. All I'll say is you probably want to cast Focus. They only have a 30% chance to hit Satori, but that's high enough to pose a threat.

Another benefit to taking it slow and killing all the enemies (I'm sure it's why it's designed like this) is Satori monologuing for every turn of the spell.

(...I thought I was prepared for this, but when she distances herself the anxiety returns.)

(I start to think that maybe it'd be best if I did nothing.)

(...But leaving it like this would be the same as pretending I can't see Koishi's pain.)

(...And that's the one thing I don't want to do.)

(Thinking I'd been saved by another chance to avoid talking. How stupid. I'm sick of thinking like that.)

On this chapter, the level-up jingle doesn't play over the music. It's a nice touch.

(...Now that I think about it, there's never been a day I didn't regret it. I've always been wracked with worry.)

(I was always thinking about it. 'What should I have done?' 'What should I do now?')

(But I never had an answer. It's always been like stumbling through the darkness.)

(...And it still is. If I don't strengthen my heart, I'll never be able to take that first step.)

(Because my heart is weak.)

The flying version of this background is quite pretty too.

(...With the same eyes she had back then, Koishi tells me she loves me. But now I can no longer see what's on the other side of them.)

(The feelings I've kept locked up until now...)

(Ever since you closed your eye, I've been hopelessly nervous.)

(You're important to me, I want to believe you... But I'm always doubting what's in your heart.)

(And I can never, ever, tell you that.)

(That I can no longer...)

The top-most blue spirit is carrying 10k flat, which is worth picking up.



You caught up with her, Satori! Good work!

But... I...



...I know that some part of you, deep in your heart, is avoiding me.

But still, I want to talk.


First, I want to apologize. I said something awful to you.

I'm sure that's caused you all sorts of unpleasant feelings.

Satori... Do you hate me now that I can't read minds?


Me, I don't know what you're feeling anymore.

Even though you know everything about me...

There's this weird pain in my chest now. I don't know anymore.

Wait, that isn't what I meant! That wasn't what was in my heart!

I don't know what's in your heart, Sis. I closed my third eye.

...So tell me.


Tell me with words, Satori. I don't care if it's the truth or a lie, just say it so I can hear you. Please...

Response 「Youkai Polygraph」

BGM: ???


This is Koishi's spellcard?

Tell me, Sis...

Do you not want to talk to me?

What? No, I-

This girl called Flan told me that I'm scared of talking to you.

If I'm scared, then don't try to force it. I'll come home anyway.

But, you...

I really do want to go home. And if I stay home for a while, I know I'll get better.

I'll... I'll try my best. You can tie me up, you can crucify me. So please...

...Are you trying to say that you'll come home, so we don't need to talk about this?

"Thank you, Koishi."
"No, we can't..."

You can press triangle to get a "hint" from other characters, but I think they ruin the flow, so I'm not bothering with them.

"Thank you, Koishi."
>"No, we can't..."

No, we can't do that.


I do want you to come home Koishi. But that isn't enough.

I can't just pretend you're not hurt when I know you are.

So you think I'm hurt, Satori?

I never meant that. I'm just feeling a bit weird...

...I know you are, even if you haven't noticed it yourself.

I don't want to leave you like this and regret it later.


The danmaku reforms. If we had answered incorrectly, Koishi would have moved away.

...Are you serious about this, Satori? That you want to talk so you won't regret it?

Yes. Those are my true feelings.

You're so strong, Sis...

I am...?

You can just decide that we're doing this, and then we are.

I can't do that. I'm always scared that I'm going to drift away somewhere. I'm scared right now.


Even though you're always thinking about me, I just walk around doing what I want...

...If I were stronger, would these feelings go away?

If I were strong like you...

I'm... strong?

>"You're wrong, Koishi."
"Right, so don't worry."

You're wrong, Koishi.


I... I'm not as strong as you think, Koishi.

All I do is worry, I constantly second-guess myself, and I have no idea what I'm supposed to do.

That's not true. Look, right now you're-

Actually, even now I'm worried about telling you my true feelings.


Maybe I'll just hurt you again. Maybe I'll make you feel bad.

But even so, I keep telling myself that I can't look away from this anymore.


...So you're worried about talking to me too, Sis.

Yes. That's how I really feel.

But... why?

You already know everything about me.


Miss Koishi, that's-

...When I couldn't go home, and didn't know how you felt, that was the only thing I knew was okay.

Even after I closed my eye, I haven't changed.

So that fact hasn't changed either. You still know me like you used to.

I...know you...?

Yeah! You know everything about me, just like always.

Even when I'm scared, even when I feel like I'm going to disappear, that's always been my treasure.

Wait, Koishi, I-

What is it, Sis?


(...How could I possibly know Koishi's closed heart?)

(I know the answer. I have to tell her that I can't read her mind anymore.)

(But that would cause unfathomable damage to her psyche.)

(Even now, she has complete trust that I know what's in her heart. That's the only thing anchoring her here.)

(...Right, if I just accept her feelings, then Koishi can smile again.)

(With just one little lie, I can protect her happiness.)

(What should I do? What's the best option?)


don't know


Listen, Koishi. I...





Are you still going to hide your true feelings? After all this?

I know! But it's not just that...

If I say it, I will hurt her. It's not just 'maybe' hurt her, I WILL hurt her!

Miss Satori...

So you're not sure if you should tell the truth...

Orin, Okuu...

We know your real feelings, Miss Satori.

But I'm sure they're the opposite of what Miss Koishi wants to hear.

...I think there are some things you just don't want to say, or that are hard to say.

But still, me and Okuu are glad you told us your real feelings, Miss Satori.

I mean, didn't we clear up our misunderstandings?


I think if you told her how you felt, Miss Koishi would definitely be hurt. But..

But if you don't, you'll never be happy.

We just want both of you to smile. To really smile!

Orin... Okuu...

(...They're right. If I don't say it now, nothing will change.)

(If I lied, maybe Koishi would smile for now.)

(But would she ever be able to smile from the heart, if I keep lying to her?)

(It'd lead to a hopeless situation where we'd give up on our dreams.)

(...Do I want a heart built on lies, clinging to a transient happiness? Or to hurt her but look for a new hope together?)

(My real feelings are...)

Heart Truth 「A World Without Lies」

BGM: a heart monitor


...I won't hesitate anymore.

I'm sorry Koishi...


Don't know
Don't know

...don't know what's in your heart.



...Maybe your feelings really are unchanged from how they used to be. But mine aren't.

You closed your third eye. I can't read your mind anymore.

I don't know what's in your heart anymore.


...You're lying, right?

...That's a lie, right Sis? You know me, don't you?

Even if you can't read my mind, you're supposed to still be the same as always!

...It's not a lie. I've been so worried, not knowing.

Even if we're still connected, we can't think the same thoughts anymore.

I'm always worried about what you're thinking.

No! That would mean...

...I couldn't tell you. That's why you've kept that lie in your heart.

But, from now on I'll-

No! I don't wanna know!



You can't look away from this. You're still talking.

No, I don't wanna hear it! I don't wanna know!

Hey, calm down! Satori's doing this because she wants a real connection with-

But I don't know where I can be anymore!

What does that mean?

...I've been making Satori feel bad.

If I came home, she'll just keep being worried about me.

Wait, we're not done talking!

But I'm no good when I can't read minds, aren't I?

It's enough to make you hate me...

...I'm not there inside your heart!

N-No! It's because I WANT you in my heart that I'm-

Then... where am I...?

Rekindled 「The Embers of Love」

BGM: wind



I can't feel her presence anywhere...

We've talked about her vanishing before, but this is...


Where are you, Koishi?! Say something!

Y-You need to calm down too, Satori. We still don't know if she's gone yet.

...No, I knew this would happen. Even though I knew it would hurt her, I...


Victory: Find Koishi.
Defeat: Satori is defeated.
Bonus WP: Capture all of Koishi's Spellcards.


End turn?


Let's head up the path, for now.

On the next turn:

...I can't see Koishi anywhere.

And somehow I get the impression that we won't be luring her out with food.


If we can't find her, maybe she went to the surface?

No... the situation may be far more grave than that.

What do you mean?

Koishi may have felt rejected by her sister, and then in turn began to deny and reject herself.

At this rate she may fall into the depths of the unconscious, lose awareness of her own existence, and disappear from everyone's minds forever.

No way, you mean she can REALLY disappear?

W-We have to do something! Or else-

Koishi, I really...

Looks like you're reaching a fork in your destiny.

If you want to save Koishi, you can't let yourself be shaken.


Yeah. I bet Koishi was shocked, but that's just because she loves you so much.

Even if she disappeared, she really wants you to come find her.

And what about you, Satori? Do you really think this is the end?

Is the bond between you two so brittle that it can break like this?


No, it's not. If Koishi is trying to disappear from our hearts, then I'm the only one who can save her!

...Plus, we haven't finished talking yet. I want to try this again, one more time.

Then you don't have time to stand around feeling sorry for yourself. Find her and keep talking.

Even if you can't see her, she still has a connection with you.

If you follow that thread, you should be able to find her.

You're her sister, Satori, so you've just gotta reel her in.

And this time, Miss Satori's the one finding her for us! Please!

(...They're right. Even if you're trying to disappear from everyone's hearts, you won't vanish from mine that easily.)

(I'll find you and prove that to you.)

(Awaken my feelings. The bonds with you etched deep in my heart.)

Allied Spellcard
Brain Sign 「Brain Fingerprint」
Satori: Move+3
Satori: Marking
-Marks the location of any recollection within the danmaku field.

BGM:face to heart - Segment II

If we move further up the path...

We can see Koishi's danmaku. We need to step into one of the brighter tiles.

On the next turn:

My bond with Koishi...

There should be plenty of things around here that bring back memories of the time you spent together. Why don't you try visiting those?

If Koishi is yearning for you, she might be drawn to those places.

We can't help you with that, but you should have an idea, Satori.

The first place that comes to mind is...

(...Yes, it was snowing that day too.)

(The day we first arrived at the Palace of Earth Spirits. I was leading Koishi by the hand. Our breath was cold, but her hand was warm.)

(...I had hoped that by leaving the surface and coming here, Koishi wouldn't be hurt anymore.)

(...We passed through the gate together...)

I already knew where we had to go, but it's nice to have a hint.

This is where our life in the Underworld began. I'm sure Koishi remembers too...



She showed herself. She really was still here then.


And she's gone again. But this is working!

You went to where Koishi was, Satori!

(...Yes, Koishi really is waiting for me at these places from our memories.)

(If Koishi's searching for me too, in her own way, then...)

(Then I need to have more faith in her.)

Next turn:

...Is it really possible to find Koishi once she's vanished?

But if anything can, it's the power of their bonds.

Bonds...? What are bonds?

It's something that's neither conscious or unconscious, it's the connection they have. It's something reliable born from being involved with one another.

You could also call it the history engraved in their hearts.

Hearts, huh? It's different from just a temperament, isn't it?

Anyway, Orin and Okuu were living here too, right? Any other special places come to mind?

Yeah, lots of 'em, but...

...The one I remember best is from before we had our human forms.

We couldn't speak, but by reading our minds Miss Satori and Miss Koishi could talk to us.

(...Yes, that was from before Koishi closed her third eye.)

(We could all understand each other, without exchanging a single word.)

(...We were happy back then. And we thought it would last forever.)

(We were always laughing together on our favorite bench...)

...The bench the four of us spent so much time at. The view from here hasn't change at all.

Are you here, Koishi?


Another hit. Looks like we can count on their connection.


Hey, she was just where you said she'd be...

It's a place where we all share memories. It's important to Miss Koishi too.


(But that happiness was short-lived.)

(You closed your third eye, and I couldn't face that truth.)

(I'm sure we were missing something important.)

(...And I'm starting to get an idea of what that was.)

(So Koishi, please, let's talk this over one more time.)

Next turn:

Koishi, the next place would be...

Looks like you're getting stuck. It must be hard to come up with so many places one after another.

Wouldn't it be better if you stopped thinking so hard?

This is your bond we're talking about. The idea should just pop out like BAM!

That wasn't the most helpful way to put it, but you might be onto something.

Isn't there anything, Satori? Something you two both cared about?

Something we...

...The flowers.


Koishi had a favorite flower. And it was my favorite flower too.

(...Yes, the roses we planted together. Mine bloomed red, while yours were a beautiful blue.)

(It was a color we'd never seen on the surface before, and it was somehow encouraging.)

(It let us think that maybe, just maybe, tomorrow would be better than today...)

(We placed our hopes in them, those red and blue roses. Then even now, they should be...)

...The roses we planted together. They're still blooming as brilliantly as ever.

I found you, Koishi.

You really found me, Sis...

Of course I did. Even if you'd disappeared from everyone's hearts, I'd still find you, no question.

Because I realized that your heart has always been inside me.

But it's my fault that you're so worried...

...I'm sorry. I didn't mean to blame you for it.

Listen, Koishi. I haven't been able to convey my true feelings to you.

I want to connect our hearts again.

Our hearts...?

Right. But not just to return to how it was. I want us to be even stronger than we were then.

When we came here, we thought we could live without pain.

But after that brief happiness, we've both been consumed wih unease.

That's because our hearts weren't strong enough to hold into our dreams.


But if we connect our hearts once again, I'm sure we can move past that.

I think this time we'll find our hope together.


...Thank you, Satori. I'm so glad you told me this.

You really do care about me. I'm important to you.


But I'm still scared.


There was nothing but bad things when I could read minds.

...As long as I can't read minds, no one will hate me.

But that's...!

I'm sorry, Satori. I have no confidence.

There's not a single thing good that comes from knowing what's in other people's hearts.

Enemy Spellcard
「Philosophy of a Hated Person」
Ally: No Entry
Koishi: Damage Null
-All damage is completely nullified


...Such thick danmaku. Is this the wall around her heart?

Even though she finally understands that Satori doesn't hate her...

It's precisely because she understands how Satori feels. Now her heart feels exposed.

But it's not going to be easy to climb past that wall.

And even if she opens up her heart, she'll have to bear the cursed fate of the satori youkai again.


That's exactly right. The suffering of the satori will never vanish.

And in truth, I'm not strong enough to protect her from that.

B-But that's...

...But I've realized that I can't let that stop me.

By opening up our hearts to the outside, we can also receive kindness and strength.

That's something I learned by finally reaching out to the hand you've all been offering me all this time.


And now I need to let Koishi know that too. That's there's a world where we're accepted.

That by opening her heart, there's more than just pain. There are also wonderful things.

Through me, that truth will reach her heart.

Through you, huh?

In that case, we'll help!

You will...?

You can peek into our memories with your power, right?

Then use 'em! Use all our thoughts and feelings.

Please connect with us and show them to Koishi!

Then she'll see that the world is worth more than she thinks, I'm sure of it.

You want me to connect our hearts...?

Yes, that's something only you can do. You, who can know our hearts and pass them along.

It's something that wouldn't be possible without that 'detestable' eye of yours, isn't it?


(...I've never considered the potential of my third eye.)

(But if I can connect our hearts and give her strength, then...)

Please, lend me your hearts!

Allied Spellcard
「The Unlovable Third Eye」
Satori: Hearts Connected
-All "Mental Image" attacks gain "Fury" automatically.

Satori gained the "Mental Image" attack!

Victory: Break Koishi's Spellcard.
Defeat: Satori is defeated.
Bonus WP: Capture all of Koishi's Spellcards.

Satori ended her turn by moving, so we have to just take this attack from out-of-range on the enemy phase. Worth noting that Koishi has the same Personal Skill from last chapter, which hard-counters Satori's Auto-Alert ability. (How fitting).

When my eye was open, there were nothing but bad things.

Since I was able to confirm that Koishi is in my heart...

I know this will reach you.

Ok, so, Mental Image is a special attack that you only get for this one chapter. It's effect?

True to Satori's words, we're borrowing other character's strength. There's a conversation for every single one of these, starting with Reimu:

Man, never thought I'd be giving a youkai words of encouragement.

How very like you, Reimu.

But if you ever start thinking you don't belong anywhere, then you're way overthinking it.

I mean, look at all these people here. Don't you think it's because someone accepted you?

Youkai should be youkai: just live however you like. If you ever get to be a pain, then I'll exterminate you. It's that simple.

(...Thank you. I'm sure there are still so many youkai living on the surface because the shrine maiden is someone like you.)

(You have the strength to accept things as they are, and to live without regret.)

(Please, lend me that strength.)

Things don't always go the way you want in this world. Happens all the time.


But even so, as long as you want something, you can't just give up on it that easily.

If at the end of your life you find you did nothing but give up all the time, then your life wasn't worth living.

And more importantly, you've got people to support you too.

(...Thank you. You just keep moving forward, leaving a little bit of yourself with everyone you meet.)

(You're supported by others, but also live through your own strength.)

(Please, lend me that strength.)

...Now that I think about it, I think we might have also been relying on you too much.

We knew about Miss Koishi, and we even knew how troubled you were, but we never said anything.


But now it's different. We'll do our best and think through this together!

So let's stop wallowing in regret, and think only about the future.

Our tomorrow is ours alone! Let's grab it with our own hands!

(...Thank you, Orin. Your consideration and tenacity have always supported me.)

(You have the strength to keep thinking of the people you care about, even when it hurts.)

(I'll be borrowing that strength.)

Miss Satori...

...This whole time, I've been thinking about how to make you and Miss Koishi smile again.


I made some mistakes because of that, but after meeting everyone I want to keep trying.

Even if things go badly, I know they'll keep cheering me on.

So don't give up, Miss Satori. Don't think it's hopeless.

Please believe that you can do it!

(...Thank you, Okuu. Touching your warm heart always cheers me up.)

(You have the strength to believe in the possibility, without abandoning hope.)

(I'll be borrowing that strength.)

Yukari Yakumo...

You've always meddled in our lives. But now I've come to understand the good intentions behind it.

I had closed my heart and pushed you away...

I'm loathe to interrupt your reminiscence, but I've only ever acted as I pleased.

...Long ago, you and Koishi lost hope and departed from the surface.

However, now you have a future in front of you.


There's no need for you to regret what you were unable to do in the past.

And now, to expand your possiblities for the future, you need only grasp our hands. Surely you can accomplish that?

(...Thank you, for your understanding as both a sage, and as simply another youkai.)

(Your thoughts give me the strength to finally imagine a future.)

(Please, lend me that strength.)

Wow, I can't believe you said that. What happened to the Satori who was always tiptoeing around her sister?


But I think it's better this way. Even with all that effort to avoid hurting her, and even by lying about how worried you were, didn't you manage to scare her anyway?

But if you just confront her head on, maybe you'll both be worn ragged afterward, but at least you'll be able to take the next step together.

I'm sure you're still scared of hurting her...

But believe in Koishi's strength. Believe in your bond as sisters.

(...Thank you. At the end of a long conflict, you finally managed to connect with Flandre.)

(You have the strength to face yourself, and to believe in the other person.)

(Please, lend me that strength.)

There are insensitive bastards wherever you go.

You'll be cheated, you'll be betrayed... I completely understand why you'd want to abandon the surface.


But the world is more than that too. Don't underestimate it.

I mean, heck, I just went back to the surface recently and got along without a problem.

I don't know what happened to you back then, but I bet it wouldn't happen now.

Just look at me. I gave up once too, and now I'm having fun drinking sake.

(...Thank you. You're working on keeping your gaze on the future despite your painful past.)

(You have the strength to stay positive after being hurt.)

(Please, lend me that strength.)

You've shown me more than enough of your struggles, as well as your determination.

Eiki Shiki...

The burdens you carry are ones that others will never understand. This is your fate.

But even knowing that, you listened to the hearts of strangers.

And now, you face your own karma in an attempt to move past it.

Your thoughts and deeds are righteous.

(...Thank you. If I hadn't met you, I may never have faced my own heart.)

(You have the strength to sweep past the lies and seek the true path.)

(Please, lend me that strength.)

It feels kinda weird for the hated like us to be accepted so easily.


But the world's a big place, I guess. There are some crazy folks out there who'll completely blow past our painful history and act like we've always been best friends.

And seeing that, well, I find myself looking forward to what happens next. Just a little, mind you.

Here's what I think. Even if you can't love everything about the surface, you don't have to hate everything about it either.

(...Thank you. You were also able to reach the surface again, and to find the light leading us out of the darkness.)

(And even though those threads are thin, you have the strength to keep following them expectantly.)

(Please, lend me that strength.)

We're all Underworlders here, of course we'll help you two!


I didn't really get what was going on until now, but now I know how much you've had to deal with.

We live nearby, so if anything happens just give us a call.

(...Thank you. Despite your shyness, your kindness came through clearly.

(You have the strength to hold firm beliefs without letting that affect your attitude.)

(Please, lend me that strength.)


What? Why are you looking at ME? Pretty sure you have someone more important to be talking to right now.

No, I can feel how worried you've been about us.

...Look, I'm all in favor of humblebragging about how bad you've got it, but I'm not seeing much to envy here.

But I bet after this you two are gonna be so happy that I'll be even more jealous of you than ever before. So get cracking already.

I mean, if you don't, then we've been wasting our time here.

(...Thank you. Despite your words, you're very sensitive to the feelings of others.)

(You have the strength to value what's in your heart over all else.)

(Please, lend me that strength.)

Destined to be hated, huh? So that's what you were worrying about?


Sure, plenty of people hate your power. But so what?

If they want to start something, then bring it on. If they're afraid of you, then that's their problem. YOU wear that with pride.

Us oni don't lie. And I ain't afraid of your power.

(...Thank you. Come to think of it, none of the oni have tried to hide their feelings from me.)

(You have the strength to honestly and boldly be yourself.)

(Please, lend me that strength.)

In gameplay terms it doesn't really matter what you choose, the Spell will be over fast.

As you can see, Koishi does not have a lot of HP here.

By the way, Terrible Souvenir still does 0 damage.


It's no use, it's not reaching Koishi!

It can't be just Satori, we need to show her all of our hearts together.

Don't forget, Satori. As long as you have that eye, you can read our minds.

Gather up our thoughts and send them to Koishi.

If you're going to watch any part of this chapter in video form, make it this part.

BGM: face to heart - Segment III

What? These aren't Satori's danmaku...

We did it! We reached Koishi's heart!

...Why? Why do you have all these other people inside you, Sis?

Because my third eye connected all of our hearts together.

The power to read minds can do more than cause us pain. It can also give us strength to support our hearts.

Even if you're scared at first, I want you to feel it from me.


I can't feel the wall around her heart anymore. Koishi's waiting for you, Satori!

It's time to throw away all fear and doubt and hit her with the bare truth!

Right! From the heart!

You too Koishi. You have to receieve your sister's feelings.

Don't be scared, just follow your heart.


I'm putting my entire heart into this...

Follow my heart...

Danmaku of the heart!

BGM: face to heart - Segment IV

「Subterranean Rose」

「Heart Flower」

Following my heart...

A heart-to-heart dialogue. For that purpose...

My heart's everything.

(This world is imperfect and cruel. It's impossible to live without suffering.)

(I'm sure we'll never be without anxiety either. There is no answer to the question "what should I do?")

(Even in darkness, we can search for the light.)

I'm still scared, but...

Throw away doubt and the unbearable.

Danmaku of the heart.

(...I'm weak, so I couldn't handle all the stress.)

(But I want to become strong. Strong enough to hold onto hope even while suffering.)

(I want to smile from my heart, with you at my side. So...)

I do too, Sis, but...

...To be honest, I don't even know if I have any hopes for tomorrow.

That's why it doesn't have to be right away. The future will come to us, someday.

But still, if we can connect our hearts...

...Can I really do it?


I'm scared of reading minds, but I want to be with you.

I want to know your heart, Sis.

...Then you need to look for me too, Koishi.

Look for you...?

I was able to reach your heart once more, so find me, Koishi. Please.

I know your heart can find me.

...I can find Satori's heart...

So, just for now, don't be scared.

If you do that, I'm sure we can find each other.

Open your heart.

My heart...

I feel Koishi inside here...

Where are you, Sis?

I'm here, Koishi. Just a little further.

It's dark, I'm scared!

Me too. But...

Believe that it will definitely happen, and take that first step.


Yes, that will support your heart.


(I feel you, Koishi.)

(I found you, Sis.)

BGM: "From Now On, We'll..." on piano

Miss Satori! Miss Koishi!

There was so much light just now! I lost sight of them!

Getting blown back that far is pretty serious...

...Hey, look!

Ugh, ow ow ow...

Where is this? Did we fall into the rose garden?

Oh, right, Koishi!

I'm right here, Sis.

Koishi... Thank goodness, you were with me.

Uh-huh. I found you.

You sure did...

Hey! You two!

I was so shocked when you suddenly disappeared!

Orin... Okuu... Everyone...

Thank goodness. Looks like you're both okay.

So I'm guessing your danmaku battle is over?

...Yes. I was able to speak with Koishi's heart.

And as you can see, she's still here.

You're right, she hasn't disappeared or anything.

So how about you, Koishi? You're not nervous even when you're with Satori?

Yeah, I'm fine. Actually, I feel all warm and sleepy now...

If she's fine, then that means...

You two managed to get through to each other!

...Yes, I'm no longer anxious that I lost sight of Koishi's heart.

I feel like I've confirmed that she's still inside me.

Me too. I'm inside her.

If you can say it that confidently, then it appears we needn't worry.

So you've made up but... you still can't read her mind... can you?

Oh, right, about that...


...I see. Regardless of the pros and cons of reading minds, this isn't something that needs to be resolved right away.

Because you we able to reach each other during that danmaku battle.

When you consider all that's happened, this is still quite a big step.

Yes. What's most important is that we now have a future. From now on, we'll...

From now on, huh?

...I've finally managed to hear those words from you.

Ever since we first met, this is the first time I've seen you with such a gentle expression.

...I'm sure.

So if she's officially not a runaway anymore, it's time for THAT!

That? What?

Good point. That one phrase that both announces her return and celebrates it.

C'mon, you still haven't said it Koishi.

Said what...? Oh!



I love you.


...You were supposed to say 'I'm home.'

Oh... I'm home!

Right right, and 'thanks for the meal!' too while we're at it! I can't stand this stuff.

Don't just stand there, Satori, you have to reply.

O-Of course... Welcome home, Koishi.

I guess Koishi's always been a little 'outside the box' then...

...But, there's still something else I have to say.

Hm? Are there any other greetings we forgot about?

I'm sorry, Orin. Okuu.

Miss Koishi...

When I found Satori's heart, I also felt a bit of how you've been feeling all this time.

I never knew you were so worried about me. I said some awful things...

Back when Okuu got that amazing power, everyone was crying but I...

Wh-Why bring this up now? Doesn't bother us at all!

We're just so dumb that seeing your face like that made us want to cry! Right?!

Yeah! Now let's think about something else!

...Why are you forgiving me? I've made everyone feel so bad...

Eh, figure it out yourself.

You're being mean again, Nue.

Well, it's not like they can't just talk to each other now, right? Wasn't that the whole point of this?

So what's wrong with finding the answer on her own?


But... I don't like knowing...

Don't worry. Haven't you already learned how to deal with that?

Right! If you want a partner for a danmaku battle, just grab one of us!

Plus, you don't need to worry about people hating you and all that other bad stuff.

You might even learn that they love you more than you think.

More than I think... More love...

Tee hee hee. In that case, I must be full.

Yeah! Except my tummy's rumbling!

You idiot, Okuu. This isn't the time for that.

...Although now that you mention it I'm getting hungry too.


Sheesh, could you two calm down?

But I'm a bit tuckered myself. Maybe I should bake those cookies again, for old time's sake?



Okay, if the problem's solved, we should get heading back the surface.

Huh? You're leaving already? I thought you'd eat with us...

We appreciate the thought, but I doubt you have enough teacups for all of us.

Plus, if we head over to the Old Capital, they should be putting up all those paper lanterns outside the bars right about now.

That doesn't sound bad. I've been meaning to visit.

Then goodbye, Koishi.

Yeah... And I finally got to know you all too...

Don't look so sad, it's not like we're going to forget about you.

You all just take it easy for today.

Thank you. I'll pay you back for this another day.

Sounds good, but you can also feel free to just come hang out whenever.

But we're a bit busy on the surface. Who knows when it's going to calm down.

Then we'll help you with that when the time comes.

Koishi too, of course.

...We'll be waiting. On the surface.

Get on the boat, everyone! We're leaving!

Everyone walks away, and the ship flies off.

...And now they're all gone. It's a little lonely.

That was so fun! I hope I can do another danmaku battle soon!

Wow, you're still so energetic after all that?

You really seem to like those danmaku battles.

Uh-huh. I wanna meet more people, and see more danmaku!

...That's a good idea. Try feeling everyone with your heart.

But at any rate, we're finally all together in the Palace again.

Yeah. I feel like we've been doing nothing but running around for a while now,

But looks like we can sleep soundly for today.

I don't quite understand what just happened, so maybe there's more we should be worrying about...

But for now, I'm sure everything's going to be okay.

If it doesn't work out today, then maybe tomorrow...

And if not tomorrow, the day after that.

Is that a good thing...?

It is. Someday, there will be a day just a little bit better than today.

Believing that gives us strength. We have hope inside us.


...Yeah, definitely..


Anyway, should we go inside? I'll race you there, Orin!

Hey, wait, how are you so energetic too?!

Let's go too, Koishi. It's getting cold out, what with the snow and all.



What is it? Does you third eye hurt? Was it injured in the battle?

No! You'd never hurt me, Sis!

It's just...

Oh? Well, if you're not hurt, that's good.

Anyway, let's go! Orin and Okuu are waiting for us!

Hey, stop, don't pull so hard. You really are full of energy...

Hey, Satori, make me my favorite cookies today.

Even if you burn them a little, or make too many, I'm gonna eat all of 'em!

Don't say it like that. I've been improving, you know.

But your favorite, hmm... In that case...


Tee hee hee, I can't wait!

That about covers it for this chapter.

One last thing before we go. I know it's a bit of a spoiler for next chapter, but...

Koishi has Mindreader L1 now .