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Part 25: Chapter 68 (Part 2)


Byakuren Hijiri
Personal Skills:
-Emotional Skyscraper: Maximum Power increased by 30.
-Teachings of Buddha: All Buddhists deploy with +20 starting Power.
Spirit List (Normal): Love, Focus, Alert, Trust, Chain, Valor
Spirit List (SSJ): Accel, Strike, Wall, Fury, Wrath, Valor

So, after hyping her up for since FMW2, you'd hope that Byakuren is good, right? Well... she is! In fact, I'd venture to call her the second best character in the entire series.

As befitting of The Muscle Wizard, Byakuren has All Of The Stats. Mobility, Armor, HP, Melee, Evade, Accuracy, Defense, she lacks for nothing. Magician L9 and Buddhist L5 both jack her accuracy WAY up, and Buddhist also makes her more damaging and even sturdier. She's even got her Magician-standard barrier, negating damage below 1950. Speaking of damage, Byakuren has ALL of the damage. Murasa hits way above her paygrade, sure, but Byakuren is packing some big fucking guns underneath that dress.

Super Mode is kind of an odd gimmick. She only has two moves, and her finisher both detransforms her, and costs her 20 Power to use. Her "weaker" attack is plenty strong though, especially with how Super Mode jacks up her stats even further. Amusingly, if you go SSJ and then put her in the backrow, it's not uncommon to see her hitting for 10k or more with her team attack. It helps if you think of the whole mode as a G Gundam reference - she powers up temporarily, and then delivers an explosive finishing blow.

Just for reference, I've categorized her buffs here:

+20 Mobility
+400 Armor
+1 Move
Her Barrier (1950) gets replaced with Damage Reduction (1000) and 10% MP Regen

+10 Melee
+15 Ranged (she has no ranged attacks though?)
+12 Defense
+11 Evade
+3 Accuracy

So yeah, regardless of how you use her, she's completely ridiculous.


-Byakuren's Attacks
-Shinki's Attacks (seriously, watch these attacks, they're gorgeous)


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