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Part 28: Chapter 70 (Part 1)

Welcome to Chapter 70!

I'm changing the difficulty back to normal for this chapter. To be honest, I might just keep it there since no one ever gives me Yuyuko I want to get these updates done faster.


Don't mind me just gunna blow 1,000,000 yenbux on my favorite 2hu. For her Full Upgrade Bonus, she gets +200 weapon damage, of course.

Here's our team for the chapter, plus Mystia/Tewi at the bottom.

Please look forward to the Three Fairies' moment in the spotlight, because they seriously carry this entire chapter.

Yes, we are in fact dumped immediately into this cutscene.

: Hey! It went thataway!

It's not getting away!

A sheep spawns in and makes a break for it.

It is summarily destroyed.

Phew... think that's the last of the sheep around here?

How did they manage to sneak onto the mountain? What the heck's going on?

Stop whining, it's way worse in other places.

Like the village. They've been finding more sheep around there than you can count.

So there really are more near the humans, huh.

Good work everyone.

Hm, Inubashiri and the crows?

Aren't you supposed to be on lookout duty? Slacking off?

No way! We have a special mission!

We're to escort Lady Kanako's group to the shrine below the mountain.

The shrine maiden, the sage, and the others are coming toegether to discuss new countermeasures.

I see. So even Lady Yasaka and the sage are taking action.

Yeah. That how bad it is.

And we need to do our part too. We have to get to the bottom of this before it gets any worse.

What's exactly is going on...?

BGM: Dark Clouds



This is awful...

It's even gloomier than it was yesterday.

Indeed. Most people aren't leaving their homes, and the ones who do act like the walking dead.

Who can blame them, after being forced to see that nightmare night after night?

Sanae and Youmu said they'd be here to check things out too. They're probably-

They walk in.

...Good morning.

Oh good, you're already here.

Well, speak of the devil. So, about last night's-

Whoa, what's with those bags under your eyes?!

Sorry, I've been having trouble sleeping...

...It's not just us though. This is happening to the entire village.

Right. Seems like all humans are seeing the same nightmare every night.

No doubt about it, this is an Incident.

Should we take another look around before the meeting?

I'm a youkai, so I'm fine, but I want to see how the human village is doing.



Oh... Please excuse me.

Hey, you're the lady from the grocer. You don't look so good. Are you feeling okay?

Oh, it's you. Sorry, I've been spacing out.

It's just... I don't feel so well after seeing that unsettling dream every night.

Think you could describe the dream for us?

...A strange giant arrives, and ruins the village.

It uses the power of sigh-ence, and the world is destroyed.

You mean science?

Yes, that. I hear it's supposed to be really convenient, so we've been seeing more and more of it these days, but...

But we never should've accepted new things.

H-Hold on, it's just a dream. You don't have to take it so literally.

Knock on wood, knock on wood, knock on wood...

kuwabara kuwabara

...Well, she certainly seemed out of it. That's not something a normal person would say.

Yeah, and she used to be such a kind and cheerful lady...

We're still okay for now, but it looks like the village is getting pretty worn down by these nightmares.

And if we don't do something soon, it may never return to normal.

More people walk in.

...Figures you'd be here too. Worried about the village too, I take it?

It seems you've managed to hold onto your sanity. So far, at least.

Haven't you two gone home yet?

How could we, when something like THIS is happening? This is no time for a vacation.

We visited a number of other places on the way here, but we saw the same thing everywhere we went.

If I had to say, the common thread is these dreams that seem to reject novelty.

So it really is an Incident then...

Hey, they're over there!

What is it now...?

You! You're all youkai exterminators, right? We've got a job for you.

Could you chase out all the youkai from my shop and the bar next door?


But why? I thought that shop was reserved for youkai at night?

Yeah, but we only started doing that recently. It's not how we USED TO do things.

Change is bad. I saw it in my dreams.

What going on here? That doesn't sound like the village I know.

But... But the dreams...


...Let's leave it at that. I don't see much use in continuing this conversation.

Our first priority should be getting to the shrine and sharing what we've learned.

Then we can discuss what to do about this.


BGM: Determination in the Chest

It's almost time.

Geez, she's not even going to show up for her own meeting?

We received a message from Shanghai earlier. Apparently they went with Alice and the others to check on the state of the village.

She said to wait, since they'll be back soon.


The "people walk in" sound effect gets a lot of play this chapter.

Sorry 'bout the wait.

Oh, we don't mind. You were looking around the village, correct?

Yeah. Looks while we'll need to get this investigation started ASAP.

In that case, why don't we get this started right away, now that we're all here?

We gathered you all today in order to discuss our strategy for dealing with the current incident.

I assume everyone is aware of the situation in the village?

When it's as creepy as that, how could we miss it?

The people of the village are having nightly nightmares.

This is having a serious effect on their daily lives too, as it dampens their spirits.

As for the contents of the nightmares, they show things like technology destroying the world, or civilization collapsing as a result of new changes.

In other words, they create the impression that new technologies and ideas are inherently bad.

So this is obviously the work of those two clowns...

Meeko, and Makura Muwatari...

The most terrifying part of this incident is that it's warping people's thoughts.

When we were in the village just now, people were saying that they'd stop serving youkai.

Funny thing is, in canon this'd be closer to the norm, really.

Actually, I've even seen cases where people were destroying anything that seemed too modern.

Not only that, humans have started to avoid worshipping at Myouren Temple or the Moriya Shrine.

It's almost as if the free spirit of Gensokyo is disappearing, little by little.

So you're saying that all of this is due to the incident?

Indeed. It's an ideological invasion, seeking to change our values through nightmares.

That's the true nature of Makura Muwatari's incident.

The sheep we've being finding throughout Gensokyo are most likely acting as transceivers to broadcast her power over dreams.

I would guess they've been hiding themselves until now so they could enact this plan on a mass scale without detection.

So what happens if we leave them alone?

...The nightmares dye us in her colors, and Makura Muwatari creates the world she wants.

Oh no!

You mean we wouldn't be able to work together like this anymore?

That's right. All humans will think like her, shutting their hearts and loathing unfamiliarity.

And if that happens, we wouldn't be able to maintain the human-youkai relationships we have now.

That's awful...

From our perspective, that's the same as denying Gensokyo's way of life.

Whatever world she creates from this incident simply wouldn't be Gensokyo anymore.

So her goal is to reshape Gensokyo to fit her ideals then.

So how do we stop her?

The mountain youkai have been clearing out the sheep for us, so maybe we could help them with that...?

If it were that easy, we wouldn't be having this discussion.

Those sheep are multiplying at an abnormal rate.

Most likely their power is being amplified by feeding off of the nightmares.

So the nightmares she created are giving birth to even more nightmares... It's a negative spiral.

But that doesn't mean it's hopeless. Over at the House of Eternity, Eirin's already making a drug to replace nightmares with pleasant dreams.

If we hand that out to everyone, we should at least be able to slow this down.

Phew! That takes care of that! Good old Brain of the Moon!

That said, it's a stopgap measure at best.

Our best plan is to halt the nightmares with the drug and use that chance to defeat the mastermind.

Currently, her whereabouts are unknown, but she must have left some sort of trail now that she's taking action.

It's imperative that we pin her down before it's too late.

Great, but what do we do NOW?

We head to the House of Eternity and pick up the completed drug to make sure it reaches the village safely.

We could split our forces and try to feel out the enemy's movements, but...

I propose that we intentionally draw attention to ourselves by moving as a group.

The enemy must surely be wary of us as well. In which case, we can take advantage of her caution and use it to draw them out of hiding.

I see, that's a good idea.

That's Miss Satori for ya! No one's nastier than her!

...I know you meant that as a compliment, Orin.

Anyway, if that's settled, then let's move! To the House of Eternity!

Chapter 70: Manifest Dream

The pills are packed on our end, Eirin.

Thank you, Kaguya. The boxes have really piled up, haven't they?

But with this, we should be able to delay the progess of the incident, if only a little.

Butterfly Dream Pills, huh? For such a niche drug, it sure is coming in handy here.

Then let's go take it everyone!

Let's spread it like we're spreading spring!

You sure you're gonna be alright on your own? I asked Keine to send someone to help, so if you just wait a while then-

C'mon, who knows what trouble the village will get into if we leave it alone?

And playing pranks has made us MASTERS at running and hiding! Compared to that, this'll be a piece of cake!

Plus, I want the humans to get better faster...

Then we'll gratefully accept your offer. But these pills are valuable, so don't drop any.

Got that, Luna?

Don't call me out! That just makes me even more nervous!


A bunch of sheep spawn in, including a new white variant.


Meeko's sheep minions?! Not now!

Finally found you!

Geez, it's too easy to get lost in this thicket!

It's Meeko!

Been a while. But it's obvious that you're up to something.

How could I miss it, when you've got your entire crew on their way here?!

What?! They are?

Wait, could it be that they were trying to bait her out?

That sounds like the sort plan Satori would come up with. Bold, but the enemy's logic wouldn't be a mystery to her.

I guess you're making pills? Well, hand them over then!

I dunno what they're for, but it can't be good!

Wh-What do we do? She's gonna steal the medicine!

No need to panic. I'm sure Mokou is leading them here.

So unlike this chick, they're not gonna get lost.

See, what'd I say?

Looks like the House of Eternity's under attack by sheep.

Good thing we hurried then. Thanks for the guidance, Mokou.

Eh, it's my job.

Anyway, look!

So you're here, Meeko!

And YOU'RE here, boat!

Getting here before you girls was easy as pie thanks to my sheep information network.

Looks like she took the bait. Honestly, I never imagined it would be so simple.

Our movements were just a feint to lure you out.

A... feint?! What?!

Anyway, you saved us the trouble of finding you. And we've got a lot of questions for you!

This dream incident is your fault, right? What're you up to?

You're going to tell us where the mastermind is hiding too!

Hmph! It's not like I have to answer just 'cause you asked.

And it doesn't change the fact that I can stop your plan by taking the pills!

...So she noticed the medicine then... She must be planning to invade the House of Eternity.

If she gets inside, she can do more than take the medicine, she can destroy our facilities so we can't make any more.

Eirin specifies a line.

We can't afford for them to get any closer than this. Please, help us keep them away.

Got it, leave it to us!

It seems there's a new type of monster here. Proceed with caution.

Victory: Defeat Meeko. (Meeko retreats below 20% HP).
Defeat: The Palanquin Ship or any force-deployed units are defeated, or any enemies cross the line.
Bonus WP: ???

For reference, here's a full view of the line (and a random white spot in the top left for some reason??). The two sheep I've highlited will cross the line on the enemy phase, so you have to destroy them immediately.

Since Mystia's here, she can blast people with sick tunes for some accuracy and evasion bonuses.

Status MAPs can give you some ridiculous EXP.

It's so nice playing on normal where Marisa/Mima can oneshot these guys. On normal+ and hard these black sheep often take 3 entire attacks to take down, which is a big pain.

If you look closely, you can see Sakuya here getting an extra turn. This is one of the few instances where the Chain spirit is genuinely useful.

By the way, although the whole "don't let enemies cross the line" thing already implies to "move fast", this chapter is on an even stricter time-limit than it first appears. The faster you can move, the better.

In fact, it's so imperative that I'm doing that thing Blitz likes doing and have Yukari cast Accel via her unique Dream spirit. As a refresher, it allows Yukari to cast any spirit that any other unit on your team has access to, albeit at an inflated cost.

Speaking of spirits, Shinki's job this chapter is to dump Rouse on people to boost up their Power. The 3 Fairies get first dibs, since they have they most important job.

Different groups of black sheep seem to have different AI. Some of them start moving immediately, others will prioritize attacking targets in range, and still others are like the second group but start moving on later turns.

These guys are in that third category. Rinnosuke oughtta be able to take care of them himself with the timeframe given.

When I said the 3 Fairies have the most important job, I meant it.

From this spot, right here, they're going to deal with the entire northern half of the map by themselves.

Their basic attack does not do a lot of damage.

Lily White and Cirno/Dai aren't going to contribute much, but I don't want to move them too far away from the action, either.

By the end of the first turn, we've made some pretty good headway!

On the enemy phase, Meeko starts moving right away. She'll typically aim for the top left, which is just another reason why the 3 Fairies are so important.

This white sheep moves, which wouldn't be very exciting, but...

Then it moves again! Literally right on top of the line!

It's a good thing they'll attack targets in range. If you couldn't soften these things up on the enemy phase, I'm not sure how I'd beat this chapter.

The 3 Fairies' second attack, S Formation Attack, natively has barrier-piercing on it. Very handy for getting past the black sheeps' Wool Guard.

Man, I remember it blowing my mind that FMW gave Double Act to grunt enemies.

By the way, the white sheep don't share the black sheeps' barrier. One gimmick per enemy, thank you very much.

They take out this white sheep with a basic attack...

And because of the Eternity Exceeded, get a second action! Very good item to toss on them for this chapter.

The white sheep that were in the bottom left of the map will cross the line on turn 3, so it's good to kill them whenever you have the opportunity.

The last dirty trick up this chapter's sleeve is this bomb-holding black sheep at the edge of Byakuren's range. Unlike all the other enemies on the map, this one will never attack. If you attack it, it will always defend, cutting your damage in half - which can completely screw you over, if you were counting on being able to kill it in two rounds.

Anyways, skipping forward, here's how we look by turn 2.

And on the enemy phase...

They don't stop coming

and they don't stop coming

and they don't stop coming

and they don't stop coming

There's an event at the beginning of turn 3. It's a good one, so Ryza subbed a video of it here.

I already knew this, but geez, you girls are stubborn.

We stayed up all night making that medicine. We're not about to just hand it over!

This is to protect humanity from the nightmares. We can't afford to lose it.

I won't let you lay a single finger on it.

Still dunno what this stuff is, but your attitude tells me all I need to know.


Where's all this creepy confidence coming from?

I mean, I just don't feel like losing today.

You're making a big mistake if you think I'm the same as I was when you beat me before!

Well, she SOUNDS confident at least.

Try saying that again after you see THIS!

BGM: Girls, Surpass the Carnage

If it's not clear, there's like twice as many sheep as before.


Gah, she was hiding that many of them?!

I'm sure you noticed that the sheep were multiplying faster. That's because MY power is stronger!

With this many, you'll never stop them!

Oh no, they're already-

Not on my watch!


What, you wanna stand in our way?!

You won't be setting one filthy hoof into this place.

And I believe I told you that you won't be touching this medicine either.

Hmph, talk big while you still can!

They surround and zap her.



This isn't good. If we're stuck defending the mansion, we'll never be able to muster a counterattack.

But there are sheep over here too!

Still haven't given up? You girls really are stubborn!

But I don't care how much you pretend to care about the humans, you're still just invaders from the moon.

I saw how much you were looked down on everyone from the surface when you first met!


Ouch. Hitting her right where it hurts.

See?! You can't even deny it! So how do I know you won't just drop the act and start something awful again?!

The taunts of a child. Eirin is no longer-

...No, I realize how absurd it sounds for me to claim that I'm doing this for the humans.


But even so, I am now a citizen of Earth. I have a duty to offer something of value to others.

Regardless of how I might be seen, I've decided to step down onto the soil of the Earth and live my life here.

And I'm told that makes me a resident of Gensokyo.

So you remembered, Eirin...

And just as I'm sure you never expected me to say anything like that, the world is filled with things you'll never predict.

Hmph. Sounds nice, but in the end it's just more talk. I know you're up to something.

Anyway, you say you 'decided' all this or whatever.. and that's enough to be accepted?! It's not fair!

That's it! You're getting the full treatment! Take a nice nap from my full output electric shock!


Eirin! Not even you can take much more of that!

Now finish her off!

A bolt of lightning strikes, and the entire screen fades to white.

There's a conspicuously long delay before anyone says anything.




Huh? You're okay?

The sheep are exploded.


Where'd the sheep go?! Wait, so that bolt of lightning just now was...?

...I don't make a habit of remembering each and every fool, but do you realize what you've done?

How dare a lowly youkai raise a hand against HER, and while speaking such filth at that.

You've already earned a myriad deaths!

This aura... no way!

Wh-Who did that?! If you're gonna hide then I'll just have to find you!

Too slow!

BGM: Lunatic Guardian

For whatever reason, they re-did all of Yorihime's animations between 3 and 4. They're super slick now.

Ow ow ow, hot! My wool's on fire!

(I love that there's fanart for this scene)

With that, one of your sins has been burnt away by the flames of Atago.

But don't expect to be forgiven with just that.

N-No way, that's-

Is that... Yorihime...?

...Lady Yagokoro.

Wh-Who are you?! You just dropped in out of nowhere to get in my way?!

In truth, I had no intention of coming to a place like this.

But as long as I wield this blade, I-

No, I was asking who you were...



Frankly I am shocked by your insolence. Not only do you fail to offer even one word of apology, now you're demanding my name?

It seems that first I'll have to teach you your place.

I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry!

Why are YOU apologizing, Reisen?

Y-You're acting like you're all that, but I've still got plenty of sheep!

And all I need to win is to get the pills!

4 sheep zoom off and surround Lily.


Oh no, they're changing their target!

Is she planning to take Lily hostage?!

I-I can't fight off this many!

mysterious offscreen voice that I don't have a portrait for posted:

Leave them to me!

BGM: The Variable and Constant Zero Fighter

The sheep get exploded.

What?! Is that lunar rabbit weaponry?!

Wait, isn't that...?

Are you hurt, Lily?!


That's the second time I've saved you, 'Fairy'.

So it's not just Yorihime then? This isn't a dream, is it?

Wh-What the heck! What the heck?! You've still got even more people in hiding?!

In that case, I might as well bring out EVERYONE!

Meeko summons a CRAPLOAD of sheep. It's hard to get across in screenshot form, but this happens like twice as fast and way more erratically than normal reinforcements.

Wha- is that...?

How do you like that?! The whole forest is packed with sheep! I don't care how strong you are, you can't stop all of them!

How could she still have so many in reserve?!

Guess her weird confidence wasn't just a bluff then.

Hee hee hee, I brushed everyone's fur and put them in a good mood just for today.

Now, c'mon, let's get into that mansion!

Aren't you forgetting someone?


Is that you, Ideon?


Um... where'd everyone go?

Th-They vanished? Did you send them off somewhere, Miss Yukari?

No. I didn't do a thing. The sheep were completely disintegrated, without leaving a trace.

That power approaches the border between particle and wave. It's-

There. I think the view's much better this way.

Bon Voyage!

Toyohime, remind me again how many times I told you that using that weapon on Earth is forbidden?

Don't worry, I left it on its lowest setting. Look, the forest is still intact, isn't it?

Wh-What did you do...? Where did you hide them?

The fan I used creates a wind that purifies all of creation.

Your friends were disintegrated at a subatomic level. They're now on a voyage across the sea of stars.

...No, you're lying...

Haha... you're kidding me. You blew all those sheep away in one shot?

But Lady Toyohime, what are you two doing on the Earth of all places...?

My deepest apologies for not keeping in touch, Lady Yagokoro. It's an honor to meet you once again.

So it really is you two then. But why...?

We've been given a mission. I'd love to tell you more once we've settled things here.

First of all, let's purify this insolent youkai who dared harm Lady Yagokoro.

My sister and I will form a team. Raysen, use your own judgment.


Yorihime, the circumstances forced our hand, but now that we're here we might as well clean up.

To prevent this from getting out of hand, we'll eliminate the target as quickly and efficiently as possible. Got that?

Right. We shouldn't need more than five... no, three minutes.



I'd love to catch up, but we gotta finish this first.

I'll be fighting too, so get behind me, Lily!


The new pairs form up.

Victory: Defeat Meeko. (Meeko retreats below 20% HP).
Defeat: The Palanquin Ship is defeated, or any enemies cross the line.
Bonus WP: From the turn reinforcements arrive, defeat Meeko within 3 turns.

I love that the Bonus for this chapter is fulfilling Yorihime's boasting .

Hello my name is Yorihime, I am Reimu with a sword.

Hello my name is Toyohime, I am discount-brand Ideon.

Hello my name is Raysen, I am a grunt rabbit from the moon chapters.

Aaaanyway, here's how we look on turn 3.

Meeko still has her annoying field, preventing you from acting if you have less than 130 Power. That's basically why I had to turn the difficulty down. With all the other time pressures on this chapter, I could either make her retreat within 3 turns, or defeat her before she retreats, but not both.

There's lots of enemies left to go, so even Tewi has to pull her weight.

Honestly, I never thought we'd meet again so soon.

But, I-

You're right, it's much too soon!


I told you'd I'd show you a wonderful spring you could see from the moon, but you came back before the snow even melted!

O-Oh... that's what you meant? I thought- Anyway, I still remember that promise.

But... But since I didn't think I'd get to see you again, I'm so happy!

Me too... er... wow, this got a little awkward.

By the way, didn't Lady Yorihime call you Raysen just now?

Uh... right! After you left, a lot happened and I ended up working for them as a pet.

Lady Yorihime is putting me through her training now, and I've decided to keep living on the moon.

So I won't be running from battle anymore!

Behold, the mightiest super power: a gun!

The white sheep massacre continues.

I picked this spot for the 3 Fairies specifically so they can pull a long-range snipe on this white sheep here.

With Eirin out on the field, she can use her spirits to fill up the 3 Fairies on MP. She has enough SP to do this twice, and they're definitely gunna need it.

She can even contribute with some long-range attacks of her own.

I'm sorry, Toyohime. I know we agreed not to interfere, but I just couldn't watch any longer.

Oh, I don't blame you. Even I was getting angry at what we saw.

That said, there's no elegance in a brutish, all-out brawl.

Right. With my power to house the myriad gods,

and my weapons from the unsullied moon,

let's show them danmaku we can be proud of as the two leaders of the moon's defense.

Truly, the most beautiful danmaku on Earth.

Needless to say, this sheep explodes.

And with a bit more exertion, the white sheep are cleared out. Now it's just black sheep and Meeko left.

On the enemy phase, Meeko decides to pick a fight with the REAL heroes of this chapter.

Ah... uu..

She took severe mental damage just now, but it seems she's still bearing it.

Well, I don't think anyone could handle getting dunked on like that.

But isn't this our chance? Let's crush her spirit until she gives up on this incident.

...Right, I can't lose. I have to win, for the sake of everyone on their voyage...

Oh, she's over it already?

Nah, she's done for. Her eyes look a little empty.

...If I lose here, then even the memory of them will join the stars.

Watch over me, Katz, Mufti, Toto! I'll avenge you!

Please be excited for Gundam references.

Please also be excited for more "Meeko gets bullied" faces. She has a tonne of them.

BGM: Bottled Sheep - Fall Asleep

I don't think I've ever fully appreciated how smooth the Open Fairy dodge animation is.

Unfortunately, Meeko's movement put me in an awkward position. A bunch of my units have been dunked into her danmaku field, and very few of them are above 130 Power. That means lots of black sheep moving up without getting counterattacked.

Not a problem for the 3 Fairies though, they've been at max Power for a while now.

and they don't stop coming

and they don't stop coming

and they don't stop coming

Woops they came at me so hard the fairies ran out of MP, looks like they're gunna d-

and they don't stop coming

Yamame gives them a well-deserved full heal.

The black sheep are mostly a formality at this point. The main problem is Meeko and her stupid danmaku field.

The people that have access to Power boosting spirits, like Mokou here, and are in good shape.

And everyone else that matters can get Rouse'd by Shinki.

Looks like Miss Satori's nastiness worked perfectly!

Good thing she's so stupid, huh Orin?

H-Hey! Only stupid people call other people stupid!

But it seems that you really are wary of us.

You got that right! I can't believe you're still so... perky! Even after seeing Lady Makura's nightmares.

You really are different from the others.

Course we are. But who cares about that, what the heck are you guys doing?! What's up with this incident?

I know you've seen what the village is like now.

...This is all for Lady Makura's dream. She thought it was the best way to help the humans.

So I suppose you're just another mindless sheep following orders then.

No! I want to help her because I agree!

Lady Makura's dream is my dream too! And I won't let you get in our way!

This is another "generic first battle" dialogue for Meeko. It's a little weird getting it now, but I guess the game assumes you'll attack her before Yorihime and co show up.

Anyways, here's Shinki's dialogue:

To think a little girl like you is up to something so dangerous...

This is for Lady Makura. I'm just happy to be useful to her.

So that's your master then.

Yeah, everything is to fulfill Lady Makura's dream. And I'm definitely helping!

...I'm sure you have a reason to love her so much.

But you must be stopped, for the sake of Gensokyo.

And Letty:

Thank goodness you showed up. It's about time for the weather to warm up, so this would have gotten unpleasant.

Don't push yourself. Why not just crawl back into your hole until next winter?

What a thoughtless suggestion. It'd be much simpler to just settle this now.

I can't believe that Shiro is helping cause an incident affecting all of Gensokyo...

Yeah, we all thought she was just a furball, but look at her now.

Heh heh heh, have you realized how awesome I am then?!

Uh, you talk big, but isn't your master the one doing all the work?

Well, you know what they say about riding coat tails.

What? But... Lady Makura doesn't have a tail?

How could you not get that?!

Anyway, we beat you up and everything goes back to normal!

and they don't stop coming

and they don't stop coming

and they don't stop coming

and they don't stop coming

Anyway, this the final turn to complete the Bonus objective.

The defend-only sheep from before was carrying the only bomb on this chapter. If you can't get your heavy hitters above 130 Power, then your only hope is bombing open a hole in Meeko's field and hoping they're strong enough to take her down.

In Yorihime's case, I'm more worried about doing too much damage, since I don't want to reduce her below 20%, so she's on bomb duty.

So you finally showed yourself, Meeko.

Looks like you aren't letting the nightmares bother you. But you're too late!

There's nothing you can do now that we've started the plan!

Who exactly do you think you're talking to? I'm an incident resolution specialist.

No matter what you do, I'm resolving the incident!

No you're not! No one gets in the way of Lady Makura's dream!


Invading the dream world in order to change humanity's values...

Does Makura Muwatari realize just how dangerous this plan of hers is?

Dangerous?! It's necessary! Lady Makura said so!

Do you know how much I've done in preparation for this day?

...So she's acting with a plan. Our opponent is more intelligent than I expected.

We need to act quickly, lest we lose the initiative.

I can't believe you're doing something like this...

I mean, remember that time I stuffed you in a mushroom jar? Unbelievable.

No, stop! Do you even know how long it took to get the smell out?! I don't want to remember!

But at least back then we could live in peace.

Now I've gotta blow you away with my magic cannon!

...Bring it on, Marisa!

How very of you, Meeko.

I had high hopes when I heard you were the mastermind's right-hand woman, but who'd have thought you'd be such a little girl?

D-Don't make fun of me!

Then will your power impress me?

Putting on airs will only get you killed sooner, kid.

Hmph! Say what you like. You think you're better than me, but it's not like you can do anything either.

Go ahead, try to fight back! Lady Makura will show you just how powerless you are!

FYI, Sanae cast Zeal here so she'll still be available to Support Attack later in the turn. This'll be important later. dont @ me nages

Stop this, Meeko!

It's no use trying to convince me. Lady Makura is doing this for the humans!

How am I supposed to believe that those nightmares are for our sake?

And it's not just outside technology, you're rejecting ALL change...?

You only think like that 'cause you're from the outside world, Sanae.

No, as one of Gensokyo's humans I can't leave this incident alone.

The wind priestess Sanae Kochiya will exterminate you!

And Kogasa:

Oh, you must be new. I've never seen you before.



I did it! I scared you!

Th-That's not fair! Anyone would be surprised by something as sudden as that!

You think I'd surprise anyone?! Yay!

And now she's happy... Who are you anyway?!

We can't just leave the village like that. Where will we get our food? And I hear their blood tastes disgusting now.

Wait, their blood?!

My two mistresses are vampires, remember?

But... So you're saying that the humans...?

And when you get bitten, I'm sure your pelt will turn a lovely gray.


It seems you don't understand jokes. But now you've left an opening!

God I love how hard Meeko gets dunked on.

You got away last time, but it won't go so well for you now!

I've been practicing choke holds just for you, Meeko!

Ch-Choking...? Like, you're choking on me...? Are you planning to eat me?!

Clarste posted:

this is a pun because the word for choke also means season like with salt or whatever

I bet you're thinking of Ray and Bidan and Deikun and everyone as food too!

Huh? That's not what a choke hold is...

You're awful! The worst!

I don't really get it, but I think I hit a nerve... I'm not Sakuya, you know...

With the village in that state, the humans' spirits are just gonna get worse and worse.

And if that happens, what are we supposed to do when fall comes?!

Um... what? What does that have to do with fall?

They won't be working the fields, there'd probably be no harvest festival... this is a nightmare!

I don't really get it, but I'm sure Lady Makura has plans for all that.

But what's the point if we can't produce autumn for ourselves?!

We can't let this incident happen, for the sake of autumn!

20% of Meeko's HP on this mode is 7900, so this is about as low as I can safely bring her.

We're coming up on the end of the chapter, but since I don't want Clarste's translations to go to waste, here's some more pre-battle dialogue:

Why are you doing this, Shiro?!

You're just gonna hurt people and make them sad.

Dai, you only think that because you don't know what Lady Makura is planning.

If you just listened to us, I know you'd see that we're the good guys.

Uh-uh, I don't think so. Everyone's suffering...

That's why we fight!


You wanna steal the medicine, but your luck's run out!

Um... ruck's lun out? Run's luck out?

You got it right the first time!

Oh, cool! Anyway, I'm not gonna lose to you!

I bet you're just gonna say you're the strongest again. But I've gotta show her I can complete her missions!


Rabbit came back, so I have to do my best too!

Uu, and I was so close to getting the medicine...

And she's from the moon, isn't she? She's dangerous so we gotta send her back!

You don't get to decide that, Meeko! Please understand!

Rabbit is my friend. I won't let you say bad things about her!


With both Lily and the other Reisen here, I need to show off the results of my training...

I-If you're coming at me, then come at me already!

...Wait, is this battle more important than I thought? Can I really do this?

Well anyway, it's time to show you the strength that's endured the Watatsukis' training!


So you're attacking the House of Eternity, huh? If the forest burnt down, I'd be the first person they'd suspect you know.

Huh? What?

Anyway, you started this so I hope you're ready.

Let's see how well your precious wool protects you from the flame of a phoenix!


So you finally show yourself. I've got a special disease saved just for you, you know.

Um... special how?

A contagious disease that only spreads to youkai sheep. What do you think would happen if I released it now?

Eek! You demon!

You're one to talk. But I like that look of terror! Show me more!


I'll never forgive you for doing that to the village!

But aren't you from the Underworld? What do you care?

There's a bar I wanted to visit, but now they're not letting in youkai!

The mood was getting so good too. I was even thinking "this is it"!

Youkai visiting the village was never normal in the first place.

That's what made it so good! You'd never being doing this if you understood!


I'm impressed you managed to prepare this incident while evading the eyes of the tengu.

The sheep were all just sitting there. I bet you don't have much practice searching for things that aren't moving.

But it's too late now. No matter what you do, no matter how many familiars you defeat, you can't stop this incident.

We may have underestimated you, but this battle won't be won with words.

I will defeat you for the honor of the mountain youkai!


This incident is dangerous, Meeko!

But it's necessary! Lady Makura said so!

But is Makura always right? Do you just accept everything she tells you?

I'm not dumb! I'm doing this because I think it's good too!

Aren't YOU the one who just does whatever your master tells you 'cause you're scared of her?!

Y-You're saying that now?! I'm no longer dulled by a misguided blade!


Last time you were somebody else's problem, but now it's different.

Thanks to you, the whole village is in trouble.

But you're a celestial. The village has nothing to do with you.

You're right, it doesn't. But now I have friends who I've fought besides.

The virtuous man is driven by responsibility, the non-virtuous man is driven by profit.' I don't know what you're planning, but I do what I want!


So first it was the power of Yatagarasu, then you attacked the bazaar, and now you're invading people's dreams?

You must have a conscience though. Doesn't doing all this hurt you too, deep down?


I know you have a plan. But what about justice? What about fairness? Do those mean nothing to you?

Sh-Shut up! I don't care what you say to me, I'm not stopping the plan!

Right, this is all for Lady Makura!


Give up already, Meeko!

Why would I?!

Yorihime isn't normal! And she even brought Toyohime too!

But... I have my orders. I need to be useful to Lady Makura!

You're that devoted to her...?


Meeko had a little lamb~♪ Little lamb, little lamb~♪

Oh, I know that song!

In the next part, it follows her to school! It's so cute!

So Miss Keine headbutted it~♪ Headbutted it, headbutted it~♪

And little Meeko began to cry~♪ Began to cry, began to cry~♪

Y-You don't have to sing that part!


Having your dreams messed with like that can't be good for your health.

You think? Couldn't Lady Makura teach you all sorts of thing while you sleep?

Like what?

Like how get better sleep, or how to avoid bedhead, or-

Teaching you how to sleep WHILE you're asleep? How does that work?


Yorihime and Toyohime... I can't believe those children came to Earth.

You know them?

They used to be my students. I hadn't realized how powerful they'd become.

You have no hope of victory. Surrender peacefully while you can.



How dare you hurt Lady Yagokoro. Don't expect to get off with a mere singe like that.

You just suddenly came out of nowhere! Who ARE you?!

I am Watatsuki no Yorihime, one of the leaders of the lunar envoys.

And within my body dwells the power of the Myriad Gods.

Uh, that's a lot of gods...

...So wait, does that mean you can do some crazy stuff...?

You've realized that too late. Let the flames of the gods burn you down to your very soul!



Hello there! We owe a lot to you, you know.

You're the one who-!

I hope you weren't planning to use that entire herd to torment Lady Yagokoro?

Because neither Yorihime nor I could ever forgive a despicable youkai who did THAT.

B-But what about you? You're using that weapon...

Oh, you mean this?


You're right, since we're on Earth I need to make sure to never raise the output.

But by all means, please enjoy the power of the moon's latest weapon.

Ah... uu...

The Ship:

The power to control sleep is so troublesome. We have to find some way to counter it!

Then it's a good thing I brought something just for that.

What is it?

It's called an alarm clock. It's a tool that awakens its user.

Apparently it's enchanted to force you to get moving if you fall back asleep.

H-How terrifying!


Doesn't that just mean it wakes up even the stubbornest sleepers?


N-nevermind! If you have something that dangerous, I just need to defeat you first!


Yo. We finally meet again.

This time I'm with the Yama, so I've gotta do my job too.

Which means...?

It means I'm measuring the value of your life. Weighing your virtues.

Not enough virtue, and you ain't crossing the Sanzu. Now let's get started...

N-No, stop! I don't wanna hear it!

Putting it off ain't gonna make it any easier, you know.


I've heard about what you've done from Komachi.

Oh no, are you Gensokyo's Yama?!

In order to achieve your goals, you haven't been especially discriminating about your methods.

What must you be thinking, in order to behave so selfishly? Your-

H-Hmph! Why should I listen to you?!

Hey, get back here! The lecture was just beginning!

Spoilers, the real lecture comes in a later fight.

Obviously, there's only one way this can end.








It's ok, that's why Sanae set up to Support Attack with that earlier Zeal.


Just for reference, they started this chapter at level 65.

Nothing's working, they're too strong!

Oh my, three minutes on the dot. Not even a second to spare.

She has slightly different dialogue if you do it even faster.

It seems you've realized your defeat is imminent, but even praying to the gods won't save you now.

All the myriad gods are on our side, not to mention the wisdom of the moon.


...They were terrifying as enemies, but it's so reassuring to have them on our side.

We've met Yorihime, but she brought her sister too?

Anyway, a win's a win. We stopped you from getting the pills.

And naturally, you're going to tell us where your master is.

Hmph! Don't think you've won just 'cause you saved some medicine.

You can't stop those nightmares no matter what you do! Lady Makura's power to control dreams is unbeatable.

Nightmares? Controlling dreams?

There's an incident on Earth where humans are seeing nightmares. This girl is part of the group behind it.

I see. Very interesting. It sounds like this might be related to our mission.

But when you speak of a youkai that can freely control dreams, you don't mean...?

...Impossible. There's another baku here?

For the uninitiated, Yorihime's talking about Doremy here. Doremy's, uh, basically the character that Makura was supposed to be. She debuted in Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom, the demo for which came out at the same time as FMW4's demo. Most unfortunate timing, there.


Good heavens, that means-

Now you get it. Yeah, Lady Makura is the youkai that controls dreams, a baku.

So, now do you understand what I mean when I say she's unbeatable?


I don't care how strong the people joining your team are, Lady Makura is INVINCIBLE.

You all should just take a nap and leave everything to her!

She makes a break for it.

Ack, she's getting away!

Cheeky. Does she think she's faster than a vampire?

How far does she think she can get, with her body turned to roast mutton like that?

...No, we shouldn't pursue her.

Whaaat? Why not?

Now that we're learned our opponent's identity, there's no need to overextend ourselves.

I agree. We should refrain from chasing after her.

Hmm. Well, if Yukari says so, I guess.

Welp, there she goes.

It's unfortunate that she got away, but it's true that we had no reason to keep up the pursuit.

First we need to discuss the new information we've earned from this battle.

Plus, it sounds like our guests from the moon have some business with us.

I wanna hear about that too.

True, we'd welcome an opportunity to exchange information.

But more importantly, there's an esteemed figure present who we absolutely must greet.

Isn't that right, Yorihime?



BGM: What's the Strategy?

Luckily, we managed to fight off the sheep.

Are you okay, Eirin? You got hurt pretty bad back there.

Oh, that? Pay it no mind. That level of damage will regenerate on its own.

But I must thank you all for keeping the Butterfly Dream Pills safe and sound.

What are you talking about, Master? Aren't YOU the one who jumped in front of them and took the hits?

Seeing Eirin doing something like that was quite moving, even to me. And I've seen quite a few things in my time.

Please don't tease me, Princess. I was merely fulfilling my duty.

Even so, I was glad to hear that you now consider yourself a part of Gensokyo.

I'm sure your life here will become something precious to you.


That's great and all, but you can't forget your other reason to be happy!

Yeah! These amazing surprise guests of yours!

Said guests walk in.

So this is where Lady Yagokoro is living now.

Right. It's bigger on the inside than it looks.

It may be modest, but it's aglow with a sense of refinement and intellect.

And this nostalgic smell of medicine... Don't you agree, Yorihime?


Oh, and that shack over there is where I was staying when I was mooching here...

Someone runs in.


Oh my...

I'm glad to see you're doing well, Rabbit.

Never thought I'd see you again.

Reisen, everyone!

I heard you had a big fight up there, but it sounds like you made it back to the moon alright.

Yeah, it was looking real dicey for a while, but it was all thanks to Lady Yagokoro's letter.

The training is tough, but at least I'm not pounding mochi anymore.

You're so cool now, Rabbit! Even in battle!

Thanks. Anyway, I'm just glad you're all okay.

Wait, is everyone calling you 'Rabbit'? How bizarre.

Yeah, that's the nickname everyone called me when I was here.

But if I used my new name, things could get a little confusing, so I'm fine with going by Rabbit.

...True. But still, the exact same name...?

If you have something to say, then say it to my face, Raysen.

Geh, you were listening?!

No, I, um, I was just thinking about how your taste in names is as great as ever...

A-Anyway, sorry for not staying in touch- I mean, please forgive me!

Goodness gracious, she's still the same old Raysen. I thought you told me she grew up a little, Yorihime?

I suppose one's nature doesn't change so easily. Her determination to live on Earth seemed real enough, at least.

Indeed, she's been working as Eirin's disciple.

...Lady Kaguya.



...I would say this meeting was a pleasant surprise, but of course it is no mystery that wherever Lady Yagokoro may be found, you won't be far behind.

I suppose your life's been the same as ever, even after falling to Earth?

Hmm, summarizing a thousand years in a pithy remark is beyond even me, I'm afraid.

But I'm sure there's someone else you'd prefer to be speaking to.

I appreciate your understanding. We'll have to catch up with you another time.

Is that all right, Yorihime?

But sister, I-

Yorihime. Toyohime.

Lady Yagokoro...

...I can't doubt my own eyes. It really is you two.

To think we'd ever be able to meet like this...

Once again, I apologize for not staying in touch. I'm just overjoyed we were able to meet again.

It's been a thousand years, but it was good to hear that you've been watching over us.

And you two! You've grown taller, but I'd recognize those faces anywhere.

If you don't mind, could you come a little closer so I can see you better?


She turns around (I think?)


L-Lady Yorihime?

Why are you hesitating? This is your chance to finally see Lady Yagokoro again!

Please forgive my rudeness, Lady Yagokoro, but I cannot face you.

This was all due to my inexperience.

What are you talking about...?

We were only here for our mission... and I'd planned to finish it and immediately return to the moon.

Even if we'd be landing near you, I'd decided in my heart that we must never meet, Lady Yagokoro.

But... why?

Because we are residents of the moon. But in her letter, Lady Yagokoro told us that she would be living on the Earth.

In order to accept that, I had to come to terms with the fact that our paths would never cross again.

And yet despite that, here I am, filled with joy at the mere fact that we can stand on the same soil for even the briefest of instants.


It must shame you to have a student like me. So, at the very least, allow me to hide my face from you.


...So that's how strongly you've felt about me for all this time.

Even though I'm the one who brought you so much suffering...

Lady Yagokoro...

Even when I was leaving the moon, I didn't spare a second thought for those I was leaving behind as I committed those sins.

You had to become strong precisely because you had a master like me, didn't you?

N-No, you did nothing wrong, Lady Yagokoro!


She's right, please don't say such things, Lady Yagokoro.


True, it wasn't an easy path. But it's one I chose for myself.

It's the same for Yorihime. She may be strong, but that's only because she made the choice to become strong.

And what took us this far was our pride in the teachings of our master, Lady Yagokoro.


So please, rather than feeling guilty for what we've been through, could you instead praise us for what we've accomplished?

Nothing could mean more to us than your recognition, Lady Yagokoro.


You're correct, of course. You've grown so strong, as both an older sister, and as one who stands above others.

In light of that, why don't we all forget our twisted karma for a moment and speak to each other as master and student once again?

Lady Yagokoro...

I hardly recognized you two, you know.

Nothing could make me prouder than knowing that you were my students.

...Thank you...!

(it's kind of implied that she's crying I guess)


So paths that once diverged have crossed again. Even if this is for but an instant, I'm sure it will bring peace to your hearts.

I've never seen them so emotional before...

Determination and hesitation, strength and weakness. All of that exists inside everyone.

Perhaps what we call true strength is the power to keep pressing forward despite that.

Right, we have a lot to learn from that too.

...Unfortunately though, this may not be the best time to enjoy this touching reunion.

Meeko has shown herself, and I'd like to resolve this incident as soon as possible.

...Indeed. We have have some questions about that as well.

But surely we don't have to be standing outside to ask them. Let's head indoors.

Well then, why don't we use this Japanese-style room?

I never imagined we'd be brushing shoulders with important figures from the moon.

Neither did we. And I see there are even some of the youkai we've been keeping an eye on present.

Now now, we have more important things to discuss. Can you tell us why the lunar envoys have come to Earth?

I believe I've mentioned a mission?

We were sent to Earth to investigate a situation and ultimately resolve it.

A situation?

Yes. Something unusual is happening in the dream world.


Wait, the dream world?!

The dreams humans see are closely related to the Lunar Capital, so we have a certain youkai monitoring them for us.

And recently there have been reports from her that someone's been changing the dreams of everyone in Gensokyo.

Perhaps that's the same incident we've been investigating?

It certainly seems likely, based on what I've heard here.

So anyway, us Lunar Envoys were volunteered for this, since we have permission to come and go freely.

Naturally, we'd planned to complete our mission without drawing attention to ourselves.

But then we noticed a disturbance nearby and came to check it out. And you should know the rest.

I see. So that's what going on.

By the way, why isn't this youkai helper of yours helping out? What's she doing?

She told us that 'this isn't part of my job description, so I'll leave it to you.'

Yet another reference to Doremy. She won't be showing up in this game at all, just fyi.

The perils of vertical society...

Well, it wouldn't have done much good for her to show up by herself anyway.

Anyway, if I understand correctly, our objectives are the same here.

In which case, wouldn't it be wonderful if we joined up?

Join up? With them? Is your head filled with flowers or something?

I understand your feelings, but you can't take that tone with-

But, you know, it's kinda true that there's been some... diplomatic friction between Gensokyo and the moon.

It's also true that the top brass on the moon doesn't look kindly on Earthlings.

That said, no one's watching us down here, and the people of Gensokyo are definitely more familiar with this incident.

So I propose a temporary truce. This way, we can present a united front.

And we'll gladly accept that.

For some reason this handshake makes the screen shake.

Whoa, a handshake between the Earth and the Moon! There's a first time for everything!

We're forming an alliance?! This is going into the history books!

I shouldn't need to remind you of this, but this needs to be kept completely confidential. We'd lose our jobs.

Of course, of course. But to think the ultimate military force of the moon would be helping us...

...This still doesn't feel real to me, but after both the Yama and the god of Makai already joined us, what did you expect?

So I hate to interrupt, but do you two have a clue who the culprit is then?

Just now, Meeko made it obvious that she's a baku.

It's a kind of sacred beast that controls dreams, but there are no records of any appearing in Gensokyo.

As far as we're aware, the power of a baku can only be used from inside a dream.

There's no doubt that she's hiding somewhere connected to the dream world.

But clearly you weren't able to pinpoint her location from the moon.

Yes, meaning she's not JUST in the dream world.

Most likely she's protected by a special barrier similar to the one around Gensokyo.

So, like, a Gensokyo in the dream world?

...Wait. Dreams and illusions...? Fantasy...?

Elly, you don't mean-?!

Oh, are you two onto something for once?

Yeah! It's our home! The culprit must be where we and Yuuka live!

Fantasy World!


I see, so that's how it is...

Fantasy World is a special place, even in the dream world. It's directly adjacent to Gensokyo. I can't think of anywhere else.

I'm pretty sure this explanation is supposed to explain Makura's powers, without treading on Doremy's ground.

All right! If we know where she is, all that's left is to charge in!

Let's get ready real quick and-


...If so, then we're in trouble.

Huh? Swing and a miss?

Is there something else?

Yes. While Fantasy World is connected to the real world, in other words, to Gensokyo, it's still a part of the dream world.

And the culprit has the power to manipulate dreams. Meaning...

Meaning that Makura Muwatari has absolute control of everything there.

Wait, absolute...?

So you're saying she's an omnipotent god there.

And that's not all. Once we enter, dreams and reality, spirit and flesh, will become intermingled and both will be in danger.

Fighting there is like wagering your entire existence.

I-I'm not liking where this is going...

So not only does the world itself present a risk, our opponent has an absolute homefield advantage.

So this must be what Meeko was getting all that confidence from.

But we have no other options, nor the time to postpone this.

If we let this incident progress any further, we won't be able to undo the damage.

...We have enough Butterfly Dream Pills left to hold back the nightmares for one more night.

We have no choice to but to use this time to make our final preparations, and head out to the final battle tomorrow.

We take the fight to her, in Fantasy World.

Then we'll disperse for today, and meet up again tomorrow morning at the shrine.

What about us, Lady Watatsuki?

...Good point. If it isn't a bother, I don't suppose you could host us at the House of Eternity for one night?

Is that all right, Lady Yagokoro? Lady Kaguya?

I have no objections, if you're all right with it.

Tomorrow's the final battle. And tonight might be our last chance.

Please don't waste this, everyone.


That night...

So this is what the moon looks like from Earth.

Yes, it's such a strange sight... And such a quiet night.

It's as if the entire world is asleep.

I can hardly believe that, even now, something is gnawing away at Gensokyo's dreams.

It sounds like even the youkai rabbits of the mansion have gone to sleep already.

Someone walks in.

Just for tonight, they can sleep without nightmares thanks to the drug.

...Lady Kaguya.

But with no one to disturb us, perhaps we can have a leisurely chat?

I hope we can speak freely without Eirin or the Inaba around.

I appreciate that you've set aside the time for this tonight, of all nights.

Oh, not at all, I did this because I wanted to speak with you.

This is the first time we've spoken directly like this, isn't it?

We always heard so much about you from Lady Yagokoro back on the moon.

...I remember that too. Eirin always had a special fondness for you two.

And you still miss her, from the bottom of your hearts.


I'm the reason she left the moon. I suppose you must hate me for that.



...That's something she decided for herself, and I have no desire to insist that she was wrong.

But, we just... we wanted to ask you why. What made you want to stay on Earth, Lady Kaguya?

Why, you ask?

Yes. After all, that was the trigger that made Lady Yagokoro choose the Earth.

...And not just her. It's simply a fact that many others have had their lives thrown into chaos by your actions.

So what were you thinking, Lady Kaguya? What thoughts drove you to choose an eternity on the surface?


...If you'll forgive me for asking such a direct question, that is.

...No, it's all true. Thank you for expressing your concern.

Hmm, let's see... Right now, I'm able to stand before you like this, but when I first began my life as a fugitive I couldn't help but be terrified.

Surely that was because I was unable to escape the sins I'd committed.

I lacked the luxury to even think about my original reason for remaining.


And as time passed, I may have forgotten what made me want to stay here.

But recently, I was finally able to remember it.

And that would be...?

My love towards life, both birth and death. Of things changing as time ticks forward.

I wanted to see more of this place, where that's simply accepted as inevitable.

And now it's surpassed mere curiosity, I want to be a part of it.

So that's what went through your head when you chose to stay behind on the prison known as Earth.

So you've never regretted it then? This decision you made for yourself?

You're saying that you accept the crimes you've commited, and all the consequences of your actions?

Yes. I won't deny them for as long as live.

I have a long time ahead of me, time to study my sins and the weight of what I've taken from others.

I plan to hold the people whose lives I disrupted close to my heart for the rest of my eternal life.


...Thank you. That's what we wanted to ask.

We'll remember your words.

Just as we told Lady Yagokoro, we won't send anyone after you as long as we're the leaders of the envoys.

Based on what you've said, your punishment will never end.

Please remember those feelings as long as you live.

So that your eternity will be something that ripens with age.

I'll remember your words too.

...Now then! With that out of the way, how about we have something nice to eat?

I happen to have brought some moon peaches for a midnight snack.

At this time of night? Aren't you on a diet?

Oh my, why in the world would I worry about that when Lady Yagokoro's medicine is right there?

You really are her disciples. You're both so strong... But don't mind me. And you need your rest as well.

This is the night before the final battle.

We should get some sleep.

There's a completely different scene here on the Reimu route, by the way.

...Okay, I definitely I need this mushroom. And I should probably bring the lizard tail too, just in case.

Oh, is this the grimoire I wrote the year before last? Sure brings back memories...

Making progress on your prep work, Marisa?

Going great, as you can see.

...I see, so your brilliant plan is to dump everything you own on the floor so no one can use my store.

Or don't tell me you're choosing which junk to bring to the investigation tomorrow?

I am, but digging through this stuff turned out to be kinda fun.

This is the ribbon I used to have on my hat, and this is a peach tree branch I got on the moon, and...

Come to think of it, I've resolved a lot of incidents, haven't I?

...Indeed, you've gone on all sorts of adventures. And you've never let me forget any of them.

First you set out with Nitori, then you met Alice, and then Patchouli, and then more new allies one after another.

And I've seen more danmaku than I can count, but I took notes on every last one.

So this grimoire contains your research notes from all those danmaku battles?

Yeah. I like to look at it to remind me of how far I've come.

Hey, why don't you have a look too, Kourin?


I'm in a good mood today. And when are you gonna get another chance?


No thanks. Maybe after we get back from the investigation.

C'mon, Kourin, you didn't even crack open the cover.

Think of it as a jinx. This way, I'll have something to look forward to when we get back in one piece.

And besides, every time you try to show me one of your grimoires, it's meant you were worried about something.


Dammit, why do you gotta play the mature adult card NOW?

Precisely because it's now. I haven't lived longer than you just for show.

And anyway, don't you have better people than me to turn to for support?

What do you mean?

People walk in.


Mister Kourindoooou! Is Marisa here?!

It's the middle of the night, Nitori. Lower your voice.

...But with this mountain of trash I'm assuming she's here.

Huh? What are you three doing here?

Hey, it's Marisa! We finally found you!

We visited your house to check up on you, but it was completely empty.

As expected, it seems you aren't making any progress with your preparations.

What the heck, why would you come all the way here on the night before the final battle?

Because I know you, Marisa, and I know that if I left you alone you'd stay up all night 'preparing'.

But if I keep you company, you'll finish up faster and actually get some rest.


These last few lines change depending on who you picked to help Marisa back in FMW2. It's pretty minor either way.

...This is the fruit of the connections you made through your battles.

I'm sure you already know that that history is more powerful than anything, Marisa.


Hm? What're you talking about?

Oh, nothing. Anyway, do you think you three could help me pack?

I'm gonna take all of it.

What?! ALL of it? Seriously?

Given that this is Marisa, I doubt it's a joke.

...I expected as much. Looks like this will take all night, but we'll help.

These lines change a bit too.

(...Right. It's doesn't matter who we're up against. That doesn't change what I need to do.)

(I have my magic, and all of my history.)

(And I'll end this incident with everything I have.)

That's it for now, look forward to chapter 71.