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Part 31: Chapter 71 (Part 2)

Welcome back to Chapter 71 proper.

Where we left off, we needed a team name. Unfortunately, the default of "Fantasy Maiden Squadron" doesn't fit the 15 character limit, so we turned to the thread for a vote. Before we get to that though, the default name has some unique dialogue (I have no idea how we'll handle this for the patch) so let's check that out:

How about the Fantasy Maiden Squadron?

Fantasy... what?

I see. So it signifies all of Gensokyo coming together. How elegant in its simplicity.

Not bad. I'm fine with that.

Now, before we get to what more-or-less won (I didn't tally votes or anything, but only one name got any traction) let's check out some easter eggs:

How about Londo Bell?

Hmm... I see where you're coming from, but...

Might wanna rethink that.

Fine, fine, how about...

Most mecha team names you could think of elicit that reaction, and then you get prompted again for a name. Aside from that generic reaction, there's a few unique ones for certain names. I'm not gunna show em all, but here's a few I like:

How about SEELE?

...Go home.

C'mon, are you even trying? Again.

Fine, fine, how about...

How about Limonesia?

Eek! Give it back! Give me back my Limonesia!

How about AEUG?

I'll "correct" you!

How about Ze Balmary?

That was also me.

How about Kamille?

Isn't that a girl's name?

But now, let's finally get back to the actual update.

How about Sheep Bullies?

Sounds nice. I'm fine with that.

I bet you would be.

Anyway, with that settled, let's be on our way.

Murasa, could you steer the ship for us, please?

Just leave it me! Elly and Kurumi can show me the way, right?

Of-to-the-course! This is our once-in-a-lifetime chance in the spotlight!

Okay, so first we head to Mugenkan, which is through the lake behind the shrine.

There's a room there that takes you into Mugen Sekai.

So the plan is to look for traces of the mastermind there before rushing in.

It's Yuuka's old home, but I'm sure she won't mind us searching it.

Then we're ready to go. Um... What were we called again? Not the Gensokyo Defense Force...

Sheep Bullies, right?

Yeah, that. The leader of Sheep Bullies should be you, right Marisa?

Gotcha. Then let's hop to it!

We're gonna resolve this dream incident!


The screen fades to black here.

There's a short theme that plays here, but it's not in the music room so I dunno what it is.

I suppose it's been quite a while since I visited my own home, hasn't it?

And in the short time I've been away, it's changed so much.

Now then, where's that tenant of mine...?

Oh, it seems she's already left after all. Whatever happened to giving notice to your landlady?

It certainly is just like a mastermind to withdraw deeper into your lair though.

The screen shakes violently for a moment.

Oh, this vibration in the air... It seems Reimu and the others have arrived too.

In that case, I suppose I should be headed in too.

The great powers of Gensokyo have come together as one...

All that's left is to wait for that bud to bloom. I know it will be beautiful.

BGM: Perfectly Quiet Land

...All right, so the Palanquin Ship will be on standby in the hall.

Understood. Please leave the investigation to us.

...So we made it safely through the lake and into the mansion.

Right, this is Mugenkan, which is where the entrance to Mugen Sekai is.

It feels pretty different from how it did last time I was here.

You got that right. It's like it's been abandoned.

...But it's so pretty...

Yes, while it's mostly in ruins, there's this strange peacefulness to it.

Ah, so that's where your tastes lie?

Someone who's really into ruins? I think I've heard of that.

Watch out, the floor's unstable and the flooding is awful.

Even my favorite tiles came off... Are they underwater somewhere?

Wait, but look at that!

A flower petal...? It's new too, and covered in youkai aura.

I see. Which means...

Yuuka. There's no doubt about it.

So she was here until just now then?

Yuuka was here?

You haven't seen her since the flower field, have you Medicine?

...Yeah. I miss her, but...

But she said we'd meet again, outside the suzuran field. So I'm not worried, I'm just doing what I can.

We might even run into her in Mugen Sekai.

But we can never tell what she's thinking, so there's a good chance we'll end up fighting her.

Perfect! I've always wanted a real fight with her anyway.

No fair, Remi! I wanna fight her too!

...It's so funny. We've known the Scarlet Devil Mansion people for so long now, but they haven't changed a bit.

That's just how Remi is. If you're waiting for her to show her timid side, I think you'll be waiting a long time.

That's right. Just last night the mistress suggested we hold a celebration on the eve of the final battle.

Wait, what? Don't tell me you threw a party...?

Of course we did. Just a modest one though, with a few of our closest neighbors.

Yukari certainly managed to procure a lot of good mutton on short notice.

Wow, a party on the night before a battle? I would never have even thought of that.

But wait, mutton? That's quite a grim sense of humor.

"Sheep Bullies" was far more prescient than I think anyone voting for it realized.

It doesn't surprise me though, coming from them.

True. Maybe Remilia's unwavering confidence is the key to the entire mansion's strength.

It's a reassuring thing to have on our side when we're marching into enemy territory.

Please just leave it to us! Leading from the front lines is our specialty!

Sounds great, but if you screw up you're taking us all down with you.

By contrast, our esteemed guests from the moon sure know how to get things done.

...Nothing unusual here. Let's move on to the next room.

W-Wait up, Lady Yorihime!

If we don't slow down, we'll leave everyone behind!

We've got a long road ahead of us, and no time to waste here.

And why should that matter anyway? Our mission isn't to befriend them, is it?

Well, it's not like many people could get along with Lady Yorihime anyway...

What a strong will. I'm starting to understand the rumors I've heard of her beating everyone up on the moon.

Please excuse her, she doesn't mean anything by it. As I'm sure you can tell, she's just... serious about everything.

Once you get to know her, she has a cute side to her too.

It's not a problem. If anything, it makes her easier to work with.

I don't mind either! After Yumeko, I'm used to being around Spartans.

I'm sure Yorihime's seriousness will pay off down the road.

Thank you, Shinki. I can only hope that the others are as kind and understanding as you.

Oh, stop that Toyohime! I should be the saying the same to you!

Well, those two are getting along, somehow...

Birds of a feather stick together, as they say. Not to mention how they both draw from a bottomless well of power.

But the surface dwellers aren't half-bad at getting things done either.

...Right. After what we've seen them do on the moon, we shouldn't underestimate them.

I can't say I'd object to a little payback for what they did to me in the sea of stars either.

That last line of dialogue only triggers if you have the Magatama from beating Yorihime once during the moon escape chapter.

But it can't hurt to try to match your pace to them, could it?

If someone got left behind, wouldn't we be wasting even more time going back for them?

True. But I never thought I'd hear those words from a celestial. Very interesting.

What's THAT supposed to mean?

I've heard the people of Heaven look down on the Earthlings, thinking themselves superior beings.

But here you are, suggesting we match pace with the others.

...It's not very befitting for a celestial, is it? Don't need to tell me twice.


Why does she look so gloomy? I thought Yorihime was praising her?

Well, it's a bit of a complicated situation for her.

As she says, Heavenly culture doesn't look kindly on befriending the people of the Earth.

So even if she's being praised, she can't allow herself to honestly enjoy it.

I see. That sure sounds familiar.

On the moon, we try to stay above earthly concerns. I wonder if that feels similarly oppressive.

...If so, I'd say we're quite familiar with that.

Even the Watatsuki sisters have been through a lot in the Lunar Capital.

Hmm.... you too then?

Oh, might you be able to sympathize with each other than? She's very much needed someone to talk to, you see.

No one in Heaven can understand her worries.


Mind your own business, Iku. You're here for your job, so stop acting like you're my mom.

Oh, you misunderstand. I'm not here for my job, I'm here because I personally want to help you, Eldest Daughter.

Wait, what...?

Where's this coming from?! Were you always like this...?

The people of Earth scolded us for being too fixated on 'duty' and 'position'.

Hearing that really opened my eyes. I'd never realized it could be any other way.

So you've been influenced by them then...?

Right, which is why I personally want to help you, Eldest Daughter.

I want you find a self you can be proud of.


...That's not fair. You can't just spring this on me out of nowhere...

Besides, how am I suppose to do that when I don't even know what it looks like...?


Someone runs in.


We're pretty much done here, so we're gonna head further in by boat!

Oh? It sounds like we're finished searching in this area.

As long as we're making progress. Hurry, we need to join up with the others.

Chapter 71: Towards the Abyss of Dreams and Illusions

BGM: To the Distant Dream World

Since we're in the final arc, please be excited for a whole load of excellent stage themes.

Here we are, the deepest part of the mansion.

Well, this is suspiciously huge. What kind of mansion would need a room like this?

This room is where the entrance to Mugen Sekai is.

See? It's right over there.

The camera pans past the bed from before...

And over to... whatever that is.


What the heck? It gets all hazy over there.

I don't recognize that magic or spiritual power, but that's...

...The light of dreams, spilling into the real world. I don't doubt that it's connected to Mugen Sekai.

Is anyone else surprised?! I thought it'd be a door or something!

I think it'd be MORE surprising if the entrance to an otherworld were just a door.

Clarste posted:

I'm glad they found a way to get contradicted by HSiFS too

But we still haven't found any traces of the mastermind. Should we look around a little more first?

No, I can sense something!

A load of enemies spawn in. No black sheep, thankfully, just white sheep.

More of those damned sheep familiars! Looks like they're coming out of Mugen Sekai!

Well, what more proof do we need? The villain's obviously up ahead.

Then prepare to sortie. We'll crush a path through the sheep and charge into Mugen Sekai.

However, we don't have time to babysit anyone: you're each responsible for reaching it on your own. You'll have six minutes. That should be more than enough time.

...She means that's the plan we're proposing. Any thoughts from the people of Earth?

No objections here. The sooner we begin, the better.

All right everyone, it's time to deploy!

In case you can't tell, this is one of those diagonal-perspective maps.

All right, let's go! Right into that fog!

Are you scared to split up, Dai?

A little... But I'll be fine!

Anyone who's worried, take the rearguard. I'll cleave a path myself.

And who said you could hog all the glory?


I'm the strongest and fastest here, so naturally I go first!

Tee hee hee, no way I'm letting you get all the sheep!

Good grief, didn't they get enough lamb last night?

I'm sure they're just in high spirits because it's the first battle.

What are you even talking about? Why is this a competition?

Oh? I believe I already told you. This investigation is being led by Reimu and her friends. All of them.

...I see. So not a single one of you is simply a follower.

How interesting. The moon would never tolerate that kind of internal conflict.

Why are we still talking?! The entrance to Mugen Sekai is right there!

This look familiar?

But watch out, even if we get IN, getting OUT won't be so easy!

We don't know when the enemy will get reinforcements! Let's break through as quickly as possible!

Victory: All allied units make it across the line.
Defeat: The Palanquin Ship is defeated, or all allies are defeated.
Bonus WP: Defeat all enemies, and clear the chapter in 6 turns.

I think the weird defeat condition is because units retreat from the map when they cross the line. I've never tried it, but I bet you could have every unit but one cross the line, then get the last one killed, and you'd lose.

So yeah, this is basically the inverse of the previous chapter. We're on the clock, and those stupid Evil Eye enemies have this -3 movement field to slow you down. The gameplan is to bust past with the people that can Accel, and have everyone else mop up.

By pure chance, the thread voted in a bunch of units with Accel, which makes this chapter super easy.

Although tbh, the enemies here are pretty weak, so this chapter is not very hard.

Since both Alice and Yuyuko are here, I can do the old "spam Rally and then get all of Yuyuko's SP back by sacrificing dolls" trick.

Thanks to her Miraculous Living God personal skill, Sanae can start with 100% Faith. In her Suwako Frame, this means she's rocking 8 Move at base. Add in the Accel from her partner Kogasa, and the girl is made of Gotta Go Fast.

This is another one of those rare instances where Chain is pretty useful on the people that know it.

Sakuya blows up two enemies, and by getting close to the bed here, triggers a cutscene:

Hm? What's this?

A... bed? And it looks like someone was using it until recently.

Who would be sleeping in a place like this?

Uh... probably not Yuuka. Maybe the mastermind?

Now that you mention it, there's just a hint of youkai aura left on it.

I don't see any bed cover though... did she take it with her?

Either way, we know she's up ahead so we can find out later.

Hard to spot, but a couple of red spirits spawn in.


Reinforcements, huh? These guys sure are hard workers.

There's no end to them. We need to reach Mugen Sekai as quickly as possible.

Some of my slower units are just gunna hitch a ride on the boat.

But yeah, like I said, this chapter is really just an inversion of the previous chapter, minus all of the difficulty. There's not even much dialogue, so I'm gunna be skimming through it.

By the way, it even has the same out-of-place square highlighted in the top left. Very odd.

The only "challenge" on this map is these Evil Eyes being underwater, where most weapons do poorly. Tenshi's Sword of Hisou has an S Rank though, so she cleaves through em.

I really wish Sakuya had gotten an animation update at some point.

You know, someone voted Komachi in under the pretense of "infinite range will be helpful this chapter" but between 100% Faith and an Enemy Marker, Sanae has a 7-range post-movement attack.

That's, like, basically infinite range, and it's not even attached to a bad unit.

I decided to test out Yorihime's Break Accuracy Limit gimmick.

Pretty good damage, though I wish you got more than one use per chapter.

Byakuren blows up this sheep at one point...

Which (apparently) triggers a small wave of reinforcements.

Ack, even more of them!

Whatever happened to public decency?! Did things really change so much while we were gone?!

But this is a good chance to show our stuff!

Let's do this, Sakuya!

Yes, Meiling. I suppose I'll be the blade and you'll be the wall.

Couldn't you have at least called me a shield?

I'll worry about the energy, so feel free to go all out, everyone.

Yeah, counting on you!

...Wow, the Earthlings sure are on the same wavelength.

Is this the result of some kind of cooperation training?

Hardly. Everyone's just acting however they please.

And how does that work out so well?

Because MY people all have talent. If everyone focuses on what makes them special, then it all just fits together.

In other words... 'be yourself'.


What is it this time?

Oh, nothing. I was just thinking that you all seem to know what you're good at.

Oh, I see. Yeah. Although not always consciously.

What, you're still worried about that stuff this late in the game?

It's not like you need to change anything. I mean, you're already helping, Tenshi.

Y-Yeah, but that doesn't mean everything's okay.

I thought I already knew how to be a celestial, but now that I've thrown that away, I have to figure out how to be myself too?


...This isn't the time for this. Let's just clean up here and get moving.

At some point during this LP I decided to show off every "defending" sprite I come across, so here's Yukari's.

These big spirits can MAP you, but their accuracy isn't too hot.

Requisite Tewi screenshot.

Good job Tewi.

But yeah, this chapter is kind of filler. Took me 4 turns to clear out every enemy. You still need to cross the line, but even factoring that in the chapter is cleared in 5 turns.

There's unique dialogue for every unit crossing the line, so here you go:

I'm the one who picked up Shiro, so I'm the one who's gotta settle this.

I'm the one resolving this incident, not Reimu!

I'm just as worried as anyone else. But we made up our minds last night!

Let's do this together, everyone!

So this is where we'll be settling thing... the space between dreams and Gensokyo.

Let's go, for everyone's sake.

Is there any limit to how much wool these sheep can produce...?

We can even use them in cooking too. Maybe we should try domesticating them?

Tee hee hee, if it's in a dream I can do whatever I want and no one will get mad!

This is gonna be so fun! Hee hee!

Live in a daze, die in a dream. Isn't that the ideal life?

Oh wait, I'm already dead, aren't I?

What lies before us is the endpoint of all our dreams... and the mastermind's.

Let's bet our fantasies on this and go.

It sounds dangerous, but I'm the leader of the bugs!

No matter what happens, I'll protect them!

Got a bad feeling about this, but with the master here I guess it's too late to talk my way out of this...

Knock on wood, knock on wood...

Facing the final battle together, huh? The old me would've laughed.

But I guess when you live long enough, these things happen.

Everyone carrying themselves forward on their own... So thisis how it's done on Earth.

Please watch me, Lady Yagokoro. I, too, can move on without looking back.

The investigation seems to be proceeding well. It's taking longer than we imagined, but if we can spend that time with Lady Yagokoro...

I hope we can at least have a thrilling voyage.

Never thought I'd be part of the investigation too.

And I'm here with Lily and the others... Yeah, whatever happens, happens!

I couldn't take it if the humans started hating autumn just because she showed them some dumb dream!

Face the wrath of autumn!

Mugen Sekai, and the final battle with the villain... What a great opportunity for some pictures!

Aya Shameimaru, reporting from the scene!

So the enemy hideout's up ahead, huh? Soon enough we'll reach her, and I'll wrap her up in my thread.

It's the great Yamame Kurodani's time to shine!

A world no one's seen! It'll be a salad bowl of surprises!

Let's do this, me!

No matter what happens ahead, I'll fight back for both humans and youkai.


The world of dreams and illusions, huh? This place we're headed sure is something.

Let me carry you safely across.

The mastermind's stronghold, Mugen Sekai. Everything will end here.

Now, it's time for her judgment.

This isn't the time to be worrying about my personal stuff. We're on an investigation!

Well, here goes nothing...

A world of dreams and illusions, huh? Sounds just perfect for some training.

Just gotta take care of that Makura first, and then this'll be fun!

We can't abandon the humans suffering from those nightmares.

Let's go, and protect everyone.

We've reached the target point! Deploying shields!

All right, charge into Mugen Sekai!

Bonus WP acquired

Instead of getting our results screen here, the screen instead fades to black.

If you want, you can view this next scene in video form, with subtitling courtesy of Ryza.

Ugh, this is...

Is everyone here?

Yes, I've confirmed that we're all accounted for!

So we made it safely inside then? But there's nothing here...

Is this Mugen Sekai then?

We're still in the entrance. We should be seeing something soon...

Conspicuous pause.

...Wait, huh?

I don't get what's going on, but this is...?

Don't tell me we're lost?!

No, but there's some kind of invisible wall blocking the way.

It seems like a special barrier built to keep out intruders.

Well, three guesses who put it up, and the first two don't count.

Then should I blow it away with my fan?

Hold up, what if it just bounces back towards us?

It was a joke. I doubt this barrier could be broken through brute force anyway.

Yes, it seems to be made of... thoughts. Countless thoughts, layered on top of each other.

To break it, you'd need to use a power of the same type.

Hmm... so the power of the mind, so to speak?

Then how about Tenshi's Sword of Hisou? Couldn't that break it?

What? This thing?

Oh, right, a sword that gathers temperament would be just perfect for smashing this wall.

Care to give it a shot, Tenshi?

...This is a weapon that can only be wielded by a celestial. So if we need it now, then...

Very well, I'll do it!

Tenshi steps forward.

This will be a test of my power. When this barrier breaks, that'll prove that I-!

Take this! The Sword of Hisou!

BGM: Colorless Blade

Tenshi fires her strongest attack.

But, whatever this thing is?

It is completely unaffected.

! What the-?!

You did damage it, but...

It's no use, it just repaired itself immediately.

In order to break through, we can't just spill temperament everywhere, we have to focus it on a single point.

Wait, but I was giving it all I had!

Now you're telling me I need to do BETTER than that...?

But it feels like that's all the power that treasure has.

I did get the impression that you aren't drawing out its full potential.

So... So I can't handle the Sword of Hisou?

I knew it. In the end, I'm just a failed celestial...


I didn't want to admit it, and was even so stubborn about being seen as a celestial...

I look like an idiot, don't I?


C-C'mon, don't say that! Can't you just try again?

Yeah, never just call yourself stupid and give up!


No, maybe it's for the best that you failed.


Was that supposed to be a joke? Because you of all people should know this isn't the time for jokes.

Of course not. But when I think back, I can't recall a single celestial ever fully controlling the temperament.

So perhaps even striving for the power of a celestial isn't enough to handle that sword.

So even a celestial's not enough?

Yes. At least for now.

But if the temperament of a celestial won't do, then why not try what you alone possess, Eldest Daughter?

What I alone...

If you aren't going to help, then shut up, Iku! What do I have that a real celestial doesn't?!

You do have something. A human heart.


BGM: Drill Through That Cloud

Tenshi, grit your teeth.

Right. You have the ability to understand the feelings of others. Other celestials don't have that empathy.

That's what makes you special, as someone born on Earth and became a celestial while holding onto your human heart.

Isn't that what makes you you, Eldest Daughter?

My human heart is what makes me me...

Yeah, being so easy to hang out with is your best part, Tenshi!

Remember walking through the village, eating sweets together?

Talking down to people just doesn't suit you, you know?

More importantly, let's all be covered in mud together!

Your behavior may make you a delinquent, but the way you strive to do something for those around you is certainly understandable.

So give it another shot, Tenshi!


I know that the sword will be even stronger now that you've acknowledged your own heart.

It's only natural for a tool that controls the human spirit to respond to a human heart.

...I get what you're all saying. But that doesn't mean I can really do it, does it?

If you're going to give up here, then shut up and leave.


But I assume you've come this far by cooperating with the others. Then see this to the end. Try taking this into your own hands.

That should show you who you really are.

Who I really am... Yes, that's why I-!

And if you need a little push, then I'm here to cheer you on.

I know you can do this, Eldest Daughter.


That's my honest opinion, as your friend.

Good luck. I'll be watching over you.

...Fine. I'll try.

I'll believe in your words, and in my power!

BGM: Get Angry!!

Hard to make out without animation, but Tenshi erupts into light.


Whoa, look at that power?!

...The aurora. Also known as the northern lights.

Her temperament must have manifested in response to her heart surging.

...And the aurora hides the ability to bring out all other temperaments.

You've shown us your true worth.

...I'm different from before. Now I can combine all temperaments, human and youkai...

Let's do this, Sword of Hisou!

(Click here to watch!)

If this were a BlitzBlast LP, I'd make a 00 Riser Sword joke, but I'm not so crass.

I... I did it!

Look, this time the wall came down!

You did it, Tenshi!

Until now you've only been releasing the temperament, but now you can form an edge?

You can control it that well only because you accept and understand others.

...Daughter of Heaven, only through the blessing of the Earth can you truly know others.

In other words, you can only wield that power thanks to your unusual history.

That was magnificent, Eldest Daughter.

....Yeah, I can do it if I try.

Who cares about being a celestial, I just have to be myself...

Looks like you finally found your way.

And they all lived happily ever after... Wait, shouldn't we get going?

Right, that hole might plug itself up soon.

All right, return to the ship everyone!

I love that the background here changes for each locale you visit.

Good work everyone!

I think the fog started clearing up when we broke the wall.

So we made it past the first hurdle!

Yes, I hope we can keep up this pace.

And it was all thanks to you, Tenshi.

Heh, flattery will get you... everywhere actually. That feels real good. Huh.

Thank you, everyone.



What? Is there something on my face?

No, it's just... I never thought you'd be honestly thanking anyone.

Looks like you broke down another wall along with the one to Mugen Sekai!

Sh-Shut up! That's exactly why this is so hard for me!

But still, it's true that I feel a lot better now that I've met you. So thanks.

Great! And it sounds like your feelings got through too, Iku.

Yes, thanks to your advice.

I feel like I can act more naturally around her after coming to the surface and being around all of you.

Yeah, FINALLY. Now how about you start being more normal friends?

You're BOTH such a pain. There I was, watching from the bridge in agony seeing how you two interact.

It seems I can't read my own atmosphere then.

Eh, that's just part of being friends.

...Friends, huh?

Is something wrong, Eldest Daughter?

Say, Iku, about what you said back there. Did you mean it?

Um... which part?

You know! What you said about me!


What did I say again?

Geez, learn to take a hint! I mean about us being... f-friends!

Oh. Of course I meant that.

Would you prefer that I don't call you that then?

No! That's not what I meant! Ah, forget it. This is exhausting.

What's with her? We were still talking.

Ah yes, the experience of talking to a brick. I know exactly how you feel, Tenshi.

Anyhoo, I guess we'll be counting on you to keep looking after her, as both a guardian and a friend.

Yes. Thank you again for your concern.

And I'm sure I'm not the only one grateful. You all gave the Eldest Daughter the push she needed, and I know she'll return the favor.

So after this, do you think you'll get along better in Heaven too?

...I'm not so sure about that. The other celestials don't exactly value being able to understand the human heart.

But I can worry about that later. For now, just understanding myself better makes me feel so refreshed.

Right. It's not like Heaven's the only place that matters.

If you have more self-confidence now, then this was the best possible result.


That was a brilliant scarlet sword you showed us.

I'm sure you couldn't have made it without all your experiences up til now.

You think?

If you'd leaned too far towards either celestial or human, you wouldn't have been able to put together the temperament of both human and youkai like that.

You were able to stand between them precisely BECAUSE you've both fussed over being seen as a celestial, and recognized your own human heart.

This wasn't just an accident of your birth. It's proof of your efforts, and of your way of life.


This is a surprise. Never figured you the type to praise someone like that.

It's only natural to show respect for the efforts people have made.

But you only just met her. That shows a lot of insight.

Guess you really do have the dignity and grace to stand about others. Huh.

Indeed. I think some of us could learn a lot from your serious attitude.

What do you mean...?

This will be a good chance for us to observe Lunarian methods. By all mean, continue your harsh leadership.

If she's got the approval of both Keine AND the Yama, then she must be a natural at giving people lectures.

Whaaat? Now we've got ANOTHER one?!

Who cares? C'mon, let's sing together!

Huh?! Sing?! What's going on here?!

My sister told me that shrine maidens are good at singing and dancing!

So teach us how to sing and dance! And use the power of the gods!

Hold on. I don't mind teaching you about the gods, but if you want to sing and dance you should really ask my-!

Toyohime! Don't just stand there! Say something to them!

Good luck, Yorihime!


She gets dragged off.

...Wow, I knew those Earthlings were something else. Lady Yorihime didn't stand a chance.

And you're the same as ever, Lady Toyohime.

It's a drastic measure, but I hope it helps her get along with you all better.

But we have to make the best of our time together. I hope this will be a good experience for you, too.

I'm sure there are things you can learn from the people of Earth that you could never learn on the moon.

Right. So while our time together may be short, I appreciate how you've been treating us.

Anyhow, the real things starts here. We need to resolve this dream incident.

Let's go! To Mugen Sekai!

BGM: The Dream the Sheep See

...The brilliant light of all these dreams...

It's even more powerful than I had imagined. To think this land was so full of dreams.

But now that I have them all, I can finally realize my own dream...

Someone walks in.

Good work, Lady Makura!

Oh, you're back, Meeko?

I was just taking a look around, but this place really is amazing.

So down below us is...

Right. Where all of Gensokyo's dreams are gathered. The fountain of dream souls.

With this power, I will guide Gensokyo's dreams onto the correct path.

...The humans are looking pretty defeated. We're so close.

Okay, I'm gonna take another look around!

No need to get yourself so worked up. You must be tired from moving so much.

But I have to make up for screwing up with the medicine yesterday...

That was an unforeseen obstacle, but we never thought this would be easy.

But now that we've come so far, our victory is already assured. That hasn't changed.

Please, rest and heal your wounds.

Thank you, Lady Makura! But if there's anything I can do-

The screen flashes for a moment.



What was that just now...?

Someone's crossed the barrier and intruded in Mugen Sekai.

Based on this sensation, it's Reimu and Marisa... along with the other gods and youkai.

A-All of them? It's only been a day since I fought them yesterday!

Plus, didn't you say you felt Yuuka Kazami come in earlier?

There's no need to panic. As long as we're in Mugen Sekai, my power is absolute.

And if all else fails, I can always borrow the power of all these dreams.

Let them try. It will be meaningless.

O-Okay. Yeah, as long as you're here, Lady Makura...

Right, yeah! You can send 'em back whenever you want!

...More than that, by the time they've reached this place they'll have already succumbed to fear and despair.

Earlier, I manifested a certain youkai for them to fight.

Wait, what...?

The screen shakes violently.


Th-This is-!

very important listening

And with that, the screen fades to black...

Next chapter's a good one, so look forward to it!