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Part 33: Chapter 72 (Part 1)

Welcome to chapter 72.

Before we begin, I should mention, tindeck is shutting down, which has required me to go back and replace every URL throughout the entire LP with youtube links. I have probably missed some (and I'm not even bothering with the Part 2 updates tbh) but if you spot any broken links, lemme know.

Here's our crew for the chapter.

I don't remember why people voted the way they did because I recorded this chapter well over a month ago, but there's a few characters here that I'm very glad to have, for a very specific reason. You'll see why, later in the chapter.

BGM: What's the Strategy?

...There's no end to this fog.

Elly said it should clear up soon.

Continue at this speed please, Murasa.

Yes, Hijiri!

...This is the first time I've seen you using your special seat, Byakuren, but it seems like you're already used to it.

So how about it, Byakuren? Want Rinnosuke to step down as acting Captain and take over yourself?

Oh no, I'm a complete novice at giving orders in battle. Please, continue as you have been.

But even so, I hope you won't mind me being up on the bridge.

Not at all. It's a pleasure to have you here.

But still, is this really Mugen Sekai? There's nothing here so it's hard to tell.

They said it was between Gensokyo and the dream world, but what does that mean exactly?

Is it something like the space between the ocean and the land?

Hmm, it seems to be filled with aura...

To put it simply, it's the world where dreams and reality get mixed up.

It borders Gensokyo, but the influence of the dream world is strong here too.

What kind of influence?

It's constantly changing its nature based on the dreams of those in Gensokyo.

What we find up ahead will depend on what the humans are dreaming.

The Mugen Sekai we know is pretty peaceful, but...

With all the nightmares Makura is throwing around, somehow I'm guessing it's not anymore.

Hmm, so what exactly is in these nightmares then?

Good point. I never really asked.

...They were creepy. Gensokyo was being attacked by weapons I've never seen before.

In the end, everything is in ruins. The village, the forest, everything.

Ruined by what exactly?

According the humans, there was some kind of giant going on a rampage.

I wouldn't know what it looks like, but apparently it was using the power of machines somehow.

Geez, she really hate technology, doesn't she? Why do the poor innocent machines have to be the victim here?

But from what we know of her motives, this isn't limited to just technology.

She regards all culture from the outside as a hostile invasion.

So she's rejecting culture then?

True, from what Marisa told us about those dream she was having, she was badmouthing the Moriya Shrine too, just because they're new here.

I guess new technology is just the easiest part of that to understand, so she's starting with that.

Which is why had her eye on the kappa for always inventing stuff, and the power of yatagarasu which might've started a revolution.

What a pain. Just because there's new technology doesn't mean everyone's gonna use it.

Yeah! All our produce is hand grown! We'll show her!

Farmwork aside, you two are pretty accepting of cultural change though.

To her, I bet even that open-minded attitude is unpleasant.

Indeed. The mastermind is trying to reject anything that doesn't fit within her ideals.

She'll likely be ruthless in her attempts to force us out of Mugen Sekai.

And we kinda made a big flashy scene at the front door... Maybe we should be careful.

We know Makura controls dreams, but we're still not sure how that works.

We should proceed with even more caution from here on out.

BGM: Fantasy Maiden Squadron

Reimu, could you please make your expression seem a little more natural?

C'mon, pose like 'I'm the leader of this expedition.',

And how am I supposed to do that?

Oh, wasn't that a great expression just now?

Okay, I'm taking the picture now!

The screen flashes as Hatate snaps some pix.

Look Aya! Don't you think it turned out pretty well?

Eh, I've certainly seen worse. I think some pictures in the lounge would look good though.

...Um, how many photos do you NEED for this article?

We're kinda in the middle of the enemy's stronghold you know. I've better things to do.

But weren't you just relaxing and drinking tea, Reimu?

Nevermind that. NOW I've got better things to do.

I'm so sorry about them. They've been like this since last night.

It seems they're getting excited to write an article about this investigation having the largest crew yet.

That could be good PR. Make sure you include us too.

Ooh, me too! Me too!

Good grief, do you think we're on a field trip...?

The tengu are one thing, but you usually don't see Kanako or Sanae joining in the fun.

Don't you usually take command from the bridge?

Well, yeah. But this time's a little different.

This may sound odd, but part of me is finding this refreshing. It doesn't feel tense.

What do you mean?

I mean, isn't it a strange twist of fate for us newcomers to suddenly be fighting for Gensokyo's future?

It just feels nice to know that we're really a part of this.

Right. We only just got here a little while ago, but you'd never know it now.

When I think back to how I was racing around, wracked with worry, desperately trying to do everything on my own... It all feels so silly now.

We were desperate to survive, and lost sight of everything around us.


But it's been such a relief to have people around who accepted us despite all that.

So this time, I just want to do something. Not for myself, but for others.

So that's your motivation for coming on the investigation then.

Yes, and as a part of Gensokyo, it's our duty too.

That's pretty amazing. Us natives wouldn't have thought it like that.

But you've already changed things for the better around here, you know.

How so?

If you all hadn't come to the mountain when you did, I'm not sure we'd ever have opened up to the rest of Gensokyo.

We've been more than a little influenced by your resolve and earnestness too.

Besides, how many other people from the outside world do you see hanging out with us?

It's obvious that you put a lot of effort into this.

Thank you... Thank you.

All right, now that we're in a good mood, do you mind if I take another picture?

You know, I've never actually gotten a shot of us all together, even after all this time.

Really? Well it's now or never. Should we give everyone a call then?

We've got more than 70 people here, could we even get them all into the same room?

Ooh, this is a nice idea. It reminds me of school photos.

Then it's settled. Okay, so we'll need to get the bridge to make a broastcast, so-

ring ring


Looks like the bridge called us first. I wonder what they want?

Oh good, you're there. We need to gather everyone up immediately!

Akyuu is on a monitor or something, but I don't have a seperate portrait for it.

C'mon, what it is, what is it?

This sounds urgent. What happened?

The fog cleared up but... Where do I start...?

Actually, it might be faster if you just took a look out the window! Please!

The window? Is there something-


BGM: Sinking Civilization

Amazing stage themes ahead.

Wh-What the-?!

What the heck is this?!

We were surrounded by fog, and then suddenly...

We weren't teleported. It's more like the structure of the world suddenly changed around us.

I guess that's just what it means to be in Mugen Sekai.

But still, this place is...

...What a strange place. I've never seen anything like it.

...No, it's not just strange.

This is...

Oh, have you realized something?

Yes. This is the same place we saw in the nightmares.

It's the world that's left after being destroyed by the power of machines.

! But this is-!

I see. Everything submerged beneath the waves, with not a single living creature in sight.

Yeah, this is...

At a loss for words, eh? I can't blame ya.


Who's there?!

Heh heh heh. So you finally made it. What you see before you is the Graveyard of Science.

You got that? This is where you'll be buried!


Wh-What's going on?!

A fish?! A huge catfish?!

Heh, intimidated by my splendor? Can't blame ya for that either.

This is just a temporary body made from the power of dreams, but still, I'm gonna enjoy this.

Wait, power of dreams? You don't mean-

Ha! Surprised?!

This giant catfish is a youkai made real by Lady Makura!


Looks like you ignored my warning and just strolled on in.

Lady Makura's power is absolute here! You can't win!

We're aware of the danger, but this has gone far enough!

And what about you? You were just about roast mutton yesterday. Aren't you pushing your luck?

Well today is gonna be different!

Because this time, I-

Your journey ends here! You'll never get past me!


Uh, yeah, that. So-

By meeting me, your luck's run out!


I'll sing a requiem for you, in Lady Makura's place!

Geez, stop interrupting me! I'm trying to threaten them!

What, the little runt has something to say? Shut your trap, kid.

Wh-What did you call me?!

What's this, in-fighting? Already?

We don't have time to wait for your stupid comedy routine.

Sh-Shut up! I'm gonna-

Hold your horses, runt. Don't you remember Makura's orders?

Leave this to me and go brush your damned sheep or whatever.


Look kid, I like your moxie. But if ya rush into things you'll just screw up again.

Try to rest up and heal those wounds, like Makura wanted.

...Fine. I get it.

Hey! Running away again?!

It's not my choice. But don't forget that you're up against the Giant Catfish!

By the time he's done with you, YOU'LL be the roast mutton! Er... rabbit!

Meeko leaves.

Ugh, she's good at running away, at least...

We can deal with a chump like her any time we want. Focus on the enemy in front of us.

He may look strange, but we don't know what he's capable of! Be careful, everyone!

All hands to stage 1 battle stations!

(apparently that line is a Captain Bright thing)

On top of the song being great, the background is quite pretty.

Who'd have thought our first opponent in Mugen Sekai would be a catfish...?

But it sounds like he's working for the enemy, so keep your guard up.

She's right, I can feel a bottomless well of misfortune coming from him.

Ho ho ho! You can sense my power? Not half bad!

But ya still don't realize the true terror of this world.

You talk big, but you're just one fish. What could you possibly do to stop us by yourself?

Ha! By myself? Maybe by real-world logic. But that ain't how things work when dreams're real too.

I bet you'll get it once you see this thing.

This thing?

Get out here!

Dark energy is gathered...


What?! That's-

Didn't we see that at the kappa bazaar?

It's Hisoutensoku!

Isn't that the paper mache ad balloon? Why would you bring out something like that...?

Ho ho ho! Check your eyes, little missy! You really think it's just paper?!


Missiles?! Did Hisoutensoku just shoot at us?!

Then... that's...

Right! It's the metal giant from your nightmares! The heartless engine of destruction!

The Thermonuclear Titan, Hisoutensoku!


As a note, whenever Hisoutensoku "speaks", a SFX plays that sounds like a heavily-digitized low-bitrate voice saying "hisoutensoku".

Th-Thermonuclear titan?!

So Makura made a real, working robot with the power of dreams?!

Bwahaha! Why the surprise?! Anything is possible in Mugen Sekai!

But... engine of destruction? Was that really how it was supposed to be?

Of course not, Hisoutensoku was a symbol of innovation, growth, and peace.

Right! We were praying for Gensokyo's future!

Heh heh, and that's exactly why Makura used it.


Given birth to by dreams of innovation, but its power leads only to destruction.

We couldn't ask for a better morality play! Who could see this and still want technology?

So then, the giant that's been showing up in the nightmares was...

Exactly! It was this ridiculous doll!

How cowardly! Stealing a symbol of hope and corrupting it for your own ends!

Cowardly? You mean clever! It may symbolize hope to you, but now it means despair to everyone else!

Attack, Hisoutensoku! Tear them to shreds!


Victory: ???
Defeat: The Palanquin Ship is defeated.
Bonus WP: ???

Well, nothing for it but to dive in and see what we can do.

Yuyuko is here, so we can start with 10 extra Power from the start.

The enemies start close by, giving us an opportunity to kill them before they can lay down their danmaku fields.

Due to Shinki's SP regeneration, we're highly incentivized to cast spirits with her on turn 1, so as not to waste any SP. Might as well Pray for Tenshi to give her more PP.

Even on Normal, enemies' HP totals are getting pretty big. These big spirits take quite a pounding.

Speaking of big HP, these Red Sheep are up there too. They lack the Black Sheeps' barriers, but they've got stuff like Guard, Prevail, and Support Defend, so they can be a bother.

They also have Post-Movement MAPs, since this is endgame content.

By the way, as a nice side benefit, Mugen Sekai counts as neither Night nor Day. Humans and Vampires can both come out to play.

End of turn 1.

The Red Sheeps' MAP, for reference. It doesn't hit nearly as far as it looks.

Start of turn 2:

...I can't believe that old balloon turned into a real machine doll.

And now he's a minion of evil too...

But it's clear that it's hostile. It attacked the ship.

We can't afford to hold back when we fight it.

Right, we need to stop it so we can-

Ho ho ho! If you want to destroy it then go ahead!


But isn't he on your side? You really want us to destroy him?

Sure, why not? I mean, it's YOUR symbol of hope, isn't it?

So go ahead! Kill your own hope with your own hands! See how far that takes you!

Wait, so if we attack him we're playing right into their hands?!

Yes, it seems his goal was to get us to fight Hisoutensoku.

He wants us to directly destroy our own dreams of innovation.

What poor taste. Is that why it's shaped like that?

...Right. How dare you use Hisoutensoku for that!


We were all thinking of Gensokyo's future when we made him!

Yeah! He's a robot of justice, filled with our dreams! We can't destroy him!

Can't we just disable him somehow? And use that chance to defeat the catfish?

I don't see much choice other than to try. Perhaps we can stop it by damaging it enough, by bringing it right to the brink of defeat.

All right everyone, ignore the catfish for now! Please focus on the machine doll!

Make sure to use mercy! We don't want to destroy it by accident!

Victory: Reduce Hisoutensoku's HP below 2000.
Defeat: The Palanquin Ship or Hisoutensoku are defeated.
Bonus WP: Reduce Hisoutensoku's HP below 100.

True to Alice's words, we gotta use the Mercy spirit for once. It's like Princess Shine all over again.

It's worth noting that Rinnosuke has Mercy, so you can't not have someone with Mercy on your team, which is good. In our case, we also have Yuyuko, Yukari, and Mima, as options.

Sakuya is our Eternity Exceeded-wielder this chapter, so her and Remilia are going to clear out the southern enemies by themselves, while the rest of the team pushes to Hisoutensoku.

Hey, Hisoutensoku! Do you remember us?!

Actually, we came up with a theme song for you!


...No response. It seems it really is a heartless doll.

Prepare for battle, everyone!

...Wait, what?!

What is it, Akyu?

I'm getting a high energy reading from the target! It's gathering heat below the chestplate!

These readings... It's probably nuclear fusion!

That's the same power as Lord Yatagarasu?!

Misusing that power right in from Okuu?! How low can you sink!

You really love rubbing people the wrong way, huh?!

No time to talk, it's coming!

Hisoutensoku is a Big Boy, with Big Boy HP.

Hisoutensoku's attacks are hilariously bad looking, as a bit of a reference to oldschool SRWs.

End of turn 2.

Hisoutensoku's got a lot of HP, so it's hard to take him down very fast. Luckily, we're under no time pressures on this chapter, so I can take as long as I want.

The White Sheep with their double actions start moving around now, but now that we're not desperately holding a line, they're not very threatening.

I rarely get to use Spear the Gugnir, so I just wanted to point out how dope it looks.

Several Blazing Stars later, Yuyuko goes in for the Mercy Kill.

She also eats a missile to the face for her troubles.

Strong recommendation to check out this next part in video form.


All right! We disabled Hisoutensoku!

Good thing we had mercy. See, it comes in handy too!

She only says that if you actually used Mercy. Otherwise, Yukari comments on getting lucky.

That should be enough, right?

Hm. What are you playing at? Stopping it without destroying it...?

And what are you doing, Hisoutensoku! Have you forgetten your orders?!

If you have even a single gear still turning, then get moving! Destroy them!


Gah, it's still on a rampage?!

It shouldn't even be able to move anymore! It's going past its limits!

If you move when you're all beat up like that, you'll fall apart!

Please stop, Hisoutensoku!


You're not an engine of destruction! That's not what you were born for!

Please stop listening to them! Don't hurt yourself, or anyone else!

She's right! Open your eyes!

Oho? Now you're trying to CONVINCE it?

Ho ho ho! This is brilliant! What a joke!

You think this metal blockhead will listen to you?! Cry all you want!

Don't you dare laugh at people's feelings! You... awful person!

But what else can I do? What are you even thinking? That's just a doll powered by nightmares!

You can say whatever you want to it, it's not gonna-



What? What happened...?

Looks like it stopped moving. But the catfish didn't order it to.

Is... is he hurting inside?


Right. It's possible that the hopes placed into his form are in conflict with the nightmare inside him.

I'm guessing it stopped moving because of that conflict.

Conflict...? What kind of conflict could a doll have?!

You're just a puppet, so act like one! Stop whining and follow your orders!


Hmph. Looks like there's a bug in its programming. A downside of stealing the design, I guess?

Then I have no more use for you!

Ah! Hisoutensoku!


It's completely stopped moving... Seems like it's powered down.

A useless doll to the end. Guess it couldn't handle the power of nightmares.

But I might as well make good use of that nuclear-powered body!

! The catfish's energy is rising!

What? What are you doing?



He attacked Hisoutensoku?!

That's not all, it's internal temperature suddenly spiked!

At this rate, it'll melt!

There's just one use for this hunk of scrap now.

I'll activate its self-destruct and blow you all away!


You're not just abandoning him, you're destroying him?!

Got a problem with that?! I'm just getting some use out of this worthless blockhead!

At least this stupid machine doll will be useful in death!

How could you treat your own ally like that?!

You make me sick, scum.

Good, praise me more!

D-Do you even know how much of ourselves we put into making Hisoutensoku?

...No, it can't end like this...


And what about you, Hisoutensoku?! Do YOU want it to end like this?!


You were born bearing the weight of all kinds of feelings, right?!

But here you are, destroying people's dreams at the bidding of some villain?!

If you have any pride at all, then resist!

Yeah! Don't give up, fight back!

Please, accept the dreams we put into you, one last time!

Our hopes, our wishes, our dreams for Gensokyo's future!

Ho ho ho! Shouldn't you be running for your lives? I can't believe you're still trying to convince it!

Now, you dumb machine, be useful for once!

Ugh, is it no use?!


H-Hisoutensoku just moved!

I thought it was powered down! How...?

No, look at these readings!

...Internal energy rising. Reactor temperature stabilizing!

It's not self-destructing, it's entire body is filled with spiritual energy!

Hisoutensoku has rebooted!

R-Rebooted?! But I took all of its power! How?!

Hmph, I suppose you underestimated the feelings we put into him.


He's not an engine of destruction, he's our prayer for the future.

So now, without the nightmare to take over his body...

He's been reborn as a youkai, through the power of dreams!

Stop spouting nonsense! It's just a doll! Your dreams are just-

No, YOU shut up!


...Unaware of the Law of Heaven. Just like the name implies, it used to be a doll with no self-awareness.

But now it's filled with the dreams of the people!

Right. What you see before you isn't some Thermonuclear Titan...

It's Giant Youkai Automatic Doll! Reborn!

Dreams and peace!

Youkai robot!



Dr-dreams and peace?! Youkai robot?!

Ridiculous! You'd disobey my orders, and side with the humans?!

Then I'll just have to destroy you myself!


Ah! Hisoutensoku!

The catfish is pretty powerful too! At this rate-!

Doesn't it have any weapons?! Weapons!

Don't worry, we designed him ourselves!

Then we know the best way to draw out his max power!

He'll respond to our cheers! Are you ready, Sanae?!


(Click here to watch!)


See? He won't lose to a big catfish!

Wait, wasn't that completely different from how he moved before?!

Sanae and the others use to dream up even the smallest details. It's responding to those thoughts.

In Gensokyo, Hisoutensoku was just an advertising balloon. But here in Mugen Sekai, it can be so much more!

We're unconstrained by the laws of reality!

Okay, calm down, girl. You're saying this is a product of your delusions?

I mean, you should see how many notebooks we filled.

No, impossible! How could it stand up to ME?!

Fine, I'll just have to deal with you all personally!

He heals up.

The catfish's temperament changed, looks likes it's coming right for us!

Fine, bring it on! The real battles starts here!

You too, Hisoutensoku. Be sure to listen to everyone!


Here we go, everyone!

Victory: Defeat the Giant Catfish.
Defeat: The Palanquin Ship is defeated.

Absolute fuckin unit.


All parts are overflowing with energy. 100%... no, 200%!

Hisoutensoku, respond to our feelings!

I still can't believe this is really happening...

But it is! Our dream became real!


I hate to admit it, but it's a LITTLE cool. I guess.

...Good grief, aren't we all excited? Not that I can't understand.

In the outside world, a realistic giant robot wouldn't even be able to walk.

But is it really necessary for us to shout before every attack, like they did earlier?

He should be all right on his own, but I think he'd like that, at least. Couldn't hurt.

So make sure to give him a cheer if you're ever nearby, okay?'

As they hinted at, Hisoutensoku himself doesn't have battle dialogue. Instead, random characters will pipe up for him, usually telling him to kick ass. Toyohime here is musing that she wants to bring him back to the moon.

They also call out his attack names. Sometimes they put their own spin on it, though Marisa's just shouting "Rocket Knuuuuckle!" here.

His hit animation is just his lights blinking off .

God damn his animations are cool.

From here on it's mostly just clean up. The Catfish doesn't move, so you can take as much time as you want.

Somewhere in the middle of this process, Flandre took a bit too much Graze damage and died. Woops.

Giant Catfish is a fairly large boy himself, with big armour, big HP, a MAP, and Double Act, so it pays to approach him fully prepared.

I waited until turn 26 to reap the benefits of the 5 MP regen every unit innately has. I do not value my own time, clearly.

By the way, in addition to not moving, he only has 6 range, so you can safely pelt him from a distance and he can't do anything about it.

Too bad for you Hisoutensoku switched sides!

Don't think everything's going to go just the way you planned!

Hmph, a little early to be counting your chickens...

After all, I've been entrusted with far more dream power than that...thing.

...Oh, right. The catfish was also made by Makura.

But unlike Hisoutensoku, it has a strong sense of self...

Ho ho ho! That's because I've been created as a youkai! And I have the strength to back it up!

I'll feast upon your despair!

BGM: The Unknown Object's Earthshaking Strike

pew pew

Hmm, that stone...!

A keystone, to pacify the land.

If you're supposed to be the giant catfish that causes earthquakes, then I need to make sure I do this right.

Only a select few are able to use those! Don't tell me this stubborn-looking lass is one of them!

It doesn't matter if I'm stubborn! Anyway, if you hate these then that's just perfect.

I don't care if you're just a dream, even I can fulfill my family's duty from time to time!


You know, even in the Underworld we don't get many bastards as nasty of you.

Ho ho ho! Coming from an earth spider?

Say, why don't we team up? Invade their dreams together?


Conquer the land with plagues and earthquakes! I wouldn't mind giving you half the world.

Even an outcast has something to protect. Not happening.

You're the only one who'll be suffering from this plague, catfish!

I love what a stereotypical jrpg villain the catfish is.

Hmm, catfish tastes a little muddy...

I wouldn't mind being eaten by a pretty lady like you.

But you're a dream, right? Even if we beat you, won't you just pop up again?

That's a secret.


Yes, that attitude! Splendid! Entertain me a little while longer!


So that dream body was given to you by Makura Muwatari.

To think she would manifest Taisui, the embodiment of calamity.

Ho ho ho! Her strength is beyond imagination!

Even I'm shocked at what Makura can do!

But in the end, you're just a portion of her power. We can't afford to lose here.

But it's your fate to lose to this portion!

A being that causes disaster... we have to stop you!

Ho ho ho! How noble of you! I could almost cry!

But I see you're hunched over. Can't handle my glorious slime?


Do you really think you can stop me like that? Maybe you should try playing with my whiskers?

St-Stop! I'll call for help!

What a sight! Your terror is whetting my appetite!

Calling for help is futile! All are powerless before me!


I cannot stand back and let a villain like you go free!

Was that supposed to be an insult? It sounded like a compliment to me.

Fear, despair! All of it is my joy!

Yes, and a being like cannot be allowed to-!

Ho ho ho! The buddhist powers of a nun are no match for my girth!

Look, I've been trying to avoid thicc jokes, but he's really pushing it here.

So this is the kind of youkai you find on the surface?!

Cowering before my grandeur? A perfectly natural response.

At this rate, my power will grow enough to effect even the real world.

The Watatsuki sisters won't let you do that!

Really now? You still haven't seen my true power!


Such a tasty-looking young lady, like a heavenly peach...

How vulgar.


Kidding! I just thought I shouldn't let you take the initiative.

Even so, that was quite a shock...

This won't do at all, I'll just have to eat you before you get another word in!

You'll be tangled in this thread before you reach me.

This thing's almost as big as the Palanquin Ship!

Ho ho ho! Already terrified by my stature?!

As it should be! Stab me all you wish, I'll feel nothing but a prick!

Palaquin Ship to all fighters! Normal methods won't work on the catfish!

Please choose attacks that are effective on large targets, or leave it to Hisoutensoku and the ship!

Considering the scale of some of our attacks, I think we'll be just fine.

A turn later, he gets blown up by Tenshi.

Hm. A little hard to chew, aren't you?

I'm at the top of the food chain! You think I'd lose to a fish?

But even though the battle has just begun, I can tell he's still hiding his true strength.

What kind of youkai would take on the form of a catfish, anyway...?

Come to think of it, isn't there supposed to be a giant catfish lurking beneath the ground that causes devastating earthquakes?

Yeah, I've heard of that. I think these keystones were supposed to keep him pinned down or something?

Oho. It seems some of you aren't as foolish as you look.

Indeed! My very movement shakes the land itself, bringing ruin to the surface! The likes of you won't even scratch me!

I am the shadow of the most despicable and disastrous youkai of all, Taisui Xingjun!

clarste posted:

yet another sanbondo casualty: this is Shion/Joon's title

T-Taisui Xingjun?! From the legends?!

The god of calamity from the Motherland?!

But, well, you're still just a dream of him, right? What's the big deal?

You fool! Where do you think we are? This is Mugen Sekai, where dream is reality!

I am the symbol of mankind's downfall!

Witness the true terror of calamity!

Enemy Spellcard
Catfish 「All Electric Ecology」


Ally: HP Halved
-Frontline units' HP is halved every turn.
Ally: Cannot Act(HP)
-When HP is less than 1000, cannot act.

As usual, the "halve hp" effect also applies immediately after he declares to spellcard. In this case, it only effected Minoriko.

All of the Catfish's spells got altered from their original versions. This spell used to zero-out your ammo, and prevent you from attacking after moving. I think the idea was to lure you in, so he could mess you up with his next spells.

This thing is a much bigger MAP than his previous one.

He still can't counter at 7+ range though.

The shadow of Taisui Xingjun, the embodiment of calamity, huh? What an interesting opponent.

Ho ho ho! You mean to challenge me?!

What can you do before the most despicable and disastrous youkai?!

Well, that's what I want to find out. Glad we're on the same page! Hope you don't die too quick!


So this catfish is supposed to be some bigshot youkai? Never would've guessed...

There've have been many humans ignorant of my power, and they've all perished!

Perhaps you'll catch a glimpse of it as I show you the end and drag you into the depths of despair?

I hate to disappoint, but you do realize I'm not gonna let my guard down just because you said that, right?

Petty villains like you only exist so the hero can show off while blowing them away! I hope you're ready!

You seem like an obedient youkai... No matter what I do to you, you'll-

Even I'm not so patient as to let that slide.

You read my mind! A satori then?

...What an unpleasant encounter. I suppose that's what I get for following these surface-dwellers.

"I need to finish off bastards like her quickly." Finish off, hmm? What a selfish personality.

And what about you? Saying everything out loud.

Any power that touches the heart is a bother. Let this be your requiem!


The hidden Koishi takes out the accursed catfish!

Hm? Where did you come from...?

And they all lived happily ever after!

...Trying to understand her may be futile. Not even I can predict your actions. Are you broken?

Based on that eye on your chest you're a satori though...

Did no one ever tell you? If you love something, set it free!

What are you even talking about...?

Then I'll have to do it for you!

Non-Sequiters: The Movie.

The boy gets bonked.

What, that's it?

Don't get cocky just 'cause you're a little bigger than us.

Even if you're just a dream, we can't let someone like you into Gensokyo!

Ho ho ho! Still so chipper, are we? You're even more foolish than I imagined!

Can you keep that up once you've seen my TRUE power?

C'mon, stop bragging and just show us already!

Very well, behold!

! This feeling...!

What is it, Hina?

That catfish's body is overflowing with ill omen.

This pure, absolute misfortune is-

Indeed, calamity itself! Along with the primal fear of it!

I am a being which controls mankind's terror of calamity!

So natural disasters then? He's a catfish, so like earthquakes? What else...?


Or maybe even winter?!

Enough already! That's not a disaster, you just don't like it.

Still, aren't you just a fake made by Makura?

The REAL Taisui Xingjun would be an honorable curse god.

Someone like you, who's throwing his weight around just for fun, is just another two-bit villain.

You could say that. But even this temporary form is more than enough to symbolize the fear of catastrophe!

Humanity's pain, suffering, grief and sorrow! These are my joys!

And all of you will be my fodder!

Enemy Spellcard
Catfish 「The Earth Liquefies into Mud!」


Ally: HP Halved
-Frontline units' HP is halved every turn.
Ally: Cannot Act(HP)
-When HP is less than 2000, cannot act.

Yeah, it's just a harder version of his previous effect.

In earlier versions, this set your MP to 1, and set all your terrain ranks to C. Very nasty.

He still can't counter at 7+ range.

Even if he's just a dream, the shadow of Taisui Xingjun is still a pretty big deal.

So what kind of person is giving HIM orders?

Makura is my creator. She also lets me do as I please, like this.

I get the feeling that sticking with her is going to keep my life interesting from here on out.

So it's not just a whim then? What a pain...

Well, we need to finish this investigation, so I'm gonna be showing you to the other shore!

Can you kill a dream? thinkingemoji.jiff

The shadow of Taisui Xingjun. Although the embodiment of a dream, to think you would manifest such ego...

So even the power of the Yama isn't enough to stop my calamity?

I'm talking about that self-aggrandization of yours. You forget your transient nature, and speaking of nothing but harming Gensokyo, like it's a farce.

Indeed, you've gone a bit too far.

Ho ho ho! The finest of compliments!

This is your final warning. If you're nothing but pure malice, then you're a threat to Gensokyo.

This won't end with a mere judgment. I will wipe you off the face of this world!

I won't let you trample all over Gensokyo, catfish! Prepare yourself!

Ho ho ho! What are you saying, lass?

I am a shadow of Taisui Xingjun, the most despicable and disastrous youkai of them all! What can someone like YOU do to me?


Heh, cat got your tongue?

No. I was just thinking about how you'll be a stepping stone for my legend.

Oh really now?

You're a being that should never come to Gensokyo! So Gensokyo's number one gatekeeper is going to stop you! A legend is born, right here, right now!

Sadly, despite the catfish being Meiling's final boss in soku she really doesn't have much connection to him in this game.

Also, while she's dead, here's Flandre's convo:

Tee hee hee, you're so big!

Indeed, my massive- wait, are you giggling?

Yeah! I mean, if I went all out on that doll it would've broken...

But since you're so big, don't you think I'll get to play a little longer?

Ho ho ho! For such a little brat, you sure talk big!

Go ahead and try! But when you touch my misfortune you're the one who will break!

spoogy catfish

He gets invited to dead.

Is everyone all right?!

We pulled through somehow, but now my shoes are all muddy and ew!

Even if he's a creation of Makura's, we can't underestimate his power.

Bwa ha ha, now you're getting it! You all aren't half-bad yourselves!

As a reward for all that wasted effort, I'll show you my strongest move!

The screen starts shaking violently.


Ah, it's shaking!

It's not just the ground either, even the air is creaking.

Is he affecting space itself?!

Indeed! And this is but a fraction of Makura's accumulated dream power!

All the original dreams that were replaced by this nightmare are in her hands now!

And by borrowing just a bit of that, well, it's as you can see.

Ugh, so the dream incident is giving them this much power?!

You're acting awfully proud of a power you stole from others.

Spoken like sore loser. What's wrong with using what we've taken?

You're not getting away with this!


Ho ho ho! What's wrong? Too scared to think? Lost your words in the face of your own powerlessness?

Then give up! Lose yourself to the raging storm within!

That's not gonna work on us!


You've been trying to make us lose our cool and fall into your pace this whole time, haven't you? Well, I'm not some third rate reporter!

No self-respecting reporter would allow themselves to be swayed so easily.

...True, there's always going to be uncertainties in life, and sometimes that fear can shake us.

But the will to keep on living gives us the power to stand up to that!

Empty words. Just a little more force, and they'll crumble away like everything else.

Then we support each other!

If it's too hard alone, then we just have to face it together!

And if even that's not enough, then people turn to the gods to watch over them!

That's right. Our continued existence depends on mutual trust and respect.

This is the faith we've found, one that surpasses mere fear.

...It would be a waste of breath to say anything more to such fools.

No more mercy! Carve this fear into your bodies and perish!

Watch out, he's releasing the power of calamity!

The footsteps of destruction, the melody of despair! It's time to grant the salvation of extinction!

This world will now meet its end!

Enemy Spellcard
Giant Catfish 「With This Ends This Fleeting World!」


Ally: HP Halved
-Frontline units' HP is halved every turn.
Ally: Cannot Act(HP)
-When HP is less than 3000, cannot act.

In older versions, this just set your HP straight to 1, and the Cannot Act took effect if you were below 60% HP. It doesn't surprise me that they nerfed his spells, cuz they were brutal if you didn't know they were coming.

We bust out the big Full Power Mode attacks and carve into him.

While I'm here, here's the rest of the conversations of our people that didn't get a chance to attack:

Uwah, so scary!

What's this? A little winged treat came my way? Not very filling though.

...Oh, I know. Which do you prefer, soy sauce or sugar?

What?! Er, uh, I guess I like sweet things better...?

Then it's settled. I'll preserve you in sugar before I eat you!

N-No! Save me, Cirno!


So this weird fish is calling himself the worst youkai?

I think the title of 'most disastrous' would suit a vampire like me better though.

Hmph, you saucy little brat with only a few centuries under your belt.

I am the god Taisui! There's no comparison to a lowly bat like you.

If that's how you wanna play it, fine by me. I'll just have to tear you to pieces and start my own legend!


Catfish is such an unrefined meat. And it takes so long to prepare too.

Ho ho ho! Think you can treat me as just another fish?!

You've got my interest, lass. I think I'll slice off a fillet. Just a little, mind you.

Sorry, but I have need for common ingredients.


Aaah! Knock on wood, knock on wood...

So at least SOMEONE here knows of my power.

Course I do! In fact, I was even thinking we could help each other out...

Team up with me, and I'll give you a special deal on this drug that makes you 10 times stronger!

Team up with you? This sounds suspicious...

So, are you prepared to give me a free sample first?

D-Don't be ridiculous!

Then take it yourself, right now! You can't, can you?!

...Hmm, negotations broke down. Now I just gotta figure out how to get away...

Nice try Tewi.

You're no ordinary opponent...

You look like you taste disgusting. So you're immortal, huh?

Excellent! Then wallow in fear for eternity! Your inescapable suffering will-

Keep that up, and I'm setting your whiskers on fire. Got it?

At least let me give my speech! Sheesh, you're inedible in more ways than one.

The Akis:

What an awful world, not a single tree in sight.

Ho ho ho! This is where science will take you!

Just imagine it. A ruined land, a world where nature is gradually replaced with artifice!

S-Stop it! What's gonna happen to my fields?!

Marvellous, delicious! That despair will become my power!

Gnash and wail in the depths of terror!


What a huge catfish! But...


Ho ho ho! I'm shocked!

What? Really?!

Shocked that anyone would think to try such a amateurish trick on me!

...Sniffle. It's not amateurish, I've been practicing...

What a sorry, pitiful creature. I'll end your suffering in a single gulp.

There's only one way this could have ended.


Foolish puppet, you think you can stand against ME?

Don't think that Makura will forgive this.


Hmph, you say you're prepared for that? Who do you think you are, puppet?

So what if you're Hisoutensoku?! So what if you're a youkai robot?! I am the shadow of Taisui Xingjun, and I will play you your requiem!

Is this like a "Meowth can understand Pikachu" type of deal?


Mission Complete.

Impossible! I failed?!

I can't sense any more misfortune from the catfish. It's over.

You had a lot of power, but not enough to make us surrender!

You lost because you underestimated both the dreams built into Hisoutensoku as well as the power of our bonds!

Why you impudent little-!

Since we beat one of the mastermind's minions, do you think less people will be seeing the nightmares?

Probably. At the very least, we're whittling away at her power.

Less nightmares, huh?

Heh heh heh. Ha ha ha ha ha!

What, did he finally go crazy?!

Naive fools to the very end. You really think defeating me will hurt Makura at all?

My defeat won't have even the slightest effect on Gensokyo.

...What do you mean?

The filthy humans' dreams are being ensanred by the Nightmare Core, made by Makura.

Kill me a thousand times over, it won't matter as long as we have that.

So there's some kind of Nightmare Core we need to find then?

Yeah, so we can just go beat that and fix everything!

The amount of power Makura's put into it makes me or Hisoutensoku seem like a drop in the ocean.

Enjoy the rest of your short lives!

Heh heh heh, Bwa ha ha ha!


So he vanished...

A third-rate villain to the end, I guess. Who says that kinda stuff, seriously?

But didn't he imply that he could be resurrected? We need to be careful.

Either way, sounds like they've still got a lot of power left.

There are a lot things bugging me about this situation, but why don't we head back the ship and sort it out there?

Yeah, good idea. And...


We have to think about what to do with Hisoutensoku.

He's another dream like the catfish, but he didn't disappear.

Well, we can't just leave him here. Why don't we take him aboard the ship for now?

Yes, please return to the ship.

All right, keep going, keep going!

Um, a little to right, please?


Okay, you can grab on there. But you're strong, so don't grab on TOO hard.



...Looks like the docking went smoothly.

It's less 'docked' and more 'he's just hanging onto the edge of the deck'.

Well, he can't very well stand on the deck, he'd put a hole right through it. We'll just have to live with this.

Thank you, Hisoutensoku. It might be a little uncomfortable, but you be able to rest your wings, at least.



...He really is huge... I wonder how many Sues could fit inside him.

Well, he's just like the designs we drew up. Even the equipment and the materials he's made of.

What's the point of making it accurate down to the last detail? This mastermind of ours is serious about the weirdest stuff.

But I bet she never in her wildest dreams imagined he'd end up joining us though.

I was a little worried at first, but thank goodness we didn't have to break him.

He woke up 'cause of us, right? 'Cause we were shouting at him?

Yes, I think his dream body taking in all of our feelings gave him self-awareness.

He's probably something close to a tsukumogami now.

If you consider the fact that he kept his form even after escaping from Makura's control,

Hisoutensoku is likely a fully independent youkai now.

So in other words, he's just like Kogasa or Medicine, right?

Oh! So he's a doll youkai too...

We just met our first comrade, Sue!

All right! I'm not the newbie anymore! Respect your elders!

So he's the younger one then? I mean, it makes sense, but it's a little hard to picture with that height difference...

Eh, that's just what it means to be friends with a robot.

More friends are always welcome, but what do we do with him now?

He betrayed Makura, so if he comes with us she might attack him.


He makes a weird hatch opening noise or something.

Ooh, what's this?!

Did he just react to what we said?


Um, is he asking to come with us?

...Yes. He can't speak, but he certainly has the will of a youkai.

And he has a strong desire to go with us.

Our journey will be dangerous, and you might end up fighting your mother. Are you okay with that?


...Still wanna go, huh? Welp, welcome aboard then. We can always use new allies.

Aw, a little baby tsukumogami! I'm gonna teach you so much!

Then we'd better hurry back and report this to-

A group runs up.

Found them! Over here!

So this is Hisoutensoku? Seeing it up close makes me even more interested.

Still crude compared to the weapons of the moon, of course.

But he's SO COOL!

So you all came to see Hisoutensoku then?

Yes, I wanted to see it from up close.

I've never seen a humanoid weapon before.

Well, frankly there's no reason to make it bipedal. A design as inefficient as this would never have cut it on the moon.

Right Master?

...It's perfect.

clarste posted:

this is a reference to SSiB, where this same joke was used with the rocket


Not as a military weapon, obviously. But for danmaku, where beauty is paramount, it's an incredibly logical design.

You too, Eirin? I was thinking the same thing.

The head ornament is a crown of leaves, in other words it represents a prayer for the coexistence of man and nature. The ideals of the designers come through clearly.

Fascinating. Would you mind discussing this further?

Um... Are you two going to...?

...Knowing Kourin, this will take a while. Let's just go report this to the bridge.

Welp, glad to have you aboard, Hisoutensoku!


...So anyway, Hisoutensoku's coming with us.

We've confirmed his desire to help us, and I think he'll be a reliable ally.

How do we classify him anyway? Danmaku Titan? All-purpose humanoid danmaku weapon?

Understood. We'll go over the details later.

Akyuu turns off the monitor.

Sounds like they're getting excited down on the deck.

Sheesh, aren't they embarrassed? They're acting like children.

Yes, and even Lady Yagokoro is... um...

Aren't you two awfully fidgety too?

You don't have to watch through the monitor you know, just go with them!

N-No, I'm quite all right here!

Wh-Why would I want to-?

I can understand their excitement, but this isn't the time for this.

Indeed. We need to remain vigilant, as we were just made painfully aware of the scope of Makura's power.

The Graveyard of Science, the Catfish, and Hisoutensoku...

The mastermind's pulled out quite a few pawns right from the beginning.

Oh my, are you saying we might not make it back in time for tea?

Yeah... it's looking like she might really have absolute power here in Mugen Sekai.

And the methods she uses aren't much better either.

By forcing us to fight Hisoutensoku, she was trying to break our ideals.

So it's not just brute force, she intends to crush us mentally too.

Yes, and in Mugen Sekai your strength is deeply connected to the state of your heart.

So if we ever lose hope, then...

Then that's when the mastermind wins.

But it's not all bad news.

That catfish just now said something about a Nightmare Core. If we smash that, then we can stop all the nightmares.

If it's really stronger than the catfish, then I'm a little worried, but...

I mean, either way we have to beat it. Worrying doesn't change what we gotta do.

Our next target is the Nightmare Core. We find it, and crush it.

Yes ma'am!

See you next time, for Chapter 73!

-Giant Catfish