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Part 35: Chapter 73 (Part 1)

Welcome to Chapter 73!

As a sidenote, apparently Tindeck isn't shutting down, despite it's own claims, so I guess I'm switching back to Tindeck for music. It's a lot easier than using Youtube, so I'll keep using it until I can't.

I bet this'll all be a giant pain to fix for the LP Archive.

(update 1/23/2020: it was )

We got quite a list of force-deploys this chapter. So many you can't even see the rest of the party, which includes Flandre/Eirin, and the Three Fairies.

Without further ado, let's get this show on the road.

BGM: Dream the Sheep See - Labyrinth of Nightmare


Are you sure you don't need to rest, Lady Makura?

You're usually taking your afternoon nap right around now...

The invaders from Gensokyo are still in Mugen Sekai. I can't rest until they've been driven out.

Oh, okay... But if there's anything I can do to help-

You've already done enough, Meeko. Feel free to rest.


Just let the giant catfish dispose of them. Are you saying you don't trust his strength?

N-No! His personality rubs me the wrong way, but he's way stronger than ME, at least.

But... But I have to do something, or you might start to think I'm useless.

...You're still worried about that?

I've told you time and again, you've helped me so much. Please, stop worrying and get some rest.

Okay... If you say so...



This presence...

...I'm back.

That was fast, giant catfish.

Wait, you shrunk!?

Shut up! I lost most of my energy, what do you expect?!

Now you're like... the little catfish.

Zip it, runt.

I told you, stop calling me that!

Stop arguing, both of you. I'm assuming you failed then?

...Yes. They were stronger than we thought.

And that Hisoutensoku you gave me double-crossed us too.

What? It betrayed you?

It was useless, so I tried to dispose of it. Then they took advantage of that.

Seems like its body is carrying the hopes and dreams of those filthy humans.

What's going on? I thought Lady Makura's power was supposed to be absolute here?

Even if it's a materialized dream, in the end it's still just a doll. They must have been waiting for it to be drained of my power, giving them an opportunity.

But allowing that to occur was your fault, catfish.

Ho ho ho! Don't be so angry, you'll ruin your beautiful face!

Anyway, you aren't the type to let a little thing like this bother you, right?

Of course not. They'll be dealt with soon enough, regardless.

Wow Lady Makura, you already have a plan then?!

If they've defeated the catfish, all that means is that we'll need more than fear to crush their spirits.

If an outside force won't work, then we simply use what's on the inside.

The inside, huh...?

Ho ho ho! You're quite the villain yourself, if that's your plan!

...Those with power always carry a heavy karmic burden.

Even they will yield when faced with the nightmare in their hearts.

BGM: Fantasy Maiden Squadron






Hey, what was that for?!

Yeah, we were just sitting here like you told us to!

No, you were SLOUCHING. Poor posture is evidence of wordly thoughts.

You've a long way to go, grasshoppers. So, watcha thinking about?

clarste posted:

Koishi talks like an old person for that one line, it feels like she's putting on an affect

Nothing, really. Just, like... how sick I am of this.

Wondering what's for dinner, mostly.

So... worldly thoughts then.


People walk in.

...Given that, Hisoutensoku should even be a match for a titanic demon.

I agree, but it's still such a shame for such a good little boy, with such cute little cheeks...

I'd have made him a little bit cuter, personally.

Oh, if it isn't the Makai family.

What's the occassion?

We're discussing Hisoutensoku, at Lady Shinki's insistence.

What about Hisoutensoku...?

Well, he may say he's okay with it, but isn't it so sad that he was born only to fight?

Wouldn't it better if he were doing peaceful things, like drying laundry or transporting livestock? I think that would be wonderful.

Feeling pity even for a machine? Although that's not surprising, coming from you.

Hisoutensoku's taken a liking to her as well. Despite his size, he's still just a child.

That's all well and good, but why are you all sitting in that peculiar pose?

Good point. Okay everyone, you can relax now.

...Geez, what a pain.

How is making us suffer supposed to help anyway?

C'mon, I just thought we could do something together...

Since we managed to get Keine and Mokou here as well, let's take a short break and reconvene later.

Oh, I know this! This is that Zen thing, right?

Right. But this is perfect timing. Would you three like to join us as well?

It should help protect us from the mastermind, if only a little.

Protect us...? How?

After what she did back there, she'll probably keep trying to break our spirits.

So the idea is that we can build up some resistance to that through Zen meditation.

So it's a form of mental training then.

Yeah. Better safe than sorry, right?

By closing your eyes and meditating, you can face yourself on a deeper level.

Or you could reflect back on your determination, and how you got here.

We're used to it by now, but it sounds like it's been a pain for our novices.

Act smug while you still can, Minamitsu. I saw what you were drinking at the banquet.

What's this now?

Wa wa wa-

Either way, it's true that this training should be helpful.

Thinking back, how many times have we felt lost or conflicted?

It's made me realize just how treacherous our path has been. It certainly wasn't guaranteed that we'd all be working together like this now.

...True, if just one tiny cog had been out of place, our entire future might've been different.

You mean we might still be fighting each other?

To put it bluntly, yes. Among us are those who we've fought against in incidents, and others who'd lost their way.

Hey, don't look at me. Isn't practically everyone here like that?

...Fair enough.

Eh, we're just a collection of problem children.

But the fact that our paths have crossed like this is proof of the past we've lived.

No matter how the mastermind tries to shake us, I know we have the strength to endure.

Exactly. History isn't about what-ifs. Have faith in the choices you've made, and the path you've walked.

So with that in mind, I was thinking we could continue meditating, but what do you all think?

Really?! Actually, I've always wanted to try that!

Let me go get the children from the deck too.

H-Hold on Mom, I'm sure not everyone will want to-

No doubt we all could benefit. I'll join you, Lady Shinki.

Thank you, Byakuren.

...Probably should've realized this sooner, but those two sure are pushy, huh?

I'm sure they mean well.

BGM: Secret Mission!

Now do a victory pose, Hisoutensoku!


Ooh, cool!

Hey, now let us ride on your shoulder!

And then we can sing! It'll be like, super galaxy!


He makes a bunch of SFX like he's moving around.

Hey, it's dangerous up there!



Our♪ Hisoutensokuuu♪

...I guess they can't hear me. I hope they don't slip and fall...

Those four sure are excited, aren't they?


It's a little reckless, but not so much that they'll get hurt, I think.

But what about you, Daiyousei? Are you just going to watch?

Umm... I'm scared of heights. I'll stay down here.

Plus, it's fun just watching Cirno and the others having fun.

I know what you mean. It's strange, but even just watching them mess around feels oddly satisfying.

Like we're basking in their warmth.


I wish I could think like that too.

Sorry, was I putting words in your mouth? You've been with them longer than I have, after all.

N-No! I just wish I could be all grown-up like you, Letty.

...Lately I've been a little jealous of Wriggle and the others.

Jealous...? Don't they play with you too?

Yeah, but when we're fighting the four of them are special.

Everyone's so strong... and they can still match their danmaku together perfectly.

Well, it's certainly a unique attack that only they can do.

...So I was kinda thinking that I don't fit in.

I'm not strong like them...

What are you talking about? You've been fighting alongside us all this time, haven't you? Don't doubt yourself now.

Besides, you have your own special power too, Daiyousei.

You do. I don't think they've noticed it yet, but it's something they couldn't live without.

Once you've realized what it is, I'm sure your bonds will grow even stronger.

But I don't have anything like that...

Stop thinking of yourself as just another weak fairy. If you think your friends are important, then you have to learn to value yourself too.

Once you do, I'm sure-

The screen shakes violently.


What?! That sound just came from Hisoutensoku!

BGM: A Crisis Draws Near

Hey, what's the big idea?!

You can't just shoot us out of nowhere! It's dangerous!



What's with these two? Say something already.

Wait, look at them!

Are you okay, everyone?!

Is this an enemy attack?! Are you hurt?!

It's not safe, don't come any closer!





Cirno! Hisoutensoku!





Oh my!

Wriggle! Rumia! Mystia!

Oh no! They fell off the boat!


More attack noises!

Crap, this is bad! They went after them!

What do we do? At this rate-

Did something happen here?!

We just heard a loud noise!

Byakuren! Shinki!

Can we stop the boat immediately? I'll explain on the way.

I hope they aren't hurt...

Cirnooo! Everyone...!

Chapter 73: Gensokyo Nightmare

BGM: Trick Your Dream I swear to god this is such an Umineko song



Hey, wake up girls!

Zzz... so full...

C'mon, get it together!

Huh...? Wha...?

Phew, you finally woke up.

Is everyone okay? I think we fell off the boat.

Oh, right, we were attacked by some weird people...


Oh, Hisoutensoku's here too!

Wait, you saved us after we fell, didn't you!


Looks like no one's hurt too. Thanks, Hisoutensoku!

But we got separated from everyone else. Where are we...?

What is this, candyland?!

Looks like it. I guess there are just places like this in Mugen Sekai.

This might be a trap, so until Reimu gets here we shouldn't touch any-


You're already eating?!

A full stomach, delicious, this giant chocolate~♪

You too, Mystia?!

When Reimu gets here we're gonna have to fight, right?

So we gotta eat while we can!

Is this really the best time for that...? It does look pretty sweet though...

Byakuren spawns in on the left.

And Mima on the right.


Hey, it's them!



The ones who attacked us before! They came after us!

Maybe they want all this candy?

Over my dead body!

No, I don't think they're after the candy...

...Geez, being the only straight man is tough. I hope we get through this in one piece...

Victory: ???
Defeat: Any allied unit is defeated.
Bonus WP: ???

So yeah, it's the stupid kids and their robot buddy versus ShadowNightmare Byakuren and Mima. There's not much to this opening segment, besides making sure you don't die.

I'm not worried about taking damage early, so we might as well aim at some mooks. Byakuren's side is closer, so we go that way.

On the enemy phase:

I didn't get a good look at them earlier, but those two are...

I think this event is proximity-based? Cuz there's a version that plays on player phase 2, with the only difference being:

I didn't get a good look at them earlier, but those two over there are...

I have no idea why Sanbondo even bothered. Anyway, back to the dialogue:



They look just like Byakuren and Mima. But they feel completely different.

If they're more evil minions, then maybe you know them from before, Hisoutensoku?


Guess not. New recruits then?

We inch closer.

They'll start attacking now, so it's important to stay grouped up for Support Defense.

At the start of player phase 3, a big ol' event happens. You can watch the whole thing subtitled here, or you can just get timestamps to relevant bits later in the update, as per usual.

These girls are tough.

And Reimu isn't coming either... What do we do?

We'll just have to beat them ourselves!

Huh?! They're really strong, you know!

It's fiiine! We're the strongest!

Yes, Yes, Yeahー♪

Who cares? It'll all work out.

...Yeah. They may be a little tough, but if we put our danmaku together...

Then let's go!




And song~♪

When we put our powers together, we're the strongest!

Take this!

They bust out the Nineball Special (which I have somehow finagled into being our official translation of the Bakatette Special).

Yay, we hit!

See? I told you!

If we keep this up, can't we win on our own?

Yeah, that MUST'VE hurt!


And thus, it was all healed away.

Wait, what?!

Are you telling me it didn't work?!

Of course it worked! It was our special move!

Uh, let's try it again, just in case...


They get knocked back.



No, it didn't work! I can't believe she still has so much power left...

Did she really just shrug off our danmaku?


Hey Wriggle, none of that weakling talk!

If that's true, then we're really in trouble!

Sorry, Mystia! But I think we really are in trouble!

At this rate, we might lose before we meet up with everyone else.

So that candy just now was our last meal?

Who knows?! But...


(So if we failed just now, does that mean they're stronger than us...?)

(But we're supposed to be the strongest! We can't lose to jerks like them...)

(...Right, Dai?)

Our forces are scattered, albeit not far enough to matter.

Nothing exciting happens here, so let's skip ahead to turn 4:

...The ship still isn't here.

Maybe they got lost?


Should we try our team attack again? Maybe it'll crit this time.

They start to form up, but...


No... I think if we try again it'll end the same way.

Our team attack won't work no matter how many times we try.

! But that means-

Yeah, maybe we're just too hungry.

Hey, not you too, Rumia!

What's wrong with you two? You aren't normally like this...

...But usually we have Dai with us.

Isn't she always here, cheering for us?


...You're right. Dai was always telling us we could do it, no matter what.

I can't believe we didn't notice until we were separated.


BGM: Fantasy Maidens Appear!


It's the ship!

Letty, is this where Cirno and the others were blown off?

Right. Hisoutensoku was with them too, so we should be able to spot them.

Where is this, anyway? Fairy tale land?

If Makura did this, then she's got quite the taste.

Just 'cause I'm a glutton doesn't mean I'll fall for this!

Heeey! Boat!

Thank goodness, they're all here!

Oh, I can see Cirno and the others!

They're okay!

Sorry it took so long. Looks like you aren't hurt, at least.

Yeah, Hisoutensoku saved us!

Whoa, really?

You protected the children? You're such a good kid!


So Wriggle, I take it those two are the ones who attacked you?

Yeah. They don't talk much though.



! But look at them!

Is that supposed to be me and Byakuren?

Looks like it. Maybe they were sent as assassins?

Is this her dream power again? What's she playing at...?

We can speculate later, we need to deploy!

So after the catfish comes a pair of imposters? Don't these people know when to give up?

If they're as strong as they look, then this'll be tough.

I'm worried about those of us still on the ground. We should regroup with them first.

Break past them and get over here, Wriggle! We're regrouping!

Huh? But...


What's with the silent treatment? Just bust past 'em with your combined special move, right?

Uh-uh, I don't think it'll work.

We already tried that, and it did nothing.

What, it didn't work?!

No way, wasn't that your strongest attack?

...But it still didn't work. I don't think it'll work no matter how many times we try.

Maybe our strongest move wasn't the strongest after all...


This is bad, what happened to all that baseless self-confidence you've always had?

I doubt they'd be much help in a fight in that state.

Oh no, they can't fight?



Rumia! Mystia!

They aren't acting like themselves! This is bad!

Yeah, I don't like this!


At this rate, Cirno will... everyone will get hurt.

Please, somebody, save them!


No, you go.


They lost their confidence because their four-person attack didn't work, right?

And you know how hard they've worked on that.

But... I can't do anything...

So we're back to this? Do you plan to just keep crying forever?


...I know you don't. No one believes in their strength more than you, Daiyousei.

What Cirno needs now is that belief, your pure feelings, as you cheer them on.


She's right, if anyone can do it, then it's you.

Yeah, it's just like Letty said, I know it'll work!

Even a single word can have a mysterious power.

It doesn't matter if it's just a bluff, if you can say it, then say it!


Okay, I'll do it!

Dai steps up.


Don't come over here, it's dangerous!

No, I'm gonna fight with you!


Weren't you listening? We couldn't even scratch them...

It doesn't matter, I believe in you!

They all get healed. This isn't just a cutscene heal either - they actually get all their HP/MP/SP back.


Is this Dai's power?

...Cirno never loses. None of you do. It doesn't matter who you're fighting.

I know exactly how amazing you all are!

BGM: Invincibility Session!!

What? What's this light?

I'm flowing with power!

It, like, feels nice!

It's different from before...



No matter what happens, you'll always be the strongest!

So you all need to believe it too!

Belief... will this really work?

Yeah! I guarantee it'll work! It always works!

Other people might say differently, but I'll always believe it!

So you have to try again! One more time!

Uh... one more time?

This time I'll join in with your strongest attack, so...

Right, one more time...

One more time!

One more time!

Yeah, one more time!

Let's do it! The strongest attack, this time for real!

The four form up as before, but this time...

Dai steps up to join them!




And song~♪,

I believe in you, everyone!

Now we're even better than the strongest!

Here we go!

(Click here to watch!)

Did they do it?!

Yes, the five of them!

All right! It's like all that self-doubt never happened!

This is even more crazy-exciting than when it was the four of them!

With their self-confidence restored, they could perform as they originally did.

But to think that one small addition would give birth to such harmony...

Their deep, mutual trust in each other probably let them go beyond their limits.

We did it, Dai!

Cirno! Everyone!

It's a little early to relax, she's still standing!

Oh, right. She is.

But if we keep this up, she'll be an afternoon snack.


She heals back to full.

The battlefield is enveloped in light.

And as it fades...

We get a picture...

Of what this chapter is really about.

Makai Insects!!

They all spew out a unique shade of green danmaku, too.


She realized she was in trouble, so she called her friends?

But these are...!




No way, there are this many fakes?

Hey, it's me and Remi!

They got us over there too? Cheeky.



Hello, us over there!

It's Miss Ran and Miss Yukari!



I'd know that ugly mug anywhere. Another Kaguya?

And naturally she has a fake Mokou and Eirin to escort her.



Hey, is that me?!

And with that height, it can be none other than the Eldest Daughter.

I know what you mean, but couldn't you have put that more nicely? And so the short one next to me must be...


Oh no, it's Lady Eiki!

This isn't the time to joke around. Look over there.



Look, Orin! They look just like me and Miss Koishi!

Why do you sound so happy, stupid? Can't you feel their creepy aura?



And it's Shou and Murasa... I suppose they were called by my shadow?

And to top it all off...



Eeeeek! Why do there have to be the Watatsukis too?!

Th-This is a nightmare! I-It's all just a bad dream!

Based on their auras, they seem to be about the same strength as the originals.

It appears the mastermind chose to create copies of the most powerful of us.

So you could say this is their all-star line-up? What an honor to be included.

But isn't this the dream match?!

Yeah, otherwise I'd never have gotten the chance to fight you all at once.

A championship match then? How entertaining.

Yeah! Time to see who's strongest once and for all!

Well aren't we excited? I mean, I guess that's nothing new from you folks.

But either way, we can't advance without extermining them, so bring it on!

Byakuren and Mima's shadows are the ones who summoned the others. Even if we only defeat those two, the rest should vanish.

Also, be careful. The fakes are deploying powerful danmaku fields.

Right, let's do our best!

We won't lose to a bunch of final bosses!

Even a one sun bug has a five bun soul!(I mistranlsated this earlier, sun and bun are old-fashioned measurements of length)

Fun danmaku~♪ Small danmaku~♪,

Just watch us, we'll show 'em who's the strongest!

Cirno/Rumia, Mystia/Wriggle, and Dai/Letty pair up, and form up with the rest of the crew.

Victory: Defeat Nightmare Byakuren and Nightmare Mima.
Defeat: The Palanquin Ship is defeated.
Bonus WP: Defeat 30 Nightmares within 12 turns.

As a bonus, everyone deploys with +20 starting Power.

Guest starring 720p mode, so we can actually see everything at once.

So yeah, this map is essentially a redux of the Reimu VS Marisa chapter, albeit with just the big power players. Like you might expect, every boss here has a gimmick. For convenience, I'm just going to list them all out at once, starting from the top.

Yorihime's field gives her Break Accuracy Limit, just like from the moon chapters. Toyohime doesn't have a special field, but she does have her MAP, and she's not afraid to use it. They're best dealt with one or two teams that can reliably deal with Yorihime, without getting MAP'd.

On the top-right, Tenshi's field gives her +500 Armor, and Suika's makes her size LL. They're very tanky, like you'd expect. Eiki's field is generic, but she has her Personal Skill that rounds accuracy to either 0% or 100%, which is a problem if you sent inaccurate Supers to punch through the other two.

Below them, the Eientei crew are probably the most annoying. Eirin's field is completely unique - she can project a 5 tile-wide field that completely immobilizes anyone in it, and she seems to be able to place it wherever the fuck she wants. There's probably an actual limitation, but in practice she just Turbo Owns anyone coming to her side of the map. Kaguya has her Indomitable Will PS, negating the first two attacks against her, and her danmaku field restores it's uses every turn. Mokou's field is mercifully generic, but she'll revive to full HP the first time you kill her.

Mima's field is generic, but she and Byakuren are the actual bosses this chapter, so they have real spellcards.

Yukari is also very annoying! She has infinite movement, and her (giant and eye-shaped) danmaku field means she can't be attacked unless you're adjacent to her. Yuyuko maintains her gimmick of negating all healing within her field. Ran's field is generic, but she has her old post-movement MAP from FMW2 back.

Koishi's field disables the Strike spirit while you're in it, and she has a Personal Skill that lets her ignore Alert. Her PS also makes her immune to Lasers... for some reason. Okuu's field is generic, but she has Break Power Limit+ letting her hit 200 Power, and her Personal Skill gives her Double Act and +50% Accuracy above 150 Power. So yeah, don't let her survive long enough to go super saiyan.

Remilia's field makes the area around her Night terrain. She also has a SS-rank in Sky, so she's pretty beefy. Meanwhile, Flandre boosts the damage of all enemies in her field by 1000.

Nue and Ichirin opt for a unique (and annoying) gimmick: their Personal Skills make them, when they're above 120 Power, cast Confuse and Rage every 3 turns. In case you've forgotten, Rage deals 500 damage to all enemies, while Confuse halves all enemy hitrates and also caps them at 50%(!), though you can still hit 100% with Strike. Nazrin auto-casts Focus every turn, so she's very evasive. Ichirin dunks the area around her in Water, and comes with a pair of Kappa buddies to take advantage. The weirdest one of all is Shou, who increases your Money gained by 10%. You could probably take advantage of that if you tried, but .

Finally, Suwako and Kanako reduce your ranks in Water and Sky to C. Suwako's part is pretty devious, since she's really close to Murasa's water field, so you need to be careful about baiting their movement. Also... there's a random tengu with a +20% evade field. I feel like that was supposed to be Aya, but they just didn't feel like making a Nightmare version of her sprite.

So... yeah.

Lotsa stuff going on here.

By the way, the Final Nineball Special is, at full power, probably the strongest attack in the game. It doesn't even cost MP, which makes it surprisingly economical. You only get one shot, though.

Thanks to an Enemy Marker, my Suwako can attack post-movement at 6 range. This conveniently puts her outside of N.Suwako/N.Kanako's fields. Kanako has, for lack of a better term, "sniper AI", so she won't move if she can already attack someone. Therefore, I never have to worry about her nerfing my Sky ranks.

Altogether, Suwako can basically handle this entire south-west section of the map by herself.

First combat with any nightmare boss:

Wow, these fakes really are just like us.

So what's Makura up to? Why go out of her way to beat us up with our own reflections?

I doubt she just needed more pawns.

Could it be that she's trying to unsettle us with this battle?

Unsettle us? How do you mean?

The fakes may resemble us, but not completely.

It's as if we're seeing ourselves warped through the lens of a nightmare.

So you're saying she means to crush our spirit with these? Pisses me off.

Rude. Whatever, we just gotta blow 'em away.

Right. Defeating the nightmares should clear up the darkness of our hearts.

We'll prove that!

BGM: Mind of Space


Eeek! It's the master's nightmare!

That look in her eye! I KNOW she's planning to slaughter us all!

What are you saying, Raysen?!

That's right! Our kind Lady Yagokoro would never make an expression like that.

It's as if... she sees life on Earth as insignificant, as merely beings tainted by impurity.

Oh my...

Aw geez... No comment.

But if this is a reflection of Eirin, we can't let our guard down.

Right! Who knows what spells the Sage of the Moon is gonna throw at us?

...What the fake does is irrelevant, as long as you keep the teachings of the real one in mind.

Using her form to deceive us... what a base, vulgar act. Be cleansed by my blade!

I really don't want to deal with Eirin putting me in jail, so I'm having Sanae blowing all her SP on Zeal, taking 3 actions just to blow her up.

Every nightmare boss has their own special conversation for being defeated:

Phew, we won...

I hope you've realized how asinine it was to copy me.

Wh-What an evil expression!

I'm not sure which is scarier, her or the nightmare...

But good work you two, fighting me without hesitation.

But of course, she was nothing more than an insult to you, Lady Yagokoro.

I'd never be able to face you if I'd been tricked by a fake, Lady Yagokoro.

Wow, Lady This, Lady That, they really love you, huh?

For them to still talk about you like that after all you've done... you're pretty sinful yourself, Eirin.

If these children love me, the only appropriate response is to try to live up to their expectations.

That's what it means to be a master, a sage.

Whew, that's some creed.

Here's how we look going into the enemy phase. Sending Marisa (a human) into Remilia's Night field is perhaps questionable, but otherwise we're looking good.

BGM: Emblazoned with an Eternally Young Scarlet


This nightmare looks just like Remi.

This aura of terror and violence, it's like she's a real Devil Queen!

She's somewhat lacking in elegance though.

Exactly. If you think being a queen is nothing more than acting like a big shot, you've got another thing coming.

Let me teach you what true charisma is all about!

Cut-in portraits don't have the shadow effect. That would probably have been a pain in the ass to do, so it's understandable.

I've never noticed before, but this attack has a really janky miss animation.

*teleports behind u*

BGM: Lapsing into Sleep, the Boundary of Reminiscence (all the nightmares that had unique boss themes use those instead of their player themes)


Nightmare Yukari, huh?

My apologies for being so hateable, Reimu.

Don't be stupid, this is great. I've always wanted to exterminate you, but I never get the chance. Time for some catharsis!

In that case, I'd like to test my strength against her too.

Hey, don't cut in line!

To be honest, there are a lot of things I'd like to say to you, even if she's a fake.

Wait, really? One after another?

Well, aren't you popular, Yukari?

Just think of it like this: you're important to a lot of people.

...That can mean a lot of things. Just don't bully me too much.

Although I am interested in seeing how Makura Muwatari is twisting me.

BGM: An Exceedingly Proper Yet Arrogant Game


It's a nightmare in the form of the princess...

Look at her eyes! It's like she's bored of the world, and looks down on everything!

Gee, that takes me back. Reminds me of how she used to be.

Oh my...

Oh, really? About how long ago was that?

I dunno, a few hundred years? Back when she was stuck in her mansion looking outside going 'how quaint'...

Damn those Lunarians! Always looking down on us!

It's true I had a phase like that, but seeing my nightmare be based on that feels...

If it makes you uncomfortable, I can dispose of it.

No, it's the opposite. Even if it's only a little, the fact that it resembles me is so fascinating.

I expect this twisted self to be quite entertaining.

BGM: Eternally Blazing Heart


This one looks like Mokou.

So much bloodthirst... she's like a rabid dog.

Oh, how nostalgic. It's just like the old Mokou.

How so?

...Back when I couldn't fit in with humans but hated youkai too, huh?

I guess I could see myself being this bloodthirsty back then.

So, like, you'd attack anyone, human or youkai?! Turn everyone into grilled chicken?!

Does that make her even stronger than she is now?!

Care to check, Mokou?

Oh, definitely. Did changing make me stronger, or weaker?

Why don't you show me the answer?!

BGM: The Restless Spirit and the Virtuous Wind


This is Lady Kanako's nightmare!

This may be a fake, but doesn't this count as an internal conflict?

What do you want us to do, Suwako?

Hmph! That snake lady should just die already!

Wait, whaaat?!

Seeing her just reminds me of the old war.

Last time I lost, but not this time!

You mean the battle from the age of myths?

So the nightmare made you remember that?

If I'd left Suwako alone afterward, it wouldn't be surprising if she'd learned to hate me.

But what an arrogant presence. It's like she believes humans exist to serve the gods.

How dare they use Lady Kanako's appearance for this!

For the honor of the Moriya Shrine, we have to purify her!

BGM: A God Plays with Their Whole Heart and Soul


It's Lady Suwako's fake... and I think she wants to fight!

She's overflowing with such terrible misfortune! She's trying to harm us with her curses!

Even though we have Kanako and Sanae over here...?

For Lady Suwako's honor, we can't afford to ignore her.

I know exactly how to restrain her. Follow my lead.

If we need to freeze a frog, leave it to me!

...Both of those things bother me, but I'll let it slide for now.

Gods are more than a curse on humanity!

We've gotta knock some sense into her!

BGM: The Sun Fallen to Earth



Is that... Okuu?!

No, it's not. She's been completely taken over by the berserk power of a god...

The hypothetical future of what happened back then, huh? Of all the things to manifest here.

So this is... the me from back then...

Don't worry about it, Okuu. We'll beat her.

Yeah! This isn't Okuu!

Why don't you show her how different you are by beating her?

Right! I have the power of Yatagarasu is so I can help people!

I dig that this one actually uses Berserk Utsuho's animations. They're fun to watch.



Miss Koishi's nightmare!

But this feeling... she's nothing like the real Koishi.

...Right. This must be the nightmare of a Koishi who's completely closed off her heart.

It's my nightmare too, one I've seen more times than I can count.


What, you plan on letting a fake get to you like that?

Showing sis her trauma like that, this mastermind sure is a meaniehead.

Let's finish this up real quick and go smack her!


You're right. I can't lose to my anxiety anymore. I'm supposed to be stronger than that now.

And with that strength, I'll dispel this nightmare!

N.Koishi uses her fancy thorn animation from the event fight with Satori.

Some of the "lesser" Nightmares don't have their own event dialogue. I guess it'd be weird if Nazrin was talking about her "nightmares" (which I'd assume involve being poor).

All the fighting got N.Ichirin and N.Nue up to 120 Power, so they start casting Rage and Confuse.

BGM: Heian Chimera Syndrome


It's the nightmare Nue...

She's ghastly... I guess... but doesn't she seem lonely too?

Right, more than independent, she seems alone.

So is this the Nue we never went back for...?


What's with that gloomy face? Is she bothering you, Minamitsu?

Don't tease me, Nue.

...They must have some nerve, showing us something like this.

Let me tell you, there's only one great and terrible Nue! And she has only one way of life!

Makai Bugs!

Mokou always has the Keystone equipped to pierce their barriers, but thanks to Confuse she's only got a coinflip to hit.

Back on the player phase, N.Nue gets out-edgelord'd.

Judgement! Tee hee, I've always wanted to do that.

Something like this couldn't possibly disrupt our unity.

I think anyone would agree that a great youkai has to stand apart from others.

And Nue was so commited to that path that she even cut ties with her friends, but-

But after meeting Murasa, she was able to overcome her trauma from being exterminated.

So even though they'd walk separate paths, she wanted to show Murasa her proud way of life, as a great youkai.

So you threw away your friends for your friends? I don't get it.

Shut up already! And you, you think you can just READ THE MIND of an unidentified youkai?! Geez, learn some manners.

Anyway, I'm just happy we're together again, Nue.

We won't let you escape again!

The way you put that is kinda scary... But whatever, this is fine too.

Yukari is judged.

Phew, we did it.

She even copied your gap ability, what a well-made nightmare.

...But she really wasn't like Yukari at all.

She was willing to coldly draw lines in the sand in order to achieve her objectives.

Wait, so you're saying the real one ISN'T like that?

So if the administrator can't make thing's clear, isn't this one the real nightmare?

I can't disagree there. I imagine life would be a lot easier with the fake instead.

It would certainly be ironic if reality were the real nightmare. It's almost too perfect.

Not that I can tell which is the real one anyway.


It's appropriate that Yukari's dialogue doesn't end on a happy note. Her character arc isn't done yet.

I didn't get a good screenshot for this, but Remilia goes down to a bunch of Nineball Specials and Letty.

...We beat her.

I bet not even Sakuya could stand serving a mistress like that.

Who can say? There's no point in speculating on what-ifs.

Personally, I'd turn her down. She was just pure evil with no charm.

Maybe that's what they mean by devillish charm?

It's because vampires don't reflect in mirrors. Trying to make a reflection of me was doomed from the start.

It's time for this ugly imposter to leave the stage.


BGM: Frantic Destroyer


Oh, is that Flan?

Looks like her, but those eyes...

It's like she hates the entire world. Like she's been lost to madness.

Almost like... an avatar of destruction, maybe?

I don't care if this is a dream, you can't show something like that to-

Don't worry, Remi, I'm fine. I just have to break the fake, right?

Watch out, she's attacking indiscriminately!

On the east, Mokou gets blown up...

But just comes back, good as new.

On the plus side, all these bosses are doing wonders for my levels and cashflow.

One useful thing to note: a bunch of the "sweets" in the background give you HP and MP regen if you're on them. I didn't take advantage of it much myself, but you've got plenty of time to work with for the Bonus condition, so it can be handy.

Byakuren's SSJ rush was so savage it had to be censored by this duck.

Looks like the misfortune around her is clearing up.

A victory for the Mom Alliance, right Suwako?

Huh? Mom Alliance? What's that supposed to mean?

Oh, you know how Shinki is. Don't worry about it, Sanae.

But after seeing both that and the catfish, I think I need to have a word with you, Suwako. How you've been acting ever since we got here is unthinkable.

You mean...

It feels like you're leaving Sanae and Lady Kanako to be the face of the shrine.

You hardly ever show up, so a lot of the tengu don't even know you.

...You're right. After what happened outside, I think I must've given up and just accepted being forgotten.

But with the new shrine and new friends, maybe I have a second chance at life in Gensokyo.

By the start of turn 6, we've got 11 Nightmares down, and most of the rest are significantly damaged.

I'm kinda skimming here, cause while managing the mess of danmaku effects is fun, it's hard to portray the action in screenshot form. Most of the challenge is on your first playthrough, when overlapping effects (or Eirin) catch you off guard, but I've already dismantled the hardest parts.

Nightmare Flandre gets a fist in the face.

Tee hee hee, I broke you.

Even if it's a fake, I wish I didn't have to see Lady Flan rampage like that.

This is a nightmare of a Flandre who never knew love, and was taken over by hatred and madness.

Perhaps this could have been her future, if things had taken a different path.

Nah, no way. That's impossible.

Yeah, 'cause I know Remi really cares about me.

Who would ever hate someone forever? That's dumb.

...Water under the bridge, I suppose?

I wonder if Remi's unflappability is contagious.

Silly Koishi, negating Strike can't stop Eiki's accuracy gimmicks.

We got her!

So this is the power of a Koishi with her unconcious running wild...?

If you think about it, we only barely avoided this future.

Aren't you glad that didn't happen, Koishi?

Uh-huh! And it's all thanks to Satori!

So you don't need to worry anymore either, sis.

...You're right. When I see your face, it gives me confidence too.

Farewell, Nightmare Koishi. I doubt I'll ever see you again.


Can you tell I was getting tired of attack animations?

...We got her.

Okay, I'm confused now. Some of you are saying she was like that back then, and others are saying she wasn't.

We never knew Kaguya back then. I don't intend to take this at face value, but...

I'll leave that to your imagination.

Are you sure? That's a lot of leeway to give us.

How could I possibly know how I seemed to others? I'm the least qualified person to answer that.

Anyway, I never intended to deny my past in the first place.


It represents the brief moment of my eternity that I spent with Eirin. And this one fact will never change: I'll treasure that time forever.


BGM: Cyano Fantasia


What?! Miss Ran?!

Don't worry Chen, I'm the real one.

What?! Another Miss Ran?!

No! I mean yes, but, well... hmm.

They look they same, but they feel like completely different people.

Right, it's like she's using her power and wisdom to simply trample over others!

So she's forgotten her place as a shikigami, and is acting as a nine-tailed fox?

Very interesting. Show me your true strength.


So this is Lady Shiki's nightmare, huh?

By the looks of it, she intends to use the Cleansed Crystal Mirror to cast down our sins.

Right. Mercilessly, with no respect for the mood.

...So, how is that any different from the real one?


Hmmmm! Who knows! I sure don't!

You're a bad liar, Komachi.

It troubles me that we're being lumped together. I only give lectures to help people lead better lives.

It's time to give a proper judgement to this nightmare who's using my form to thoughtlessly lecture everyone!

BGM: No Need for a Million Oni, Just One is an Army


This nightmare looks like Suika!

But she's so intimidating... is this from back when she ruled Youkai Mountain?

Nah. Back then, she really treasured human-oni relations.

But I get the feeling that this one couldn't give a rat's ass about that.

You mean she intends to use the strength of an oni to subjugate humanity?!

So someone like that's pretending to be my fake, huh?

One good punch should be enough to wake you up from that nightmare or drunken rage or whatever!

BGM: Colorless Blade


It appears this is a reflection of the Eldest Daughter.

This arrogance is certainly appropriate for a celestial.

I'm sure she thinks herself superior and looks down on humans.

...She plans to take all her frustrations from heaven out on the humans.

Resorting to violence already? A little TOO desperate, aren't we?

Watching her is a little unpleasant.

Yeah. I'll dispel this nightmare with my own two hands!

BGM: Lunatic Elegance


So this is Lady Toyohime's shadow...?

What cold eyes! This must represent the Lunarian ideal!

It's like she wants to say the Earthlings are infinitesimally small to her.

Like if you piss her off, not even a flying prostration would satisfy her.

And like she doesn't eat peaches.

It may just be a fake, but could you not say all that right in front of me?

That's enough chatter. The nightmare is holding the same fan as my sister.

It's a weapon that can easily cause unfathomable destruction if wielded carelessly.

Even between the mountains and the sea, nowhere is safe. Be careful everyone.

BGM: Lunatic Guardian


Is this Yorihime's nightmare?!

I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

Seriously, why are you apologizing Reisen?

It must be a reflex by now...

Well, I can kinda get it.

We already had a nightmarish battle with her back in the sea of stars.

We might not have gotten away if it weren't for Reimu.

But this time, we're acting as one! In both body and spirit!

Exactly, this is our true strength!

Y'know, I was never satisfied just hearing the stories.

Let's push past her and dispel this nightmare or whatever!

I wouldn't worry about that Yuugi...

Suwako's 6 turn bout with N.Kanako finally ends.

How about that?! Gods can't beat nightmares!

Have you realized that yet, Kanako?!

I'm having mixed feelings about you being so happy about this...

But if Lady Kanako had been someone like that nightmare, I don't think things would've gone as well as they have.

We were certainly shocked when you invaded the mountain, and all sort of things have happened since then.

Getting accepted by the isolationist mountain society wasn't simple, you know.

But you're so popular today because of how easy you are to talk to, and all the stuff you're willing to do yourself.

The current innovation-friendly attitude on the mountain might be only thanks to your personality, Lady Kanako.

Without faith, shrines are nothing. I should be the one thanking you.

I am a god. And in order for gods to exist, we have to do everything within our power to earn faith.

I'll do my best too, Lady Kanako!

Hmm, you two sure are hyped up about this. Well, I...

Stop sulking. I'm counting on you too, Suwako.

How long have we been a couple? I can't even imagine life without you anymore.

Wha?! You can't just drop something like that out of nowhere! Not fair!

intensely adorable

Phew, is it over?

Even for a fake, Lady Shiki makes a fearsome opponent.

I'm disappointed, honestly. And here I thought you'd be giving a lecture to yourself.

In the end, it's just a fake. Please don't talk like we're the same person.

And frankly, I think it was quite admirable of her to keep giving out lectures even though she was just a fake.

Oh wow, even with a nightmare, you want to spare her feelings?

And that's why no one's a match for Lady Shiki.

So this makes us oni slayers then? Or nightmare slayers?

...It was Suika's nightmare, betrayed by humans and mad with grief.

When you consider her trauma, a future like this wasn't out of the question.

Well... I guess maybe that didn't happen 'cause I met you all?

But as long as I can keep drinking good sake, that's what counts.

Pretty gutsy of you. Or are you just drunk?

And what's better than living out your whole life drunk?

I like it when things are lively. Maybe they should be even livelier, huh?

BGM: Holy Resistance

I ventured close enough to N.Byakuren that she decided to pick a fight.


The chief's fake... Or nightmare, I guess?

But it isn't the Hijiri we know.

She's beautifully powerful, but there's a devilishness to her.

...That's how I was when my heart was held captive by black magic, and I used others for my own ends.

This could've been me, in a different future.


But it's NOT you. You use your power to help both humans and youkai.

Yes, exactly. I won't let this nightmare lead me astray.

I'll exorcise it!

BGM: A Butterfly Amidst Scattering Petals


This nightmare looks like Lady Yuyuko!

Taste my amazing ninjutsu: Shadow Clone Technique!

Is this really the time to mess around?! Sheesh, at least THIS one's easy to read: she's just bursting with malice.

If she uses Lady Yuyuko's power, this could get extremely troublesome.


Ack, and now Yukari's making a scary face too...

Even if this is just a fake, I absolutely cannot allow this mockery of her appearance.

Let's be rid of her before she does anything even more shameless.

Hmm, I wonder what that's about.


So, between me and her, what do ya think?

Hm, let me think... She copied your immortality, but we already know how to handle that...

I think the real you is way tougher to deal with.

...Probably because the nightmare version doesn't have any strong feelings towards life.

Feelings towards life, huh?

Until just a little while ago, weren't you saying stuff about being neither dead nor alive?

But you're looking pretty lively these days, if you ask me.

When you put it like that, I feel like I can finally say goodbye to that nightmare.

...Welp, see ya later, me. I promise to keep on changing.


Yorihime gets stepped on.

All right! We won!

And not just once, but twice! Complete victory over Yoyo!

You only get this line if you beat Yorihime in the lunar escape chapter. Otherwise she calls it a grudge match.


Are you feeling a little frustrated, Yori?

No, I wouldn't say that. It's just that, if she's supposed to be a copy of me, then...

Don't worry, I don't think that was your true power.

You're a hard worker, Yorihime. I know your talent can exceed even our imagination.

Lady Yagokoro...

R-Right! I've been training all this time because I wanted to show you how much I've improved!

I've already reached the point where no one on the moon is a match for me!

...She said that so innocently, but that's a pretty crazy declaration, huh?

...Maybe I should watch what I say around her.

God I love this animation. You can get some goofy looking backgrounds from it. (That's Byakuren's barrier getting squashed, by the way)

Phew, that was refreshing.

It may have been a fake, but that iron body of a celestial was the real thing.

If that's the power of peaches, then the peaches of heaven must be amazing.

That nightmare was imitating the strength and toughness of the Eldest Daughter.

But it seems it was unable to reflect her heart.

...She wasn't accepted in heaven, so she distracted herself by acting big on the surface.

I might have ended up like that too, if I'd stumbled along the way.

But there's no reason for you to worry about it now.

I'm so lucky. I've been blessed with friends.

So with that in mind, it's time to say goodbye to my nightmare.

I'll always remember you, as an example of what not to do.


God, FMW Tenshi could not POSSIBLY be any different from Canon Tenshi.

Utsuho gets blown up by a Nuclear Buddhist Missile.

...We stopped her.

So much power... You all really fought that before?

I dunno much other than that she can control it now, but geez, that was scary.


Are you feeling anxious, Okuu?

Huh? No! I'm not, but...

...It's just... when I went berserk, everyone stopped me like this, huh?


That just means that even in the one in a million chance it happens again, we'll just have to stop you again. As many times as it takes.

Besides, everyone knows you know how to control it now. No one thinks you're making a mistake.


Minor detail: N.Byakuren's melee slash has a black after-image. Neat, though I wonder why they even bothered.

BGM: Atop the Möbius Strip

Eventually, even N.Mima's AI will get bored and start moving towards you.


So this is Lady Mima's fake then...

She's got a crazy amount of power, but isn't something off about her?

Indeed. While the original may be rude and violent, she has the conviction of a trailblazer.

Whereas this one is nothing more than an evil spirit, taken over by her own power.

So without a foundation to her magic, she's just going berserk?

Don't hesitate, Marisa. No matter what she does-

Don't worry, Mima. Actually, I'm looking forward to this.


As my master, you'd never fight your own pupil seriously, right?

But if you did, I'd want to see just how far I could go.

So you want to surpass your master then?

Well, that isn't really what magic's about... But since I won't get this chance again, what's wrong with testing my strength against you?

...Hmph. Cheeky. But that does make me more interested in fighting this nightmare.

Show me what you can do against my shadow, Marisa.

You betcha!

This screenshot is just here to demonstrate how strong SSJ Byakuren is.

N.Ran gets her metaphorical blood splattered on the screen.

Phew, that was crazy, as always.

I guess you could say she was lively?

I guess it might be easier to abandon wisdom and live by the instincts of a beast youkai.

But this nightmare had no dignity.

The nice Ran is the real Ran!

How nice of you to say. True, being a shikigami is an important part of-

A mindless Ran is no Ran at all.

Yes, exactly. I am the strongest beast, and the strongest shikigami.

...Looks like we beat her.

Inviting anyone who approaches to their deaths? Sheesh, what an evil spirit.


There's that scary face again, Yukari.

What do you expect? How could they have her misuse your power like that, right in front of you?

I don't care what she does. It's just a fake, you know.

Plus, I don't remember ever using my powers like that.

...Right. If you thought nothing of it, then I suppose it's fine.


But still, this is another side of Lady Yuyuko's power...

You needn't worry, if I thought she'd abuse her power I wouldn't have left her in charge of the Netherworld.

Just think of this as a good opportunity for some self-reflection.

Always ready with another lecture, aren't you Lady Shiki?

Yukari has perhaps the most subtle character arc in the game.

...Granted it's the only subtle one, but y'know.

yo toyo catch these fists in yo face

...Looks like she's stopped.

So that's the power of Lunar weaponry, huh?

In terms of pure destructive force, it far exceeds anything on Earth.

If you arrogantly take them head on, you won't stand a chance.

Well, that's something I learned long ago...


But that's what makes your danmaku in Gensoyko so peculiar.

Ever since coming here, I've realized that you need both strength AND beauty.

You sure catch on quick for someone who just got here.

I told them about all kinds of stuff back up on the moon.

...And then she got all excited and looked into seeing if she could add it to her training.

Oh, come on, it's one thing to hear about it, but everyone does danmaku a little differently, right? I needed to try it out for myself.

Even so, that flexibility and willingness to adapt to new things already makes you stand out from the other Lunarians.

With Yorihime to complement your weaknesses, I'm sure you'll make fine Lunar leaders.

Thank you, Lady Yagokoro.

And with that, every Nightmare aside from Byakuren and Mima has been cleared.

Time to take it home.

Nightmare Mima gets chaos dunked.

Oh? You're pushing her back.

But if she's YOUR shadow, that can't be all she's got.



Her magic increased! Not to mention this pure, undiluted bloodthirst!

...I see. If she wants to kill that much, then she really is just an evil spirit.

So this is what happens when you abandon morality and the way of the magician, and seek power for its own sake.

Are you okay, Marisa?!

Yeah. Show me the power I never get to see, Mima!

Enemy Spellcard
Incantation 「Darkness Shower」
HP/MP Halved
-Ally: Halve HP and MP every turn.

As usual, "every turn" effects apply the moment she declared the spell as well. Luckily, between Koakuma and Eirin, I've got MP restoration for days.

Over on the west, N.Byakuren gets taken to fairy town.

Even if it's a copy, it's still just an imitation of a great magician.

You can't let your guard down. If this is me from when I was abusing the dark arts, then...



What tremendous magical power! But the way it's coiling around her is-!

In the past, even when I was called a devil I never abandoned my human heart.

But this nightmare is different. In order to surpass humanity, she's thrown away her humanity.

So you're saying this is Devil Byakuren?!

You idiot, this isn't the time to be joking around!

But even if this is a nightmare, I can't forgive them for twisting your image like this, Hijiri.

We'll send her back to the darkness with our own hands!

Enemy Spellcard
Majin 「Byakuren」
Nightmare Byakuren: Action Count +1
Nightmare Byakuren: All Stats +60

I'm going to assume you've all watch DBZ and know what a majin is. This spellcard is a play off of her actual spellcard Superhuman "Byakuren Hijiri" but with an evil connotation.

The animation is just SSJ Byakuren's punch rush.

...Her leg looks super weird on that frame, but this looks a lot better in motion.

Anyway, N.Mima gets put down. I didn't have anyone in a good spot to even see what Darkness Shower looks like, but I'd assume it's nothing special.


[6:47 AM] nook: darkness shower's animation is just mima's second attack but black
[6:47 AM] nook: it's, uhh, very lame

Well, there you go.

...Phew, is she down?

If you defeated that nightmare, then you all aren't half-bad.

So, how was it, Marisa?

Like, I guess I won, so I've really come a long way, huh?

But it's you we're talking about, so you must still have even better magic up your sleeve, right?

You overestimate me, Marisa. If I wanted to be an evil spirit like her, that'd be one thing, but...

Wait, are you telling me the nightmare made you realize something?!

Stop unintentionally stirring the pot, Mima. Knowing you, that wasn't what you meant.

Did you really have to butt in, Rinnosuke? We're talking here.

Don't be ridiculous. Anyway, don't you have to meet the expectations of the pupil you've promised to watch over?

Yeah, Mima! What would I even do if I lost you as a goal?

I still haven't caught up yet, but one day I'll knock your socks off with my own personal magic!

...Hmph, and that's what makes you my pupil.

And at last, it really wouldn't be right...

If we didn't finish things off with the big new team attack.

...Looks like she's down.

I know she's a fake, but I hate seeing you like that, Hijiri.

...But you shouldn't conclude that this is entirely a fantasy.


Perhaps if I hadn't had people to support me, I really would have fallen into darkness.

But I didn't because I met all of you, who healed my soul and set me on the right path.

I promise that as long as you are my light, I will never be lost in the dark.

Right, Hijiri...


Now begone, nightmare. You've been a lesson I'll never forget.

They've gained like 10 levels this chapter.

...Looks like we've defeated both Byakuren and Mima's shadows.

I never imagined we'd defeat the rest of the nightmares first though.

You get slightly different dialogue if you don't do this.

We could have gone straight for the two of them... but who'd have been satisfied with that?

C'mon, against that line-up? How could we resist?

A few years ago it would've been iffy, but now we're strong enough to take 'em all on at once.

This is proof of how far we've come, both in raw strength and tactics.

Anyway, let's continue forward. We cannot afford to waste any more time.

Whaaat? Hold on!

There's candy everywhere! Aren't you gonna eat something?

Whoa, candy?

Was that supposed to be a joke? I mean, I can see where you're coming from, but we-

C'mon, we can't fight on an empty stomach, right? Sugar!

And we've already tried some, so it's safe to eat.

We thought about hogging it all, but instead we're sharing it with everyone! Aren't we awesome?

So you want to take snack break then? It's certainly not something I'D have considered.

But it does make sense, and if it's already been tested for poison, then why not?

That said, we can't afford to stop moving. We can take some back to the ship with us.

Yay! Grab as much as you can, Hisoutensoku!



It's your turn, Catfish.

I know, I know, stop yapping... But at this rate I'll lose my rook AND my bishop...

Grah, forget it! This isn't even a good waste of time!

Hey, YOU'RE the one who wanted to play!

But how am I supposed to calm down when you won't sit still?!

We went with Makura's plan, so why not just relax and get some rest? Our victory is just a matter of time.

Yeah, but...


Are you worried about something, Lady Makura?

...Yes. The nightmares are late. They should have reported back by now.

I can't tell how the battle is going, but-

You worry too much. This plan is unbeatable.

Once they see their own twisted selves, they'll be so shaken that they'll crumble right down to the bones.

Yes, that was the idea, but-

The screen flashes white.


Hrm?! This sensation!

What's wrong, Lady Makura? Don't tell me they...

...The nightmares have burst. The humans must have defeated them somehow.

They pinpointed the source of the power and skillfully broke through.

They're a clever bunch, aren't they?

No way, they got out?!

Not only that, they beat every last nightmare.

N-No way! That's impossible!

I can't believe it either, but it's true that they've all stopped.

To think they had so much power...

So what now? I can't believe THAT plan failed too.

Now they keeping going even further into our turf.

We can't afford to underestimate them again.

Indeed. No thanks to all our little schemes, they're about to reach the Nightmare Core.

Th-the core?!

Isn't that, like, really bad?! That's the thing sending the dreams out to all the sheep, right?

If they manage to break it, the humans'll stop having the nightmares!

...We have no choice then. The Nightmare Core, or rather the Great Sheep, will have to deal with them directly.


But the Great Sheep is what they're after. Isn't it too dangerous to put it on the front lines?

Even so, the power it possesses makes it the strongest piece I have on the board.

Rather than spread out our forces to be defeated one at a time, it's best that we concentrate them into one invincible formation.

...I see. If that's the plan, then I'm fine with it.

Once that thing sends out its nightmare, even the bravest warriors will be rendered powerless.

So with that in mind, I need you there too, Catfish.

By using the Great Sheep, our victory will be assured.

Ho ho ho, leave it to me! I'll be back with their heads on a platter, I guarantee it!

What about me, Lady Makura? I should go too, right?

...No. I want you to stay here, Meeko.

What? But why?! I can be useful too!

It's not that I don't trust you. Rather, I don't know if I'll be able to protect you if something goes wrong.

Even if it's only a one in a million chance, please, stay where I can watch over you.

Lady Makura...

Phew, I'm full.

Okay, I think I'll hide the rest for later.


Rumia, you just said you were full...

...Why do I get the feeling that there won't be any left when Wriggle comes back for it later?

A-Anyway! Cirno and the others were right, this was yummy!

Yeah, I give first prize to the hard toffee!

Dried Shirikodama for me, no contest!

But wasn't the cake and the peach manju delicious as well?

Right? You should try these dango too.

Really Toyohime? You don't get enough exercise as it is, and now you're eating all these sweets?

You too, Lady Yuyuko!

Oh, there's no need to worry. We're both free of impurity, after all.


What kinda logic is that? But seriously, just look at them all, stuffing their faces...

If you're that bitter, why not go back and get some more?

I don't really get why, but sweets taste better when you're pissed off, right?

That's just binge eating! And I'd definitely regret it later!

Given how relaxed everyone is, I can hardly believe we just fought such a fierce battle.

Naturally. No girl could turn down sweets.

Oh, you too, Lady Shiki?

Delicious foods are delicious, after all. It's important to be able to enjoy yourself when you can.

An admirable philosophy, but you're still eating too much.

Hey, wait Yumeko! Don't take away my moment of pure joy!

...This is certainly livelier than I was expecting. Well, we've come this far, might as well.

I mean, I was against taking a break at first, but...

Ever since this dream incident started, everyone's been on edge.

But it looks like Cirno and the others have managed to change the mood.

I get the feeling they're always helping us out in times like these.

Well, not that they're aware of it. Probably.

Ooh, are you talking about us?

Maybe, praising us?


Wow, getting praise from Reimu is, like, the real deal!

I think this might be the first time she's praised me since I joined...

Hey, don't get carried away, I didn't even praise you! It was just, like, a little follow-up remark.

And now she won't even give us that!

But still, the battle this time was really encouraging!

The moment four became five was like seeing the missing pieces come together.

It's incredible how much power your mutual trust and feelings gave rise to.

And you were looking pretty cool when you rushed out towards them, Daiyousei.

Oh, no, all I did was cheer for them...

And even that was only because Letty gave me a little push...

Oh, no need to be modest. Someone's praising you, so hold you chest out with pride.

Not just anyone could leap out there when faced with those nightmares, you know.

And overcoming that battle was a huge success.

Not a single one of us backed down when faced with twisted versions of our comrades.

Actually, it just reminded us of everything we've been through, and the convictions we carry.

Right. We haven't lost yet, whether on the battlefield or in our hearts.

I doubt Makura Muwatari ever expected this to RENEW our confidence.

In a lot of ways, this latest fight was a good chance to reflect back on who we are.

Right, who we are...


Wait, what's wrong you three?

You suddenly got all quiet. That's not like you at all.

Oops, sorry about that. Didn't mean to ruin the mood.

It's just that compared to you all, we hardly know anything about ourselves.

What do you mean...?

We mean, like, about our past.

I think it's fine not to worry about that and just be yourselves.

Yeah, I hope so... I guess this doesn't have anything to do with you all.

...But either way, this isn't the time to bring this up.

First we need to resolve this incident, so let's get moving.


Hmm, I wonder what next chapter could possibly be about.

See you next time!