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Part 37: Chapter 74 (Part 1)

Welcome to Chapter 74.

Here's the crew for today.

Of note is the Prismrivers being forced.

BGM: Fantasy Maiden Squadron

...Okay, that should do it.

Ooh! Look how much further we can see now!

This is amazing! Can just replacing the lens really have this much of an effect on our monitors?

This is femto-technology, after all. With this, we shouldn't have to worry about being caught off guard like earlier.

All right then, back to our investi-

People walk in.

Hello everyone, need anything up here?

Because we brought drinks!

Well, aren't you thoughtful? Perfect timing too, I was starting to get thirsty.

Oh? Is this a plum flower?

Uh-huh! Rabbit and I prepared them together!

It's spring on the surface, so we were thinking why not make it a little.. spring-y.

Are you sure you're a moon rabbit? Because that sounds like something an Earthling would say.

Well, that's just what Lily told me.

But weren't you excited about it too, Rabbit?

You two sure get along well. So this must be your friend from Earth we've heard so much about.

And a fairy, of all things. You do know her kind is poison to the Lunar Capital, right?

I know, I know, but we're on Earth now.

Fair enough. We're even getting the chance to work with Lady Yagokoro.

Why don't we think of this investigation as something like a pleasant dream?

Literally too, since we're in Mugen Sekai.

Sounds great, but does anyone know where exactly we're going?

I know we're supposed to be looking for this Nighmare Core, but...

Ever since we came here, it's been nothing but the unexpected.

I doubt we'd fare any better at trying to predict what will be where.

Does it all depend on the dreams of humanity then?

Dreams... hmm...

What ARE dreams anyway?


What do you mean? Youkai do dream, don't they?

We do? Hmm, I kinda know what you're talking about, but I kinda don't...

There are various answers, but the simplest one is that it's a projection of the mind, particularly for Gensokyo's humans.

To put it bluntly, you could say it's the otherworld they're most familiar with.

An otherworld...?

People often say things like 'she's unable to tell the difference between dreams and reality', but to us humans dreams are unmistakably ANOTHER reality.

That's why we're happy when we're having good dreams, or depressed when we're having bad dreams.

So the incident is making people down in the dumps because...

Because what's happening in the other reality we call dreams is instilling fear in them.

In the outside world they say dreams are just created by the brain, so they're able to draw a clear distinction, but...

In Gensokyo, where people believe in the dream world, the effect on them is larger.

...Plus, I can feel the emotions of a lot of people floating around in here.

Those must be all the dreams taken from the people of Gensokyo.

Anyway, all we can do is be ready for anything.

We've already seen catfish and robots, so for all we know the Devil himself is going to pop up next.

Ooh, that sounds fun...


What's wrong, Koishi?

There's something floating in the mist over there! Looks like a person!

Wha? A person?!

Speak of the Devil, huh? No way...

Sh-She's right! There's someone even shorter than me out there!

What would a young girl be doing floating around in a place like this?

Oh no, what if she's lost?!

This is obviously weird! We can't take everything at face value, you know!

But I don't feel any special power from her or anything. Looks like she's unconscious.

We can't just leave her alone out there though. Let's bring her aboard for now, okay?

Yes. Please make some space for her in the infirmary.

BGM: What's the Strategy?

And finally... Presto!


Soft clapping.

That was wonderful you three!

As lively as ever. Just the thing for a change of mood.

I like it! I can feel it reverberating right in my soul.

Thank you! But...

What's wrong, Merlin?

...No, that wasn't it either. Once again, from the top!

You're still going? Haven't you been playing non-stop since the last battle?

Sounds like there's something bothering you, but your performances are as amazing as always.

Maybe you're right, maybe it's a problem with our feelings...

People walk in.

I thought it was noisy down here... so it's you three again?

We heard the music, so we came to take a look.

Even with everyone here, you're still practicing?

Oh, hi.

The band said they wanted to check something, so we've been keeping them company while they practice.

Check what?

Check our foundations.

In other words, our raison d'être.


It's just one thing after another, huh? So what happened ?

In the last battle, everyone managed to beat their nightmares because of their conviction in their own way of life.

But we don't have that.

We've always been a band, but we can't remember why we started, or anything like that that.

Oh? Really?

Well, isn't it enough that you're poltergeists? Do you really need any more reason than that?

I mentioned this earlier, but it's absolutely imperative for us ghosts without bodies to have a reason to live. Well, to exist, I guess.

Without that, you'll still be a ghost, but you'll just wander aimlessly, or even turn violent.

Oh right, that's how the fake Mima acted, wasn't it?

Lady Shiki was also worried about something similar when she first talked to you.

Can't you make looking for a purpose your purpose?

In that case, I've love to help out, but do you have any leads?

If I remember correctly, that old house you live in seemed like it had a lot of history.

Yeah, but we've just been living there for as long as I can remember.

You've known them a long time, Yuyuko. Do you know anything?

Let's see... I feel like they've been coming to the Netherworld for a long time now, but...

Sorry, I can't remember anything more than that.

Oh, you don't need to apologize for that.

But at least we've confirmed that. We've been going to the Netherworld for a long time.

...So why? Why were we going there? Does anyone remember?

More people walk in.

...Then let's ask the people in here next.

If you think you know any of them, don't be shy, okay? You can tell me.



Are you girls here because you heard the music too?

Mom, who's that girl?

Sorry about this. We found a lost child nearby so we took her aboard.

Lost? Here? What the heck?



This girl is...

You know her?

...No. I just thought she looked a little bit like my sisters.

Now that you mention it, I can see the resemblance too.


So no one knows her then? We've been asking around because she can't tell us who she is either.

It's not clear why, but she seems to be missing a lot of her memories.

Oh no!

So she can't even remember the names of her family.

All she remembers is having three older sisters.

Three huh? Well, us three are sisters too, so we can sympathize.

So, about these sisters of yours...

My sisters...

...They went away. So I'm looking for them...

So you got separated from them? Poor thing.

Still, it's weird that you're in Mugen Sekai. How did you get lost here?

...Dunno. Something... pulled me.

Something really strong, I dunno what.

Something strong, huh? That's not much to go on.

Do you remember which way you were being pulled, or anything like that?

...It's pulling me...

...From that way...

That way? Sounds like she can feel something we can't.

Could this be that Nightmare Core the catfish mentioned?

Either way, it's the only clue we have. I think it's worth investigating.

So I guess we'll be taking her to bridge to point the way then. The Prismrivers should come too.

Huh? Why us?

That came outta nowhere.

Sounds like she's used to being around her sisters, so she might be more comfortable around you three.

True, for whatever reason she does seem less shy around them.

Sure, but you can't just force us on babysitting duty.

...Big Sis Lyrica...


My oh my, looks like she's already attached.

So she thinks of you like a sister, huh? Good for you, you're the youngest so I'm sure you've always wanted to play the older sister.

M-Maybe, but this is just too sudden! I'm not ready for the responsibility!

It's like we're four sisters! I'm fine with it!

Oh right, we haven't even asked you your name yet.

...My name is...

Don't tell me you forgot that too?

Uh-uh, I remember.

I'm... Layla.

Chapter 74: Tribute

...So this is where you feel that strong pull from?

Uh-huh, just a little further.

Good thing we found a guide.

Is it really a good idea to follow some human we don't know?

She hasn't been acting suspicious, so I doubt there's cause for concern.

Still, we don't know who she is, and apparently her memory still hasn't returned.


Geez, I get where you're coming from, but knock it off with those gloomy expressions!

Good things come to those who smile! Smiling is the secret to happiness!

You remember your name, so I'm sure you'll remember your sisters sooner or later.

...Thanks, sis.

But maybe my sisters are...

Sounds like she's really worried about her sisters.

We're kind of busy right now, but we should go look for them when we're done with the investigation.

So play nice with Lyrica until then, okay?

Yeah. Still not used to being the big sister though...


What is it, Layla?

...I don't like this feeling... It's so strong...

It's coming!

! This power!

Radar is down! This energy is off the scale!

The evil energy coalesces...


What the heck? An ultra-huge sheep?!

It's even bigger than the ship! It's like a small island!

Not only that, it possesses-


Miss Satori?!

Are you okay?! I mean, when there's that much power, even I can feel it...

But that's not all. There's like, a bad feeling.

There's a deep, dark misfortune spilling out from that sheep.

So that energy we've been seeing was all coming from this giant sheep?

Ho ho ho! That's the power of nightmare!

Damned humans! You're earlier than we expected.

So we were right, the giant catfish is still alive!

I told you, didn't I? I'm immortal as long as we have the Nightmare Core.

And the power stored inside this sheep is nigh inexhaustible!

So you're saying this giant youkai is the Nightmare Core?

Then we can defeat it to save the villagers from the nightmares!

Ho ho ho! Don't get ahead of yourselves! Do you really think that's possible?

This thing's body is connected the Gensokyo's nightmares through Makura's power.

Its power is incomparable to the nightmares you've been fighting!

Yeah, yeah, keep talking. Might as well beat you too while we're at it!

Here we go!

If it's not apparent, this entire map is flight-only.

So is it safe to touch this strange fog?

It's a little different from the miasma of Makai...

I can feel something like the noise of the heart coming from the fog.

It's filled with fear, uncertainty, and sorrow.

Could this all be the power of that giant sheep?

Ho ho ho! Looks like you clever girls have figured it out, but you're too late!

Now that you're surrounded by nightmare mist, you're already in the belly of the beast!

Your loss was decided just now!

Eh, more big talk from a loser. You'll be crying home to mommy again soon enough.

Show them, great sheep!


Oh no, fart gas!


Wh-What is this?!

It's like my strength's draining away...

Could this mist be directly transmitting the nightmare energy?

Is that what he meant by 'in the belly of the beast'?

Have you realized it yet? Now that you're here, there's no escape!

The nightmare will gnaw away at your heart, leaving you with nothing but uncertainty and despair!

Despair? We'll never give in to despair!

Yeah, and we'll blow right through that uncertainty!

I wonder how long you can keep up the tough act!

Double fart gas!


But that's still not enough to-

Then how about even more?!

Imagine I posted the above screenshot again.


Doubling up on it? Your little tricks won't-

Then how about a hundred times?! Or a thousand?!

This sheep will NEVER run out of energy! Your resistance is futile!

This is getting dangerous. We should retreat for now and regroup!

It's no good, the rudder isn't responding! Did they get our systems too?!

If the Palanquin Ship won't move, then we'll just have to protect it. Use that time to try to find a way to escape!

There is none! Your fates were sealed when you came here!

Now, let the feast begin!

Victory: Defeat the Great Sheep.
Defeat: Lunasa, Merlin, Lyrica, or the Palanquin Ship are defeated.
Bonus WP: Defeat 12 enemies within 4 turns.

That bonus might not seem very tough at first...

But the devil's in the details, of course.

Every unit in the crew has had their Power tanked down to 50, lost a quarter of their HP, and lost half of their SP(!). On top of that, the Prismrivers and the boat are unable to act.

There used to be a bug(?) where Koishi wasn't affected by this, but that got patched out. A shame, since it was incredibly appropriate, as you'll see later.

Having the Watatsuki Sisters is a blessing for getting the Bonus on this chapter. They can basically hold their own even with 50 Power.

With the Focus spirit cast, Eiki can maintain her perfect hit/dodge rates, so she's awesome to have here too.

It can be tough going, but as long as you're careful and don't get too crazy, killing 12 enemies aint too bad.

By the way, don't think you can cheese the Power decrease on this chapter with Yell/Rally spam. You get set back to 50 at the start of every enemy phase.

At the start of turn 2:

I can't believe the Nightmare Core was THIS strong.

We knew they'd have the home field advantage, but still...

But with that lineup, looks like they're betting everything on this too.

This is bad, we have to do something!

Akyu, what's the situation on the bridge?!

The hull's still intact, barely, but our weapons are completely down!

Us on board can't hold on forever either!



What?! Layla?!

What's going on?! Her body is overflowing with mist!

Oh? I noticed this earlier, but you've picked up quite the odd passenger, haven't you?


Yes, that lass on your ship...

She's the same sort of being as me.

What? How?!

You never noticed? She's another materialized dream.

She probably took form when someone's unconscious got mixed up with the power of the sheep.

But she's no different from any of us...

Maybe her appearance, but she's just the same as any of this mist.

In the end, the lass is just a defective dream given shape.

No way... what do you mean defective...?

That WOULD explain why she doesn't have any memories...

Sis, I...


Don't worry, we'll-

You'll what? SAVE her? In that case...


Eek! What are you doing?!

I'm losing strength... my instrument isn't working right!

No sound is coming out either!

Bwa ha ha ha! Still think you can save her like that?

Risking your lives for a defect? Truly hilarious. But you may as well entertain me, like the clowns you are!

Crumble away, cursing your own powerlessness!

There's no need to hold back and conserve your SP for this part of the chapter. If you have Focus, just use it.

Have we seen Toyohime's barrier before? I can't remember, so here it is anyway. Very ethereal.

Midway through turn 2's enemy phase, we complete the Bonus WP objective.

Like I said, it's not very hard. The only tough part is not accidentally getting your units killed.

Start of turn 3:

Geez, nothing's working! I can't use my power!

No doubt he intends to lead us into depair through this slow torment.

Can we really win this?

C'mon, Kisume! Don't give up! We're not that weak!

She's right. I, for one, don't intend to be swallowed up without a fight.

If they're attacking our hearts, then we fight back with our hearts.

Miss Satori!

We're all well aware of what it takes to not lose to worry and despair.

Now's the time to show him the power of those bonds.

In case you forgot, the special final spirit Satori and Koishi share is called Bonds.

Bonds? Did you say bonds? What a joke, coming from a satori.

Well, I'm sure it's a bluff, but it's better to deal with nuisances sooner rather than later.

Why don't you see for yourself if it's a bluff?

Here, have a second helping of NIGHTMARE!

If Satori were actually deployed (why isn't she force-deployed Sanbondo??) this would be on her instead of the boat.



Ho ho ho! I don't care if you're a satori, did you really think you could resist the power of the Great Sheep on your own?!

Not to mention that other satori. The one watching helplessly, biting her fingernails.


Your kin is in danger, and you're just cowering over there like a failure.

That look suits you well. People like you deserve to sit on the sidelines and watch.


Hey, what do you think you're doing?! Making fun of Miss Koishi like that!

You're a satori too, right Koishi? Are you gonna let him say all that?

Yeah, shove it right back in his big fat face!

Huh? But...

But I can't connect hearts like sis...


You know, I'm actually glad Clarste keeps forcing me to bring Yamame along. Having a consistent source of full heals is very convenient.

By the end of turn 3, like half the map has been cleared out, despite the penalties. Even if you're on higher difficulties, by this point you should be getting close to fulfilling the Bonus.

Skipping ahead, here we are at the end of the player phase on turn 4.

One last round of fart gas, and...

Same deal as the previous videos here. There's parts of this event I can't really recreate in screenshot form, so it's worth skimming up til at least 7:10 even if you normally skip these.

Eek! I feel so weak...

I'm feelin' a bit sluggish myself.

Overcome it through willpower! It's not over until you've given up!

As long as we hold out, we'll get our chance! I know it!

Hmm, you still haven't broken. I should have expected as much from anyone who made it this far.

But it's time to end this.


Ugh, it's even stronger now!

Miss Ran! My eyes are spinning!

Pull it together, Chen!

We can't take any more of this. Maybe the stronger-willed can withstand it, but the weaker among us will-



This is bad! The nightmare mist is-!

If it swallows her completely, then she'll-!

Hang in there, Layla! You still have to find your sisters, right?!

My... sisters...

Yeah! Your sisters are still waiting for you, Layla!

So you can't lose here!

Stop it! My sisters are...

My sisters aren't even around anymore anyway!


Wh-What do you mean? I thought you said you got split up?

Yeah... we were separated. Then I was the only one left.

And no matter how long I waited, no one came home.

I was... alone...


Why didn't you tell us?

Ho ho ho! Looks like she's succumbing to her anxiety and confusion!

Now, to absorb her so she can become part of the great sheep's power!

Stop it! I won't let you hurt Layla!

Why do you care so much for a dream? A defective one at that.

I don't know, but still!

Fair enough, but if you'd like to get swallowed by nightmare along with her, then go right ahead!

Do it, great sheep! Use the girl to swallow up the humans!



The energy expands, and the screen fades to black.

Ugh... where am I...?

Can't see a thing, can you? This is the nightmare mist that came from the girl.

Even a defective dream can have its uses, if its anxiety is amplified.

Meet your end drowning in despair.

Bah, that damned catfish!

It's pitch black, but is everyone here?

...I can sense a mind. But it's filled with fear and loneliness.


Why did all my sisters disappear...?

Why was I left alone...?

That voice... it's Layla.

Come home, please... I want to hear your voices again...

Don't leave me alone...

Hey, Lunasa. Layla's crying.

...She said she was separated from her sisters.

So this is her loneliness and anxiety.

I'm sick of it... Everything...

I don't want want to live if I have to be alone...

Keep it together, Layla! Even if you're lonely, you have to put on a smile!

I can't! It's impossible!


I'm all alone in this house! No one ever talks to me!

It's so quiet... It hurts...


...What do we do? I dunno what we're supposed to do in times like these.

Layla is crying but we can't do anything...

Is there even anything we could do?

No matter what we say, it'll just be glossing over her loneliness.


Even so, let's make some noise.


What do you mean? We can't even use our powers.

It doesn't have to be a performance. Even clapping your hands makes noise.

We can at least break the silence.


BGM: The sound of clapping.

Hmm? What's this?

What's that noise?

I can hear something...

What, it's just clapping?

Ho ho ho! And here I was wondering what you'd be scheming once you'd lost your abilities! Now you're clapping like children?!

Poltergeists who can't even play their instruments, what a joke!

True, I wouldn't call this music. But noise is enough.

That's right, we're poltergeists! We make noise!

And if noise makes someone happy, that's good enough for me!

Ridiculous. You think that nonsense is going to dispel her anxieties?

...I want to hear more.


Grr, what's this?! The nightmare mist is thinning?!

If there's sound, that means I'm not alone. It's like my sisters are here...

Sound is... fun...

You simple-minded fool! It's just an illusion from the sound of clapping!

Listen well, Layla. Listen to our sound.

We're right here with you.

Whenever you're lonely, we'll make as much noise as you want.

Uh huh...

Impossible! Her anxiety is gone?!

I'm sure the sound is what saved her.

Then let's do it too!

BGM: Even faster clapping!

Gah, not you too!

Stop! Stop it already! It's like nails on a chalkboard!

We'll help you forget the uncertainty and loneliness of life.

As long as you're having fun, you can be truly happy!

So stop crying...

and smile, Layla!

Uh huh!

The screen fades to white.

Looks like we escaped the darkness!

And all the loneliness that was filling Layla's heart is gone.

The noise the Prismrivers were making must've worked wonders.

How could this be happening?!

I remember what's most important now...

It's to blow away loneliness and uncertainty.

It's to make someone smile.

Right, that's what our noise is for.

That's our raison d'être!

That light! Looks like it returned everyone's powers!


Thank you, Layla. You helped us remember something important.

So this next song is dedicated to you, Layla.


Yup! It's the debut of the new-and-improved Phantom Ensemble!

And you get to have the best seat in the house.

Alright Merlin, Lyrica. Let the Phantom Ensemble's special tribute concert...


Ally Spellcard

Great Funeral Concert 「Ghostly Wheel Concerto Grosso: Revised」

BGM: Wish Upon a Rainbow

I seriously cannot believe how many arranges of Phantom Ensemble there are in this game.


Ooh! What's happening?!

All the nightmare energy is disappating... My body feels light again!

It's more than that, I feel better than ever!

Wh-What?! What's going on?!

Everyone's sound is reverberating through our bodies!

Even our minds are filled with power too!

That's just how great a Phantom Ensemble concert is!

This is ridiculous! No matter how much energy you put into it, it's just noise!

There has to be some kind of secret!

I get it now. This is magic.


I can feel a powerful magic behind the feelings in this song.

I've heard that poltergeists are a kind of magic only usable by young girls.

If that's true, then maybe the Prismrivers were originally created by someone's magic.

This is all nonsense! As long as we have the power of the great sheep, we can send you to the depths of despair as many times as we need to!

No. You won't make Layla sad ever again.

Because WE'LL make her smile!

As long as we're by her side, she has nothing to worry about!

Uh huh!

We'll take care of the sheep, so you three keep playing!

With your music and our danmaku, this'll be a cinch!

This'll be the greatest concert ever!

This is followed by every unit on the map hitting Full Power Mode all at once.

+100 to both our Max Power, and Max SP. We also immediately get topped up on both, and have our HP/MP fully healed to boot.

Needless to say, our entire team is extremely powerful right now!

Even the Great Sheep's giant danmaku field looks puny compared to the Prismrivers!

Just to be clear though, they still can't move for the duration of this chapter. They gotta keep playing their concert, after all!

The first time anyone fights post-event, you get some generic dialogue:

Amazing, my body feels so warm!

So their music had this much power to it all along?

I always liked their spirit, but this is something else.

Music that gives the strength to keep living, is it?

No doubt they're able to draw out this much power now because they've realized their reason for being.

I can certainly feel both desire and determination in their sound now.

So you're saying we need to make enough noise of our own to keep up, right?

Let's fill this grand stage with danmaku and blow these fiends away!

Hmph. Aren't you getting a little ahead of yourselves?

Work yourselves up all you like! The power of the sheep won't fall to something like that!

Toyohime, what IS this power?

I don't know. It's not spiritual energy, or even youkai energy.

It's because our hearts and minds are joined as one.

So our bonds became strength?

I admit it's unscientific, but this surge of power should be proof enough.

And it's the power to overcome anxiety...

No need to look a gift horse in the mouth. If we can use it, we should.

It's all so sudden and hard to believe, but how can we doubt it when it's right in front of us?

And with this power, we'll smash that Nightmare core!

Let it have a taste of our danmaku!

There's a power welling up from deep inside!

Right, this is the power of high magic and sound!

But there's a tragic fate in there too.

Remi? Are you talking about the Prismrivers?

Yeah. I'm sure this power came from them meeting that Layla girl.

A noise the likes of which they've never been able to make until now.

It's the perfect song for a march. Let's keep up the pressure, shall we?

What a surge of power! Is this from their song?

It's the magic being carried through the feelings they're putting into it!

Everyone's dreams, our bonds! I can feel them now, and turn them into strength!

Alright, let's crush that sheep and clear up this mist of anxiety!

Wow, so music can give people energy? I never knew that!


Aah! Hisoutensoku?!


I think I understand. That feeling of being with everyone...


Then let's go for it! This is our chance for a final inning comeback!



It's like something's going poof inside me...

It's the power of friendship, Hina!

Yes, friendship and bonds.

Is that what this is...?

You must feel it too, Medicine. It's like we're all holding hands.


Right, Shanghai too!

We won't lose to anyone like this!

Let's settle things with that giant mass of misfortune.

A magic only usable by girls, huh? Interesting.

The magician behind it must have been considerably skilled.

No, I'm sure she just had a strong wish.

A wish?

A wish to be happy, no matter what she went through.

That wish became magical energy, which is now coursing through us.

Hah, a wish strong enough to become high magic?

Even if it's a rental, I for one am glad to have it!

Let's pay back all that fear and despair!

It's like, warm and fuzzy.

Yeah, it's just like Lord Yatagarasu's light!

I can feel all of our hearts connected!

We won't lose to uncertainty or despair anymore.

It's like the sun is shining on our hearts.

Since we're all so warm, let's go beat 'em up!

There's, uh, not enough enemies left on the map for me to trigger the rest of the conversations, but it'd be a shame if you missed them, so I'm just gunna dump the rest here:

Wow, the Prismrivers are so cool!

So this music is to cheer Layla up, huh?

What a power up! We just need to ride this wave!

Let's make this concert even better with our danmaku you two!


The power of bonds, huh? I bet if I had that, I'd feel WAY better.

That's our Parsee.

What's THAT supposed to mean, Yuugi?

Bonds don't have to be the same for everyone.

I mean, we don't live on the surface but we're friends with them now.

Even if they're not dressed up the same way, you have to be feeling these connections too, right?

O-Of course I do! But you don't have to go around shouting it out loud!

Good enough for me! So how about we go on a rampage with this?


Rabbit and Fairy:

What the heck is this power?

The power of bonds!

Wow, you just shouted that with no shame at all. But I believe it.

I didn't really get it back when I was always running away, but now I do!

Let's beat up that big sheep, Rabbit!

Alright, Lily!


There's a strange feeling in this sound...

Yeah. I can feel our bonds with everyone.

Not a bad feeling, is it Mokou?

Yeah. This must be what you've been building up all this time, Keine.

And I'll fight with you to protect it!

Yes, together!

Youkai Mountain Crew:

That grim atmosphere from before is completely gone now!

I feel like we can't lose.

I took some pictures too, but no way I'm not riding this wave!

Accept the wind, and feel the sound with your body.

Right now, we're all connected. If we believe in ourselves, there's nothing we can't do!

Let's go, everyone! We're crushing that Nightmare Core!

The Ship:

Our weapon systems were restored. What is this...?

High magic? Or maybe a miracle?

If so, then it's our turn to press the attack! Let's do this, Akyu!

Right! Open all gun ports!

The Buddhists:

What is this? It's completely different from before!

Is the Phantom Ensemble's song drawing out everyone's power?

Like this, we can put out even more Buddhist energy than before!

Then here we go everyone!

We clear away the nightmares, and light the path!

Let's borrow the power of the bonds between human and youkai!

Shine, oh light of Dharma!

The Kids:

Just listening to this sound fills me with power!

For some reason it feels like it'd sound nice even with singing.


Strange, I feel the same way.

Is one of the Prismrivers going to double up then?

Anyway, it's making us like a bajillion times stronger-est!

Let's go beat that big ugly sheep!


It's like everything up to now was just a bad dream!

Even our autumn power is increasing!

The Aki Sisters, mark 2!

The Super Aki Sisters!

Here we go, Shizuha!

Right behind you, Minoriko!

Ghost Crew:

Wow, the Prismriver's music is completely different from how it sounded in practice!

If this is because they're synced with Layla, then that's one strange coincidence...

Oh, right... that girl...

Is something the matter, Yuyuko Saigyoji?

Oh, it's nothing. Just a pang of nostalgia.

Kidding, kidding. But anyway, we need to liven up their concert even more!

Indeed, this is our chance to exorcise the nightmare.

Let's go, everyone!

Yukari's Crew:

You seem bouncy, Miss Ran!

Yes, there's this mysterious rush of power!

Thanks to the Prismriver's song, all of our power has been gathered.

With this much power, not even that big sheep stands a chance.

Then we know what we have to do.

Let's show them our danmaku.

Heaven Team:

I can feel everyone's temperament!

With the mist cleared up, this space is filled with heart and sound.

Eldest Daughter, now's the time to brandish the Sword of Hisou.

I'm doing it! We've got heart and sound, so it's time to add ME!

Blade of temperament, cut through this nightmare!

So with that out of the way, here's the boss: a really big sheep.

Great Sheep here is basically a traditional Super Robot Wars boss, in that he is a giant, boring, HP sponge of a boss with nothing interesting going on beyond his raw stats. No spellcards, no gimmicks, just piles of Armor and 100,000 HP.

I'm kinda glad there was at least one boss like this, and that they did it on a chapter where being overpowered is half the fun, but I'm also glad they only do this once.

After attacking him for the first time:


That's one tough sheep!

So if this is the boss sheep, do you think it tastes better?

But the nightmare energy is gone! Now's our chance!



Gah, it healed?!

Obviously. No matter how much you struggle, it doesn't change the fact that Gensokyo is gripped with anxiety.

As long as that power exists, the great sheep's lifeforce is limitless!

So you're saying you'll have the advantage as long as there's this mist.

But what are we supposed to do about the power of anxiety?

...It's time to use my trump card.

Miss Satori!

If this mist is being created by worry, then we should be able to dispel it using the power of the mind.

And if we connect enough strong minds, we can get rid of it entirely.

Easier said then done. Connecting everyone's minds is no easy feat.

And if you screw up, it'll destroy you.

But that's precisely why I have to be the one to do it, as the satori who's touched everyone's minds already.

I'll have to trust in my third eye.


Then we'll just have to bet on that chance. But to do this alone...

No, she's not alone!


Let's do it together, sis.

I can't read minds like you can, Satori, but I sure can connect 'em!

You're right... Thank you, Koishi.

Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever relied on you for anything until now.

But now... we're in this together.


They both cast Bonds.

We can never be fully rid of worry. But we can bring a strength that won't lose to it.

Please picture a day that's better than today, if only a little.

Don't worry, it won't always be bad.

Pray for it. Hope.


Grrr! What is this?!

The power of the mist is disappating. And the aura around the sheep too!

Now we can beat this fat bastard!

We did it, Satori!

I felt it! It was like all our hearts became one!

That's our team attack! Now that big fluffy nightmare is defenseless!

How?! You've never had this much power before!

How could adding a single broken satori make such a difference?!

Someone like you who looks down on others without trying to understand their feelings could never understand.

Hearts are complex, and bonds are strong.

This is a joke!

No more tricks!

It's time to exterminate that sheep!

I don't understand why they're not force-deployed for this chapter, but oh well.

At least Great Sheep's attacks are kinda fun.

The sheep rush is recycled from Meeko, but him trying to just squish you is cute.

By the way, Giant Catfish is just kinda chilling in the back. He'll attack you if you're in range, but...

Coming after me before the great sheep? Are you perhaps touched in the head?

As long as the sheep's there, my lifeforce is limitless!

And then he just heals back to full. You can't do anything about him, so you might as well ignore him.

That having been said...

Giant Catfish is one of the few bosses in the game with truly bad evasion, so Yorihime's Break Accuracy Limit trick can give her a serious damage boost here.

Just enough to literally oneshot him.

Even if you kill him, he just says the same line and regens, but you could hypothetically farm him for money/PP if you could consistently do enough damage. Not really worth it IMO, but it's there.

Now, enough playing around.

Finish him off Tewi!

You can catch the rest of this event in video form, if you want.


I-Impossible! The great sheep is losing?!

I don't feel like losing today!

This is it!

The game randomly picks characters you've deployed to do the next few lines. A couple of them are amusing callbacks, but you'll have to play the game yourself if you wanna see them.

Love Sign!

Here it comes, Wind of the Kun God!

Come, Takemikazuchi!


No! This can't be happening!

But this isn't over! If we gather more anxiety, we can-

Crap, it's back AGAIN?

It seems that we'll need to utterly annihilate it to prevent its regeneration.

If we do that, then the catfish who's borrowing its power should be destroyed too.

But if all the dream manifestations disappear, then...

What about Layla? Will she disappear too?



Wait, the song is-

Don't stop playing!


But didn't you hear them?


I get it. I'll disappear when that sheep does.

But that's why I want to listen to your song right up to the end.

The... end?

Even though my sisters are gone, I'm having so much fun.

So I want to keep having fun, right until I disappear.

But we finally met you! That's just too sad!

It's not sad. I'm not crying anymore.


So please...

You heard her, you two.


If that's what Layla wants, we'll keep playing.

I want her to keep smiling until the end.

Protect her smile, huh?

...Gotcha. I feel the same way.

In that case, let's make this next song our best yet!

The Prismrivers form up on the Great Sheep.

You don't know when to quit, fools! You think you can finish it off?!

This one's a send-off. For Layla.

Our best song!

With our best smiles!

For you, who feels strangely familiar.

(Click here to watch!)


It's all gone! The anxiety, the despair!

And you too, catfish.

How long can you keep up that form without your source of energy?

Vanish, along with that disastrous power of yours.

Cheeky to the end...

But... why?

Why does it feel so... peaceful...?

He vanishes.

So the catfish vanished with the sheep, as we thought.

Not even a trace of spiritual energy left. He's really gone this time.

And our song reached Layla too.


Layla, you're disappearing...

Thank you, sisters. Your concert was so fun.

What are you saying? We're the ones who should be thanking YOU!

Yeah! Because of you, we-

Isn't there anything we can do? I don't want to say goodbye like this!


Can you do one thing for me then?

Of course! Anything!

I love your sounds.

So I want you to share them with lots and lots of people.

So please... that's my wish.


It's a promise. Even without you, we'll keep making our noise.

I mean, we're a band.

We're called the Prismriver Ensemble. It's got a nice ring to to it, doesn't it?

Prismriver? That sounds... familiar...

Oh, right... I'm also...


Actually, I want one more thing. If we ever meet again, can I still call you my sisters?

O-Of course! But don't say 'if', okay?

Thank you, sis...



...This was a happy ending, right?

She smiled right up to the end.

It was. She vanished feeling extremely at peace.

She had only a transient existence, but she was as at peace as if she'd lived a full life.

Right... So...

She's gone now, but she was definitely born in Gensokyo, right?

So she's gotta be somewhere, right? Alive, in the Netherworld, somewhere...

So we'll definitely meet again.

BGM: The Dream is Here

So we've cleared another hurdle?

Yes, we beat that giant sheep, somehow.

If that was the Nightmare Core, then the business with the sheep in Gensoyko should be settled too.

So we shouldn't have to worry about the nightmares for a while.

It's a significant step forward for the incident investigation too.

At first, I wasn't sure how we'd get out of that trap.

Guess we have to thank Satori and the Prismrivers for that.

And Layla too.


Where'd the Prismrivers get off to anyway? I haven't seen 'em since we got back on the boat.

They said they were a little tired and went to go get something to drink.

After all that, I don't blame them.

Yes, you're right.

It may have been bittersweet, but the fact that we won this battle has incredible significance.

It proves that we can stand up to Makura's power here.

Yes, we've finally understood how to use the strength of our hearts as weapons here in Mugen Sekai.

So our bonds become our strength, huh?

Never figured Satori of all people would be taking the lead on that front.

Miss Satori being optimistic was SO COOL.

Uh huh! Seeing those two trying so hard is so moving.

Heh, you're exaggerating...

But I was really happy too. I finally got to do something with you, Satori.

You put your trust in me.


I love you when you're forced to ask me for help too!


Wow, I didn't expect her to go that far, not out loud anyway. But that's Koishi for you.

Er... Yes. She speaks from the heart.

Anyway, shall we take a breather before we get back to the investigation? Prepare some tea, Koakuma.

Right away! I should bring some to the Prismrivers too.

A door opens.

So this is where everyone was.

Whew... That was tough.

Hm? You're back already?

I thought you'd be taking it easy after working so hard that battle.

Non non! After a successful concert it's time to make even more noise!

Wait, what?

We played an important role this time, to put it mildly.

We escaped our slump and put on our best performance yet!

You all were feeling it too, right?

Y-yes, I suppose. I do agree it was an amazing performance.

...And here I thought you'd be depressed after all that. Looks like it's business as usual.

What, were you WORRIED about us, Marisa?

I mean, you looked pretty down when we got back on the boat...

I appreciate the concern, but the Prismriver Ensemble wouldn't be caught dead being gloomy.

Layla told us to work hard on the band too!

I see. So this is how you're answering her feelings.

She left you with her final wish, after all.

I'm sure she's happy to see you like this, wherever she is.

Thank you...

So... what exactly was Layla anyway?

If she was born from someone's unconscious, is the original person still out there somewhere?

...I think I might have met her, actually.

What, really?!

...Did you remember something, Yuyuko?

Nothing specific. It's just that her final words seemed strangely familiar.

I just feel like a girl with a strong wish like her has visited the Netherworld.

Then the original Layla may not be among the living anymore...

It's not like it's hard to visit the Netherworld these days. So it's not too bad.

I mean, we're spirits too.

Regardless, if you lack the means to find out now, that just means you'll have to look into it more.

Her words and her wish live on in all of us. To the survivors, that's all there is.

And I finally remembered something too... Why'd you have to go and wrap it up like that, Yukari?

Remembering the past doesn't suit you, Yuyuko.


Yukari Yakumo is right though. There's no need to be caught up in the past.

The ones living in Gensokyo now are you 'three' sisters. What you should take from this is that you got a chance to reevaluate your way of life.

Right... We're just thankful for today's encounter.

It was meeting Layla that showed us our reason for being.

And thanks to that, I think we remembered a little of our past.

Oh? What did you remember?

Just that we were living in that mansion with someone important.

We made noise because we wanted to see that person smile.

That might even be why we started a band.

So this person was your pillar then.

Right. We don't remember any more than that though.

But I'm sure it was someone just like Layla.

You think?

Uh huh. Someone lonely, and sheltered from the world.

Someone who'd always thought of herself as the little sister, no matter how old she got.

And someone with the brightest smile you'd ever seen.

We're going to keep making noise, just like Layla wanted.

We're poltergeists, after all!

We need to make so much noise that Layla can hear us, wherever she is.

The Prismriver sound will pierce right on through to heaven!

(So we have to meet again someday, Layla.)

(Because your sisters are having the time of their lives.)

BGM: The Dream the Sheep See


The sound of glass shattering, and the screen shakes.


Wh-What was that?!

So you felt it too, Meeko.

Right. The great sheep's power disappeared. I bet the catfish went with it.

Don't tell me the humans defeated them?

What else could it be? That much power should have been enough to swallow them whole though...

What trick did they use?! This should have been impossible!

Lady Makura...

This is a disaster. At this rate, all the dreams we've gathered will gradually wither away.

We're so, so close... Why must my dream always be denied?!

Meeko grabs onto her.

W-We're still okay! Your power is still unbeatable!

Plus, I'll do anything to help realize your dream!


So please, uh...

I'm sorry. I lost my composure there.

No, it's okay... We've also got plenty of dreams gathered just in case, right?

We can use their power to defeat the humans, and afterwards we just have to revive the great sheep!

...Yes, you're right. As long as we get rid of THEM, nothing will stand in our way.

But now that it's come to this, we won't be able to avoid a battle.


We'll use all the dream power at our disposal to make this into a unbreakable fortress.

But given who we're up against, I can't guarantee that you won't get caught up in this.

Don't worry, I can fight too!

Even if you told me to run away, I have nowhere else to go!

Of course you'd say that. What did I expect?

But you've already been through battle after battle, Meeko. I can't put you on the front lines in that state.

If you wish, I could lend you a fraction of my power.


The power to manifest dreams. With that, you'd hold an overwhelming advantage here in Mugen Sekai.

It should protect you if you get into a fight with them.

Wow, your dream-manifestation power... With that, I could...

However, keep in mind that it's dangerous for a youkai to hold someone else's power within them.

Normally, something like this would be-

No, please! I want to be useful to you, Lady Makura!

Your dream is my dream!

Thank you, Meeko.

Then follow me.


And on that note, look forward to Chapter 75. It's a doozy.

-Great Funeral Concert "Ghostly Wheel Concerto Grosso: Revised"