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Part 41: Chapter 76 (Part 1)

Welcome to Chapter 76!

Hey, turns out Tindeck is actually dead For Realsies this time, so we're back to Youtube links for music.

Before we begin, I forgot to mention last chapter that Yukari got a new Personal Skill to go along with her new attack: Boundary of Dreams and Bonds. It's a one-use ability that gives everyone's Full Power Mode attacks +20% damage. Neat!

Anyway, here's our party for today. Reimu and Marisa are forced, though we can assign team members to them as usual.

There was some... confusion in the voting process, to put it lightly, so I just added Aki the Second myself since it was easy.

Regardless, let's move on to the chapter.

BGM: The Dream the Sheep Sees

The screen shakes violently.

Lady Makura, what's that shaking...?

...If the shockwave reached this far, it was probably Yuuka Kazami.

Do you think she fought the humans?

I certainly can't imagine anything else. However, I can still sense their spiritual energy.

No doubt they even beat Yuuka Kazami.

...What do we do? Does that mean they're almost here?

No need to worry, Meeko. I'm here with you.

Right, Lady Makura...


This reminds me of when we were wandering together.

It was only because you were there, Meeko, that we arrived in this land, and I was able to dream again.

And without you, Lady Makura, I'd probably be gone by now...

...I've exposed you to so much danger, so many times. You must think terribly of me by now.

No way! That's all someone like me is good for.

I'll do anything, as long as I can fulfill your dream.


Eventually the day will come when I can help you live in peace. Once we've achieved our dream.

But until then, could you please lend me your strength just a little longer?

Of course...

...But to think they'd crush all of our plans and come this far.

I've been gathering dream energy in preparation for the final battle, just to be completely sure, but it's still possible I won't finish in time.


Then I'll go!


As long as you have that all that crazy power, you'll win no matter what, right?

Then please keep gathering it while I fight them!

...You want to buy me time? But it's too dangerous to go alone.

I'm the only one left who can fight them. And if I have you by my side to help, then-

Don't worry, I also have that power you shared with me.

Even I can slow them down if I give it my all!


Very well then. I'll leave that task to you.

But you need to retreat as soon as you find yourself at a disadvantage.

There are dangers associated with using another's power. Please don't risk your life just to buy a little more time.

Roger that, Lady Makura!


Meeko runs off.

...After saying all that, I HAVE to slow them down at least a little.

No... With this power I'm borrowing, maybe I could be even more useful?

In that case, I...

BGM: What's the Strategy?

Hey Alice, I don't see MY cup.

Why would I get a cup for you? Ask Elly or Kurumi.

My time has come! Yuuka, I'll be your bowl!

Here you go, Yuuka, you can have mine!

Thank you, Medi. This old bowl looks like it'd be better chopped up.

Oh no, stop! Elly's about to get chopped up!

...She's finally travelling with us, but they're acting the same as always.

Yeah, even though this is the final stage of the investigation...

Not that we know where we're going yet.

Well, all that's left is to find the mastermind. Isn't it nice when it's so simple?

For now, let's just keep heading down.

*sigh* Down?

Space is warped here, so 'down' is a little ambiguous right now.

What are you talking about? Down is down.

We can trust Reimu's intuition when it comes to incidents. There's a specific direction you want to go, right?

Yeah. Would it be easier if I just pointed?

Alright Murasa, please steer us in the direction Reimu's pointing.

If you spot anything, cooperate with everyone to scout it out.

Aye aye!

They really are incident resolution specialists, aren't they? They've got this down to an art.

In which case, I may as well just sit back and sip tea.

What are you talking about? You're the only one who's met the mastermind.

And while we have this chance, you're going to tell us everything you know.

I'm afraid that 'everything' may not be as much as you're hoping.

You'd probably find Makura faster on your own.

So you don't know where she is either?

I haven't seen her for a while, so yes.

Even so, any information you could provide might be useful for the final battle.

Could you share anything you know about Makura or Meeko?

Well, if that's what you're looking for...

When and how did you first meet Makura anyway?

Let's see... We first met when the Field of the Sun was changing color in autumn.

I think it was a little before Remilia's mist incident.

What? That long ago?!

It was really more like we bumped into each other.

The two of them were so dirty. It felt like they'd just escaped from something.

I see. But if they'd done anything to stand out, then Ran should have noticed.

I was preoccupied with Youkai Mountain at the time, so I may not have been as vigilant as I could have been.

Meaning they arrived at about the same time we did. They're newcomers too.

Yes. I hear that's why Meeko was mimicking a fuzzball, to go scope out Gensokyo.

They never expected her to be found by Marisa and turned into a pet though.

But it was a good opportunity to get close to a human, so they went along with it?

Apparently. Maybe this was because she was fascinated by what you'd done, but she said something interesting after the incident was over.

She'd just arrived from outside, but she told me they wanted to support Gensokyo.

That piqued my interest, so I did them a few favors.

Like what?

You must have passed through Mugenkan on the way here. I lent that to them.

Without telling us?!

Now that you mention it, I feel like we didn't spend much time with you that year...

As the place in Gensokyo closest to dreams, it might have been comfortable for her.

Probably. And after that, she helped your incident investigations while at the same time slowly storing up strength.

Whenever I paid a visit, it seemed like she'd never left her bed, whether sleeping or wake.

...Sounds like you know her even better than we expected.

She seemed well-behaved, so I let her be.

I mean, when we first met she seemed trustworthy enough to me too. Gave good advice.

She must've been learning about the incidents by peeking into people's dreams.

But then she seemed to slowly change.

Until finally they were trying to tear out Yatagarasu by force.


...Did you ever speak with them after that?

I did. They seemed pretty beat up about it, but weren't going to change their minds.

They have no doubt whatsoever that they're doing what's best for Gensokyo.

I can't understand them at all. Do they think any means are acceptable if it's for a good cause?

Not that their cause makes any more sense.

After that, my patience with them ran out, and that's that.

You probably know more about what they did next than I do.

Yeah. We fought Meeko a few times after she revealed her identity.

Frankly, even after talking to her I still don't know what they're thinking.

I mean, she's not the brightest bulb.

Either way, we know she's desperate, and that she doesn't doubt her master in the slightest.

But that's why she'll do anything if she's ordered to.

But we used to get along so well, I was really shocked when she betrayed us.

I don't know what she was thinking at the time, but we know now that she's only ever served one master from the very beginning.

If we fight her up ahead, she'll do everything she can to defeat us.

It doesn't matter what their circumstances are, we have to stop them.

If we leave them alone, there'll just be more victims like Okuu.

Yeah, next time we meet we're paying her back double for that.




What's wrong? Shouldn't you be more fired up about this than anyone else?

No, um, it's like... I've never really thought about taking revenge.

And when you put it like that, um, is that really okay?

What, don't tell me you just want to forgive and forget?

Just how goody-two-shoes can you get? You're one who's suffered most from this.

Wait, doesn't that just make me a narrow-minded, petty woman?!


Why isn't anyone trying to tell me I'm not?!

I think it's a good thing that your heart is still so pure after all that, Okuu.

But it's true that she hurt you. You're allowed to say something, the next time you meet.

Say something, huh...?

Okay, I understand, Miss Satori.

Alright, I think we've said all we can about them for now.

Indeed. All that's left is to hear the rest straight from Makura herself.

If there's nothing else to do, I guess we have free time until we deploy?

We're approaching the final battle. How carefree can you get?

They say that the wise know when to fight and when to rest. Maybe being this relaxed is the ultimate form of that?

Why don't we all spend this time however we want?

Alright, then the meeting is adjourned. We'll contact you if anything happens.

BGM: Fantasy Maiden Squadron

Mm, that smells nice. Having my coffee down here once in a while isn't too bad.

I'll never get used to the way you and Marisa make as mess of the table like that.

Even though we're all on the ship together Kourin's always holed up on the bridge, so we don't get this chance too often.

We have plenty of food, so if you want more just ask.


I don't mind you having tea, but are you going to be okay like that, Marisa?

Hm? Like what?

With your tools all over the place like that, won't you be in trouble if there's a surprise attack?

Eh, it's nothing to worry about. If it comes down to it, I'll just stuff 'em all in my hat.

You can fit all that in your hat?!

Come to think of it, you're spending your precious free time performing maintenance on your equipment? That's so you, Marisa.

A certain shrine maiden would be leaving her fate to the winds.

Maybe that works for you or Reimu, but normal people need to be prepared.

Not that it looks like Marisa is preparing for battle anyway.

Yeah, not really. I'm just checking out what I've done 'til now.

Checking? With... an old book and a glass vial and this other junk? Do those help?

Sure, it may look like junk to you, but to me it's all treasure.

Normally I'd leave this all at home, but this battle is special.

You want to fight with all your history at your side. That's just the sort of thing I'd expect from you, Marisa.

Tee hee, indeed. You really are a hard worker.

So are these books the sequel to that grimoire of yours then?

Whoa, no touching! Those are my secret danmaku research notebooks!


There sure are a lot of 'em. Is this where you write down new special moves?

Nah, that's not it. They're more like... danmaku goals.

Spellcards I think are worth living up to, no, surpassing.

Ah, I see, your goals.

Tee hee, how touching. So you really think an ordinary magician like yourself can live up to these?

Don't make fun of it, that's her way of life.

Don't you want to see how far Marisa's magic will take her?

Yes, yes, we all know you're quite fond of your pupil.

But if that's how confident you are in her, then I suppose I'm looking forward to seeing our next battles.

Please show us the path your danmaku has taken.

I don't need YOU to tell me that!

Ah, here it is. My hidden daifuku mochi is still there.

I'll probably be resting after this, so I need to finish this while I can.

Someone walks in.

...Can't she get her own tea cakes? Sheesh...

Oh, it's you.

The shrine maiden of Earth. Weren't you guiding us from the bridge?

As you can see, I'm taking a break. We're coming up on the final battle, so at least let me take a break.

Well... I suppose. So even you need time to focus your mind?

Not really. But anyway, you needed something from the cupboard, right? Go ahead.




What? You have something to say to me?

I do, actually. And this might be my last chance to find you alone before the final battle.

I'd like to give you a warning about that power of yours.

Right, my power... Wait, which power are we talking about here?

...The power to free yourself from all interference. That violent power that detaches you from reality.


Back in the sea of stars your friend stopped you, but you must be aware of its dangers.

But even so, you bound it in the chains of a name and still use it, even today.

And I'm sure you're prepared to release it from those chains in an emergency.

...You're right. I know that if I misuse it, I'll end up all alone.

But there's no need to worry.

What do you mean?

That technique, 'Fantasy Nature', wasn't named by me, but by someone else.

Thanks to that, I know that I'll never be isolated. That I'll be fine as I am.

That no matter what, there's a line I'll never cross.

So you can keep being you...

I see. So they aren't chains to bind your power, but a barrier you've created.

That's an interesting way of thinking. That just by having a name, a thing has a place in the world.

I think that's just what a spellcard is. A danmaku barrier we all construct, piece by piece.

That's how even your divine invocations can be the same as a fairy's danmaku.

Weak or strong, they're all just as important.


Not that I came up with any of this. That's just what my friend told me.

But anyway, you don't need to worry. I won't do anything crazy in the final battle.

Yes. While everything about you is ambiguous, there's certainly a barrier in place.

It looks like my fear was groundless.

But don't just take my word for it, see for yourself in the battle to come.

We can count on that strength, Reimu.

Yeah, same to you, Yorihime.

The screen slowly fades to black.

BGM: the sound of distant rumbling

We arrive at... somewhere, and with no fanfare, we're immediately hit with the deployment screen.

We've entered a peculiar place.

The dream energy here is much stronger than everywhere else we've been.

The dreams must be gathered nearby.

Meaning Makura's probably close.

Ooh! Bingo!

I thought this would be harder to find, I'm surprised you managed it.

Well, I'm just that good.

We all helped scout, so don't take ALL the credit Reimu!

Then let's hurry up and continue the investigation. Makura Muwatari should be just ahead.

Oh no you don't!

Meeko and a ring of White Sheep spawn in.


So there you are, Meeko!

I can't believe you came all the way here... You really don't know when to quit!

But you're not getting any farther!

Thank you for coming out to greet us, but you won't be in our way for long.

You're the one who doesn't know when to quit! How many times have we beaten you again?

If you intend to block our path, then we'll cut one right through you!

Hmph! People like you could never-

Beat you? That does sound fun.

! Yuuka Kazami!

It's been a while, hasn't it? Is Makura doing well?

It seems you left Mugenkan, but I really wish you'd told me you were moving.

Don't play dumb! You always said you weren't taking sides, but now you're with the humans!

Unfortunately for you, I do what I want.

But more importantly, she must be feeling quite cornered if she sent you out alone.


We know you're trying to gather the power of all the dreams in Mugenkan.

I bet you're just here to stall for time.

I guess the jig's up, but it doesn't matter.

If I beat you here, then we win!

Now you've said it! This time we're settling this!

Fate brought us together numerous times, but that all ends today.

This is where you'll pay for all your crimes!

I can't lose either, you know. I have to stop you, no matter what!

For Lady Makura's, no, for MY dream!

Chapter 76: The Dream the Sheep Sees

You have been clicking on these links each time, I hope.

Victory: Defeat Meeko.
Defeat: Reimu, Marisa, or the Palanquin Ship are defeated.
Bonus WP: ???

This chapter is veeery long horizontally.

On the other hand, there's uh... not actually a lot to do. The sheep are basically just fodder for building power, although the Black Sheep's Power-decreasing gimmicks cut in to that. The real meat is in the boss fight.

It takes about a full turn of movement to start engaging for real.

If you've forgotten, Meeko's generic danmaku field makes it so anyone below 130 Power cannot act, so this opening act is a balancing act of sorts. You want to get as many people above that threshold as possible. If we had brought Merlin/Yuyuko with us, we could have done that easily, but instead I have to choose who gets what kill carefully.

As interesting as I find that to play, it's probably not very interesting in screenshot form, so, uh...

Imagine this screenshot. Imagine I posted a variation of it for every character in the team.

Imagine this image is a metaphor for what I'm doing to the sheep.

Woah hey, welcome to turn 5. Meeko's about begin her assault.

We're coming through!

We already beat the boss sheep, so a bunch of fodder sheep sure won't stop us!

I know that! That's why you're fighting ME!

It's great that you're determined and all, but that just makes it even easier!

We have a lot things to say to you too! Don't we Utsuho?


...The Yatagarasu girl. I'm gonna settle things with you too.

You beat me before, but this time I'll finish you off!

If you can say that knowing how strong she is, at least you've got guts!

But did you forget that we've gathered even more talent since then too?

Uu! But I'm not the same as I was then either!

Say what you like, we're turning you into roast mutton!

You're making fun of me again! But I'll show you! The third time's the charm!

Good luck sheephu.

This being the third time we've fought her, she doesn't actually have any more unique dialogue with any of our units.

This first phase is basically only challenging if you couldn't get most of your army above 130 Power.


So far it doesn't seem any different from before.

Have you said your farewells to your beloved Makura yet?

Sh-Shut up! I still haven't used my real power!

Your real power though... Wasn't it just to manipulate sleep?

Sure, it's a little annoying, but the same trick won't work twice!

Yeah, actually counting sheep makes it even harder to fall asleep.

Counting... sheep? What?

It's something they say in the outside world. By our time, it was mostly just a superstition.

Right... The humans over there stopped believing in sheep.

But when we came over here, my power went up too!

Came over here, huh? We already heard this from Yuuka, but you two really did come here from the outside world.

So both you and Makura are youkai who passed into fantasy from outside.

In that case, I'd love to welcome you two, but unfortunately the circumstances won't allow for that.

I knew you'd say that. But that's why, in order to beat you...

Take a look at this!

Is that a spellcard...?

So you're using the language of Gensokyo.

That's right! I did special training with everyone just for a time like this!

Feast your eyes on my special move!

So you think a spellcard's a special move, huh?

Sounds fun. So what are you gonna show us?

Everyone who's left, help me defeat them!


Enemy Spellcard
「Mount Sheep」
Ally: Cannot Dodge
-Cannot dodge (takes priority over Alert).
Ally: Cannot Move

A rude little combo here. Hope your units were in position before the spellcard was declared.

But yeah, lil Meeko here has 5 whole spellcards like a big girl, so we've got our work cut out for us.

See that little か on the left side of the screen? That was me seeing if Confuse could cut Meeko's accuracy in half like it normally does. Turns out no, she really is impossible to dodge with this spell.

She takes Big Damage from Big Attacks just like everyone else.

Strongly recommend watching the video for this attack if only to see FMW's extremely pro voice acting.

The mecha references continue with Meeko's sheep. Right here we've got Ryooma, Payato, Musachi, and Benkey.

Stay strong sheephu.

Hey look, it's the thing Meeko did to Utsuho back in FMW3.

And then she got torn in half.

Alright, we broke it!

Aah! Gaiya! Ortiga! Musshu!

So she's coordinating with her minions. Looks like they've been tamed better than before.

Did Meeko give them all those weird names?

But to even go through special training just to oppose us, you're pretty tenacious.

And for this difference in power, just a little training wouldn't suffice.

Yeah, I know my limits!

But if it'll help Lady Makura, then it's fine by me!

What impressive loyalty, and she even knows her station.

But why? Why are you so devoted to Makura?

What do you mean, why?

You must know that humans are suffering because of this incident.

And yet you're still so desperate to help her.

That one's easy! It's because I believe in her ideals!

Then could you explain those ideals for us?


Oh I know, Makura must've fed her and she followed her home.

Makes sense to me.

N-No! I mean, Lady Makura...

Lady Makura was kind to me.



Like I said, the humans outside never count sheep anymore!

So I had nowhere to go when Lady Makura saved me.

She cheered me on, supported me!

So you want to repay her for her kindness.

Yeah, got a problem with that?! I would've disappeared by now if it weren't for her!

So you devoted yourself to your savior. I can understand that feeling. But...

But in the end, she made you an accomplice in this incident. Isn't that more like a lost lamb?

Taking advantage of someone in a moment of weakness is the oldest trick in the book.

Don't talk about her like that! I mean, if that's what she wanted she could've chosen a way better youkai than me...

Lady Makura was against me fighting like this anyway...

She's so kind that she picked up someone useless like me!


...I'm going all out for this one! A super move that'll put even crying children to sleep!

These countless sheep will put you into a sleep you'll never wake up from!

Enemy Spellcard
「Countless Sheep」
Ally: Cannot Act (Power)
-When Power is less than 135, cannot act.
Ally: Power Down (Battle)
-Power -15 after battle.

Another rude combination! The first effect is an upgrade on her old generic field, and the second would be extremely nasty even if it didn't synergize so well.

You only get one bomb in this chapter, but for my money, this is the time and place to use it. You really don't want to be losing that much Power.

Meeko makes a big fluffy cloud.

Woops she missed Hisountesoku on a 88%.

Better luck next time sheephu.

With that, we've taken out two of her big fancy spellcards in a single turn.

Th-They didn't fall asleep?!

Not half bad, but you chose the wrong opponents.

This is why I always take extra naps when I can!

Isn't that a strange boast to try to sneak in during the confusion?

That must have exhausted your repertoire. Give up quietly and let us through.

N-No way! I may be out of spells, but I'm still standing!

If I can't stop you here, then I'll never be useful to her!


No, don't push yourself. You should go back to her.


What are you saying, Okuu?!

Don't tell me you sympathize with her?

No, but... I don't wanna fight her after hearing that...

I mean, doesn't it sound like she has a master too, someone like Miss Satori?


...When I was all beat up, Miss Satori looked so hurt.

So you shouldn't make your master worry.


Why would you say that to me, Utsuho...?

Why? Why are you worrying about me?

Even though I'm the one who hurt you...

The way you said that... Does this mean you're aware of your crimes?

I'd assumed you were just blindly devoted, but it seems you do have a conscience.


Then you aren't just a mindless sheep, Meeko.

And yet you're still going through with all this. That takes a kind of guts too, I guess.


If you think that makes me an idiot, then fine! This is the best I can do anyway!

The best you can do...

You all have it easy! You can support the people you love!

I'm different. I'm not strong. Whenever I try to do something I screw it up.

So if there's ANYTHING someone like me can do to be useful, I'll do it!

Then that's your resolve.

That's right! I don't care if you think I'm cruel, I don't need you to forgive me!

As long as it's for Lady Makura!


What's that light?!

The power of dreams. That's supposed to appear from Makura's power.

But how does Meeko have it...?

Even if my spells didn't work, I still have another trick up my sleeve.

I can use this to defeat you!

The screen fades to white.

BGM: loud rumbling

A bunch of sheep pop into existence on rainbow bubbles.


What, more sheep showed up?!

No, it was like they were created out of thin air!

*pant* *pant*


Wait, was that you just now?!

That's right! This is the power to manifest dreams that Lady Makura shared with me!

With this power, even I can do something!

BGM: Despair Sheep

Meeko's aura increased! And the character of her spiritual power is changing!

What's going on? She said this was Makura's power?

I can feel another youkai inside her heart.

Don't tell me she's keeping Makura's energy inside her body, giving her the same power?!

Isn't that just like Yatagarasu being inside Utsuho?!

You're right... While there are some differences, that's-!

How do like THEM apples?! See Utsuho, I won't lose to you anymore!

Now that I have power, I can finally be someone else!

Not... you?

That's right! I can do what I couldn't do before! I don't have to be like that anymore!

My dream melts together into Lady Makura's!

Enemy Spellcard
「Infinite Sheep」
Meeko: Dream Manifestation (L1)
-Gains Dream Manifestation L1 as a Personal Skill.
Meeko: Unit Creation
-When all enemy sheep are destroyed, spawns new sheep.

For reference, Dream Manifestation L1 gives her Double Act, reduces her damage taken by 20%, and casts Alert at the start of every turn (including immediately upon declaring the spell).

Victory: Defeat Meeko.
Defeat: Reimu, Marisa, or the Palanquin Ship are defeated.
Bonus WP: During the activation of "Infinite Sheep", defeat at least 20 Black, White, or Red Sheep.

Poor Meeko, even during her big power up moment the game tasks us with dunking on her buddies instead.

We skewer some sheep.

Like I mentioned earlier, I blasted through to this spellcard in one turn, so I could only take down 3 sheep. That makes things a liiiiittle tight, since we've only got 3 turns to get the 20 kills + take down Meeko, but by this point it's not too bad.

Meeko's auto-casted Alert has to be dealt with if I want to damage her, so it's nice when she wastes it on her own turn.

Meeko's only attack atm is this one zappy attack from before.

Poor Meeko, she doesn't even get a new attack animation for this spell.

At this point, Meeko has conversations with a select few units, Reimu included:

Makura's just a stone's throw away. Which makes you the opening act.

Well, maybe you should think about retiring after you lose to this opening act, shrine maiden!

I can't lose.


I have to protect Gensokyo's barrier. Do you even realize how much resolve that takes?

This power... you aren't scared of dreams? Wait, is your aura pushing me back...?

I am Reimu Hakurei, shrine maiden of the Hakurei Shrine. And I WILL exterminate you.

Accept your fate, Meeko the sheep youkai!

For sake of ease, I'm just gunna include them all right now:

Now that I have Lady Makura's power, things won't go your way, Marisa!

You seriously plan to fight with that?


Dreams are a portrait of what you desire.

I'm not gonna lose to someone who mistakes someone else's dream for her own!

Talk is cheap! If this is about the strength of our feelings, then I'm not losing to you either!

I'm definitely making Lady Makura's dream come true! And I'll do anything to do it!

Then it's time to settle this once and for all, Meeko!


I do understand why you're so unconcerned with how you look, Meeko. At least a little.


You feel nothing but fear and uncertainty. And you can distract yourself from it with this reckless behavior.

But if you isolate yourself from others, you won't be able to keep this up for long.

I'm NOT alone! I have Lady Makura!

Don't hide from your loneliness! Don't you realize that you're only cornering yourself?!

We won't lose to your dream! Our victory here will prove that!


I finally understand why you idolize Makura Muwatari so much.

She was the one who supported you when you lost your way.

Yeah, that's right! That's what I have to do this!

I won't deny your feelings. But there's a line that mustn't be crossed.

If you go too deep into this power, you'll only-

But I need to be useful!

Lady Makura took me in, even though I'm... I'm...

She's not listening. If that's how you feel, then we have no choice!

Skipping ahead a bit, here's Reimu blowing up the last of Meeko's initial sheep buddies.

The spell's danmaku reforms...

And new sheep emerge! A group of White Sheep, ripe for the picking.

After that, 2 Red Sheep up top. They're a bit more bulky, so it takes some strong hits to one-round them.

Black Sheep on the right!

They all show up clustered like this, so if you don't have your units spread out, it can be a pain to kill them all efficiently.

And that's the Bonus taken care of.

If I felt like it, I could grind a little more for extra cash/exp if I wanted, but I see no point in prolonging Meeko's demise.

Mazinger Hisoutensoku blows up the sheep.

Is that all the sheep?!

With those numbers, that took a pretty long time.

If her goal is to slow us down, does that mean she's winning?

But this is borrowed danmaku, made using Makura's power.

After making all those youkai, she can't possibly keep it up.

*pant* *pant*

Looks like her body can't keep up with the power inside her.


That's a nice trick, but it sounds like you can't keep it up for long.

At least fight us with your own danmaku, instead of relying on someone else's.

Sh-Shut up! If that wasn't enough I just need more power!

Gah, she powered up again!

This feeling... It looks like she's accepted Makura's power deeper into her heart.

That's dangerous! Is she so desperate that she's lost sight of herself?!

Properly housing another being's power takes time, even for a youkai with the right nature like Okuu.

If she rushes it, I wouldn't be surprised if it eats away at her mind.

So she's sacrificing herself to use that power?

No way! What do you think you're doing, throwing yourself away like that?!

Weren't you just supposed to stall us? Why would you fight like this?!

Because when I defeat you, I'll finally be useful!

She's not listening. It'll be hard to talk her down.

Not everyone's allowed to want a bunch of different things, like you people do!

That's why, I...!

Enemy Spellcard
「Does Gensokyo Dream of Youkai Sheep?」
Meeko: Dream Manifestation (L2)
-Gains Dream Manifestation L2 as a Personal Skill.
Meeko: Break Power Limit++
-At start of turn, Power and Max Power +50 (up to 300).

In addition to having a 10/10 name, this spell boosts Meeko's PS to give her both Alert and Strike.

She's also really channeling Berserk Utsuho with the Max Power boosts, which I'm sure is deliberate.

Incidentally, utsuho doesn't have any dialogue with Meeko even if you bring her. Kinda weird, but oh well.

This spell is a gigantic MAP, so... you're not going to be seeing it until the video. For obvious reasons, I'd hope.

As before, we gotta get rid of Meeko's Alert somehow.

Meeko gets duped.

A full turn of attacks later, and Marisa sends her on a trip to see the stars.

*pant* *pant*

She's still using spells like that?!

It's amazing, but it's not Meeko...

Yeah, she looks like she's suffering...

Her strong feelings towards her master must be allowing her to keep her form.

But if she goes any further...

I-If that's not enough, then how about this!


Impossible! Her power increased even further?!

This spiritual pressure, is she trying to match a great youkai?!

Stop this! Do you realize what you're doing?!

And... What's that?!

You must be able to feel something happening inside you, Meeko.

The more you accept Makura, the more your own self gets whittled away!

If you keep this up, you won't be you anymore!

I won't be me...

Yes, that's right! And so what?!


I mean, why would I want to be me?! I'm useless!

What's wrong with becoming someone else?!

You don't even care if you're yourself...?

Then what do think danmaku is?

If that's someone else's danmaku, then those aren't your words!

Who cares?! As long as I can defeat you, nothing else matters!

I'm only allowed to have one wish. Other than Lady Makura's dream, there's nothing.

That's right, Lady Makura's dream is my dream!

Enemy Spellcard
「Sacrificial Lamb」
Meeko: Dream Manifestation (L6)
-Gains Dream Manifestation L6 as a Personal Skill.
Meeko: Break Power Limit+++
-At start of turn, Power and Max Power +50 (up to 400).

Dream Manifestation L6 boosts her damage reduction to 30%, gives her Triple Act(!), and has her also auto-casting Fury(!!), which will negate most of our defensive measures.

The main cross part of the field also has a No Entry effect, though it doesn't matter much.

I would love to take her down right now, but I don't quite have the firepower to do it, so I'm gunna have to let Meeko rampage around at 400 Power for a bit.

It gets a fancy spirit animation.

Meeko goes fully chuuni on this one.

Trace: On

oh hm, actually that looks a bit painf-

where did all those crystals come from

sheephu is tired

meeko I don't think your arm should be that col-

oh THAT'S where the crystals came from


Luckily Mokou is immortal so she can take it.

On Meeko's second action, she directs her attention to Marisa.

I'm sure Mima can handle it.

Mima could not handle it.

Sorry Tewi, I don't think you're getting out of this one.

She dies so fucking hard.

Ok Meeko, I'm sorry, but I can't let you keep rampaging like that. Time to get blasted with my biggest attacks.

The attack looks kinda funny when it misses.

That little speck in the center is Meeko getting crushed by a planet's-worth of amulets.

And with that, that's all of Meeko's spellcards taken down.

No way...

The screen flashes white as Meeko's power fades away.

The aura she had is gone now. Looks like she used up all of Makura's power.

You're lucky. Any more than that would've just put more strain on your body.

B-But why...?

Why can't I do anything? Even though I gave up all my other dreams...

Even though I was willing to be someone else...


You did your best, dear. Please, you need to rest.

You saw us. We broke through both your power and Makura's. You can stop now.

Stop...? After all that...?

You think I can just give up, after everything I've done?!

She heals back up to full.

You still want to fight?!

You're going to keep fighting without cards...?


Meeko casts Sacrifice, which is a real spirit some of our units have that multiplies damage by 1.8 in return for negating your chance to dodge.

And sure enough, in a series first, Meeko keeps on fighting, even without any spellcards!

She's, uh...

kinda pathetic.

Even her attack is sad.

ganbatte sheephu

Her last desperate stand consists of wildly swinging at you,

and missing.

Since she can't aim, she opts for the Lightning Everywhere approach.

It still doesn't quite work out for her.

This attack is incarnate.

Time for the final humiliation.

Meeko gets taken down by Rinnosuke and Akyuu in a boat.

You can watch this next bit in video format, if you'd prefer.

Phew, NOW it's over, right?

Don't tell me she's going to keep coming after us even when the battle's over...

If we'd just sat there and took it, it might've been dangerous even for us.

But with this, even Meeko should be done...


She still wants more!

No way, she's still standing?!

What the heck?! You should've gone past your limits a long time ago!

Only she could be so tenacious. I'll acknowledge her strength of will, but...

Isn't there any way we can stop her?


If she keeps fighting, she's definitely gonna get hurt.

Plus, seeing her do all that is just...

You can't bear to look, Okuu.

Yeah... Would her master really want this?

Like, her being okay with not being herself, or her throwing away her own danmaku...


Danmaku is meant to be something that represents the self. Right now she's so desperate that she's lost sight of that, and is throwing herself away.

And so she won't stop as long as she has those strong feelings?

Geez, and she's even got Okuu worrying about her now. Is this only gonna end when her body's broken?!

Is there any way out of this? With all her blood rushing to her head like that, she's not gonna listen to reason.

...I'll take care of this.

Reimu moves to the side.


If normal words won't work, then let's do this our way.

And give this a nice, clean ending!

That spell!

The danmaku that represents Reimu. You're saying you're going to settle this in the language of Gensokyo.

Do it, Reimu. As the Hakurei Shrine Maiden, this is your duty.

No way I'm letting you steal all the good parts!


I'm the one who first met her, so I get a shot at being the star too.

I've always hated leaving everything to you anyway.

But Reimu's technique is special. No other human could possibly keep up.

You mean it's impossible, right? If that were true, then we'd have nothing to dream about, and Gensokyo's language would be one-sided.

I've studied her danmaku more than anyone! If anyone can do this, I can!

Sheesh, you never change...

Fine, then try to keep up!

That's my line!

BGM: A Single Blow For the Fate of Gensokyo


Meeko, you fought well. And I acknowledge your willpower.

But danmaku that ain't fun just ain't danmaku!


Right, danmaku isn't something that breaks you. It's something that creates you!

We're going to show you that now, and put an end to this stubbornness.

I'm ready to go wild, Reimu!

I'm not holding back either, Marisa!

Wh-What are you doing? It's like you're playing around...

We're dead serious! If you're betting everything on this battle, then so are we! All of our fantasy!

What we're about to show you is the universal language of Gensokyo...


(Click here to watch!)

That technique just now was...!

Reimu's spells and Marisa's spells lined up perfectly into one danmaku!

The ultimate three colors. I call it 'True Trichromatic Lotus Butterfly'!

Wait, back up, why do you get to name it?

Because you picked it last time. Anyway...


It's over. She can't stand anymore.

Danmaku you could call the very essence of the declaration duel, performed by two incident resolution specialists. We have nothing else to say.

And I doubt she has the words to surpass that either.



BGM: The Dream is Here

It's finally over.

I never imagined Meeko of all people would be putting up such a fight.

It would've been over faster if she hadn't borrowed Makura's power.

And the way she used it so recklessly too...

But it's over. I'm sure she'll behave herself now.


The group walks up.

It's alright, now be a good girl, okay?

If she were still standing after that, then even I'd have to throw in the towel.


Uu, Reimu and Marisa!

Hey, we're not THAT scary. It's not like we're gonna eat you.

The winner's been decided, so just sit tight right there.


There's a lot I want to say to you right now, but I think you've been through enough already.

But once this is all over, we're having a nice long chat about everything you've done.

That doesn't mean there aren't other things you need to hear now though.

Right. The way you fought back there, eating away at your own self...

You need to stop doing stupid things like that.

You think it's stupid...?

Look, we get how stubborn you are, we REALLY get it, but if you kept that up your body wouldn't be able to handle it.

And on top of that, you threw away your own danmaku.

Yeah. That's like throwing out a part of yourself.

A part of myself...?

To us, danmaku is more than a battle.

It might be a way to kill time, to investigate an incident, or a quarrel between sisters.

But there's always something you want to tell someone, or a self you want to express.

That's why danmaku is a piece of yourself, a barrier that forms us.


You've probably never thought about this before, Meeko.

But because of that, you made light of yourself. And it was hard to watch.

...Why do you worry about stuff like that?

If I didn't throw away everything, I couldn't do ANYTHING.

You people would never understand.

...I do understand.



I know how much it hurts when you can't do what everyone else can do.

And the feeling of still wanting to be useful to the one you love...

How would you know, Utsuho?

You may not know this, but Okuu used to think just like you.

She wanted to help Miss Satori and Miss Koishi, but she couldn't do anything right.

That's why she wanted power.

Wait, don't tell me that's why you used Yatagarasu?

...Because of that, she's certainly made mistakes, but she overcame all that to become who she is today.

That's why she couldn't stay quiet when she saw you going through the same thing.

It's ironic that even though you hate Yatagarasu so much, you did the exact same thing she did.

B-but that's-!

But if you turn it around, that means you can kind of understand Utusho's feelings now, right?


Utsuho's different. She got to keep her amazing power. Isn't that why she's so confident now?

But me? I'm just back where I started.


...I didn't need a lot of dreams. As long as I could fulfill Lady Makura's dream, nothing else mattered...

But even though I threw everything away, in the end I still couldn't do anything...

If only... If only I wasn't me!

No! You absolutely can't say that!


...Even if there are things you hate, even if there are things you can't do, you can't deny yourself like that!

Yeah, I'm more confident than I used to be, but it's not because of the power.

It's because I know that I'm important to someone.

Important to... someone...

Utsuho is right. Isn't Makura someone like that for you?

She hasn't made the best impression on us, but you said she was nice to you, didn't you?


...So I think you should value yourself more.

If you got yourself hurt, I bet she'd be sad.

And I doubt she ordered you to come out here and die in a blaze of glory.


E-Even if I'm not useful...?

Actually, doesn't this show you set your mind on something, you're actually really brave?

If you look at it that way, that's your strong point, isn't it?

The virtues you possess aren't so easily thrown away.

...So you're saying I was wrong?

Who knows? It's not like we're here to lecture you.

But the people with the strongest danmaku I know got that way without throwing away a single thing.

Is that how it works...?

Well, plenty of people here started with nothing too. But if you hang in there, you'll end up with something to hold onto.

But all this stuff about having only a single desire, and throwing everything else away, that's boring.

You made it to Gensokyo, so why not dream your own dreams?

My own dreams...


Well, that's enough of that for now.

But once we've resolved this incident, you're getting the chewing out of a lifetime. I hope you're ready.


Wait, huh?!


*sniffle* WAAAAAH!

Wha-?! Wait, you're crying?!

Wh-What's going on?! Did I say something wrong?!

Ooh, you made her cry!

Meanie, meanie!♪

A flustered Reimu is somewhat refreshing as well.

This isn't about me! No, wait, is it? Is this my fault?!

Don't worry, it's not because anyone's driven her into a corner.

It's just that this is all too much for her to take in, and there's no other outlet for her emotions.

Somewhere along the way, Meeko must have unconsciously cursed herself with the idea that she was powerless.

If she's free of that and can pursue her own dreams now, that's what counts.

Meeko's dreams, huh...?

Yeah! When you figure it out what they are, you have to come tell us.

And you can get your revenge match while you're at it!


Is she really gonna want revenge after this?

Yeah, her flame's been quenched, in more ways than one. So all that's left is to defeat Makura.

Meeko probably won't try to stop us anymore, even if we leave her alone.

Then let's leave her here, and continue onward.

We should reach Makura if we keep following this cliff, right?

Yes. Thanks to Meeko's delays, I'm sure she's already finished gathering all of this world's dreams.

So not only does she have her dream manipulation power, she can use all of Gensokyo's dreams?

And even if it was borrowed , we all saw just now what her power can do. The real thing must be unfathomable.

We've done what we could. All that's left is to start the show.

Yeah, I'm ready too!

If we're talking mentally, I'm ready for anything!

Come what may...

Tee hee hee, I can't wait.

This next battle will settle everything.

Yeah. It's been almost two years since I met Makura in my dreams.

Never thought it'd turn into something like this.

On that note, even gathering this eclectic group was itself a strange twist of fate.

A sight the likes of which you've never seen, not even in a dream?

Maybe you could even call it a miracle.

But one thing's for certain, our bonds are giving us strength.

And with all that, we'll defeat Makura!

We've been through a lot with her, but that all ends today.

Her aim is to change people's values by manipulating their dreams.

All to realize her ideal of rejecting change.

She'll be hearing what we have to say to that soon enough.

We won't let her meddle with Gensokyo's future.

And after we win, I want to drink the best sake we've got!

Yeah! The real reason we do this incident investigation thing!

All of Gensokyo has interwoven, and come together as one.

Let's make it bloom spectacularly on the final stage.

Sounds like we're all ready. Back to the ship, everyone!

Wait right there, Makura. You're getting a taste of Gensokyo's danmaku!

We're betting our fantasy on this!

This is the real deal, the final battle!

The screen fades to black.

Next Time:

The Final Chapter!




Infinite Cost

-Meeko's Attacks (1) (2)
-True Trichromatic Lotus Butterfly