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by Golden Battler

Part 43

Welcome to the Final Chapter!

Here's the crew we've had voted in for this final battle. Most of the regulars are here, plus a few fresh faces, like Keine.

I've given all of our units at least 1 Waifu Level to comemmorate the occasion.

As a note before we begin, the WJB put together a prelimenary test patch, so please look forward to some english text in these screenshots.

BGM: the sounds of distant rumbling

I told her not to risk her life, but to think she fought so hard that she used it all up...

But still, all the more reason not to let the time she bought me go to waste.

All of this world's dreams are now mine.

Between my ability and the power of these dreams, our success is assured.

I see a comforting nightmare, for the sake of a peaceful world...

This is all to fulfill our dream.

At the Distant End of the Dream

If you'd like, you can watch this intro cutscene in video form, to laugh at any typos or misaligned text that slipped through enjoy the fruits of our efforts.

BGM: The Source of the Divided Dream

And fittingly enough, the final theme is Kid's Festival, once described by ZUN as his own personal theme song. Something I can't quite get across is that the intro of this song loops on the prep screen, and doesn't progress until you start the chapter proper, which is a nice touch.

This must be the deepest part of Mugen Sekai.

There's an staggering amount of energy gathered up ahead!

That would be the power stolen from Gensokyo's dreams. I suppose you could call it a fountain of dream souls?

If that's true, then there's no doubt that she's here.

It seems you've arrived.


That's the same voice I heard in my dreams!

We know you're there, so why don't you show yourself already?!

At long last, the time has come.


So you're the mastermind!

The youkai who controls dreams!

We finally meet face to face, Makura.

This must be the first time you've seen me, isn't it? Reimu, Marisa.

Save the pleasantries. We're here to put a stop to this incident.

The humans are suffering every night from the nightmares you're showing them.

We're ending your wicked schemes before you can mess with their hearts even more!

No, you won't. Even the suffering of those nightmares is necessary for the coming peace.


The nightmares I show them reveal the folly of allowing change.

The unsullied humans must see this and be shown the light.

So that's why you used Hisoutensoku and twisted its nature.

But making people suffer just so you can control their hearts? That's monstrous.

No, the ominous dreams are but the first step of the plan.


At the peak of their suffering, once they know the foolishness of change, I'll bring them auspicious dreams instead.

Dreams of a world without mistakes, of an eternally unchanging paradise.

This is how I will guide their hearts and grant them an eternal peace of mind.

Yes, this is a ritual. A ritual to thwart the future predicted by these ominous dreams.

Wait, so this all just so you can swoop in later to save the day?

So you're saying you can control their values by switching good dreams for bad.

You're playing with people's hearts just to make Gensokyo go the way you want it to!

You may dress it up as if it's for some great cause, but this is just brainwashing!

Without guidance, we will never realize the peace and order of a true paradise.

So why not take the reins before the mistakes are inevitably made?

She's certainly full of confidence. This conversation is going nowhere.

Personally, I don't really get all that stuff you're saying about guidance and order.

But one thing's for sure, if we don't stop you here Gensoyko's in trouble.

Time you gave back all those dreams you stole!

As I thought, you don't understand. A shame, but alas.

I'll simply have to remove you directly.

Figures you'd say that. Well, if you want a fight, you've got one!

Victory: Witness the end of the Dream.
Defeat: Marisa or the Palanquin Ship are defeated.
Bonus WP: This stage does not have a Bonus condition.

This stage has a neat gimmick, but to see it best...

Hello again, 720p screen mode!

The various oddly-shaped danmaku fields will teleport you to the equivalent field when you end your turn on them. So if you head into the + shaped field in the bottom right, you'll get teleported to the + field close to middle, and so on.

Personally I don't take advantage of this at all, since I find it easier to move my whole team up methodically, but it's a cool gimmick that emphasizes Makura's whole "travelling through dreams" theme.

Yuyuko starts us off with some Rally spam. Please pay no attention to the text spacing, we're working on it.

As a special treat, I equipped Sanae's "ultimate" PS, Final Max God, which has all the benefits of Max God (locking the Faith gauge when it's maxed out, and giving you extra bonuses), while also letting it go all the way up to 200%! It's, uh, extremely impractical in basically any scenario, but since this is the final chpater, I figured I'd let her have fun.

If she's gunna have any chance of getting there, we need to seriously feed her, which means letting her Support Attack and Graze as much as possible.

The enemies here are Nightmare versions of all the "advanced" grunt enemies we've come to know and love. Tengu, Moon Rabbits, Kappa, Makai Bugs ( ), and so on.

There's also these weird "Dreamlight" enemies. They come in two varieties: the bright ones have Double Act but are stationary, while the darker red ones will move around. They both only have a 5-range MAP, so they can't counterattack in any way.

A few of our party members are veeeery low level, so they'll be raking in the EXP like crazy. Keine gets the Love spirit out of this one, which is very nice.

Decent enough progress on turn 1. Sanae's heading off to the right to hopefully draw some fire.

On the enemy turn...

Makura casts Focus and Mercy.

Every turn, she'll cast two spirits. I believe they're not random - they seem to be the same spirits in the same order every time you play. Maybe you could take advantage of that somehow, but I don't bother.

By the way, in case you forgot, Yukari has a similar spirit called "Dream" (which lets her casts any spirit your party has access to at an inflated cost), and Dream is also the name of this 4th game. It's a small thing, but I love that kind of storytelling-through-game-mechanics type stuff.

Moving on to turn 2, the enemies spew out their danmaku fields.

A couple of them have special effects, like this Nightmare Rabbit having a -20% damage field, or a Nightmare Moon Rabbit having a -1 Move field. It can be a pain, but there's no time limits or anything, so just work through the enemies methodically and you'll be fine.

It can be annoying when they group up, since a bunch of them have S.Attack or S.Defend, but nothing you can't handle by this point in the game.

The Dreamlight's fields are a serious pain. They're only one tile wild, but the game calculates -Movement effects both going in, and going out. As a result, that single -3 Move tile effectively costs 6 Movement to get past.

Long range attacks can help snipe the Dreamlights out, but in practice you're just gunna have to force your way through.

We're only midway through Turn 2 and some of our units are hitting 150 Power. Such is the poewr of Yuyuko's Rally spam.

This one White Wolf Tengu has a Shield boosting field. Annoying if you let her group up with the other White Wolves... so, y'know. Don't.

Anyway, I'm gunna start skipping ahead now.

This chapter is more involved than your typical SRW endgame (looking at you OG Gaiden ), but for LP purposes, it's not very exciting.

At one point I forgot that Makura has 7 range and let Mokou get attacked by mistake.

Oh? Are you feeling scared now that we're right in front of you?

Yuuka Kazami... I suspected you'd be with the humans.

It does pain me to eliminate my benefactor.

Tee hee, that determined look you've got says otherwise. It'll be worth bullying you.

Yeah, we've got a whole army on our side! If you want to give up, now's your chance!

We already beat up your minion!

...You mean Meeko? Allow me to thank you for not taking her life.

Yeah, well we're not like you. We're just here to stop the incident!

And without that stupidly huge sheep, Gensokyo's already freed from the nightmares!

I'll admit that allowing you to defeat Meeko and the Great Sheep was a mistake on my part.

But once you've yielded to me, I'll simply need to redo everything from the beginning.

Oh my, how patient of you.

This plan has been simmering for years. I doubt it's much a setback for her.

But still, aren't you counting your chickens a little early? You still have to beat us.

Can you believe this game doesn't have an automatic word-wrap? Every single line break is manually spaced, which is fine in Japanese, but a huge pain for us.

First, I'll need to ascertain the extent of your power.

Makura has a neat intro animation where she kinda "pops" in, as opposed to most characters sliding in.

By the way, the music from before is still playing. Makura doesn't have her own unique theme for a while.

Here's Makura's stats. Nothing too special, aside from the whopping seven(!) spellcards to her name.

By the way, shoutouts to Ryza for making that GIF. Makura has one of the few animated idle sprites in the game, and it looks really pretty.

Skills-wise, Makura's a beast. Between Double Act and Manifest Dream L9, she's taking 3 actions a turn, of which she will gladly spend 2 on MAPing you. I lost my first ever attempt on this chapter to her casting Strike and then double-MAPing my entire team to death. She has the same Sage skill as Yukari and Eiki, and a full compliment of boss-only skills like Break Power Limit+ and P(All).

She also has the Dream spirit for 1 whole SP, just to make Yukari feel inadequate by comparison.

After that intro conversation, Makura has no unique dialogue with anyone.

As a special extra for the final chapter though, Ryza has made a seperate video for each of Makura's attacks, so you can see them all in video form as they come up. It's nothing too special, but here's Makura's basic Dream Soap attack.

Just for reference, I shuffled Sanae around for like 15 turns to force her up to 200%.

As a FINAL MAX GOD she is easily the strongest unit in the game and no one else comes remotely fucking close. Fair deal, for how much work you gotta put in to get there.

Now, with that done, we can commence with the ass-kicking.

So these are the skills of the people of Gensokyo.

Well aren't you cheeky, testing us?

And while all wrapped up in your blanket, like you don't even plan on moving?!

I'd be a fool to think that opponents like you could be easily made to dance in the palm of my hand.

I must take the surest possible route to realize my dream, for everyone's sake.

All this stuff about dreams or whatever, what are you thinking anyway?

And, like, what do you mean this is for everyone's sake?

...What I want to protect are the pure and simple hearts of the humans who live here.


Long ago, this country was oddly full of such people. Humanity was short-lived, yet brave, and therefore beautiful.

Be careful with your text formatting, kids.

In dreams, the winds of fortune are fickle, so they sought salvation in the world of sleep. They sought me.

Humans sought you out, even thought you're a youkai?

Baku are youkai that eat nightmares, but as a result of that they're sacred beasts who are the object of human faith.

So they were especially close to humans, but before we knew it they were gone...

Yes... thanks to the rise of science, the human heart changed.

They pursue meaningless daily lives, embrace uncertainty by material and spiritual, and even when I remove their nightmares, find no peace in their hearts.

They make light and dreams, and deny the dream world. And so, in turn, deny me.

Come to think of it, the baku on the moon told me something similar once.

And about one of her kind who stayed behind in human society, devoting herself to it.

Then was that you...?

...I've wandered for a long, long time.

But no more. You all are my final obstacle.

With my power to cross dreams, I'll mark the end of my endless journey.

Enemy Spellcard
Dreamcrossing 「Stray Dream」
Makura: Dreamcrossing
-Teleports randomly within the danmaku field upon being hit.

She also teleports immediately upon declaration.

Click here to watch

*teleports behind u*

nothin personnel kid

After battle, she teleports to the other side of the platform.

I've mentioned it before, but a lot of these lategame bosses are designed specifically to counter the "form up perfectly around the boss before starting their spellcards" strategy, and Makura is definitely not exception. You're better off spreading your party around, to make sure you can always hit her.

Before too long, she goes down.

So you've been using this to move from dream to dream?

Indeed, I've wandered since long ago.

But without people seeking me, my body began to rot.

That's when I drifted into this paradise called Gensokyo, along with Meeko.


That's right. Here, the humans still hold onto the old ways.

They believe that dreams are another world, and carry its fortunes, good or bad, into their daily lives.

Such an ephemeral thing, yet so precious, don't you agree?

So you thought of it as a utopia lost to the outside world.

Yes, that's why I decided to protect this paradise at any cost.

Man should be dreaming under the ash tree, and I will be the pillar that supports that once again.

In other words you're a refugee youkai trying to make a name for yourself in Gensokyo.

So you're doing all this... so you can be an amusing diversion for the humans? What kind of self-respecting youkai would do that?!

Call me what you like. I've endured so much disgrace that I'm numb to it.

But even so, it's my dream to be a part of the human world.

Your methods aside, you certainly seem to have strong feelings for the humans, and a determination to match.

And here I thought you were just another scoundrel. Seems like you've got the mettle to cross swords with us.

Now show us that will and that power in your danmaku!

I'm the one doing the testing. Or have you forgotten that my power is absolute here?

The terrors awaiting you in the abyss of dreams and illusions. Why don't I manifest them for you once more?

Enemy Spellcard
Dream Manifestation 「Fear Given Form」
Enemy: Activate Sprit (Odd Turns)
-At the start of odd turns, casts Wall.

In typical form, the miniboss flunkies also cast Wall immediately upon being summoned. Despite how tanky they can be, I'd advise killing them all. All four of them drop bombs, and you're gunna want those for later.

Click here to watch

Makura doesn't have a new attack, but the Four Heavenly Kings here all have special Nightmare versions of their previous attacks. Soku's is particularly spoogy.

They're tough as nails, especially if they have Wall up, so don't be afraid to spend some MP and SP on them.

They also drop a shitload of money!

Too bad about this being the final chapter, after which we will definitely not have any reason whatsoever to spend the cash.

The only other thing to note is the Nightmare Sheep has a MAP. It's not very dangerous, but it can catch you off guard if you don't check the minibosses' stats.

Before too long, the Nightmares are banished.

Alright Makura, gimme your next one.

We'll show you that we can shoot down any nightmare you throw at us!

It doesn't matter how many of them you use either, we've already beaten them!

We're the strongest!


...You're more powerful than you appear. It's no wonder you've crushed all my schemes so far.

It seems I'll have to use my full strength on you after all.

Huh, finally in the mood ?

Then why don't you show us this full power of yours?!

Very well, I don't mind teaching you the true meaning of those words.

The screen fades to white, and then...

BGM: Dreaming Beauty

This is my favorite song in the game, btw. (The vocals at the start are saying "Makura-sama neteru~" or roughly "Makura-sama is sleeping")


Her spiritual pressure increased in an instant?!

clarste posted:

I don't know if you've noticed, but Yorihime is the only who uses the term spiritual pressure and I can't help but feel it's a Bleach joke

Look at that light flowing from her!

It's the same power Meeko was using. But on a whole different level!

It doesn't even compare to the Great Sheep or the catfish!

Yes, it's the spiritual power of one who represents dreams. Me.

The test is over. Now experience the power of dreams firsthand.

Hmph. You've got to talk at LEAST that big or we wasted our time coming down here.

Now it's time to knock your scrawny butt around like a ragdoll!

The words of the young, who's never known fear. As haughty as ever, Remilia Scarlet.

But I have to offer my thanks. For it was that childishness of yours that gave me my inspiration.

What do you mean?

The mist incident you started was quickly resolved by a group centered around Reimu and Marisa.

When I saw that, the ideal means of handling this paradise took shape for me.

Meaning... what?

Incidents are caused by youkai, and resolved by humans.

These simple acts will be the cornerstone of supporting human simplicity.

So you're saying that even incidents are a part of your ideal.

Is that why you appeared in Marisa's dreams and aided the investigations?

Yes, by guiding humans I was hoping to make the work of paradise eternal.

If that were all it would be one thing, but then when we stopped listening to you, you started your own incident.

So the one acting like a good-two-shoes turns around and becomes the villain. It's like the plot of a cheap novel.

I will gladly bear your transient hatred if it's for a greater cause.

Always ready with a comeback...

But either way, I no longer need your assistance. I will fulfill my dream with my own hands.

This feeling! She's coming!

The light of dreams, and the darkness of nightmares. By transmuting one to another, I will guide this paradise.

A world where dreams can save, precisely because of people's simplicity.

A comforting nightmare that will guide us to a peaceful world.

Enemy Spellcard
Nightmare 「Chaotic Abyss」
Ally: Swap HP/MP
-HP and MP values are swapped.

A very weird effect. In practical terms, it means that if you get hit at all, you're 100% dead.

To go along with the change in music, Makura has a new idle sprite. Very flashy.

She also starts actually moving when she dodges or gets hit, instead of just floating around with her barrier up.

Here's her hurt sprite, in case you were curious.

Click here to watch

This attack is where Sanbondo's animators start really flexing their muscles.

It starts off innocently enough...

But then it gets, uh...

really fuckin weird



I'm not sure what you're trying to tell me here Makura.

Seriously watch the video this attack is weird as fuck. I'm guessing it's a bit of an homage to Perfectio, albeit only in the loosest sense.

If only Eiki had a use for 6200 MP.

Because of the way the timing worked out, Makura went into this spell with Wall on, meaning she's taking half damage from everything. Combined with her high stats and busted boss skill loadout, she's taking quite a beating.

And on the enemy phase, she decided to cast Strike.


It would appear I have been Checkmate'd.

RIP Komachi.

I'd say you'll be missed... but really, taking that one hit for Eiki is literally the most you've ever contributed in the entire game.

Oh, and you gave Yuyuko 74 SP. Nice!

Good job dying like a champ, Komachi!

It kinda looks like Letty is patting Makura on the head...

Yes, nightmares that pierce the heart directly.

What's a baku doing showing us nightmares?! Have you forgotten your job?

Evil dreams aren't something to be avoided at all costs.

If unease is accompanied by nightmares, then it can be relieved by clearing up the nightmares.

That simplicity of the heart is precisely what I need to protect.

I can see where you're coming from, but-

You of all people should understand me, Sanae Kochiya.

You were the one caught up in a formless unease after you arrived here, were you not?


But despite that, you brought change to this paradise.

The unwanted must be removed.

But we're thinking about the future of Gensokyo too!

There must be all sort of different ways to accomplish this, so why do you hate change so much?

Denying change is nothing more than denying the future, and the possibilities it brings.

If you knew the sorrow that lies ahead, you'd know it's our duty to stop it.

But if you just stop it from happening, you'll never think about how to overcome it.

But what will you say when in the end, you exposed this paradise to danger?

I'm sure that's just one of many fates.


Gensokyo's barrier is built to take in that with has become fantasy in the outside world.

An unchanging world is contradictory with this land's purpose.

Even if that were so, you know nothing of what I've suffered.

You cannot guide paradise with your vague ideals.

We don't need to guide anything, we're making it together. That's what counts.

Filthy or beautiful, the hearts of Gensokyo can accept it all.

That's how you REALLY move forward, step by step.

So these are the thoughts of the leaders of Gensokyo...

If we cannot see eye to eye, then I'll have to do this on my own.

There's an evil ideal lurking within your dream. I'll scoop it out for you with my own hands.

Enemy Spellcard
Dream Sign 「Indian Dreamcatcher」
Makura: Guard Mode
-Can only defend for 3 turns, but in exchange gains Damage Taken -60%, and recover 60% HP per turn.

The outer perimeter of the circle has a No Entry effect too.

Another weird one! She spends 3 turns sitting around before actually attacking. What's worth the wait?

A giant MAP! If you let her get it off, you'll be very sorry.

On the other hand, she only has 9999 HP, and if you use a bomb (you did collect them, right?) you can negate her damage reduction. Once you understand the gimmick, this spell is kind of a gimme.

While Sakuya is bombing open a hole, you can watch Ryza's video for this MAP's animation.

I hope you'll understand why I don't have a screenshot for this.

By the way, removing the danmaku effect also makes Makura able to attack you, so don't get caught off guard.

4 spells down, 3 to go

Phew, close one.

A flimsy net like that is laughable compared to heaven's net.

Controlling an entire world by yourself won't be as easy as you think.

In this land, everything exists in complete harmony.

The very act of picking which things to keep is what's going to cause problems.

So that's the objection of those who threw away eternity to seek connections.

But you're wrong. Even in this paradise, there is no place for unwanted beings.

I dunno if you think it's impossible or what, but you sure like just sayin' stuff without backing it up.

Isn't the fact that the more detestable youkai are kept in the depths of the earth proof enough?

Still, that's no reason to give up!

Even we're moving forward. Don't judge us by your own measure, thanks.

And even if it's just a little for now, the surface and the underworld are starting to have contact.

Aren't you coming at this from the wrong angle?


Yeah! You're only thinking of the bad stuff!

Humans can't live without change. Yet it doesn't sound like you're expecting anything from them.

Don't tell me you don't even believe in these humans you're trying to save?


You're just trying to get back your past, you aren't think of the future at all!

...Because I know that celebrating the future only leads to ending as a phantasm.

It's because I've watched this country for a long time that I grieve for it.


Your heart doesn't lie. You want this, but you don't, and at the end of this hesitation is despair at what you've lost.

Fear that your trust will be betrayed, and your hope lost.

Don't you dare peek into my heart, Satori Komeiji!

You're the one who exposed it. While on one hand you think you want to save the humans, it seems you're being dragged along by your trauma.

If you fell into despair at human society during long, slow death, then I think that deserves sympathy.

But that's not something to take out on Gensokyo. Start by studying our history!

The things you've criticized, nuclear fusion and the lunar rocket, were all made with Gensokyo's power.

There's got to be something you can do, before you start talking about eternal changelessness!

Are you still trying to talk me out of this?! Must you resist me to the very end?!

I've crossed this country, I've crossed its people, and I've crossed their dreams. There is nothing I do not know.

I've finally found my dream, and I will not let you deny it!

Enemy Spellcard
Baku Sign 「Sacred Beast from a Foreign Land」
Ally: HP Halved
-HP is cut in half every turn.

As usual, this also includes immediately upon declaration.

The effect itself is nothing special, but if you haven't been pacing yourself, this is about the point in the fight you'll be running low on resources.

Click here to watch

Very flashy.

It's just not SRW unless the final boss has a "fuck this gay earth" attack.

Mokou punches her way through the fifth spell.

Wh-What incredible danmaku...

Never understimate the power of a baku who's been storing energy.

But if you're relying on brute force, it seems you've lost your composure.

Did a little of your true feelings come through, after losing the verbal argument?

What are you implying?! I-

Then this time I'd like to ask some questions of our own.

I'm sure you mean it when you say you want to save the humans.

But will those ideals save you too, Makura?

Save... me?

No matter how much justice you mete out, that won't bring any justice to yourself.

If you try to bring someone happiness when you aren't happy yourself, it definitely won't get through to them.

If you really need an ideal, picture one that will make a world where you and Meeko can be happy.

Me and Meeko...

Based on that reaction, I'm guessing you've never thought this far ahead.

There's nothing with having high ideals and aiming for an even better life, but it seems you need to spend some time reflecting.

Everyone's words today should make a fine foundation for that, built up brick by brick.

...So that's how it is. Are you worried about me?

But I'm not afraid to make sacrifices to achieve my dream! Even of myself!

But that's what everyone is saying is bad! Right, Sue?

Tee hee, there was a tremble in your voice there, Makura.

All this sophistry about ideals is one thing, but aren't you right about at your limit?

Are you looking down on me, Yuuka Kazami?!

Then it's time to teach you all the extent of my power.

By thwarting nightmares, I guide the hearts of man! Be devoured in a state of ectasy, your weakness exposed!

A shitload of Dreamlights spawn in all over the place.

Enemy Spellcard
Dream Eater 「Sweet Dreams」
Makura: The Comfort of a Dream
-Takes 0 damage until all Dreamlights have been destroyed.
Makura: MP Damage
-Deal damage to MP instead (10% of original damage).

The various lines are a maze of No Entry tiles as well.

This is the other major reason I've been keeping my units spread out over the battlefield. The spellcard itself isn't dangerous (Makura basically can't kill you unless you bomb her danmaku), but it saves time if you've got units already covering the four corners.

The Dreamlights themselves aren't very dangerous either, so spellcard #6 is more about tone-setting than being a real challenge.

One kind of unique thing is that Makura moves around in this spell. I guess if you get unlucky she could trap your units in a box of No Entry tiles, and maybe you've run out of bombs to escape, which could maybe cause you to timeout the spell?

Click here to watch

Makura fills the arena with static.

This part is super cool! Makura summons two dream versions of the closest characters to the person being attacked. There's a unique version of this animation for every unit in the game.





Most of these animations involve the two characters that you'd expect. Ryza got the most important one in the video.


Why is it Ran and not Byakuren??

Anyway, I'm gunna skip the couple turns it takes to clean up the Dreamlights.

6 spells down! Onto the 7th and final!

You can watch this next part here in video form, if you'd like. It contains the entire rest of the chapter, but you can also just watch the first 3 minutes and come back, if you'd prefer.

That seemed like her special move, but we made it, somehow.

Even in a world ruled by Makura, our hearts won't break!

...Why? Are you saying that I have doubts growing inside me?

That there's no way to achieve MY ideal, and mine alone?

As a human, first I wanna say thanks for thinking of us, but you really gotta rethink this.

Gensokyo's change can't be stopped... must not be stopped.

If you've realized that, then we don't need to keep fighting.

We all want the same thing, after all: peace for Gensokyo.


So that's how it is then, for both you and the current Gensokyo.

Indeed, and through this danmaku battle you should be understanding it through your skin as well.

And we can keep going if you wanna hear more?

No, I perfectly understand you stance that would should accept change.

And perhaps, that way would show everyone an even more comfortable dream.


But I can't lose.

After my endless wandering, I finally found my dream. And now I can grasp it in my own hands!

I have to take home this victory I promised myself!


Wh-What's that shaking?!

It's an unusual surge of energy! Space itself is creaking!

These readings! A huge amount of spirital energy is moving from the dream soul fountain to Makura!

What the heck do you think you're-

This is my last resort.

Now's the time to use the dream energy I gathered from Gensokyo!

BGM: The sound of rumbling.

Ugh, what's this light?!

It's like, some crazy amount of power!

Uwah, the ground's falling away?!

The radar's going crazy too! It's like all that power is coming from her now!

! Look at that!


She's shining with dreams! And like never before.

So you took in every last drop of the power you'd gathered.

But this much power! I don't care who you are, you aren't getting out of this unscathed!

I know that. But I have my own resolve.

For this danmaku battle, I'll bet all these dreams!

A-All of them?! Are you gonna hit us with all that power?!

I see. if you're this resolved, then I take it you won't be causing more trouble later. Fine, that makes it easier.

I know ALL about you by now, and we've run out of things to say too.

So all that's left is to settle this cleanly, one way or another!

That fearlessness... This is why you all are the very embodiment of Gensokyo.

And that makes you an opponent worth betting my dream against!

Let's settle this, Gensokyo!

「All the Myriad Dreams of Paradise」

And then...

She proceeds to cast...

Almost every spirit in the game.

Looks like she ain't bluffing about holding all that power in her!

I can't feel any of the spiritual energy or lifeforce she had before!

So our opponent is all of Gensokyo's dreams. How did it come to this?

But if we have the power to oppose it...

Aren't we all right right here?!

We are...

BGM: Fantasy Maiden Wars ~ Dreams (It's not JAM Project, but I'll take a remix of the title theme.)

If we can turn everything we've acquired into danmaku, then...

With the way we are now, and in this world, it should be possible.

Now's the time to join our power as one!

The dreams we've drawn, and the bonds we've spun. All of that becomes a danmaku barrier.

Let's do this, Marisa!

Yeah, this is all of our fantasy!

Let's declare it, everyone!

「Fantasy Maiden Wars」

And then everyone gets their Full Power Mode all at once.

Enemy Spellcard
「All the Myriad Dreams of Paradise」
Makura: Universal Dream
-Every 2 turns, activate nearly all spirits at once.
Ally: Bomb Range -2

Ally Spellcard
「Fantasy Maiden Wars」
Ally: Dreams and Bonds
-Max Power and Max SP +150. Additionally, recover FPM usage at the start of each turn.

The "recast every spirit in the game" part of Makura's ability would be dangerous... if the game didn't just turn all your units into super-powered gods. With out Power cranked up, our SP stocks super charged, and the ability to spam FPM, the gameplan is clear: nuke Makura out of existence in a single turn.

By the way, at the end of the Yuuka chapter, Yukari got a special Personal Skill called Border of Dreams and Bonds that boosts your FPM damage for 1 turn. Theming!

This entire section is beautiful

Makura's power level is bursting out of the god damn screen!

Her stats are also appropriately ridiculous for her final spellcard.

She also has a new Personal Skill, I'll Grasp that Dream, that boosts her Max Power to 250. Makura's getting hyped up too!

At this point, people finally start having their battle dialogue with Makura.

The radar's going crazy!

It's the same for me. But it's not just because of Makura!

It seems the power of the danmaku we spun together is flowing into the ship too!

A ship of dreams carrying all the fantasies... I'll sink it here.

Your voyage is over, you can just relax within my dream.

Thanks, but no thanks. We'll relax after we beat you.

Buddhist reactor output surpassing its limits! Condition: All Green!

We're clear for danmaku combat, Mr. Kourindou!

Alright, release safeties on all weapons! This is the ship's final battle!

Rise, Palanquin Ship!

Makura's dodge animation. I dunno how well you can see it, but her hair is all transparent and ephemeral.

Click here to watch

She makes the same crazy dream crystal thingies as Meeko.

It turns into some funky looking spikes, but that's about it.

What overflowing power... can you feel that, Minoriko?

Yeah, I'm bursting with autumn too!

Well, those two are the same as ever, but it's true we're bursting with power!

This battle will settle everything!

A sylphid dream aiming for the new... I accept your challenge with everything I have.

Whoever dominates this battle will clear away all doubt and become the guiding hand.

I do understand your complaints, but we're not gonna hand this place over.

The misfortune and unease you bear... I won't say I can't understand it.

But we came this far without any guidance!

All we need is a heart that loves autumn!

A sturdy soul that can grow in the roughest soil!

And the power of friendship!

With those in complete harmony, we can create a daily life for Gensokyo.

That's right, none of us are alone!

So we won't lose to uncertainty!

You'd deny my dream with that flimsy logic?!

This is the climax, everyone! Show her our full power!

The union of human and youkai... all of that will be our blade!

All forces, charge! Our target is Makura Muwatari, mastermind of the incident!

Entrusting your body to the dream? I see you're quite determined.

But we are no less.

We're not going to lose anyone.

We'll finish you off with everyone's power, Makura!

Ancient dreams, invited in... Your role ends now.

Paradise will welcome in a new era by my hand. Your power will be unneeded there.

I make a diving leap, catch those words, and toss 'em right back at you!


We have no intention of butting in. This is a world for those children to make on their own.

Each of them will learn, grow, and become independent.

Until one day they look back at you with the face of an adult walking their own path.

Waiting for them to bring in a new era from behind the scenes doesn't sound so bad.

But without someone to guide them, their dreams will-

A flower will bloom even on its own. As it is, and beautiful because of it.

So Makura, if you really love humans you should be praying with us.

Praying for their future, and for their happiness.

Now, let's draw the curtain. Time for our final job!

We'll put an end to this incident, and send off Marisa and the others to their future!

This is a once in a lifetime brawl!

Aren't you scared, Kisume?

I'm fine. Because everyone's here with us!

All that's left is to combine our power and beat Makura!

A dream sealed away beneath the earth... We'll settle this here.

When my dream is realized, I'll also be giving hope to those with detestable fates.

Like you're one to talk, with all that jealousy you're carrying around.


You're no different from us. You're wracked with worry and despair too.

But I'll have to give you props if you still wanna fight after acknowledging that.

We'll take on your words and your danmaku head on.

And here I thought you were the lowest of the low. I see you have your own pride. I'll take back what I said.

But still, I will not hand over this victory!

Great! We still have lots of danmaku left to shoot, right?

We'll take hold of our future and our dreams with our own danmaku!

The sun of hope will shine on you too, Makura!

Now's the time to show Makura Muwatari our bonds.

With the danmaku of our hearts.

Everyone ready?!



Dreams don't come true~♪

Intermingled yet pure dreams... The time has come to settle this.

I'll alter those pure, white hearts and guide you to an unchanging peace.

I hate to tell you this, but these kids never listen to ANYONE.

We're all together, but everyone just does whatever they like.

But still, we're best friends!

In my dream though, even that friendship could be everlasting!

This is all kinda confusing, but you won't trick us!

That's right everyone. There's only one thing to do.

Put our hearts and danmaku together, and...





The sun, moon, and stars too!

Just watch us! This is the strongest, final danmaku!

Time for the surprise tiebreaker round!

This will be our final battle. Can everyone still fight?

You know it, chief!

Let's end this incident so we can all head home together, on the Palanquin Ship!


A dream of the sky, where ideals live. It seems the time has come to settle this.

My dream will even light the way for you, too.

You're pretty stubborn, but we got reasons we can't back down either.

You wish to save people, Makura. We have no right to deny that.

But at the end of your dream, there needs to be a place for you too.

If I must live in a dream, and vanish along with the dream, then so be it!

Willing to die for it, huh? If that's your way of life, then show us that you mean it!

But we won't be bending on our ideals either!

This is so we can continue on the path Hijiri has lit for us!

Oh Bishamonten's Pagoda! Now's the time to shine the brightest light and dharma!

Together we will take control of this battle, and step forward into the future!


Hisoutensoku... It seems you escaped my control by being filled with the humans' feelings.

I can more or less understand what they were thinking. And you must have had a reason for it too.

But even so, if you're going to stand in my way...



Hisoutensoku, are you saying you're going to stop me?

Regardless of what happened, I am still your creator.


I will not abandon my dream. I have no other path to take, no other reason to live.

If you intend to pity me, then at the very least defeat me here and now!

We interrupt these battle dialogues to bring you new updates!

Makura takes a suspiciously round damage number from one of our attacks, and after the battle...

Spellcard Clear!

You're not half-bad yourself, but we aren't losing!

Our power is all of are interwoven fantasies!

True, I can feel the power of your bonds from each and every danmaku.

But even I can...!

Did her power just go up EVEN MORE?!

Her presence is filling all of Mugen Sekai!

If you keep this up, not even you will be able to maintain your existence.

You'll lose your personal boundary and become assimilated into the dreams of Gensokyo!

If that lets me win, then so be it!


I told you I'm betting everything, didn't I? If my ideals come true, I'l be satisfied even if I turn to foam.

And then, I'll guide the people of Gensokyo as one with their dreams!

Are you insane?!

You'd throw your life away for this ideal?!

I have no need for a future where I've lost! In which case, I'll watch over the people of Gensokyo as a being born from dreams!

Man! Youkai! All the wandering dreams! Become one with me!

Let's see the end of the dream, together!

Enemy Spellcard
「At the Distant End of the Dream」
Makura: At the Distant of the Dream
-Increases Armor and Accuracy proportional to HP lost
Ally: Bomb Range -3





The red and white dream who represents paradise... Let's settle this once and for all.

It's only by defeating that that I can become the guiding hand of this land!

You know what, I'm not in the mood to argue with you over what you mean by guidance or whatever.

I only have one goal here: to exterminate a youkai who's up to no good!

I house all your dreams within me. You can't brush me aside as a mere youkai!

As far as Gensokyo's barrier is concerned, you're no more and no less.

I'll beat you, and thwart that dream of yours myself!

...You're saying all are equal, then? So that's your stance, you the heart of Gensokyo?!

My dream is everything. Accept it all, Reimu Hakurei!

It's on, Makura Muwatari!

Click here to watch

I don't think my descriptions can really capture this attack, so seriously, watch the video for this one.

Everyone's temperament is pouring out!

Everyone's power is gathering into one danmaku!

All that's left is to load it into a spell and smack Makura in the face with it!

A dream of gathered flowers and scarlet. I'll show you that I can withstand such danmaku.

And today's the day I take my dream into my own hands!

First, allow me to say that maintaining that unbending will even in the face of a battle with everything on the line is splendid.

But the danmaku of Gensokyo is no less certain of itself.

You can feel the power of our bonds too, right?

By being here, each of us creates a part of something irreplaceable!

Everyone's different, but each of their danmaku is important!

Then I'll just have to use everything too, and block it head on!

That's what I wanna hear! We saved the best for last!

Now's the time to spin together the shape of all the fantasies gathered here.

This is the danmaku that will tie it all together.

I hope you're all ready.

Of course, Remi.

Both body and soul, mistress.

Let's put our power together and beat up Makura!

The scarlet dream that marked the beginning... Now it's time to finally settle this.

I'm going to guide Gensokyo without borrowing your strength!

But what's the point if you're doing it alone? You'll just be lonely.

Life in Gensokyo is more interesting when the gates are open!

Say what you will, I have no reason to give up on my dream!

We understand that you can't back down. But that's why we do this.

Our danmaku will make that dream of yours more scarlet than red!

C'mon, let's do this! We'll mark both the beginning AND the end for you!

A clash of limitless powers... no matter how this ends, there won't be another.

No matter which way the cookie crumbles, this is the final danmaku.

But we won't lose!

When we all put our danmaku together, nothing is impossible!

An eternal dream, beckoning from beyond... I'll return those words to the foam they came from.

True eternity lies only within my dream!

I'm impressed you can still say that after seeing what we can do.

Frankly, you're amazing. You've fought us so hard, for so long, without giving up on your dream.

But our time has just started moving. And I don't want it to stop ever again!

For once, I agree with her. I'm not gonna let you interfere with people living their lives!

Makura Muwatari! We'll beat you and take back Gensokyo's dreams!

I won't let you end my dream! You're the ones whose nightmare will be ended!

Only danmaku will provide the answer to that.

We're all prepared, yes? Now's the time to use all our treasures.

Beyond this battle lies Gensokyo's dawn.

This is the spellcard we all made together!

It's our concert! All of us!

The sound of our fantasy!

Let this power guide us to the incident's resolution!

A faraway, mystical dream... Very well, I wish to settle this as well.

Thoughts and feelings will someday vanish. What we need is an eternal, unchanging form.

You're right, feelings have no form. So maybe our way of doing things seems unclear to you.

But those unclear feelings are what create the most definite thing of all.

That's the boundary of dreams and bonds, created by our danmaku.

if so, then the limits of my dream surpass even that!

I see we're both prepared. Saying anything further would be boorish.

I'll cut through your dreams and ambitions, Makura!

...And thus we'll overcome the barrier that is you, and continue to carve out our futures.

Let's speak. This is Gensokyo's Danmaku Barrier.

The hyper-abundance of SP you get in this final section means you can spam-cast Enable like crazy. Between Kaguya and Toyohime we've got like 6 full casts, and even more if I use Yukari's Dream spirit to copy it.

I never got a good screenshot of it, but her last two spells have a combined 300,000 HP. In older patches, Makura also used to cast Wall in this section, so you effectively had to do 600k to one-turn her, but thankfully they changed that.

In any case...

There's only one way this can end.

It's time to settle this, Marisa.

It was only because I met you that I was able to make it this far.

Were those supposed to be your parting words? A bit early to decide you've won, ain't it?

I don't care how strong you are, we have the power of our dreams and bonds!

Your... dreams.

Course we've got mine too.

Even at the climax of the final battle, you speak of dreams. Your radiance never fails to dazzle me, Marisa...

But I can't give up on my dreams either! And with that everything, I'll defeat you!

I accept your challenge, Makura!

Because my magicannon's about to hit you with all my ambition! This is how I'll thwart your dream!

Click here to watch!

It's broken! My dream, my ideal!

You can dream whatever you want. But this danmaku battle is my win.

See? Danmaku's all about power!


And then the screen fades to white.

2 million bux

Yes, all that energy from before is vanishing.

Gensokyo's danmaku was magnificent.


I'll acknowledge the proper form of Gensokyo you've spoken of.

I'm sure that there, even the people's hearts will give birth to a dream under the ash tree.

So you're finally convinced.

...I've lost. What else is there to say?

All that's left is to hope that Gensokyo prospers, and that the people living there have peaceful lives.

What are you trying to act all cool for? The battle's over, so let's take this somewhere quieter and-



Eh?! What's going on?!

The energy is overflowing! It's swallowing the nearby rocks!

Don't tell me space is collapsing?!

Hey, Makura! What are you doing?!

Before long, I'll crumble away, along with my dream. Please, return to Gensokyo.


What do you mean you'll crumble away? Shouldn't you be able to stop it?

...I no longer have to power, nor any reason to.

I'll share my fate with my dream, here.

Share your fate? No way...

C'mon, stop being stupid!

Now that I've lost, it's only natural for the one who doesn't fit into Gensokyo to disappear.

You must think so too.

Without my ideal, I have no reason to live.

And with my dream broken, I don't wish to dishonor myself any further.

Why you...

...Destruction is certainly another option. If that's truly what she wishes, then it's the duty of Gensokyo to accept that.

Plus, the place is collapsing. We can't stay here for long!


There's no need to hesitate. This is the end I wanted.

Lady Makura!

She rushes over to Makura's side.


Is that... Meeko?!

Meeko! Why are you here...?

I came to help you! And then this happened...

Don't tell me you... lost?

That's right, I lost. I never wanted you to see me like this...

...We don't have time for this. Don't mind me, escape with everyone else.

Huh?! What's are you saying?!

My dream is over. I won't be able to help you anymore.

I'm sorry for dragging you into this all this.

No way! What happened, why are you talking like that?!

Without you, I'd be...!


Plus, you didn't drag me into anything! I wanted to see our dream come true!

If you're staying, then I'm staying with you!


Jeepers! Cutting it kinda close here!


Hisoutensoku, can you protect the Palanquin Ship?!

As a dream manifestation, you won't be able to leave anyway...


So what do we do?! We have to hurry, while Hisoutensoku's protecting us!

Is Meeko really planning a double suicide with Makura?

I mean, even if she says she wants it, really?


I leave this to your judgment, Reimu. Reach out your hand, or don't, it's up to you.

After all, your instincts are always correct, Reimu Hakurei.


And then the screen fades to white.

Lady Makura!


There's nothing wrong with her body. She should be waking up soon.

Thank goodness! In that case...

Lady Makura! Wake up please!

(That voice...)

She's not waking up. Sure she's not sleeping the eternal sleep?

Eirin just said she was okay, but better safe than sorry.

Should we try splashing water on her, or banging pots by her ears?

I think the fact that you even suggested that shows how much you've grown, Sanae.

I've also got a bottle of enoki mushrooms. If we use those, then-

What are you planning with mushrooms?! Lady Makura always sleeps like this!

Oh really now? Fascinating. In that case...

BGM: The Dream is Here


Oh, she's up!

Aw... and we were just getting started. Horrible timing as always.

Is this Mugenkan? I...

Lady Makura!!

The screen shakes from Meeko tackling her.


And everyone from Gensokyo too? What's going on here?

Back there, we were going to...

Can't you tell by looking? We brought you with us.

You did...?

It was looking sketchy for a while there, but you should thank Meeko and Hisoutensoku.

They protected you after you lost consciousness.

Despite everything, you were his mother after all. He couldn't abandon you.

Is that what happened? I don't remember anything.

But thank goodness! I tried to carry you, but we got caught in an explosion!

If they all hadn't come back for us...


Please accept my thanks for saving Meeko.

No need for that, it wasn't that big a deal.

But why did you save me too?


What do you mean, why?

I believe I told you I didn't want to live on in shame, with my dream broken.

But in spite of that, you saved me.

Lady Makura...

It's not like we did it for you, and you want to hate us for it, then fine by me.


Frankly, if you really wanted to disappear, I wasn't going to go out of my way to save you.

But there's a certain someone who wanted to save you no matter what, and letting you BOTH die would leave a bad taste.


So then you came back for me and Meeko?

And after that, well, it just kinda happened. I mean, youkai extermination depends on my mood, and you were all beat up from the battle, so...

In other words, you just sorta felt it'd be wrong to leave her to die.

Hey, Marisa! I'm the one talking here.

But it's not just about you though, we were all thinking the same thing.

What is this? What do you mean you just sorta felt that?

Hmm, it's just a little hard to put it into words.

Hey, that's your cue Satori!

You want me to sum it up? I suppose I don't mind.

If you'll allow me to speak for everyone, then...


Or something along those lines.



Yeah, that's it. Something like that.

Pretty much. I mean, we'd already fought plenty.

I also thought that would be nice.

And here comes the peanut gallery.

Basically, welcome to life out in the sticks.

H-How does that follow?! This is all so vague!

The very fact that you're so dumbfounded makes this your loss, Makura.

Yukari Yakumo...

We've said all that needed to be said through our danmaku, and we arrived at a mutual understanding.

While there are parts we couldn't come to an agreement on, everything was settled by danmaku, and now we can start completely fresh.

As you can see, even someone like you can be welcomed here as if it's only natural.

You... accept me?

Of course. Not a single person in Gensokyo would deny your existence.

You must be surprised by how casual everyone's being about this, but this is just business as usual around here.



Hee hee, look at their faces!

Are you all really alright with this? Weren't we mortal enemies until just a little while ago?

Weren't we a huge threat to Gensokyo?

Of course, if you were truly a threat you'd be welcomed accordingly.

But you seem like you should be able to take a step back and rethink your methods now.

In which case it can't hurt to let you take a look around.

So you expect us to change our way of life to suit Gensokyo's?

Um, no? Why would you have to do that? Everyone just lives however they like around here.

If you don't mind, I'm recommended starting by spreading your roots and becoming a part of the land.

That way, you would engrave your existence into Gensokyo as yet another change.

So we're just another change...

I'm sure you must be thinking that because you acknowledged Gensokyo as it is now, you yourself are an outsider that must be purged.

But if you want to be accepted, and the other side accepts you, then it all works out perfectly!


Even you have to get it by now, right?

Yes... I think you've said all you can to someone who's gambled everything and lost.

I won't say I completely understand yet, but I'll think on what you've said.

Well, that sounds about right, given your personality.

I just hope our words can be your salvation one day.


Anyway, we should probably get back to Gensokyo to check on the Human Village.

We still haven't confirmed that the humans are free of the nightmares.

That's right. We have to make our report to the moon too, so we need all the loose ends tied up.

And not just the nightmares, please make sure all the dream souls you've stolen get back to their owners.

We'd have a real mess on our hands if any of them get mixed up, so we're counting on you.


And... what else was there? Were you going to lecture her, Lady Shiki?

Frankly, yes, but we're all exhausted so we save that for another day.

Alright everyone, back to the ship.

No, wait!


What, you got something to add too?

Um... Kinda, but...

Well don't just stand there fidgeting, spit it out already.

It's not like we're gonna eat your spleen for saying something stupid.

M-My spleen?!

Please don't tease her with words that aren't in your mind, Orin.

So? What is it?

U-Um... Thanks for saving Lady Makura.

And also for telling me I'm allowed to dream too...


After that, I started thinking about it, and there were a lot of things, so um...

I appreciate the thought, but could you stop right there? Getting thanked by a youkai gives me goosebumps.

As your former owner, I just have to say that seeing you make Reimu so uncomfortable makes me so, so proud.

But you can take your time and hash all that out with your current master, right?

Uh huh...

You too, Makura. You may not have it all sorted out yet, but there's no rush. Take as long as you need to think through everything you need to.

Meeko was so worried for you while you were unconscious.

I'll keep that in mind.

Okay, so are we going for real this time?

What do you two plan to do next?

First, I'd like to find somewhere to rest and recover. I don't have anything in mind yet, but...

I don't mind staying in Mugenkan like before. Not like I have any plans for it.

Whether you live or die is up to you, but next time remember to tell the landlady when you're moving out.

Live or die, huh?

But no matter which you choose, no one's future is guaranteed.

Gensokyo accepts all. And that's a cruel, cruel thing.

The gang walks off.

Yes, and they left us with a lot to think about.

Did you understand what the youkai sage meant just now, Lady Makura?

Let me think... It sounded like she was telling us to be prepared for what it means to live alongside change.

But contrary to her words, I felt that she was thinking about our futures.

Lady Makura...

Please, allow me to apologize again, Meeko.

You've been put through so much because I kept you by my side.

Wh-What are you talking about?! I'm the one who should apologize! For getting all beat up and losing...

But I have nothing to leave for you. I was able to create-

No, that's not true! Yeah, we lost, but that doesn't mean we have nothing!

I mean, I don't get all this complicated stuff, but without you I'd have nowhere to go!

To me, just receiving your kindess is something amazing!


You exaggerate. If my endless dreaming guided you to this land, then at least it had a purpose.

But I've never once considered my own future.

You haven't...?

I've been given more time, but without my dream, how am I supposed to live?

I can't live without a dream. I can already feel the pain in my heart returning.

This place might very well be the end of my dream.

Lady Makura...

...Then we can just look for a new dream.

A new dream...?

You dream is my dream, Lady Makura. We suffered through this defeat together, but...

But Marisa told me I should try finding my own dream next.

That even if I don't have one now, there's gotta be one waiting for me in Gensokyo.

...I see. So they told you that?

You're saying you're going to do that then, Meeko?

Yeah. So until you find your own dream, I've love it if you could help me fulfill mine.

Your dream, huh? The way you put that, it sounds like you've already found one, Meeko.

Might I ask what it is?

Sure! My dream is...

BGM: Secret Mission

Alright, we got out of Mugenkan safely.

Once we leave the lake, we'll be right at the surface.

Please take this chance to gather your belongings, everyone.

Okay! Got my souvenirs right in this here bag!

Souvenirs from Mugen Sekai? Did you pick something up?

Tee hee hee! I've got the big sheep's wool, some of Yuuka's flowers, and-

Wait, what?! It's empty!

Dream manifestations have no substance outside the dream world. Isn't that obvious?

Wait, so all that candy we brought...?

And that pretty rock I found...?

Eek! It's all gone!

What do we do?! Should we go back get some more?!

I'm tired, we can come have another adventure here later.

Good grief. We finally resolve the incident and they still won't calm down.

It's BECAUSE we resolved it. Everyone's feeling refreshed.

Plus they might be trying to distract themselves from the sadness of leaving Hisoutensoku.

Yeah, we never got to have a proper farewell.

Was it really alright to leave Meeko and Makura back there?

From what I saw, I'm sure they'll behave themselves now.

Plus, if they get up to no good again why can't we can just exterminate them?

Geez, you never change, do you?

Oh? How rude. Keep that up and maybe I should start another incident?

No, hold on, can we please not do this right after the previous one?

She's right, our long journey is finally over.

Over, huh? You're right, this long investigation really is over, isn't it?

When you think about how we're all going our separate ways after this, isn't it a little sad?

But that's what we always do.

Yeah, I'm gonna be so busy writing an article about this when we get back to the mountain!

And we need to get started on preparing the fields!

Me too! It's almost time to announce Spring!

Oh yeah, didn't you say you had a body double working in Makai, Mom?

Oh, right. I hope they're doing a good job...

Actually, what if they started to love her even more than me while I was gone?!

You made your double that good?!

I trained her personally. She's indistinguishable from the original, even her absent-mindedness and idle chatter.

That's my Yumeko! 100 points! Full score!

100 points? Really?

Just thinking about writing these reports is depressing. But there's still time before the deadline, so I can put them off.

Oh? Was the Toyohime I know always such a procrastinator?

J-Just kidding! Looking forward to it, right Yorihime?

D-Don't look at me! I'm not writing your reports for you even if you beg, Toyohime!

How about you Lady Shiki? When does you vacation end again...?

Tomorrow. Thank goodness the incident ended right on time.

But more importantly, that I was able to see Gensokyo up close today, the day of the critical jucture.

Juncture... you mean that thing you and Yuuka were talking about earlier?

Indeed, when everything in the cycle of reincarnation comes together to face the next cycle.

To make it a bit more understandable, you can think of it as the end of a journey.

The end of a journey...

Then perfect timing. We just finished our investigation and are on our way home.

Speaking of perfect timing, I believe there's one other thing to look forward to?

Oh? Really?

Yes, that's correct. A particular moment to announce the rebirth of Gensokyo.

Perhaps it will be waiting to greet us once we leave this lake.

It'd be simpler for you all to see it for yourselves. We should be almost there.

BGM: The sound of being submerged in water.

We'll be reaching the surface of the lake soon.

Finally. I can't believe we made it back in one piece.

Gather around the window, everyone.

Once we're back on the surface, you'll see what we're talking about.

Geez, what's with all the fuss?

Because it's something you've never seen before, and will most likely never see again.

I'd like you to burn this sight into your memories.


The flowers of fantasy, marking the ending and the beginning of our journey.

See for yourselves.

The background here scrolls, giving you a panoramic view of the flowers.


Is this... Gensokyo?

Amazing! All the flowers are in full bloom!

And not just the ones that bloom in spring! I see summer flowers and autumn flowers too!

Oh my, even the bamboo flowers are blooming.

There must be even more than the ones Yuuka showed us!

So the flowers of the four seasons are blooming all throughout Gensokyo?

Wait, does this mean there's already a new incident?

Don't worry, we don't need to do anything. Gensokyo itself is making these flowers bloom.

This is a sight only seen once every sixty years.

But if this isn't an incident, why is it happening?

Because the cycles of the three lights, the four seasons, and the five elements that rule all of creation only end at the same time once every sixty years.

This signifies the rebirth of all things.

The end of everything, and a new beginning.

An ending and a beginning...

As one current ends, we step towards the next.

So a ritual to bless the time we've spent til now, and face a new departure?

So that's what you meant by the end of a journey.

And to think it would greet us at the end of our own journey.

But in our case, it's not the seasons but the incidents, huh?

Indeed. The endless succession of incidents and battles, beginning with that one scarlet summer.

That should also come to a temporary rest, along with everything else in the cycle.

I see...

In that case, would you allow me to have a word? To mark the ocassion?

What, like a speech?

Thank you, everyone, for everything you've done.


What's this all of a sudden? Never thought I'd hear that from you.

Smells fishy.

How rude, these are my heartfelt feelings. To arrive at this moment, you've led the resolutions of numerous incidents.

It was by no means a short journey, but you've fought to the very end.

So in honor of this ending, please accept my blessing and my gratitude.

No way, gratitude...?

We're the ones who should be thanking you, for all your assistance.

But the state of Gensokyo today is surely your achievement, not mine.

This is a once-in-sixty-years opportunity, so why not just accept it?

Fine, if you're going to twist our arms about it.

But if this is both and ending and a beginning, we shouldn't only be looking backwards.

Indeed. When these sixty years end, we face the next sixty years.

Next, is it? Then we won't have the same crew, will we?

I doubt it. Sixty years is too long for a human.

All the more reason to treasure our chance to see this scenery together.

Human or youkai, this memory will support us for the rest of our lives.

Let's burn this moment into our eyes.

Right, these beautiful flowers of fantasy.

Actually, who cares about flowers? I'm hungry!

Uh huh! Me too!

Doesn't all that nectar look yummy?

Sheesh, I suppose you girls are the type to choose dumplings over flowers.

In that case, I know something even better than dumplings.

Hm? What?

Oh, I get it! Yeah, let's do it!

So you're thinking what I'm thinking?

Yeah, the real joy of resolving incidents!

Of course!

It's already time, huh?

Well, I don't mind, but we don't have anything at the shrine right now.

Then let's all meet up tonight!

We do still have time, but what we talking about exactly?

This is going to be a long night.

Then let's meet at the shrine, we'll each need to bring something to eat.

Is that alright, Reimu?

Sure. To celebrate the end of the dream incident, and of our journey.

The excitement spread with the flowers, as if the drunkenness was showing them yet another dream.

As if still asleep, the flowers bloomed vividly and the maidens of fantasy celebrated their victory.

Before long, the flowers withered and Gensokyo returned to normal.

The game thoughtfully gives you a chance to save here, which I'll be taking.

Next time: The Epilogue!

-Makura's Attacks