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Part 44: Epilogue

BGM: And Thus the Flower of Fantasy Blooms

(...May 7th. Outside the window, the cherry blossoms are falling, dominating the scenery with pink and green.)

(The out-of-place blooming has settled down, and Gensokyo's looking normal again.)

(When was the last time my diary entires were so peaceful?)

(Ever since the incident, Marisa's been bored and often hangs out with her friends at my shop. Not buying anything of course.)

(I'd hoped to make to make up for all the lost sales during the time I was on the Palanquin ship, but oh well.)

(Oh, right. Maybe I can put those experiences in a journal and sell it as a History of Gensokyo.)

(It's been easier to get your hands on paper these days, after all. I'm sure if I sold it my profits would go up, and the store itself would become more respectable too.)

(I'll move up from being a store that only sells junk to a part of Gensokyo's information network... I might even take the world by storm.)

(...No, wait. Maybe it would be more popular if I turn Marisa into the protagonist and sell it as a story about her adventures.

(The action-packed Battle of the Fantastic Maidens. Hey, that doesn't sound half-bad.)

(I suppose I should go all the way back to the Mist Incident then. And then the Snow Incident, and then the Moon Incident... This is starting to sound like a lot of work.)

(Oh, I know...)

Okay, that's everything loaded!

It's been a while, so let's hope I'm not too rusty at this.

That's enough chit-chat, just lower the lift already.

There's live ammunition in there, so be especially careful please.

You're the boss! Here we go!


Aw geez, what part of that was careful?!

True, but that makes 10 automatic gun platforms, 6 spirit cannons, 2 emergency boosters...

The weapons sytems on the Palanquin Ship are almost completely dismantled now.

Everyone's private belongings have already been removed, so I think all that's left are the consoles and monitors.

By the way, what do you want us to do about that top-secret kappa-switch?

The what? First I've heard of it. We don't need it, so take it out.

Aw... after this, Minamitsu's ship is is just gonna be another temple again, huh?

I mean, sure, disarm it if you're not fighting, but does it really need to stop flying too?

Well, from now on the flying silo is going to be the main building of the Myouren Temple.

With the incidents over, and the Chief rescued, it can finally fulfill its duty as a temple.

It's fought alongside us for so long, and been damaged so often. I think it deserves a rest, don't you?

Just think of all the danmaku battles we fought from this bridge... It's going to be hard to say goodbye.

We rode this ship all the way to the moon, and even to Makai.

Yeah... I'll never forget all those times the radar suddenly went off and trouble showed up.

We won't need that anymore either, will we?

...Maybe so, but I don't think we have to completely seal away its power as the flying treasure.

Really, Hijiri?!

The true work of the Myouren Temple is only just beginning, after all. It couldn't hurt to take it out on cruises to raise awareness.

I want the power Myouren left us to continue serving its role in bringing equality to humans and youkai.

That's a nice thought. And I'm sure everyone's way more interested in riding a flying boat than ascetic training anyway.

The bonds we built on this ship aren't going to just disappear either.

In that case, just leave the piloting to me!

We may be done investigating incidents, but we've still got a lot of work ahead of us!


...Whether this road leads to my ideal future or not, I know we can clear the way forward as long as we're together.

Let's step forward into the unknown, side by side!


Oh my...


Goodness me...

How about that granny?! Surprised?!

Knocked my socks off, you did. You seem more and more cheerful every time.

All right! Okay, you're next, human!

Great, she's here. If you can scare me, I'll let you have some of our tofu.

We don't need these potatoes either...

Others walk up.

As energetic as ever, Kogasa.

Not doing that babysitting gig today?

Oh, it's Keine and Mokou.

Are you two doing your rounds again? Good work.

Something like that. We were already out shopping for dinner so why not?

It's been a while since the incident ended, but how have your dreams been?

Oh, they've been fine, thanks to you all. Ever since you resolved the incident for us.

Actually, I've been seeing a pretty interesting one recently.

Interesting how?

Business was going slow, so I took a quick nap, and this lady I've never seen before showed up my dreams.

And she told me that if I kept sellin' to youkai, business would starting boomin'.

Oh, you saw her too? I had the same kinda dream.

I was dreamin' about a poor harvest, and then she ate up all the rot and made it a good one instead.

...Helping people out in dreams, huh? Well doesn't that sound familiar...

Right. Could it really be...?

Anyhoo, what about you all? Said you were out shopping?

I've got my own errands to run, but as you can see my back's been giving me trouble...

Not on my watch! Just let me carry everything!

Whoa, what are you, an angel?

Never thought there'd be youkai who were so friendly...


(It may be happening casually, without drawing attention to itself, but humans and youkai being able to get along like this is one of the modern Gensokyo's treasures.)

(In order to protect that, I'll help the village and engrave its history.)

(And in that way, I, too, will be engraved in someone's history.)

What's wrong Keine? You're kinda spacing out over there.

Hm? Oh, sorry. Anyway, let's get going.

Next up was shopping, right? Today's your turn Mokou, but..

Well, we had stir fried chicken the day before yesterday, so I figured it couldn't hurt to get some vegetables for a change, like you suggested?

Wow, I never thought I'd see the day... You've grown so much, Mokou.

Looks like that's all of them.

That just leaves the raw materials. Could you put them in Kisume's bucket for me?

Roger that! Okay, not that... not that one either...

Others walk in.

Oh, what's this? Some kind of DIY project?

Anyone want a roast sweet potato? ...I'm guessing not.

Oh, it's you two. We're all getting ready for the next bazaar.

The incident's over, and I just finished my new invention, so I figured it was about time.

Once we finish making the stage, we were gonna set up our own little shop too.

While it isn't the right season for it, I thought I could sell my instant Hina dolls.

And Yamame's gonna make cloth out of her silk, and I'm gonna sell different buckets to choose from, and-

I see, I see, looks like you're all having fun...

Well, no way we're sitting this one out, right Shizuha? Let's set up our own roast potato and autumn leaves stand!

Sounds great! The more the merrier! I'm sure he'd love it too!



Huh? Hisoutensoku?!

Pretty convincing, huh? With the 'real thing' as a reference, we were able to make the dream into reality! On the outside, anyway.

It's still just a paper mache balloon for the next bazaar though.

...I see. After fighting alongside him back there, even now it feels like he'll just suddenly start moving again.


...Right. Of course that wouldn't actually happen. What was I expecting?

C'mon, don't you get it? Science is the power to make our dreams come true.

Our technology will advance little by little, and one day we WILL make him real.

Eh, a little optimism never hurt anyone. Hit me up when you're putting him together, I'll lend a hand.

I want to meet Hisoutensoku too! Is there anything I can do to help?

So even with one dream fulfilled, it never ends, huh?

We can't let Nitori leave us in the dust, we've gotta chase our own dreams too!

Drumroll, please...


Oh? Isn't that...?

You won first prize? In that big newspaper competition?!

Well, I mean, what did you expect? With my reporting skills it was never in doubt.

A tengu to the very end... But don't forget that it was a collaboration with me.

clarste posted:

Tengu being a word for 'bragger' but whatever

Don't expect this to become a thing though. I simply wasn't able to finish the investigation on my own.

Now now, either way this is great news. Since both your papers will become more popular.

Maybe we should have you two handle the publicity for our new Faith Expansion Plan too.

So is this a new plan, or...?

Byakuren's group has been working harder than we expected. If we're not careful, we'll fall behind.

We have all sort of plans in the works. Building more branch shrines, building a ropeway connecting us to the base of the mountain...

Of course, this all depends on Sanae's advertising efforts.

And I've come up with the perfect idea for that!

You sure sound confident. Did you have some sort of insight?

Yes! I don't think much needs to change in terms of what we're actually doing, but...

In order to get more faith than now, I think we need to change our attitude, or mood.

Attitude? How so?

But I can see your point. With Reimu and Marisa running around, you all don't really stand out.

Yes, exactly. So we need the enthusiasm to not just chase after what Gensokyo is, but to CREATE it.

So we need to be bold enough to change the way we think then.

Yes, in other words...

In other words...?

Here in Gensokyo, we can't let ourselves be trapped by common sense!


I don't have any objections exactly, but... Hasn't that forceful personality always given people the wrong impression and gotten us into trouble? I'm getting a little worried.


(Mom, Yumeko, are you doing well?)

(It's been a while since you returned to Makai, but did you manange to take care of all the work that had piled up?)

(On my end, I'm visiting the suzuran field now. Medi helped me pack lunch.)

Oh, you wrote a letter, Alice?

Hold on. I just finished writing about you, actually.

So, Medi, have you filled up all that stationery I gave you?

Wha?! Um... I dunno if it's any good...

Others walk in.

My, what adorable handwriting. Why hide it? Just show her.

Yuuka, you came!

I felt a sudden pang of longing for the suzurans. So here I am. And they just happened to be blooming nicely.

You two blondies sure get along, huh? From a distance, it's like you're mother and daughter.

That sandwich looks great! Yoink!

Hey, that one's for Sue!

It's been a while, Yuuka. Have you been busy since the thing with Makura?

Medi's missed you, you know. It couldn't hurt to drop by a little more often.

Tee hee, I'm sorry. I wanted to go around seeing the flowers of Gensokyo while the incident was still ongoing.

They've all withered by now though. I suppose the folks at Higan have been working hard?

We have. And we just got some time off.

Wah! Where'd you come from?!

There've been an abnormal amount of ghosts lately. And that, uh, Flower Incident came from them hiding out in all the flowers.

Right. The flowers bloom with grief, and their petals scatter with regret.

And finally, after a long time, the fallen flowers return to the soil to make the flowers bloom once again.

A samsara of sin. Flowers, and ghosts, and life, and death.

...I-I don't get it.

It's not something that'd affect you anyway. Basically I just had to work through my holiday, collecting ghosts.

But the flowers scattering is the 'regression' of the cycle you mentioned earlier, isn't it?

Indeed. The part where each one of you turns towards your respective new journeys.

All your growth so far will serve as nourishment for the cycle. You will meet again, only to part again.

But... it sounds so sad when you put it like that...

Is everyone gonna leave me behind and go off somewhere far away?!

Don't worry Medi. I'll always be with you.

Not me though. As the wind blows, and as the flowers bloom, so too do I...

But even so, if we do meet again, please greet me warmly.

All right then, Komachi. Now that we have this day off, shall we visit other places and see how they're doing?

I'll see you all again later.

Yeah, farewell!

Last is the photo I took with Byakuren and Alice's friends...

And... perfect! This wonderful album is complete!

This should keep me happy even if my work never ends.

Yumeko walks in.

Are you here, Lady Shinki?

Yumeko? And what's with that bouquet of flowers?

I don't know where this started, but there seems to be a popular event where one shows their appreciation for one's mother.

And in accordance with that, I've been given one flower after another to deliver to you, Lady Shinki.

Wow, there's so many...

But it's only because of everyone else that I can work so hard. Mothers truly are blessed.

Also, I see you've used magic to hide a stack of unfinished work.


Y-You've got it all wrong, Yumeko! I was right about to get started on it!

Perhaps you should hide the photo album before you start making excuses. Also, there is an urgent matter.

Don't tell me...

It's in regards to the outlaw from earlier. She's returned to Makai and is laying waste to various places.

...I'd hoped not. We have to find her quickly, so we can-

Looking for me?

Mima?! How did you get here?!

I let myself in. So the unlocking magic is #18, huh?

Since banning me is totally useless, I figured I'd give you a chance to stop me in person.

...This is you we're talking about though. We assumed you'd do something ridiculous like this.

Perfect timing. Out of concern for your descent into villainy, Lady Shinki has a proposal.


Mima, how would you like to use your power for the benefit of Makai?

For Makai, huh? What, you want me to be some kinda mercenary?

You'll receive both honor as well as a place prepared specifically to help you train your magic. I don't think it's a bad deal.

Huh. Guess it had to happen someday. So you want me on your side.

Sorry, but that's not for me. My magic isn't for fitting in your molds, or for teaching to pupils.

...I see. Well, we expected you to say something like that too.

In that case, let's go with the other plan, Yumeko.

Mima, as of today, you have a bounty on your head!

As long as you're in Makai, I doubt you'll get a single night's rest.

Hmph, now we're talking!

...So, you know what the youkai said next? 'I might be drunk!' Can you believe it?

Yeah, there are heavenly maidens like that too. Like, I don't care if you want to get married, alcohol is a sacrilege!

Yes, exactly. Like, if you're that drunk then just go dive under a bridge by yourself!

Barkeep! Another whiskey with water!

Me too! No, wait, on the rocks.

...C'mon you two. Drink that much cold alcohol in one go, and you'll be feeling it in the morning.

...I've never seen Iku this drunk before.

Sorry 'bout this, Tenshi. You come all the way down to Old Hell, and then this happens...

Eh, I don't mind. I can always come again. I just tell people I'm inspecting the keystones; they always buy that excuse in Heaven.

Anyway, it's been a while since I last came, but this place hasn't changed a bit.

Yeah, pretty much. Suika and I go to the surface a lot, but most oni have still given up on humanity.

Even in the Underworld, most youkai just live here cuz we want to.

But there's no need to rush, is there? Just opening up the gates is a pretty big change.

That's true. As long as there's a spark, change will come in time.

Right. If we can all get together and drink like this, then anything can happen.

Er, I'm not so sure this is a good thing. I think these two are bringing out the worst in each other.

Oh? Eldest daughter, you're hardly drinking anything at all.

Ugh, here it comes...

Oh, I know this one, Iku. Isn't it because you suck at pouring drinks for her?

No no nooooo. I've, like, trained for this in Heaven... I think she's just feeling all distant...

Geez! Fine, fine! I'll finish off this glass! Happy?!

Don't be stupid, you can't chug a drink like that!

Finally! Nice form, kid!

A toast! To friendships between women!

Say, Yuugi, isn't your glass looking empty too?

Sheesh, well aren't you in a good mood today? Guess it's time for me to get serious.

...Alright, they should be almost done by now.

Ooh, they smell nice. I must be improving.

I made a few too many, but everyone loves these, so it shouldn't be a problem.

Miss Satori! Are the cookies done yeeet?

Hey, cut it out, Okuu. She's going out of her way to make these for us, so try not to sound impatient.

Oh, I don't mind. She's been looking forward to them since morning.

It's snack time, but is Koishi back yet?

Ah, actually-

I'm back, Satori!

Welcome home, Koishi.

So where did you go today, Miss Koishi?

Hmm... Dunno! I'm all muddy though!

Just remember that you have to stay away from anywhere dangerous. And take a bath before you eat.

Uh huh, okay. C'mon, Orin and Okuu, I'll wash you too!

Huh? Me too?!

C'mon, don't keep her waiting. And you've been skipping baths anyway, haven't you?

It's not me, it's Lord Yatagarasu! He hates them!


(This is the blissful everyday life I've always dreamed of...)

(I'm so happy that I'm not sure I could tell if I were dreaming. Thank you, Orin, Okuu, for the hope you've given me. I can feel it clearly.)

(And for my heart being connected to Koishi as well.)


What is it, Koishi?

Today's cookies. They're my favorite.

Hm? But they're still in the oven. You can tell?

Uh-uh. I just kinda... I can't read minds like you, Sis.


Then let me give you a quiz. Guess what kind of cookies I made.

Uh... I dunno...

Kidding! They're rose cookies, right?

Hee hee, I'm not telling. You'll find out soon enough.

(Just guess. Are you right or wrong?)


Thank you all for coming out here today!

On this special tour, 'Tribute', the Prismriver Ensemble will be making as much noise as we can right until the very end...

So try to keep up!

The crowd cheers.

Miss Ran! I'm having... so much fun!

Ch-Chen! You shouldn't get TOO excited. Here, have some water.

Good grief. To think the effect would be this strong. Has the power of their sound increased?

I think so. I feel like my eyes are spinning too...

I'm glad Lady Yuyuko and Lady Yukari aren't here to see me like this.

Thank goodness they stayed behind at the Tower of White Jade then.

But anyway, that title they gave this tour... This is for her, isn't it?

Indeed. She might still be around somewhere, so they want her to hear this.


Wait, was that...?

What's the matter, Chen?

...Nothing. It's gone now. Was I just seeing things?

...Next is the finale. We'll finish it off with THAT one.

Of course, Lunasa!

This song is for the girl who gave us our sound!

For our sister who can't be on this stage!

Please listen to this, our 'Wish Upon a Rainbow'!

(...The Fujimi girl, who marks the boundary of death when the Saigyo Ayakashi blooms...)

(Please forget reincarnation for all eternity, so that you need never suffer again.)

(I swore that I'd bear your sins for you, until my dying breath, but...)

(But I failed. It wasn't enough. I still...)

So this is where you went, Yukari.


I had a feeling you might be here. You often sneak out to look at this cherry tree, don't you?

Is watching a cherry blossom that never blooms something like viewing the harvest moon on a cloudy night? A game for your imagination?

Something like that.

...I really wanted to see the Saigyo Ayakashi bloom, you know.

I thought that then I'd be able to meet this Fujimi girl, who sleeps beneath it.

...You did say that, yes. I believe you wanted to know what she felt when she commited suicide here?

But you've already given up on that, haven't you?

Yes. After all, compared to seeing the real thing, it's far more refined to leave it your imagination.

...True enough. In fact, I was playing a sort of make-believe myself, just now.

For example, how about this? Imagine that beside the Fujimi girl was a youkai she got along with very well.

And when the girl ended her own life, that youkai was powerless to stop her...

So even now, she still comes to see this tree. And she will continue to, for as long as she's unable to forget her.


Then let me imagine how the Fujimi girl must have felt. The human and the youkai got along very well, so there was a special intimacy between them.

But that's exactly why she doesn't want that youkai to suffer, even after her death.

So each time the youkai comes to visit, the girl hopes that maybe this time, just maybe, the youkai will finally find happiness.


There is no right answer, of course.

Of course. We could keep this game up forever.

...Say, Yukari. What if we really did keep this game up forever? Would that really be so bad?

Why... why do you say that?

Because until this game is over, whenever that is, I can imagine that the youkai has found happiness.

However long it takes, I'll wait for you.


...How patient of you. Unlike you, I won't live forever, you know.

Then for as long as you live, Yukari.

Until your dying breath, I'll shoulder your burders with you. So that we might be together, even if just for that brief moment.

Until my dying breath, huh...?

Yes. And until that moment, I'll be waiting. Always.


(Yuyuko is swearing to do for me what I couldn't do for her, back then...)

(I couldn't do anything. I had no intention of ever forgiving myself, but...)

(Maybe... just maybe... someday...)

Okay, on the count of three! Ooooone... twoooo...


Night hunters Service Time~♪

Pitch black!

Everyone, stop Cirno!

Wait, hey!

Tee hee hee. Now you can't cheat like you always do, Cirno.

Grr, I'll win next time!


Oh, sorry Letty. Did we wake you up?

It's okay, I'll make it dark so you can sleep better.

Oh? But I wanted to play with you all...

It's way into spring already, don't push yourself. You don't have to force yourself to hang out with us.

No, this is what I want. We didn't get much time to play during the investigation, after all.

We wanna play with you, but not if you're gonna melt like Cirno!

Yeah! You'll get a sunburn!

Let's make snowmen together next winter!

Yeah, all five of us'll be waiting!

Next year, and the year after that, and the year after that...

Heh, that's right. I suppose that even when we can't meet, I'll never forget our friendship.

Alright then, I'll take up your offer and get some rest. I'd like to say goodbye to everyone else first though.

Maybe we could find 'em at the shrine?

Actually, why don't we go gather everyone up right now?

Then that settles it! We're having a party tonight, before Letty high-bear-nates!

Phew. I think that's all our luggage.

Did you double-check, Toyohime? We can't have you leaving anything behind by accident.

Remember all those times you forgot your toothbrush, or left your futon out, or didn't wash your own bowl like you're supposed to?

(Shh! I wouldn't do anything like that in front of Lady Yagokoro!)

(Is that the only reason?!)

...Looks like you two are ready to depart.

! Lady Yagokoro!

Thank you for your hopsitality this past month. I don't know how we can ever return the favor.

Oh, no need to stand on formalities. The investigation dragged on, so it was only natural.

It really took a long time to return all the dream souls to their original humans, huh?

And thanks to that, I had to endure the Watatuskis' training again...

You'll have to protect Lady Yagokoro in our place, won't you? What did you expect?

Have some awareness of your position, Udongein!

Y-Yes ma'am! I'll always keep that in mind!

Inaba may have her complaints, but I truly hope your stay here was a meaningful one, you two.

Lady Kaguya...

I appreciate you making time for us. Nothing could ever replace the joy of having shared a dinner table with Lady Yagokoro.

Not only that, we were able to observe your new life on the surface from up close.

Your attitude of wanting to cooperate with the surface dwellers without giving up on your nobility has been duly apparent.

I believe that your daily life here, in conjunction with your words earlier, has said everything that needed to be said.

Thank you. I, too, was glad to have an opportunity to get to know Eirin's favorite disciples.

By the way, if you're leaving tonight, where's Raysen? I mean, the other one?

This morning she said she was going to say her goodbyes, but I haven't seen her since.

She runs in.

Lady Toyohime! Lady Yorihime! Sorry for making you wait!

Oh, sounds like she just got back.

And you were... Lily, correct? You came all this way to see us off?

Yes, since we won't be able to see each other for a while...

After tonight, you're going back to the moon and won't be able to visit anymore, right?

Well, we WERE able to sneak down here this time, if only to check on the incident. So maybe it's more a matter of feelings.

...Lady Yagokoro, by meeting you again, I was able to move past my old regrets.

So... if we wouldn't be a bother, I'd be honored to receive your guidance again, at another time.

Lady Yorihime!

And I'd be honored to welcome you again.

Did you hear that, Rabbit?! Does that mean you're okay for tonight too?

Tonight? What's happening tonight?

When I went to the shrine earlier, everyone was talking about having a banquet tonight.

So I was thinking maybe we could push back the departure to tomorrow and treat this like a farewell party...?

I see. True, a single day wouldn't make much of a difference, but...

If there's a banquet, then we can't possibly miss it.

Of course we're going. And we might as well bring that ancient, thousand year old sake that we never found a chance to break out too.

Alright! This'll be great!

Sakuya, did you cook all this for the party?

Yes. Please pack it up for me.

Sakuyaaa! Does this dress look good for tonight?

Yes, you look very nice in it.


You want coffee, right? I'll bring it over right way.

Phew, now what was I doing again? Oh right, making some instantly aged wine.

You sure seem busy, Sakuya. Anything I can help with?

Oh, it's nothing, just preparing for tonight's banquet.

But since I'm here anyway, may as well add some authentic Chinese cooking too.

I'd always wanted us to have days like this, you know.

What do you mean?

Oh, you know, everyone idling away their time, the mistress and Lady Flan getting along... Peaceful. That's what counts.

Perhaps, perhaps. Certainly, seeing those two acting so friendly is more than enough to make me think it was all worth it.

On the other hand, that's twice as many whims to satisfy.



Whoops, here they come!

We were thinking we wanted to show up at the party in the flashiest way possible.

So can you use gems to making a glowing flag?

As you wish, mistress. I'll prepare one right away.

Are you sure about that, Sakuya? You shouldn't make promises you can't keep.

When we went to the moon, we prepared a red carpet to see us off, correct? I could fashion a flag out of that cloth.

And as for the glowing...

That should be simple enough, with some old magic stones. The only problem is carrying them, since they're so heavy.

In that case, we have our peace-loving Meiling right here, volunteering to help.

Whaaat?! Me?!

Hey Luna! Star! Get over here!

Wait up, my foot's tangled in some ivy!

Wow, it feels like it's been so long since we came here. Where was the door to Mugen Sekai again?

You take the turn that feels right, and then at the next one you either turn or don't. One of those.

...So you don't remember.

That's what makes it an adventure! A battle against the unknown! Let's make like a fairy and just break through the walls!



It's a youkai sheep. And isn't it carrying something?

Meeko lives in Mugenkan, right? Maybe they're moving out?


And there it goes. I think we hit the bullseye.

In other words, this place is abandoned now! Let's make it into our secret base!

So our adventure in Mugen Sekai comes after that then?

But in that case, we better hurry. We have to go get our stuff before someone else...

Wait, which way did we come from again?

We took the turn that felt right, and at the next one we either turned or didn't. One of those.

So you don't remember...

Ah... another day to sit back and drink tea. This is the life.

Looks like you've got some time on your hands, Reimu.

What, are you telling me that REIMU HAKUREI, 13th shrine maiden of the Hakurei Shrine, has nothing to do?

I've been real busy these days, you know. Scolding fairies for their pranks, exterminating any youkai I bump into...

In other words, same as always. You've got nothing to do.

And what about you, Marisa? Up to anything interesting?

I'll have you know that Marisa Kirisame, owner of the Kirisame Magic Shop, is ALWAYS busy.

Like, just this morning I developed a magic item that can make any sake just a little bit sweeter.

...I'm honestly not sure if that's impressive or not.

But just in time though. Can't we use that at the party tonight?

Ooh, great idea. We could have a sake tasting contest or some...thing...


Do you feel that too, Reimu...?

The presence of a youkai... There!

Pew pew, shooting noises.


Are you all right, Meeko?!


Oh. It's just you two.

D-Don't scare me like that! You threw a talisman at me like it was nothing!

I mean, any youkai who comes here gets exterminated. No exceptions.

I see. Gensokyo sure is overflowing with apparitions, isn't it?

Lady Makura! Don't just casually accept it since you're still half-asleep!

Anyway, if you came all the way out here, you must have some kinda business with us?

...Yes. I came here to continue the conversation we had in our battle earlier.

And... what was that again?

It's been a little over a month since then. Using the time you granted me, I've been thinking about Gensokyo's progress.

And... I think we'd like to live here.

Uh huh... sure, why not?


Ah, right. As carefree as ever.

I mean, no one's the landlord here. It's not like you had to come talk to us about this.

If you really need to to talk to someone, then I guess Yukari's the manager, but if you want to see her then she's DEFINITELY not showing up.

...Understood. Then I'll just have faith that that chance will come soon.

By the way, you have anywhere in mind yet?

Uh uh. But somewhere wide open with a lot of grass would be nice.

Huh. You know, when you were my pet you never ate anything at all. You eat grass then?

I-It's not for me! It's for the sheep!

I was thinking somewhere quiet, where the sheep, Meeko, and I can all live together in peace.

I still don't know if Gensokyo will accept us, but making a life here is our dream for now.

Gotcha. You've been behaving yourselves, so I wouldn't worry about it.

Doesn't seem like a big deal to me in the first place.

Everyone else, even youkai or ghosts or whatever, always drop by the shrine whenever they feel like it.

C'mon, don't start with this youkai shrine stuff again. It's bad for my reputation.

It's true though. Can't you take it in, like, a good way?

...I have a good understanding of the situation myself, having seen it through Meeko.

But if you were to ask me now, I'd say that there's something special about you.

Special how?

Reimu... it's almost as if you're at the very center of everything in Gensokyo.

That mysterious charm of yours, whether at the shrine or while off investigating, draws people to you.

You're never too distant, nor too close, I can only see it as you naturally maintaining a perfect balance.

So this shrine maiden of ours is the center, huh? She does act as a mediator, I guess.

Right. That delicate equilibrium of attraction that keeps both sides from vanishing into nothingness.

I felt this very clearly during our danmaku battle.


Um... I don't really get all this...

You can just think of it as Reimu floating through the air.

Oh, I get that!

Impressive, Marisa. You truly are a shooting star of a human.

Hm? Then it's my turn now?

...At first glance, you seem to be flying freely through the sky, unbound by gravity.

But in actuality, you're always sprinting towards your dreams at full power.

Come to think of it, I must have placed all of my dreams into that dashing figure you cut when we first met.

Huh... So that's how you saw me?

And I think that's why you're the person closer to the center than anyone else.


U-Um... still not getting any of this over here.

You can just think of it as Marisa riding her broom.

Oh, I get that!

I'm sure it seems laughable for me to be saying all this to you after our battle. But I just want let everyone else hear this too, someday.

Nah, it's fine. Like I said, you really don't have to take this so seriously.

Instead of going around giving speeches, why not just come to the party tonight?

What? A party?

Not a bad idea. Everyone from the investigation's gonna be there, so isn't it the perfect time to tell everyone you're moving in?

But you gotta bring food and drinks. Especially sake, don't forget that.

Us...? Attending a party? I've never even considered that.

I bet you haven't. But if you wanna live in Gensokyo, them's the rules.

You two still haven't seen the true face of Gensokyo. Now just sit back and watch.

Lady Makura, are we going then...?

...Yes. I certainly want to see this 'true face'.

Then that's that. I think it'll start around sundown, so just show up at the shrine whenever.

We've gotta start getting ready soon too, huh?


(The dream I arrived at after so much wandering... Thanks to you two, it's changed.)

(Leading a group with such disparate powers and personalities on those investigations... you truly are dazzling.)

(And by crossing paths, you've given us a future too.)

(I still don't know what will happen in the future. But I'm sure it will be full of colorful dreams.)

(Those tiny dreams we call living. And beyond even the dreams yet to be seen...)

(My dream is here now, and stretches even further into the future.)

(So fleeting, yet so beautiful, this Gensokyo...)

(At the end of the dream...lies another dream.)

The screen fades to white.

BGM: Awakening

And thus, the credits.

I'm not gunna bother listing them all out, but everyone here did a really damn good job, imo.

One cute detail is the background here gradually brightens up as the night passes.

Thanks for the game, Sanbondo!

And here's our stats screen. The time is probably all wonky cuz of me leaving the game open for LP purposes, but there you go. 258 turns, 330/330 Bonus WP, 54/54 spells captured.

Our top three aces... technically. I imported a save file for this, so those kill counts are a bit inflated.

More importantly, 0 quick saves/loads! A minor achievement for me, since I have a bad habit of save scumming like a fiend while playing SRW.

The highest damage total was Yorihime against the Giant Catfish (unsurprisingly with her Break Accuracy Limit gimmick), and our highest damage recieved was from Meeko. I don't actually recall this happening, but sure.

The four "why are you even keeping track of this" stats for this game are, in order:
-Number of times Utsuho removed her limiter
-Number of times Satori copied an attack
-Number of times Byakuren went Super Saiyan
-Number of forests Toyohime annihilated with her MAP.

BGM: Secret Mission!

All right! So since this is Letty's farewell party... and also the moon people's farewell party... and also some other stuff...

And for the 14th time today!


They all clink their glasses.


To Autumn! Woo! Autumn's the best!

This wine is some good stuff. You've really gotten better, Sakuya.

I just happened to get my hands on some quality grapes. Minoriko shared some from her stash.

This fried tofu over rice is great too. And so much of it.

I'm glad to hear that, Shou. Take some with you for the rest of the temple crew to try.

Man, all the flowers are gone, but nothing beats drinking with all your buds!

Yeah! Yeah! You said it, Lyrica!

We've got some new faces here today, so wanna have another toast?

Good idea. I think we've got another cask over there...

Then hold out your cup, Meeko!

What? We're still drinking?!

I think we've had enough for tonight, thank you.

You're looking down on us again, aren't you? I've had enough of you pretending to be a good girl!

You're a baku! Aren't they good at swallowing stuff?

Dreams, maybe, but alcohol is a different story.

...Um, is this the 'true face of Gensokyo' you were talking about, Marisa?

Yeah. Why?

Don't tell me you're having so much fun you're feeling overwhelmed?!

No, um, how to put this... I just assumed it would be something related to dreams, or bonds...

Sounds like you're still half-asleep to me! With us, it's drink or be drunken!

If you keep wearing so many layers, of course you'll get sleepy!

Then let's take 'em off!

You two hold that side, and I'll pull.

S-Stop this, please. I feel uneasy without my blanket...

Look at you all curled up like that. What happened to all that confidence from when we were fighting?

She can't help it. Lady Makura's been up since noon, so she's exhausted.

Normally, she's eating people's nightmares from morning til evening. It's hard work!

Doesn't that mean... she sleeps 24 hours a day?

Can we switch jobs?

The night's still young you two. We'll be spending a LOT of time together.

...A-Anyway, is the youkai sage coming? I haven't seen her around.

Oh, you wanna go say hello? She's drinking over there. I'll take to you her.

Alright then. Let's go, Meeko.

Hey, they ran away!

Here, have some more.

Oh my, thank you.

Ah, I'll pass, thank you. I'm drinking oolong tea.

What, you're too good to drink my sake?

clarste posted:

This is the line from WaHH that Reimu said to Sanae

Reimu, that's alcohol harassment. Also, Buddhists can't drink.

The way of the Buddha is a difficult one. Although, as they say, it is far superior to weep drunken tears than put on an air of wisdom.

It's better to drink than to spout wisdom... that was Otomo no Tabito, wasn't it?

Please don't bully me.

But aren't you all drinking too much? You were already drunk by the time I arrived.

It's this thousand year old sake. I doubt even you have had many chances to drink something like this, Yukari.

Just consider it sharing a glass to cement good relations between the Earth and the Moon.

Well, personally I wouldn't mind a little interplanetary conflict. How about a drinking contest?

Ooh, the Second Lunar War then? Interesting!

Oh no no no no no. Please don't say anything omnious like that.

Course, conquering the moon would be nothing with MY power...

Ma'am, you're doing it again!

It's been a while since we last saw Reisen's drunken self-destruction...


...Do you mind if I interrupt your fun?

Oh, if it isn't Makura and Meeko. So you're here too?

Seeing how you're together like that, you're stopping by to say hello?

Right. I'd like to take this opportunity to let you all know that we've decided to stay in Gensokyo.

Oh, I've heard about that. But don't just stand there, have a seat.

Don't you know it's a tradition for the newcomers to stand by and pour drinks for their superiors?

I will not be your servant, Yuuka Kazami.

N-Now now, calm down. See, they made room for us.

So, looks like you've been enjoying yourselves.

Yes, perhaps even too much...

I hear you've been rather busy cleaning up the mess over the past month.

If your feelings haven't changed, then I look forward to working with you to protect the village.

...Thank you, that means a lot to us. We'd like that as well, if possible.

So have you decided what you want to do yet, Meeko?

Yeah. I just wanna live quietly with Lady Makura, taking care of all the sheep.

And after we've tried out living here, I think I wanna spend more time thinking about stuff.

A wise choice. No one can know the future.

As she says, first we need to be sure if it's really possible to set our roots here.

After that... I still don't know how humans and youkai should relate to each other, so...

Well you see, that all depends on your hearts and on Gensokyo.

But if that's how you feel, then I've got just the thing.


It's in my hat, right!

She ruffles around a bag.

Is that a flower seed?

Some kinda bulb. I picked it up after the flower incident.

If you wanna know your future, why not try planting this?

If it takes root, then you'll take root? That just sounds like an awful pun.

But that's just how fortunetelling is.

Yup. Anyway, even I don't know what kinda flower this is.

I see... So it would be like entrusting my fate to Gensokyo.

Thank you. I accept your gift.

Lady Makura...

...To make this flower bloom in this soil. It's a small thing, but I'm sure it will be the first of our dreams to come true.

Let's have it show us our future.

Yes... let us know how it turns out.

Alright, sounds like we're about done here, so how about another toast?

Sure. We still haven't done one since Makura came over.

Everyone has a glass, right?

We sure do! So who's going to lead the toast?

How about Makura or Meeko? Since they're new here?

No way, no how, I'm not doing something so important!

...How about you Reimu? Can I ask you to do it?

Me? Sure, I guess...

Now then, what are we toasting to?

The present? The future?

Sake or bonds or whatever, who cares?

If you were expecting something fancy outta me, you're out of luck.

So this time it's simply...

To our Gensokyo!