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Part 10


Bamboo Forest of the Lost
Music: Border of Regular and Irregular Days

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So what was that about?

Uh, I don't know anything! They just attacked me for no reason!

Okay, then we'll take you with us and protect you.

(Either we'll get some info out of her or we can use her as bait for those other rabbits.)


Bamboo Forest of the Lost
Music: What's the Strategy?

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Marisa, I've been watching you with high hopes... but your magic is completely and utterly worthless.

I don't get it. You up and vanished without a word, Lady Mima! That's why I swore by my Hakkero that I would shine in my own way...!


Yes, that Hakkero is the very symbol of the way you do things. If you want to advance any further, you have to make a choice.

What choice?

Marisa, cast away your Hakkero. And then, come back to me.


Lily White
Changes: She has a new attack.
New Spirits: Trust, Accel, Cheer

Lily actually has Trust now, so she's no longer utterly outclassed by Dai on the healing front. She's still outclassed though.
At least she kept her MAP!

Lunasa Prismriver
Personality: Calm (Hit: +2, Kill: +3, Evade: +2, Graze: +1)
Character Skill: Musician (all MP costs -20%. Stacks with MP Save), Combine, Synchronize (while combined and over 120 Power, Lunasa's stats are set to the highest value among all three sisters)
Personal Skills: Depressing Song (attacked enemies lose 2 Power), Excellent Technique (+20 Skill), Ensemble Leader (when Synchronize activates, +10 to all stats), Phantom Ensemble (increases Lunasa's friendship with her sisters)
Spirits: Daunt, Sense, Gain, Grit, Fury

Lunasa's Power reduction gimmick isn't all that useful as a MAP, but when you start using it with Support Attacks it gets pretty crazy. She's not really that good as a solo unit, but once combined she really starts to shine. Honestly, the Prismrivers are probably the outright best character in the game.
Rumia is supposed to have a similar PS to Depressing Song, but for some reason it's still dummied out.

Merlin Prismriver
Personality: Easy-going (Hit: +1, Kill: +4, Get Hit: +1, Evade: +2, Ally Killed: +1, Graze: +1)
Character Skill: Musician
Personal Skills: Happiness Shower (at the start of a turn, all allies around Merlin gain +2 Power), High Tension (gain +1 more Power from battles), Soul Go Happy (+20 to initial Power), Phantom Ensemble (increases Merlin's friendship with her sisters)
Spirits: Spirit, Strike, Guard, Bless (42), Valor (46), Rally (55)

Merlin does two things: boost everyone's Power with her MAP, and cast important spirits while combined. These are both very useful roles, so I would say Merlin is a very useful character.
When you combine her MAP with Yuyuko's Rally, you can get some crazy first turn Power levels.

Lyrica Prismriver
Personality: Cunning (Hit: +1, Kill: +4, Miss: +2, Ally Killed: +1, Graze: +1)
Character Skill: Musician
Personal Skills: Get Ready! (can Support Attack without the skill. If she does have the skill, it essentially goes up by one level), Phantom Ensemble (increases Lyrica's friendship with her sisters)
Spirits: Cheer, Alert, Trust, Focus, Luck

Lyrica is probably the blandest of the three sisters. Her MAP is okay, but nothing special, and while the free Support Attack is nice it's not like Lyrica is that strong. You pretty much bring Lyrica along just to complete the trio.
Star Sapphire is supposed to be Cunning too, but I messed up all the way back then. It's been fixed now.

Wriggle Nightbug
Personality: Strong-willed (Hit: +1, Kill: +4, Get Hit: +1, Ally Killed: +1, Graze: +1)
Character Skill: Armored Bug (once activated, gives Wriggle three 2000 HP bug shields. Kind of like a guaranteed but limited Shield Defense.)
Personal Skills: Fixed Star on Earth (the panels around unit are considered Day terrain), Armored Bug+ (raises the number of shields to 6), Enhanced Wriggle Kick (increases Wriggle Kick's base damage by 300, and its Range by 1), Insect Recon Service (the selected allied unit will essentially activate Shield Defense the next time they're attacked, limited uses), Raid (lowers Assault's SP cost to 50)
Spirits: Accel, Alert, Fury, Strike, Assault

Wriggle is... okay? She can either be thrown on the back of another team as a free Accel, or she can go around Wriggle Kicking people. Probably her biggest use is Insect Recon Service though.
I still can't believe Ibiza mixed Wild Flug for Wriggle Kick. That's the wrong song! <>

All Attacks
Battle theme: -Fleeting Flame- Firefly Soul (Stirring an Autumn Moon, Illusionary Night, Get a Dream)
Wriggle Kick theme: -Fixed Star- Twinkling Rigel (Stirring an Autumn Moon, Illusionary Night, Wild Flug)

Tewi Inaba
Battle theme: Pounded Lies and Mochi in the Moonlit Night


So you've stopped playing? Good work.

...An ultimatum from Mima. An invitation to throw away the Hakkero along with her current lifestyle and join Mima once more.

With her heart in disarray, Marisa's bond with her partner, the Hakkero, is severed. Her heart is torn between Mima's magic, and her own.

Chapter 39 of Fantasy Maiden Wars I: "Kirisame's Hakkero".

You're the only human I know who's changed so little.