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Part 15

It's recently been brought to my attention that all of my tindeck uploads are way too loud, so I checked my audio setting to see what's up. Turns out I had my PC's volume set to 40%.

But when I went snooping through my tindeck to see how many tracks I'd need to fix, I found out that the audio levels are just really high all the way back to the FMW1 OST. I could drop all the audio by 13 dB (like I did this this chapter) if it helps, but then I'd have to reupload literally everything. So I figured I should ask if it's an actual problem first.

As a note, while I was able to duck the audio of this chapter's new songs, I couldn't do that for the videos. And I thought they were loud even at 40%. So you might want to lower your audio before clicking the links.

EDIT: Well okay then, fuckoff loud audio back by popular demand. Drop your computer's audio like I do, I guess? vv



Bamboo Forest of the Lost
Music: Bizarre Smile

Full Text


Okay we're not going to beat that group as is. So kidnap their weakest member and trade them for the rabbit.

Also here's some shady drugs.


Bamboo Forest of the Lost
Music: Dark Clouds

Full Text


No seriously, you suck. Come with me and I'll whip you into shape.

*runs away*

Marisa, wait, it's dangerous!


Bamboo Forest of the Lost
Music: What's the Strategy?

Full Text


Have a pep talk, Marisa!

Thanks, but Mima's kind of right. What is my magic, anywa-


Oh come on, I was having a moment here! Eat danma-

Wait, something's wrong with the Hakkero...



Kirisame's Hakkero

This chapter has a ton of forced units.

Team names: Komachi and Elly are Twin Deathscythe, Yuuka and Sunny are Sunflower, and Lunasa and Merlin are Sun/Moon Melody.

Rabbit D posted:

We caught 'em even closer than I was hoping for!

Just grab someone and stuff 'em in a bag!

What's going on? An enemy attack?!

Yes, and it looks like they brought lots of company!

Oh, it's just a bunch of small fry. Here I was expecting something serious.

I'm not in the mood right now. Go make yourselves scarce.

Grk, these intruders are kind of scary...

It's okay, that's what we've got these for! When you eat your dango, you'll get a thousand times more courage!


All of the rabbits get pumped and cast Spirit. And they do actually start with 110 Power.

These rabbits are giving off more pressure than they did last time.

They probably used some secret trick or something!

The point being, don't judge them by their weak appearance.

Marisa, just focus on the enemy for now.

Yeah, I'm ready to...


What's wrong, Marisa?

I knew it wasn't just me... just what is going on?

Can you translate that into non-muttering?

...My Hakkero isn't working!


I'm channelling my power into it, and nothing's happening. Why, Mini-Hakkero?! Why now, of all times?!

Oh dear. Marisa...!

(Looks like one of the humans is dawdling around. If she keeps that up, she'll be a perfect sitting duck.)

Very well. Anyone who doesn't have their hands full, cover Marisa. All forces, advance! Exterminate the rabbits!


Victory: Defeat all enemies.
Defeat: Marisa or Mima is defeated.

This map has more to the left, but I'm not sure why since all of the enemies are in this view.

Marisa starts at 50 Power and is back to the moveset she had at the very beginning of FMW1. That's right, she doesn't even have Proto Malice.

Nitori is locked to her regular form for this chapter, so she's pretty useless too.

Alice is mostly fine, since the enemies aren't that accurate, but she's really feeling the loss of Marisa's team attack.

Thankfully, Patchy and Mima are the same as ever.

I gave Merlin the Live Ticket, so she can start spamming her MAP right away.

The smart thing to do would be to keep Marisa in the back, but eh, it's Normal. May as well have her try and pull her own weight.

If this were FMW1, losing Marisa would cripple my entire team. But it's FMW3, so all not having Magic Team does is give the other characters a chance to do something.

Music: Be a Shooting Star

(Remember that song name!)

Kind of sad neither Marisa or Mima have special battle dialogue for this chapter. Mima doesn't even change what she says if she has to cover Marisa.

Also even though Marisa's been nerfed, she still does much more damage than good old disappointing Nitori.

A cutscene starts on the second enemy phase.

These humans are tough stuff. I'd better eat more dango, or I'll never be able to keep up.

But didn't Tewi say we shouldn't eat too much?

Tewi wouldn't give us something that's bad for us! Let's eat the whole lot and beat the tar out of those humans!

The rest of the rabbits are supposed to chime in now, but they're already dead.

Whoa, they're getting really spirited!

What is that dango, anyway?

Nyahaha, this is the secret weapon Tewi gave us! It peps you up and makes you stronger when you eat it!

Isn't that doping?

And it feels weird to the touch. It must have some strange ingredients.

...I guess Wriggle had her bugs go grab some?

More importantly, Marisa, is your Hakkero still acting up?

It's not working at all. I keep trying, and nothing.

Come on, what's gotten into you?!

Calm down, Marisa. If you panic, the enemy could single you out!

Lady Patchouli, why do you think this is happening?

Marisa's magic is likely out of tune with the Hakkero.

That can happen?

Mental agitation can cause instability in one's magic. I believe that Marisa's inner turmoil has severed her tie to her Hakkero.

That's awful...

You made this mess, Mima. Shouldn't you be bailing her out?


(I didn't want to believe it, but now it's becoming all too clear. Your heart is wavering, and it's separated you from your magic.)

(Does your magic truly mean so little to you?)

How does my Patchouli keep dodging things?

The three Prismrivers all have different sizes: Merlin is L, Lunasa is M, and Lyrica is S. This means Lyrica is pretty weak until she gets Ignore Size!

Which she starts with enough PP for but I always just get all three MP Save first thing.

We're whittling them down!

They should know that winners don't do drugs!

No, I sense more presences...

Rabbit posted:

Leader, I'm all out of dango!
Two new rabbits spawn in.

I need more, or I'm gonna lose all my energy!

Oh, great. Now we've got people begging for more!

Gah, of all the times to not be able to use my power...!

...It seems I'm done observing your power.

Lady Mima...!

It was unfortunate that you came under attack when you did, but I hope you understand now. This is what happens when you lack faith in magic.

You ought to join me and start over.


Cast away everything and start anew with a clean slate. Join me and shrug off your needless distractions.

Needless distractions...? Is that what you call my Hakkero, and all my magic?!

You wanted me to watch you, didn't you? Isn't this what you want?


Oh, no. The way Marisa is right now, she might really go for it.

Marisa, stop and think about this!


I know you respect Mima a lot as a teacher. But that's no reason to let everything you've done be for nothing! That's messed up!

Everything I've done...?

I hardly think Mima was the only reason you practiced magic.

Don't you have something else, something special? Remember what that is!

...My special something. My reason for using magic...

All this time, I...

They're just talking and ignoring us!

In that case...!

Music: As Time Stands Still

This has actually been playing from the start, but it's better if I cue it up now.

Rabbit D flies over and sucker punches Marisa.


Watch out, Marisa!

Then she goes for the finish.


Marisa's been knocked out.

Is she unconscious?!

Excuse me! We were trying to have a conversation!

Heheheh, that was like taking candy from a baby.

Now to grab her and take her hostage!

A hostage?! Is that what you were going for?!

You better believe it. Fighting you normally wouldn't get us any closer to getting that rabbit. So, we'll take a human shield and get you to play along!

The impudence...!

Whoever's close by, keep Marisa covered!

O-on it!

Rabbit posted:

Grr, you're trying to stop us?

Nitori! Lady Patchouli! Alice!

We're low on options right now. Let's split up and intercept them.

If that's your game, we've got a game of our own.

Come on out, Double-Dango Rabbits!

Alice posted:

They still have more...?!
A few rabbits and a bunch of evil eyes spawn in.

We warned you! This is Tewi's turf, the Bamboo Forest of the Lost! I dare you to try and take on this many at once!

Since Marisa went down, the defeat condition changes to failing to protect her crash site, which is indicated by a cross of white tiles.

This is pretty hard to screw up.

The rabbits are the sturdiest enemies, but they're also the slowest since they're grounded. The Evil Eyes are much bigger threats,

but they go down ridiculously easily. Any team, or anyone with a nearby Support Attacker, can take them down right away.

One turn and they're basically all almost gone.

Did I mention that Yuuka starts with Pattern Type? Because she does.

Seriously why do enemies keep attacking her.

On the next turn I clean up the rest of the grunts.

39M is basically an interactive cutscene on Normal so I wrap up quickly.

These rabbits just won't go down. Is that the dango working?

It's impressive, but I sense some kind of misfortune.

Nitori, how's Marisa?

She's not waking up at all...

And our situation is slowly but surely getting worse.

Heheheh, this focus fire is working out better than I thought it would. So in that case...!

Cue even more rabbits.

Are you trying to add insult to injury?!

This operation's going great, thanks to that weakling human. I might as well beat up the rest of you while I'm at it!

Of all the rotten luck. Get Marisa over here, and-

Not on my watch!

Marisa's crash site is bombarded.


This somehow hits Alice even though Patchouli is the only one still there.

Alice! Everyone!

Heheheh, Tewi knew what she was doing! Take one down, and the rest all fall like dominos!

The next line depends on who I picked in 29M.

(We can't keep protecting you forever, Marisa.)

(Stand up. You're better than this...!)

Marisa posted:



Where... am I? I feel so powerless...

Oh. I got beaten. I couldn't use my Hakkero, even then...

Why won't you respond to me, Mini-Hakkero? Aren't we supposed to be a team?

...Or have you given up on me, too?

I guess it'd make sense. Even Lady Mima wouldn't spare me a second glance... What have I been doing, all this time?

And what's this empty feeling? I feel like I should know it...


Forest of Magic
Music: Night of the Wishing Star - Segment I


Where is this? It feels kinda nostalgic.

Is it the old Forest of Magic?


...? What's a kid doing out here?

Hey, kid. It's dangerous to be alone in the Forest of Magic. You should go ho-


Hey, wait a minute...!


Yeah, I know. You've got nowhere to go home to.

(Of course. How could I ever forget the day I ran away from home?)

(I had my heart set on practicing magic, and I got into an argument even worse than our usual ones. Nothing I said mattered to my parents...)

(I was miserable. I ran away from home in the heat of the moment, but I had no idea where to go from there. So I walked into the forest, alone and emptyhanded.)

...That was my house. It was so clean back then, no junk or clutter. But once I started living in the forest...

I see. You want to use magic?


Then I'll teach you.

I'm Mima. And you are?


...Lady Mima. The one who found me and taught me magic.

My memory of our first meeting's still as clear as day. I was fretting and dawdling around, and then she took my hand and showed me magic...

I was so happy. I tried my hardest to imitate her, to follow her. I wanted to be a magician like her one day...


Cut to a little further in time.


There's a flash of light.

Well done. You followed my instructions perfectly. Now to review the spell I taught you recently... Hm?

Something sparkles.

There's something I've never seen before. Did you come up with that yourself?


I see. I suppose it looks flashy enough.

(When was it that I first started doing my own magic? I started adding more flourishes and personal touches to spells...)

(What was that look that Lady Mima got, when I did?)

Music: Stop

(What was it that even got me started on that?)


...Do you know? You look pretty happy.

The younger Marisa runs off a bit.


Hey, wait!

Why are you running? Are you trying to lead me somewhere?


Music: Night of the Wishing Star - Segment II
The kanji say Kirisame Residence, but the dialog and timeframe imply this is Kourindou. I dunno.


Ooh, that was two in a row!

Yeah, one more and it'll be ten!

I appreciate your excitement, but could you two please keep it down a little? You can see meteor showers like this several times a year.

Hey, you're the one who told us about this one, Kourin! You said there were gonna be a bunch of shooting stars tonight, like over a hundred!

Kourin, Reimu...!

That's right. This was the first night I saw a shooting star, at Kourin's place. I was with Reimu. We stayed at the shop super late...

A shooting star streaks through the sky.

There's another one!

Uhh, spell, spell, spell...

Say what?

It's a magic wish! You can't repeat a wish three times unless you make it extra short.

I guess, but I can't even tell what you're wishing for...

I'd say you're more into this than she is, Marisa.

Yeah, I like shooting stars the best out of all stars. They fly by and disappear fast, but they're the brightest in the whole sky.

Now that you mention it, yeah...

That's it. My magic's focus is gonna be shooting stars!

Shooting stars, hm? I see, I see. You've always been a fan of flashy things.

Can you even make shooting stars with magic?

Sure you can, magic is amazing! You can do anything with it if you try!

And not just star magic. There's light magic, and-

You're pretty ambitious for an amateur student.

So what if I am? I'm still a magician.

Y'know, Kourin, when I pull it off, I'll use your tools and give you some free advertising.

Good grief, don't I feel honored to have a future great magician offering that.

But I'll wait until you've become the flashiest billboard ever.


Kirisame Residence

...That's right. That's how I came to my current magic!

It was more than Lady Mima. I've gotten to know lots of other people. I've honed my own skills.

Yuuka's a giant creep, but she still gave me hints on light magic.

Alice is always aloof, but she cares about others.

I talk science with Nitori, and magic with Patchouli...

Reimu and I never stop arguing, but she's always with me.

And Kourin's always got my back.

Even my clutter around the house keeps growing, because so much of it is stuff I can't throw away.

...Hah, I never realized the magic I believed in was so ordinary.

I won't throw anything away. I don't have anything not worth keeping! So I've got no reason to get hung up over anything!

Music: Girls, Surpass the Carnage


Lady Patchouli!

This is getting unpleasant. We've completely lost the initiative.

I guess Tewi was right, this isn't a walk in the park. But surely they'll never be able to handle this!

Koakuma posted:

They had even more in hiding?!

This is turning into a real headache. We can't even get close...

Yuuka, can't you just blow up all the rabbits at once?

I could, if you don't mind Marisa and all of her friends getting vaporized.

I wasn't expecting this to be such a hard fight.

Okay... You two grab Marisa and run for it!

Nitori, we couldn't!

It's either that or they get all of us. If someone makes a distraction, you should be able to get away!

That doesn't mean you should be the one!


Well at least Nitori is actually close to the blast radius.


Heheheh, you still think you can get away? That's funny. Since you wouldn't surrender, you're all going down together!

Argh, gotta keep bearing it...!

Not anymore, you don't!

Mima posted:


Oh, hey~. You can still stand after the trouncing I gave you?

You should've stayed down. It's like you're asking for a coup de grace!

She's right, Marisa! As long as you can't use your Hakkero-



Music: Stardust Hero

I remembered what my magic was. And what I wanted from it.


My magic used to be empty, but now it's overflowing. And not just from you, Lady Mima. From all the things I've done, all the people I've met. Every bit of history gives me its own power.

So I'm not casting away anything! This is my magic!

Whoa, is that light coming from that little box?

Answer me, Mini-Hakkero!

The new and improved Marisa takes down a rabbit, which somehow takes down every single one of the rabbits that spawned in that cutscene because, uh, magic.

Yikes! She got the Double-Dangos?!

Marisa, your power...!

Your power and speed are both nothing like they were before!

The Hakkero answered me... My magic got through to it!

Marisa, you've regained your magic!

Yeah, my mind is clear now. I can even feel the pulse of the Hakkero.

Sorry about all that, Mini-Hakkero. But we're gonna stay in this together!

Wow, the new Hakkero's got some serious power...

No, simply channeling magic through it wouldn't get that kind of output.

(It's the power of will... Is that what the Hakkero responded to?)

I hope that means you're finally back in business?

Yeah, sorry. You guys had a hard time with me down. But I'm going all-out now! Leave the rest to me!

Oh, come on! Just because you're feeling a little better, doesn't mean-

A little? I'm in top form!

I'll give you a taste of the full Marisa magic menu, with all of the trimmings!

Now you're just getting cocky! Okay, last wave! Come on out!

Six more enemies spawn in.

Whoa, looks like they're playing for keeps!

Don't worry, I'm in top form! I'll give them a taste of the full Marisa magic menu, with all of the trimmings!

Yeah for some reason Marisa just repeats herself.


Victory: Defeat Rabbit D.
Defeat: Marisa or Mima is defeated.
Bonus: Use three of Marisa's attacks, then have her achieve the victory condition.
That last enemy spawn used to not be there, so you had to leave some enemies alive for Marisa to style on.

Every time Marisa does an attack, a conversation will play. I'll go in order, so first is Stream Laser's.

It feels like all of my spells are powered up!

Marisa's got her groove back. Actually, she's even more in tune than before.

Now can we let loose with some excitement?

Oh, were you girls trying to keep it down?

Lyrica was going on about reading the mood. That's too hard~!

I guess sometimes I walk on eggshells too much.

Go on, then. Show me your clear new sound.

Sure, I'll make it brighter and flashier than ever!

My Illusion Laser's been bumped up to Stream Laser!

Music: Stardust Hero (ver. Game)

The intro for Stardust Hero only plays during that one cutscene. The rest of the time it's just this.

You really are in top form, huh, Marisa?

Yeah, I feel like I can do some experimenting now.


Hey, why do you look so happy?

Because it's cool seeing you like this! You're way better suited to being a hero than a hostage!

Well, if that's how you wanna describe me... I'll show you a new technique.

I came up with a magical napalm based on your gunpowder. It exploded when exposed to magic, so it was kind of defective.

It's what?! You can't use that, that's dangerous!

That's what I used to think, but tools and magic are all about how you use them.

I won't let my old work go to waste. I'll blow open a path with Magic Napalm!

Hmph, you kept us waiting long enough.

Sorry about that, Patchouli. I guess I had you worried, huh?

I can't make that up to you, but I can show you some cool magic.

Wait, I know that spell! That's Lady Patchouli's...!

I've been researching it ever since we fought. I put my own spin on this, so you can call it mine now.

Good grief. I don't know whether to call you industrious or sly. But you have my interest. Show me a spell that does the original justice.

Sure. I'll use this to mow down everyone around me!

The lasers that fire in all directions...

Non-Directional Laser!

I see you've finally mastered your new Hakkero.

Yeah, all that time I spent passed out helped open my eyes.

Thanks for talking to me when I was down in the dumps. It really helped.

I'm glad to hear it. Seeing you so weak-willed throws me off.

Okay, you probably could've gone without saying that... but fine. Join up with me for a teamup attack.

The usual "coordinated" maneuver?

Nah, I've got a new idea. I'm gonna fly! Try not to fall off!

What's that supposed to mea-

Malice Cannon's animation starts with Marisa flying by and throwing Alice onto her broom.

Anyway Malice Cannon is completely insane. It's post-movement, has a huge accuracy modifier (that's even higher than it looks thanks to Marisa and Alice's friendship), costs barely anything, and can be used as soon as Marisa and Alice hit 110 Power. With a team attack, it will kill or at least cripple any grunt in the game.

Basically the only problem with it is that its range shifted to 1-3, but Artful Sacrifice covers 3-5 (6 if you have a Range boosting item on Alice like I always do) so as long as you're using Magic Team it shouldn't be an issue.

Time for the finish.

Even the Mini-Hakkero says I can do it. This thing should be able to handle my full power!

Ho hoh, at least you're spirited.


I heard it all. You've been bound and determined to defeat me ever since our little fight back in winter, yes? Do you think your dream could come true, now that you have your new toy?

Eh, I was ticked off at you back then for making fun of Lady Mima. But I'm not gonna keep letting that bug me.

Oh. Pity.

Don't get me wrong, I still wanna beat you. But I'd rather leave Lady Mima out of it, and make it a straight up contest between you and me!

Heheh, of course. I think I'd enjoy that more anyway.

Very well, show me your new light cannon.

I call it Final Spark!

Music: The Moment Dreams Reach the Stars

It took like ten patches before Final Spark actually had the Master Spark theme. Shame on you, Sanbondo.

I wanted to make a SRW joke for this move, but a cutscene plays right after this that I'd rather not kill the audio for.

Here's why I call Marisa's upgrade "Shin Marisa".

For you non-SRW fans, this part of the animation is a direct reference to Shin Getter Robo's Stoner Sunshine.

Grr, I can't believe I'm losing this badly...

You're all that's left. Give it up!

...I trust that you've found an answer?

Lady Mima...!

I had no idea what your magic truly was. But in this battle, I saw it all. It's a pleasant magic, full of many cumulative convictions.

But do you really intend to stick with it?

What do you mean?

You will eventually hit a hard limit. It's inevitable. Your human body may become the limiting factor for your will.

But it doesn't have to end that way. You can still join me-

Sorry, Lady Mima.

Marisa zooms to Rabbit D's side.

I've always been grateful to you for giving me your attention, for teaching me magic. And I still am. But from now on, I have to do this with my own power. Otherwise, it'd all be pointless.

Your own power, hm...

That's right, Lady Mima. It doesn't matter where you go, or where your eyes are. I'm going to use my own magic, and one day, I'll master a spell so flashy and so powerful, it'll reach you.

Even for just one fleeting moment...!

Like a blazing, shooting star!

Watch the video!




A shooting star... Now there's a curious sight when the night itself is frozen. Has Marisa mastered her new Hakkero?

...She'll be fine, I'm sure. Humans as unchanging as Marisa are few and far between. And I know I put in all the wishes I could, for the Marisa that I know.

You'll carry those wishes through the sky with you.

After all, the fate of my shop rests with you, my favorite billboard.