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Part 18

The first thing you see in the chapter is the fake moon.

Ooh. Sweet view.

I never knew the Bamboo Forest of the Lost had such a spacious area.

All it needs is a not-fake moon, and it'd be perfect. Well, that, and a night that actually ends.

Lengthening the night... It sounds almost poetic in words.

Uh, hey? You're kind of wide open for rabbits to spot you out here.

Have no fear. I'm already having Star use her power to detect enemy presences. She will inform us if she detects anything out of the ordinary.

Yes, ma'am, of cours-


Star, are we under attack?!

Yes, something huge is headed our way!

Is it that big bird the bugs were talking about?!

Whatever it is, bring it on. I'll take on anything that comes my way!

Rabbit, go find some cover and hide.

Y-yes, ma'am!

This is one of the maps in the game where nobody can land. Not that that means much on Marisa's route.

Notable team names:
Kanako/Suwako: Suwa God Pair/Gods of the Kotatsu
Koa/Kurumi: Magical Power Circulation Team

Marisa posted:

Star, it's coming from dead ahead, right?

Yes, but I just got a bunch of extra readings...

The camera cuts to the moon. A pause, and then...!

Music: Midnight Star Storm

This is probably my favorite track in the game!

According to this radar or whatever, enemies are this way...

Hey, wait a minute...!

Marisa?! You're out here, too?

That's my line. I can't believe you even took the Palanquin Ship along for the ride.

Hey, it was already in ship-shape. It wasn't that much trouble to lend a hand.

Consider it chartered. We're going to fly it around everywhere.

Maaan, I'm so jealous! That's gotta be such a sweet ride!

That sure is a big group, for a bunch of people who never bothered showing up at the shrine. And... is that Yuuka and Mima I see with you?!

Ahh, Reimu. Now there's a face that brings back memories.

It must be lovely going out on a nighttime ship voyage.

Good grief, of all the people to run into.

I figured you'd be with Reimu's group, Sanae. Kanako was afraid you'd gotten lost in this dark night.

Oh, Lady Kanako and Lady Suwako! I didn't realize you left the mountain.

We intended to join the investigation into this particular matter. But you left without a word to either of us.

O-oh, I see... I'm very sorry.

If we found Reimu, then at least we weren't going the wrong way.

With this many people together, I don't think we could lose to anyone. Not even the foes we fought last spring!

Oh, speaking of them... Huh, strange. Where'd they go off to?


Enigmatic Purple Figure posted:

We're right here, Reimu. Behind you.

I got slowed down drinking some sake.

Scoundrels! You won't lay a finger on Lady Yuyuko!

Look again, Youmu. That's the black-white magician and her friends.

Wait a minute, are those two who I think they are?!

Yukari and Yuyuko?! It's like everybody from spring's throwing a party together!

My, my. I was wondering what all the fuss was about. What a frightful looking group of youkai~!

Is she gathering ghosts around her...?

Dear me, Youmu. Look at that nasty evil spirit. I'll bet she died a horrible death, and that she's still heavily attached to this world!

...She's a hard one to read. I hate those types.

I haven't seen you since the last time we drank together, Suika.

Heya, mountain gods! How's things in your neck of the woods?

Okay, I guess. I mean, with the night frozen, alcohol doesn't have any kick. You don't look very drunk, so I guess you know what I mean.

Yeah, it's a real shame. I've got some really good stuff here, but it's wasted with this night being what it is.

Heh. It's nice seeing people enjoying themselves. Don't you agree?

It's not every day that you would speak to me at all. Yuuka Kazami, together with humans... Who would've thought?

I can see you haven't changed at all, Yukari Yakumo.

I didn't see you all at the shrine. I've been wondering what you were up to. How's the investigation going for you? We're not exactly coming up with much.

Unfortunately, we don't have any solid leads.

Makes sense. We just flew into the bamboo thicket ourselves.

The mastermind behind this must be rather formidable. What could they be hoping to accomplish by freezing the night in place and sending a strange moon into the sky?

Wait, freezing the night...?

Ah. I see you're on the wrong track. It's understandable, but the one freezing the night in place is none other than...

I, Yukari Yakumo.

Wait, really?!

Whoa, cool it! Don't fall for such a lame taunt!

Could you please not make such a fuss? Lady Yukari is about to explain.

I'm a little lost, but I can tell that you guys know something we don't.

I hate when other people beat me to the punch!

Looks like I'll have to get the truth out of you the old-fashioned way: with some danmaku.

I don't think they want to have a normal conversation.

I was trying to tell them to settle down...

It's just as well. That is how you all tend to say hello.

Let's establish some ground rules for this danmaku bout, shall we?


Each side selects a representative. The bout ends when one representative is defeated. The losing side has to do what the winning side says. Does that sound amenable to you?

Interesting. That's an excellent way to determine who will spearhead the rest of this investigation.

I'm in. Sounds like a good test of strength to me!

...Something tells me we're past the point of saying no.

That settles that, then. Marisa, you're our rep.

Whoa, I wasn't expecting a nomination from you.

She's suggesting that you demonstrate your power to the other side. Will you accept, Marisa?

Well, when you put it that way, how can I say no?

By the way, if we win, I call dibs on that ship!

Wait, can she do that?!

She's pouncing on the opportunity...

They seem ready for this. What will we do?

There's only one person fit to represent our side. Isn't that right, Reimu Hakurei?

Yeah, I guess so.

You're our representative, so try to be worthy of the role.

I'll be waiting for all of you on the other side~!

...Looks like everybody's ready to go.

On the red team, we have Reimu Hakurei, the Hakurei shrine maiden and pro incident solver!

On the black team, we have Marisa Kirisame, the ordinary magician!

Let's do this fair and square...

It's a danmaku festival!

Reimu posted:

Come on!

Marisa posted:

Let's do this!


Showdown! Reimu VS Marisa

The game doesn't automatically bring up the objectives screen for some reason.


Victory: Defeat Reimu.
Defeat: Marisa is defeated.
Bonus: Defeat four named units.

I am going to try to kill Reimu's entire army.

Welcome to chapter 40! It is straight up Reimu's party against Marisa's, with some fairies in between to build Power on.

Not that Marisa's side really needs help with that.

While the IRC paired Sunny with Lily specifically to screw me out of the Three Fairies, I still have access to the Prismrivers. Here's an example of some of the silly things I can do with Combine:

Since Lunasa still has her turn, I can move the combined Prismriver Sisters.

This effectively means I can move Merlin and Lyrica twice per turn, which is really handy for setting up their MAPs.

Also having Accel on Mima is great. Hina really is an all-purpose partner.

Reimu's party can essentially be split up into the top right (Palanquin Ship + Youkai Mountain), the top left (Yuyuko/Youmu/Suika), Border Team in the center, and the fodder on the bottom. After I smash through that last bit, I'll be breaking up the army to address each threat individually.

Yuuka, Magic Team, and Mima are going to be my aces for this map so I'm prioritizing bumping up their Power.

Music: Flap & Frappe & Flapper

I'm not entirely sure what sets off the enemy team's movement (be in a certain distance? after a certain turn? maybe both?), but Cirno is guaranteed to be the first enemy to move on 40M.

It rarely works out for her.

Music: Enter the Aluren

The other fairies follow Cirno's lead and suicide on my party. Yuuka in particular needs to hit 130 Power ASAP (and preferably without casting Drive), so this is appreciated.

It really has become a danmaku battle... I'd better keep the bridge safe.

I'm... sure Marisa's group will take it easy on us. I hope.

Hey, was that Akyu's voice I just heard?!

Yes, I'm part of the bridge crew for this trip. It's safe for me inside the ship, and it lets me contribute to the group.

Fixing up the Palanquin Ship was worth it, if it means Akyu can tag along.

We used to trip her up all the time with our pranks!

Grr... It will be a long time yet before I can befriend the fairies.

Speaking of fairies, it looks like Sunny's group met someone interesting.

Hi, Lily! I thought we only got to see you in spring.

Yes, I usually lie low until spring comes around. But the long night felt so unnatural, I just had to get out and do something.

I guess it's true what they say about fairies being manifestations of nature.

If Lily's here, maybe Letty will wake up too...

She's a winter youkai. I think she needs it to be in season.

What if we sing some Christmas carols and trick her into thinking it's winter?

Good idea! We can bring some Christmas love!

Ooh, when did the instrument spirits join up?

We ran into Miss Yasaka's group during a concert. I hope everybody will listen to our show.

...Does that mean the other side's been having a concert this whole time they've been investigating?

I'm kind of jealous. I wish I could listen to live music all the time...

Heheheh, you can. Just remember, no recording allowed!

It's time to crank this up a notch. Everybody better keep up!

Now the real gimmick of this chapter shows up: every single boss has their danmaku field from when I last fought them. And for the ones who were always player units, they just get new ones entirely.

Exactly how many fields go up depends on the difficulty, but the ones I'm facing currently are:

Reimu: Nullifies the effect of Instinct Dodge.
Rumia: Accuracy -20% to allied units. (Night Bird)
Daiyousei: Enemy units regain 20% of their maximum HP at the beginning of the turn.
Minoriko: Allied units lose 5 Power when they enter a battle. (Sweet Potato Room)

That HP Regeneration sounds annoying, so clearly I should take care of Dai first.

Music: Best Friends Atop the Silent Lake

Magic Team usually averages 10k damage per Artful Sacrifice, so with only 9900 HP Dai is toast.

I need to go back. I hope everybody doesn't hurt themselves.


No way! They got Dai!

What's wrong with you people?! How could you go out of your way to beat Dai up?!

Yeah~! That was uncalled for!

Mmm. I'll have to use that as material for a special feature to test Gensokyo's conscience.

Some shield of Youkai Mountain I am! I couldn't even protect the weak...!

...Reimu, I'm deeply troubled!

Yeah, I've got my own issues with what just happened.

Maybe instead of focusing on Marisa, I should take all of you on!

Miss Ran, it's wrong to bully the weak, right? We should be protecting the weak from bullying, right?

That's right, Chen. That's what powerful youkai are supposed to do.

Power used only for chaos can only lead to destruction.

The real trick is to exercise moderation in all things~.

Meaningless rampages aren't what youkai are about.

Murasa. Ichirin. Let's shift our target over there.

On it. Nobody bullies the weak on my watch!

I'm sure the Miss would agree if she were here!


Yeesh. Look at everybody getting worked up.

I can see clearly that these girls have strayed down the wrong path. Nazrin, we cannot back down here.

Heh. I figured you'd say that, Master.

Dai... You did it for us...

I'm super mad now! I'm gonna teach you guys a lesson!

Everyone, back Cirno up! We're going in!

I shall smite all evil! Prepare yourselves!

And then the entire enemy army casts Spirit.

I could have avoided that event by killing Cirno and Rumia first, but it rules so screw that.

It's finally time we settle things!

Yeah, let's make it obvious who the REAL fairy leader around here is!

Among all of us fairies...

Let's figure out who's the queen of hide-and-seek!

Wait, we're not gonna fight?

Oh yeah, whoops. That's just a habit of ours.

I hope hide-and-seek gets popular again.

Music: Unrefracting Curiosity

Sunny missed thanks to Random Dodge (not that she had a good chance anyways) and then got hit herself. At least she had Grit cast.

Anyway Merlin keeps doing her thing. Lyrica too, even though it's kind of redundant with Kanako around.

Cirno quickly goes down to a focused assault. I think she only activates her danmaku field on Hard/Lunatic; it's Perfect Freeze's No Post Movement Attacks field IIRC, so it's a pain.

I was just taking it easy on you this time!

Music: Stalking the Night with a Cross

Rumia steps up to the plate.

Music: Heated Harvest Festival

So do the Akis.

Music: Silent Autumn Breeze

Mima is unimpressed.

Music: Girl on the Tailwind of a Story

Hatate gave it a shot too and also bounced off Mima's barrier. Mima missed her counterattack though.

Fun Fact: In the original version of the game, Hatate wasn't in 40M.

That group is tough stuff. Though I guess I should have expected that.

Hey, you. Can't you harass them with a swarm of mosquitoes or something?

Not really. There's no water around here.

I was distracted by all the familiar faces, but there's a youkai I've never seen before.

That's Wriggle Nightbug. She's a youkai with the power to control bugs. Watch out, she might have some nasty bugs lurking around.

You might know a lot, but it doesn't make bugs any less terrifying.

What would qualify as a nasty bug?

There are lots of bugs in Gensokyo that suck animals' blood or use deadly poison. The thought of them swarming the skies like locusts...

That sounds horribly dangerous! Good thing I brought some bug spray for the trip!

Aiee! Anything but that!

I see we've raised you well, Sanae!

Marisa's group is a real bunch of challengers, if they're picking up nasty youkai like that.

Like you guys have room to talk. Who's that loud youkai you're bringing along?

The eyes have it, the ears have it, the nose has it~♪!

Mystia, those are some weird lyrics...!

She's a night sparrow. She entices people with her singing and messes with their vision. If you let yourself get lost in her song, you're in for a world of hurt.

Oh hoh! She's got a cool groove, but I guess we can't be too careful around her!

I keep hearing a song that isn't mine... Who's the trio making music? Are they friends of the humans?

We're friends of music.

We're friends of justice~!

We're friends of all the fans who support Lyrica Prismriver!

You're all contradicting each other!

Mystia, don't let them drown out your music~.

But there's three of them, and only one of her...

It's okay! Nobody can stop my song!

You three can shut up and listen to my soooooong!

That last line changes on Reimu's route to:


Come on, then! FIRE!!

A couple more bosses have put up danmaku:

Hatate: Evasion +20% to enemy units.
Yuyuko: -70% to any sort of HP restoration effect. (Swallowtail Butterfly)

The Palanquin Ship has one up too, but it doesn't have a special effect.

Music: Fluttering Food in the Night Sky

Rumia is the next on the chopping block.

Oh, a firefly youkai. Pretty~.

Ah, finally somebody who appreciates fireflies! You're a darkness youkai, right? That's got a good compatibility with fireflies.

Yeah, I can hide in the dark while someone's staring at fireflies and gobble them up!

That... wasn't exactly what I meant...

Turns out enemy finisher themes override player finisher themes.

Music: Price of Life

Damn it Komachi, that was supposed to be a kill! I even cast Cheer on you!

Since I'm already going back, I should ask what they're making for dinner.

Anyway, eighteen to go.

Music: Chinese Girl, Stand Guard!

I take this chance to finish off the rest of the fairies.

I can sense some real noisemaking potential here!

Do you have to be so loud? Are you trying to ruin other people's singing?

Not at all. Don't mind us, sing all you like!

You must be a free agent. You're not singing for other people, you're singing for yourself.

I don't really care about singing for a crowd.

You say that now, but if you ever put on a concert, you'll be singing a different tune.

When you combine that sense of unification and exaltation, it's amazing!

Are we becoming producers now?

I never asked to hear any criticism from any of you!

Music: Grilled Lamprey Under the Moonlight

Mystia is locked to only her two actual attacks, so she's not very tough.

I got unlucky and didn't get a critical with Malice Cannon, so Mystia survived a faceful of Magic Team.

Long time no see, Reimu. I see you're still abnormally talented. I'm looking forward to seeing how well Marisa's magic does against you.

Yeah, yeah, I'm already sick of your smug banter.

So, have you had a chance to really talk to Marisa yet? She's been looking forward to it.

Oh, you don't need to worry about that. Actually, that's what makes me so interested in your duel.

Then again, maybe I should see how my own magic fares first.

It's not quite the same as Marisa, but you're just another magic-obsessed idiot!

Music: Specter Buster

I had Mima and Hina cast Sense to give Hatate a smack, so Reimu deciding to attack was a pleasant surprise.

Looks like Mima will need a recharge from Koakuma though; even with the Sunflower and her PS, she can't just spam her finisher infinitely.

Music: Open Human Cage

Also RIP Mysti-

Damn it, Sakuya!

Music: Distortion Dial

Sakuya's actually been doing really badly so far.

Yukari, huh? This is gonna be a tough one. But also a perfect chance to test out my new danmaku!

Oh my, it seems you've gained a brand new tool. Moreover, you've managed to master its use.

Well, don't you just know everything? Yeah, Kourin gave the Hakkero a tune-up. How about I show you what this baby can do?!

That tool of yours... it appears to be filled with the desire for your growth. How amusing. It's almost the opposite of the equipment I'd prepared.

Music: Sage, Please Guide Me

I moved Magic Team too far up; they attacted both Yukari and Yuyuko's attention.

Never thought I'd run into you and Yukari out here. Fighting you two is gonna be a pain. But Reimu's the main target, so maybe if I just leave you alone-

That won't do at all! If you wish to advance, you'll have to do it over my dead body!

Whoa! She's getting really into this!

The moment is everything, and everything is the moment. The time we spent playing together was destined too.

Music: The Dancing, Blooming, Butterfly Person A!!

Marisa's barrier is awful, even after her upgrade. Yuyuko's laser smashed through it even after getting its damage halved.

Oh and it hit on a 17% but I'm not even surprised by that anymore.

Yuuka is supposed to be the one on the top left, not Magic Team, so she hurries upward.

And more new fields!

Ran: Evasion -25% to allied units. (Kokkuri's Contract)
Suika: Accuracy +15% to enemy units.
Youmu: Enemy units do 20% more damage with Melee attacks.

Music: Anti-griddle of Anger

They're too tough, I'm going back to the ship~.

She shoots down Mystia while she's at it.

A great clash of humans and youkai! Who'd have thought I'd see something like this live?

Oh, Hatate. You're investigating too?

The other tengu are in a panic, so I didn't feel like sticking with them.

Anyway, I hear your danmaku's supposed to be flashy. I didn't get to see it last time, so let me take a shot of it!

Sure, take as many as you want!

Music: Be a Shooting Star

Alice missed her Team Attack so Hatate just barely pulled through.

Aya: Evasion +20% to enemy units.
Momiji: Enemy units have a 25% more chance of activating Shield Defense.

So Sakuya got her revenge.

I'll get the rest from the ship with my thoughtography!

Yukari's started moving! She'll warp around the field like she did in the first half of 34.

Music: Lapsing into Sleep, the Boundary of Reminiscence

She's a jerk since her danmaku effect is Boundary of Life and Death's "only units right next to Yukari can hurt her".

Hey, we haven't fought each other for a while now, have we?

I can't believe it's already been a full year.

Come to think of it, you used to be so unsociable. Nowadays you act like you're just some maid.

Indeed. And now that I'm an ordinary maid, let me show you how I handle a knife.

Fittingly enough, Reimu usually ends up attacking in tandem with Yukari. Since the chapter will end once I beat her spell, she's effectively immune to damage to since I need to keep her alive.

Music: The Elegant Flower that Blooms at Night

The Akis proved to be surprisingly stubborn roadblocks, but that all changed when Shizuha suddenly broke off to try and pick off Sakuya.

Actually everyone is trying to kill Sakuya, but in a sudden burst of competence she's having none of it.

Good evening, cherry blossom girl.

Oh, would you be referring to me?

I hear you're the one who kept spring from coming to Gensokyo. Did you really think you could bloom the unbloomable?

I just found it so fascinating! But I had to give up when even Youmu tried to stop me. Yukari still comes by from time to time though, to look at the tree.

She would, wouldn't she? She's always been sentimental.

Music: Beauty of Nature

With her absurd Double Image activation rate, Yuuka is effectively immortal.

So I just need to place her right here and she'll deal with the entire top left corner by herself.

The time has finally come for a showdown between gods!

Who is the mountain's strongest divine tag team? Let the championship match begin!

...This seems pretty interesting. What do you wanna do, Kanako?

We'll accept their match with all honesty. I certainly appreciate frankness.

I'd prefer to fight somebody famous.

Music: The Restless Spirit and the Virtuous Wind

Sheesh, can't you show a little more mercy?

With Yuuka in position, I need to hurry up and get Mima going too. Kanako dips into her SP to snipe Minoriko from across the map,

A tiger youkai, hmm...

Is there something on my face?

Oh no, it's nothing. Anyway, I see that even though you're a youkai you're using Buddhist ritual implements.

I have embraced Buddhism. I, along with my companions in the ship, am pleased to meet you.

(...I knew it. This is the person responsible for freeing that ship from the Underworld. I'll have to ask why she'd do something like that later.)

Music: The Scorching Heat's Hungry Tiger

clearing the way for Mima to solo the entire top right front.

We've found you, Kurumi!


Why did you stop helping out at the sweet potato fields?

It was finally time to harvest the crops from last spring, too.

I-I like eating more than farming. I got distracted by the call of roasting sweet potatoes.

Silence! I won't stand for these parasitic words!

Feel the fury of autumn!

Music: Rise Above the Lake, Scarlet Phoneme

Koa will be just nearby enough to dart in and refill Mima's MP as needed.

My, so this time you're with Ran.

Yup, this is a dangerous incident so Miss Ran was okay with coming.

I understand that Chen was a bother to you all the other day. Still, don't you think that you went too far? Bullying is unacceptable.

Huh? Don't tell me you're gonna use this danmaku battle to get revenge.

Besides, Chen was only a little scratched up.

No more talking, I'll speak with my danmaku!

She's a monster parent! Literally!

Music: Orange Fancy

Gah, forgot about Double Image!

Oh, it's the Akis!

If it isn't Elly! It's been a while.

Lately, Yuuka's been letting me lend a hand with her flowers. I'm all fired up for harvest time, so you've definitely gotta call me!

Of course, I hope to see your scythe in action.

But you'll need strong legs to help out. Let's temper them in a danmaku battle!

That's the sense of a soldier of autumn!

Music: The Girl Guarding the Door of Dreams

Fraps randomly stopped working at this point so I didn't get an image of Elly slicing down Shizuha.

They certainly brought their best... I'll have to fall back, like leaves from a tree.

Now that Shizuha's down, I can start working on my center formation. Priority one is to pin Reimu in so she won't head for Koa/Kurumi, which is easy if I split up the Prismrivers. Priority two is to get some people attacking Yukari.

Even though I was with Miss Ran and Miss Yukari...

I had a bunch of units attack Chen while they were shuffling around, and the damage added up. Twelve to go.

With Guard up, Mima is immune to damage for as long as her MP can last.

Music: A Simple Family Unaffected by Rust

Which won't be very long if I keep spamming Psycho Blast.

: Duke Fleed... I know we've been on different paths like you said, but...
: I thought you were fighting for what you thought was right!
: My heart is the same as it was before! Kouji, you've let yourself lose sight of what's important amidst the enormity of war!
: I haven't changed one bit! You're the one who's changed!
: Damn it! Damn it aaaall!

Oh, uh, whoops. Wrong inter-party showdown!
Go read the SRW Z LP.

So this is the reborn Palanquin Ship? As I expected, it gives off a mysterious power.

But when all is said and done, it's just a ridiculously huge magical item.

And who are you? You sound like you know something about our ship.

I'd heard it was released from the Underworld, so I wanted to see it with my own two eyes. But I might as well test its power while I'm here.

Huh? I don't follow...

Anyway, don't blame us, this is self-defense!

Music: Ark of the Spring Sky

The Palanquin Ship is just a big wad of HP.

Music: Motherly Sea, One with the Wind

Mima switched to Energy Shower for the MoF crew, but she ultimately ran out of MP anyways. Still didn't take any damage though!

Taking a tour of the world of the living, are we?

Nice to see you, Yuyuko!

We've been running into you a lot on this side lately!

Yes, I've started visiting a bit more often. It's important to take the initiative, rather than wait around.

Yes, that's common business sense.

Music: A Butterfly Amidst Scattering Petals

God damn it Yuyuko you are supposed to be fighting Yuuka.

You're Yuuka Kazami, right? How's about you and I have a match?

My, there's an awful lot of people spoiling for a fight here.

The stronger you get, the harder it is to find a good opponent, you know? If I get to fight you, that'll deal with how boring today's been.

True. I suppose bullying someone strong is fine every now and then.

Music: No Need for a Million Demons, Just One is an Army

Yeah, like that.

Music: Lightsword Flash

Youmu is dumb and will stick to her long ranged attacks. Which means Master Spark counters!

To do battle with a god is awe-inspiring indeed.

Yeah, right. You look pretty pumped to me. In fact, I think you're getting a kick out of watching Reimu and the others go at it.

I suppose I am. We'll have to keep it in moderation, considering that we still have more to investigate... But it's fascinating to behold. In a way, it's like a microcosm of human and youkai interactions.

Music: A God Plays with Their Whole Heart and Soul

I decide to focus on Yukari first. Her barrier makes her as annoying as ever to take down, but that doesn't matter if I hit hard enough.

Music: The Moment Dreams Reach the Stars

Like... so...

God damn it, how did I forget about the danmaku effect?

There goes Marisa's SP. Man I hope that doesn't screw me over.

I guess I'll just have everyone down here hang tight until Mima and Yuuka finish.

Music: Let's Make a Flower of Despair Bloom

I think with all of her boosts, Yuuka has something like a 75% chance of triggering Double Ima-

are you kidding me

Music: Border of Life

Oh whatever, I'll just have the center team take Yuyuko down then.

Yuyuko's field is facing the other way so Lily can heal Yuuka back up too.

Music: On Top of the Möbius Strip

That was an excellent fight. I'll just stand back and cheer now.

Yeah, saw this coming. I'm heading back.

RIP Temple Team.

At this point the momentum is in my favor. Now it's a question of how long the other side can last.

My belly's been emptied too, so I'll just wait out the rest on the ship~.

Yuyuko, for instance, did her best to delay things with repeated Shield Defenses.

Music: Crumbling Silver Knife

Border Team decided they really wanted to kill Sakuya. They kept missing.

Yuuka was too busy blasting Youmu to smithereens to do more than bat away Suika every time she came near, but the damage added up over time.

Speaking of Youmu, she grew a brain and tried to move in closer.

Except then she also went for Sakuya.

Music: As Decisive as a Battlefield

It was a poor decision.

Yuuka Kazami. I wasn't expecting to find you investigating an incident.

Ah, you're Yukari Yakumo's shiki. I wish I could see you when you're unconstrained by narrow reasoning.

It's odd how much I can push myself when I'm facing you.

But we do still have an investigation to tend to after this, so I would appreciate it if you could be gentle.

How boring. This is the problem with you.

Music: Accel Fox

This Ran is the one from 34, so she doesn't have Double Image. And thank god for that, because Yuuka ran out of Strikes.

Oh and since Marisa ran out of MP, I had Magic Team make its way over to Mima's side. Speaking of her, Tengu Team closed in so all she can do is use Illusionary Bullets. This still does solid damage and doesn't cost as much MP though, so no big deal.

That was amazing. I'll be watching your technique from now on.

I had Star throw her last Cheer on Sakuya when she killed Youmu so she could hit level 37. Hello Time Paradox!

You're Yuuka Kazami...! It truly has been a while.

Oh, I thought I recognized that face... It was at the shrine last summer, right?

I heard all sorts of things about you after that. I must have been so rude back then...

Indeed. Didn't you claim that you could easily handle Remilia and I?

B-back then I wasn't very familiar with Gensokyo, so...

Isn't this great? Now you can finally see if you were right.

Th-that's really not necessary...!

Music: Brand New Wind

Also I guess I moved Yuuka to far to the right or something, because the entire MoF squad randomly decided to rush Yuuka.

This also meant that Suika went for the center team, who she could actually hit. But I have more than one character down there so it also means I can shoot her down too.

Marisa Kirisame! We'll settle this here and now!

Huh? What's your problem?!

I've been waiting for a chance like this all along, even while fighting by your side. We've fought in both the Forest of Magic and the Waterfall of Nine Heavens! It's time to pay you back for what you did to me!

Momiji, you-

Just kidding. Since we're fighting and all, I thought I'd try to get into the spirit of things. How'd it go?

I'd heard the stories, but sheesh, your sense of humor sucks.

Music: The Dashing, Falling Fall

Magic Team took a pitstop on the way to Koakuma to go smash Momiji.

Koa could reach them anyways thanks to Kurumi's Accel.

So you gods came too? It's getting pretty lively here!

We don't get many chances to hold festivals as great as this one, huh?

Indeed. Since we're all here, our first step is to determine who's better at danmaku.

And then we have a drinking contest!

Now we're talking! You two can keep me company all night!

Nice fight! I'll just sit back and enjoy the show with some sake now.

Now facing a focused attempt to kill her, Suika quickly went down. Her B in Air probably didn't help.

Border Team is still trying to kill Sakuya.

Also the game apparently decided there must be somebody suiciding into the center army at all times, because Ran and Sanae headed south.

Guess this gives me a chance to have Kanako beat up Sanae!

After I pop Ran's Support Defend anyways.

My apologies for rushing out so early this morning, Lady Kanako.

The incident is what it is, so it's understandable. I don't mind your recklessness. I never imagined we'd be meeting in battle though.

You're right. I am relieved to meet up with you two, but... but is it really okay for me to fight you, Lady Kanako? As your shrine maiden?

Just think of it as training. Furthermore, entertaining the gods is another of your duties.

Show me the full extent of your power, Sanae.

...Understood. I'll give it a shot!

Music: Proof of the Wind's Bond

I'm fine with losing to Lady Kanako.

I guess I'll get Sanae and Suwako's conversation on Reimu's route.

Music: Gale Winds! Whirlwind! Shameimaru!

I was hoping Magic Team would finish off Aya, but Marisa missed.

Luna, Star, you know what to do!

This is our big chance to play a prank on the shrine maiden!

We'll defeat Reimu and climb up Champion Road!

How many times have we fought you girls by now? At least I don't have to feel bad about it.

It's gotta work sometime!

And that's why you'll never win! But anyway, if you're challenging me then I accept.

Music: Our Hearts Still Shine Brightly

Oh well, no surprise there. Time to go brew some tea.

Border Team finally gave up on Sakuya and took down Star.

Music: Cyano Fantasia

Okay then, I'm gonna head back and make some noise!

Merlin goes down too. There goes both of my combinations!

Music: Black-Winged Wind God

Aya posted:

I got an idea for an article out of it, so I'm fine with this loss.
I get revenge next turn by finally taking down Aya. Just the ship and Ran to go!

Speaking of the ship, Mima has been sloooowly whittling it down from point blank. The ship lacks the anchor attack, so up close all it can do is some piddly interception fire.

Meiling posted:

Guh, I can't hold out any longer...!

Yukari went after Meiling next. I had her Evade, and she ended up dying from Graze damage when Elly could have taken the hit.

Oh well, Meiling was totally out of SP. Not too much of a loss.

Yukari is finally in range to get hit by someone.

How nice to see you, Yukari.

Yes, allow me to thank you for the lovely sake you treated me to.

Have you grown accustomed to Gensokyo's rules?

See for yourself. This is a new land for us... And I will never forget the acceptance we've been shown here.

I make it a point to always accept new winds like yours.

Unfortunately, I severely overestimated Kanako's defense.

I also missed the shot of Yukari killing Kanako.

I leave the rest to you. Go forth and be victorious!

There goes Virtue of Wind God.

It's been a while since last we met, Phantom Ensemble.

It has! We haven't seen you since that concert in the Netherworld!

Pardon the sudden question, but does Yuyuko often call upon you?

Not lately. We used to work for her all the time though...

Instead, we see her outside the barrier sometimes. I'm guessing she's just messing around since the Netherworld Barrier is weakened?

Well, that's fine then.

You haven't been visiting the Netherworld as much as you used to.

Well, less than I did in spring, at any rate. I didn't get much sleep this winter.

Music: The Netherworld's Prism Phantoms

At this point I should probably take down Reimu. Maybe I can use her bomb to skip past Yukari's bullshit.

I still have plenty of Support Defenders and Lily's healing so it's only a matter of time until I roll enough hits to take down Reimu.

Really would have appreciated having Elly and Meiling as separate units, though. Support Defenders are better the more of them available there are.

Ran went for Mima, so I took a gamble. If Mima can survive, her counter might be able to knock Ran to a point where Magic Team can finish the job.

Music: Dancing Doll


Nope. Thank god Marisa dodged the counter, or that would have been a game over right there.

Mima ends up finishing the job.

I'll be spectating for the rest.

The Palanquin Ship should die next turn to Mima or Magic Team, so there's essentially only two people left.

And they're both doozies. Of the two protagonists Reimu is much harder to take down in a Kill Everyone run of 40 since (as you'd expect) she's dodgy as hell. This is easy to deal with if you have SP to spare, but I don't. She has 135 Mobility, 244 Evade, and a +20% Hit/Evade bonus from Shrine Maiden on top of those. The vast majority of my party is going to be seeing hit rates in the 30s, and the more accurate ones in the 60s.

But unfortunately for Reimu, Marisa came ready. Thanks to Magician, the Scarlet Metal, Alice's friendship, and its own insane accuracy boost, Malice Cannon pumps Marisa's hit rate by a staggering 75%. Combine that with bonuses from attacking point blank and further friendships from Nitori and Patchouli, and Marisa shouldn't have any trouble hitting.

And even if she did, Alice has even higher base accuracy so the point is moot.

Yukari is much more annoying. Between her S in Air, her barrier, a sizable chunk of armor, HP Regen, and her danmaku field, killing her is a massive pain. Entire runs of this chapter can boil down to chasing Yukari around the map trying to finish her off, and then having to deal with Reimu after that. And this is her at her easiest; on Lunatic she has Danmaku Barrier's spellcard effect! Hope you like her moving seven times per turn.

Even if we're up against Reimu, we can't lose!

I'm sure this is going to be hard for both sides, since we've been fighting together for so long.

Not really. Actually we fought so many times last year that I don't really feel anything about it all.

Hey! Don't say things that make me sound like a midboss!

D-Don't let it get to you! We'll win this time!

Music: Creeping Dreams

While hitting Reimu is a long shot, dodging or otherwise negating her attacks is cake.

We'll sink at this rate. We're gonna have to fall back and lay anchor.

RIP Murasa.

In hindsight, blowing all of my Strikes on fairly unevasive opponents wasn't really that good of an idea. But damnit I want my 100%s.

Music: The Final Banquet of Boundaries and Reminiscence

My strategy will be to lock Reimu in, and position Luna and Lyrica such that Yuuka and some Support Attacker can get both of their buffs.

Border Team's current target seems to be Lunasa. Elly is right next to her with two levels of Support Defend though, and Lily is right next to Elly providing healing. It's not infallible (as soon as Yukari scores a crit, Reimu is going to shift targets and murder Elly)

but it should last until I can get Suwako (my most accurate surviving member) into position too. Also Mima and Magic Team are taking advantage of the Hourai Dolls' inherent Support Defend to come back safely.

Yukari got her crit literally right after I finished setting up.

Sorry, everyone. Looks like I'll be heading back first.

Could be better, but I'll take it.

That's a pretty nostalgic team you've got over there.

You've got that right. All of a sudden I feel like reminiscing about old times. You and Marisa have grown so splendidly. And Alice used to-

Yeah, and you used walk around in big, puffy pants.

Oh, so you talk back to me now.

We don't need your help with this investigation anyway. You or Mima.

So while we're here, I might as well exterminate you!

Interesting. I'd like to see you try.


Suwako missed her follow up but I don't care at all.

I considered having Suwako try and finish Reimu off, but decided that Suwako probably wouldn't do enough damage.

The youkai sage, Yukari Yakumo.

The most important part is that you know me.

I've been wanting to fight you for a long time. A power that rivals even the gods... Goodness, I'm trembling.

You've got quite the healthy complexion, for an evil spirit. Wouldn't you be more suited to the Underworld or the Netherworld?

Yes, and that's exactly why I've got to fight people like you while I've got the chance!

I was all set to lose a Hourai, but then Mima dodged an 81%.

Music: Beloved Handmade Dolls

Which actually works out really well because that left the Hourai alive to tank Reimu's follow-up.


Here comes the spellcard!

Not bad, Marisa. For you, anyway.

Yeesh, you're moving around even more randomly than usual.

So you can follow Reimu, of all people? I'm impressed.

She's gotten a lot tougher with that gear Yukari gave her... but I've done my research on her movements. She won't leave me in the dust!

Reimu's having an awfully hard time. Is she having trouble drawing on the power of your equipment, Lady Yukari? Perhaps those items truly aren't fit for human hands, not even those of the Hakurei shrine maiden...

No, this is fine... More than fine. Fantastic, even.

Those are implements to guide the Hakurei shrine maiden's power in the proper direction. If she can't hold her own against others, she would be a poor barrier for Gensokyo indeed.

If you claim that, Lady Yukari, then surely it must be so.

Hey, what are you two chatting about on the sidelines while I'm out here fighting?

Nothing. Just commenting on how dull your fighting is.

In that case, you should give her a show!

I know! You're gonna be the opening act before I exterminate the real mastermind!

Be sealed, along with all the other youkai!


Divine Spirit "Fantasy Seal -Blink-"

Reimu's Last Spell isn't much of a threat. The danmaku effect makes it impossible to dodge (unless you cast Alert), but Reimu probably had a 100% hit rate anyway. The outside border also can't be crossed, but if anyone was that far away they were probably a long ranged attacker anyways.

This probably isn't the best time to drop a bomb (or hell, to activate the spell), but fuck it this chapter has gone on long enough.

Good day, Yukari Yakumo.

Yuuka Kazami. I see you're aiding in the investigation. Yet you didn't lift a finger even for spring itself. I can't help but wonder what your angle is.

I knew that cherry tree would never reach full bloom, just like you did. Or would you have preferred for me to meddle with your pet flowers?

I can see there's no talking with you. Very well.

Let's just make the most of this battle, shall we? We won't get any other chances to fight.

Yes, and here's hoping it stays that way.

I'll take you on, for now.


I started off with Master Spark + Lord Mishaguji. The latter also slaps on an Armor Down debuff, which will be very useful.

I've lost, I've lost. So there are people as strong as this, huh?

...I'll have to leave the rest to you. Don't be negligent.

Cue a string of suicides.

You're the one that froze the night, aren't you?

That's right. I would hope that those who pay any attention to the moon would understand why.

I can guess, of course. It's a very drastic move. When we're through fighting here, we'll need to redouble our pace.

That's the plan, yes.

Music: Magician of Aprisyra Metrosil

Patchouli posted:

I'll be generous and accept my defeat.
Patchy was the one unit to still have full SP, so in hindsight I probably should have had her cast Guard. Ah well, not like she's much of a loss either.

If I suicided Alice I might be able to get the kill next turn. But that would make killing Reimu nigh impossible. If I still had Marisa's Valor this would have been it but welp.

I guess I won't be killing everyone.

Luna posted:

Sheesh, this is all Sunny's fault!
Also Luna died.

Music: Dream Balancer

Reimu has paper thin defenses so as long as I have someone who can hit her she's cake. Yuuka misses Master Spark but Mima lands her Support Attack,

Good grief, I'll just go further ahead and relax then.

Whoops, that was a bad idea. Let me get out of your hair.

Ah, no. Looks like there's still durability problems.

and then Mima and a team of suicide bombers get Reimu down to 6k.

Time for a Blazing Star fini- oh, whoops, Danmaku Power pushed the MP cost over.

I guess I could win with Malice Cannon but that wouldn't be as cool.

Eh, I've got one more turn.

I might have been a little too rough, I need to go back and repair my instrument.


Acceptable casualties in the name of style.

I had Hina drop her debuff on Reimu, but I forgot to deactivate Lily's support attack so she ended up getting the critical instead of Marisa.

Alright, let's do this!

Huh, you seem more pumped than usual.

Well this fight ended dragging in everyone, so I gotta do at least this much.

So if you get that, then bitch, get out of the way!

Oh it is on!

Music: Stardust Hero

Marisa posted:

Yeesh, it's like you got even more superhuman...

Marisa posted:

Lemme show you something precious to me.

Marisa posted:

Let's do this, Mini-Hakkero!

Marisa posted:

That starry sky you and I saw that night...

Marisa posted:

That's what my magic's become!

Marisa posted:

Blazing Star!

Marisa posted:


Marisa posted:

This time, I win!
Reimu drops a H-Shooter so Marisa route players can get one too.

Oww... I got sloppy there.

Yesss! I won! Piece of cake!

I think that beating the Hakurei shrine maiden means we've gone up a rank.

Yeah, yeah. Say whatever you want.

Okay, time to get the details on this incident.

We'll be commandeering the Palanquin Ship as well, of course.

Wait, you were serious about that?!

The mistress would love it if I brought it home with me.

I don't think it'll fit in the mansion, though...

Just try not to turn it into a museum or a petting zoo, please.

For now, I'd just like to sit down with everyone and talk. Yukari needs to explain her reason for freezing the night.

Yes, let's put our heads together and combine our knowledge, shall we? Though I'm afraid your group may be doing the bulk of the contributing...

The only notable thing on our end is the odd rabbit we captured.

What odd rabbit?

Oh yeah, we asked her to stay hidden.

Rabbit, you can come on out now!

Rabbit posted:

Uh... Hi there...


Oh, it's just a youkai rabbit... Or is it?

She was being attacked by other rabbits, and then Marisa's group came to her rescue. Now she's keeping us company!

Yes, I'm glad to be here!

I see. I suppose even youkai rabbits can have internal disputes.

Though the rabbits we've been facing all seemed pretty strongly unified to me...

...Mm. I'd like to hear more about this.

Murasa, would you be a dear and land the ship to let everyone on board?

Sure thing. Clear the area if you don't wanna get smooshed~!

I literally played this over the course of an entire day.

Anyway Yukari would have died if I hadn't fucked up with Final Spark near the beginning, so I'm counting this as me having killed everyone.