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Part 22


In Front of the House of Eternity's Gate
Music: What's the Strategy?

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The people you're looking for are Kaguya Houraisan and Eirin Yagokoro. They're from the moon, an-

Wait, you know Lady Yagokoro?! Tell me everything you know!

And just why do you know who that is?

Um. I'm... also from the moon?

Interesting. I think we need to have a long talk.

Okay bye, we're gonna go finish IN now.

There they go.

Ready to talk about your feelings?

You know it.


Scarlet Devil Mansion
Music: Dark Clouds

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Oh shoot, IN is almost over. I gotta get going!

Can I go too?



Due to a general lack of free time now, I've stopped translating attack videos. Sorry, but that's part of the reason why you saw this update tonight instead of tomorrow; getting the timing of the subtitles right takes forever.

EX Keine Kamishirasawa
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Mokou Fujiwara
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