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Fantasy Maiden Wars I

by BlitzBlast

Part 26

Music: The Arrows and Bullets that Enshrouded the Night

The most notable difference Lunatic makes is adding more enemies, particularly rabbits.

Some Rally spam later,

and Border Team is pumped enough to cover the entire main front by themselves. Everyone else is inching around the sides to the minibosses.

Eirin has Strike, so what little chance she had of missing earlier is completely gone now.

While her skills haven't changed, her danmaku field has. Now it gives her a passive 50% HP Regen on top of her HP Regen L, which basically means that if you don't kill her in one turn you're screwed.

Eirin has the Guard spirit, but thanks to her regen she almost never uses it.

I'm not running a themed team this time, so I don't have any friendships to make Reisen easier to hit. Border and Magic Team (or rather Fantasy Seal Blink and Malice Cannon) can get high enough odds that I can steamroll her anyways though.

Those movements... I knew you were no amateur!

You're sharp. You must be a trained soldier too. So are you going to tell me the presence of my master doesn't scare you?

Even if she were scary, I wouldn't be afraid!

You cheeky little...!

It's a tradition of mine to kill Reisen with Youmu on this chapter. Swords > Guns.

On Lunatic, Astronomical Entombing's field full on blocks you from doing anything. I think you're supposed to beat it by spreading out your units enough that at least somebody is in the outside rim and can bomb? Good lucking punching through 64,000 HP with only some of your units though. And forget the bonus, that's not happening.

Eirin's final spell works on a "center the field around a random player unit" method, by the way, so it's not some static sequence you can memorize. It's honestly pretty dumb.


I see you've stopped the game. Thank you for your hard work.

...We are now inside the inside of the Sealed Room spell. Awaiting us there are the true moon and Kaguya Houraisan, the princess of the moon.

Kaguya is a Lunarian, the circumstances of Earthlings mean nothing to her. There is only one option available to us. Though with so many humans and youkai present, a battle was only inevitable!

Chapter 43 of Fantasy Maiden Wars I: "The Five Impossible Requests".

We absolutely MUST take back the full moon!


Total Cost: 50.0

Mima (38)
Remilia (39)
Yuyuko (36)
Yukari (36)
Suika (39)
Yuuka (39)
Kanako (36)
Suwako (37)
Palanquin Ship (38) [Always forced.]

Reimu (39)
Marisa (40)
Ran (37)

Meiling (35)
Patchouli (36)
Sakuya (40)
Alice (40)
Youmu (36)
Komachi (33)
FA Nitori (36)
Momiji (38)
Aya (33)
Sanae (39)
Hatate (37)

Kurumi (32)
Elly (35)
Rumia (26)
Cirno (27)
Koakuma (36)
Chen (36)
Lily White (38)
Lunasa (34)
Merlin (37)
Lyrica (36)
Wriggle (37)
Mystia (36)
Shizuha (28)
Minoriko (32)
Hina (35)
Nitori (32)
Nazrin (29)
Shou (27)

Daiyousei (28)
Sunny (34)
Luna (32)
Star (33)

Magic Team is forced, so you have 44.5. Note that the four canonical IN teams (Reimu/Yukari, Marisa/Alice, Sakuya/Remilia, Youmu/Yuyuko) have special dialogue on the next map. So do a few other "obvious" teams like Sanae/Kanako.