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Fantasy Maiden Wars I

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Part 28

Impossible, you fulfilled all of my requests?!

It's over. That's how strong we are!

This is the power of the fantasy that you spent the last thousand years hiding from.

...Perhaps I've made light of you Earthlings. Fine. I'll reluctantly acknowledge that you've completed my requests.

So, then-

But the battle isn't over. It wouldn't be fair to Eirin and the others if I just got defeated here.

Wait, you really want to keep going?

Music: The Shining Moon Rises on the Absurd Night

Kaguya posted:

That's right, I have my own payback to offer. Please accept it.


End of Imperishable Night

Wh-What's going on?!

Time is accelerating... At this rate, dawn will arrive!

Using my power over eternity, I'll tear through your half-baked imperishable night.

Gensokyo will greet the morning without its true moon. Now, time to close the curtains on this battle!

End of Imperishable Night is a three turn spell card with constantly shifting effects and patterns. It used to be based around a very convoluted gimmick that attempted to mirror how the original STG bullet pattern worked in the source game: There was a timer until dawn and you had to beat her before then, or something? I'm not really sure because the gimmick was hilariously bugged, and effectively made Kaguya an immortal EXP/Points pinata.

Sanbondo basically gave up their original plan and gave Kaguya this new skill. Eternity Wall caps off the maximum damage you can do to Kaguya at 5000, and can't be ignored by Fury. On harder difficulties this is actually annoying enough that you might just want to time it out like Resurrection Butterfly,

but on Normal it's just an excuse to drop all of the finishers.

All of them.

My friends can handle the rest!

There'll be some casualties (the first turn nullifies Alert and the second Grit), but not enough to be a problem.

The dawn shall be upon us soon.

But just as a tip, you actually want to wait until the second turn before you start attacking. Anyone left after Jeweled Branch of Hourai probably can't do enough damage to outpace the regen.

How's that? With this, your spell of eternal night shall be broken, and the dawn shall come!

Like Yukari, Kaguya will skip to the next phase of her spell if she's taken enough damage.

The final phase has no special effect, just heavy generic penalties.

Which don't matter because I'm not getting hit!

Time to wrap this up.

I gotta admit. As a collector, I'm REALLY jealous of all those treasures you've got.

You seem like the sort who just hoards everything. If you hone your judgment, I'm sure you'll find treasures close at hand.

Nah, that stuff's already mine. Who cares what's in it?

For an Earthling, you aren't very fussy. Perhaps you'll make it through this without being bedazzled by my magnificent treasures?

The life I've lived will never lose to a bunch of shiny junk!

Watch the video!

W-We made it before the break of dawn, somehow...

Even though I'd intended to end the night in one fell swoop, I must admit that was well done.

What's going on? Don't tell me you wanna keep fighting?

No, this battle ends along with the eternal night. I'll return the true moon.

Woo~, we did it!

So, the battle is really over?

Yes. Thank you for keeping me company. I'll talk to Eirin about releasing the Sealed Room spell.

Oh yeah, SHE was the one hiding the moon.

She left a while ago, so we need to go look for her!

In that case, why don't we take a little break? Even I'm a bit tired after all that.

You're pretty calm about losing.

Well, if that's what we're doing, then why don't we get out of here first?

Let's retrace our steps. That should lead back to the mansion.

RIP Cirno.


It seems you've stopped playing. Thank you for your hard work.

I know it's sudden, but Lady Yuyuko and I will be your hosts tonight. I believe we're supposed to start soon. Lady Yuyuko, where-

For goodness' sake, I only just fell asleep too~.

Huh? When did you get in that nightgown?

Isn't it cute? Yukari got it for me~!

That's nice but... isn't that a little tight?

Well don't you think it's only right for a full ghost to wear clothes twice the size of a half-ghost?


Youmu, did you forget the punchline?

Sorry, I was lost in thought...