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Part 31


Palanquin Ship - Dining Hall
Music: Secret Mission!

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The House of Eternity's hosting an expo.

Flan, you can come with us.

Really?! Yaaaaaay!


Several days later, the night of the full moon arrived.


Under the watchful gaze of the true moon, the House of Eternity's exhibition began.


Lunar Expo
Music: Border of Regular and Irregular Days

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Hey, this is a pretty neat expo.


House of Eternity
Music: What's the Strategy?

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I can't believe I'm finally free! I'm gonna go everywhere in the world!

Excuse me? You're not going anywhere without strict supervision.


This was just a special occasion. I need to think about how we should proceed from he-

Are you kidding me?

Forget it, I'm out of here!


Music: As Time Stands Still

Flandre rushes out amidst a bunch of explosions.

Lady Flan, please wait!

No! You're not gonna catch me!

Hey, what was that explosion...?

It's Flandre! She got angry at Remilia!

She said she'd go out by herself, and then just flew off!

Flan! They finally let you out, so why...?

...Trying to stop me is pointless, Marisa. Remi thinks she doesn't need me... So if I just go off somewhere on my own, then everyone's happy!

This is bad, it sounds like she won't be convinced out of this.

Kaguya posted:

What are you shouting about? This is an exhibition, so-

Watch out, Princess!

...! She attacked me too?!

She's attacking indiscriminately? She really has lost sight of her surroundings then.

This isn't good...

A stray bullet might even hit the exhibition hall.

Perhaps it's better if we stay here then.

You've anchored your battleship nearby, correct? Can't we use it to intercept the fire?

We could, but we don't know where Murasa and the other crew members are-

Ichirin posted:

This is Ichirin, we're back aboard the Palanquin Ship!

Did something happen? Well, for now we'll move out!

You were already there? Great job! Let's head out too!

Yeah, looks like this is our only choice...!

Nitori posted:

Looks like it really is Flandre. I can't believe we're fighting her again.

I always hate to cut short a good mochi pounding, but I guess this isn't the time for that!

This is turning into a huge uproar. Hey, is that girl really that dangerous?

Yes, Flandre is another vampire, just like Remilia. In addition to her physical prowess, she possesses the power to destroy anything.

Whaaaat?! A vampire who destroys everything?!

Remilia posted:

Stop this at once, Flan!

Remi... What do you want this time?

Stop this rampage and behave yourself! If you do that, I'll-

You'll what? You're just gonna lock me up again. Yeah, that's what you've always wanted, Remi.

No, that's not what I-!

Remi, I think you already realize this, but Flan's serious about this. We'll need to restrain her before she does too much damage.

...You're right. I can't believe this is happening...

(I thought we were making progress... After all that, are we back to square one?!)


Victory: Defeat Flandre.
Defeat: Remilia or the Palanquin Ship are defeated.

We're back on chapter 41's map, and now there are even more bats.

These jerks are even better than before though, and most of your team will need to cast spirits to even hit them. And on Hard/Lunatic... .

As most of you have probably already noticed, for this chapter I'm using the FMW1 team. You have enough cost to fit all nine original units plus all of SDM, and you end up with 5.0 left over. Who did I use for that 5.0? Well you'll just have to see.

Yuuka posted:

...Looks like you couldn't handle Flandre after all, Remilia.

M-Master, is the exhibition hall going to be alright?

There shouldn't be any problem. Our barrier is disaster-proof, so-


Wah, a stray bullet came flying!

If a stray bullet has this much power, then this is way beyond "disaster"!

Staying behind was the right choice then.

It wouldn't be good to let the property get damaged any further.

Yuuka and Yuyuko head for the gates.

What are you two...?

Left alone, the barrier might develop a hole or two. So we'll help repel any bullets that come our way.

So you plan to put me in your debt? I don't need help from Earthlings.

We have our own reasons for helping out. In the off chance that a human got hurt here, well, that'd create all sorts of annoyances for me.

We've had plenty of fun at your exhibition today. So I'd like to see it wrapped up nicely.

...I understand. Then we'll leave the bullets to you two.

Master, then what do we do?

Tewi will have the rabbits keep watch over the humans and ensure that none of them stray too close. Reisen and I will reinforce the barrier. Princess, please take the most valuable items to safety.


I wonder how long it's been since I've lifted anything heavier than a chopstick?

Isn't this all just the Earthlings' fault though?

Like you've got room to complain. You're helping out, too!

I-I know!

The bats are very aggressive, and actually hit pretty hard. I actually would recommend going back to the FMW1 pure defense strategy.

They're also absurdly lucky. On this run alone I saw them dodge a 99% and hit with a 10%!

I have most of the army clear out this clump of bats,

then send Reimu out to solo this side of the field.

Not wanting this to be a total repeat of FMW E, Marisa pops Strike and Accel and zooms down to the other side. It's a little risky without Alice's friendship, but Marisa's come a long way since the first game.

She can handle it, even if it's only barely.

Reimu, of course, giveth not a single shit.

With the bats all cleaned up, everyone regroups. Flandre still has Lævateinn's damage boosting field, by the way.

Why are you here?! I don't have anything to do with you...

Is Flan's power even greater than it was last time?!

I see, when we fought her last summer we may have been underground, but it was still midday.

But now that she's come in direct contact with the night air, all her limiters must be gone!

Patchouli, what happens when Flandre release all her power?!

...I'm not sure, but it looks as thought she's become quite unstable. If she loses control, something horrible might happen.


So you really did come to catch me, Remi. Fine, then I'll just play with you!

Music: Frantic Destroyer

Flandre's lost her MAP and finisher between games.


Flandre's attributes aren't actually all that different from 15, she's just gained a ton of levels and skills. Oh, and it's actually Night.

It's actually kind of neat because you can literally see how far your army's come.

Keine goes EX. Normally her theme would cue up too, but Frantic Destroyer still overrides almost everything.

I stalled for a bit to suicide some dolls so I could record Flandre's attacks, then went all-in.

One of the nice things about deploying Magic Team as individual units is I get to Malice Cannon twice per turn.

Flandre puts up a decent offense,

but she goes down like a sack of bricks.

All right, how do you like that?!

...No, that's not enough. It's like she has a bottomless well of energy.

Flan, answer me. Why are you going berserk like this?!

What, you're here to stop me too, Marisa?

Of course I am! Why do we have to fight again? Haven't you been making progress ever since you came out of the basement?

That's right, you've even gotten closer to Remilia's group, little by little!

...I thought so too.


Yeah. Everyone was always so nice to me, even Remi, so I thought our house was really fun. But it was all a lie. Remi doesn't care what happens to me.

That's not true. Lady Remili-

Then why are you trying to lock me up again?!


I was really happy when you kept your promise, Remi. But you're always scared of something.

I'm scared...?

Yeah. Come to think of it, you've always been that way. You always sound so uneasy whenever you say my name... And you've never once smiled at me.


I've never been important to you.

All I've ever known is that one sound I could hear in the basement!


Forbidden Barrage "Clock that Ticks Away the Past"

This spell boosts Flandre's accuracy by 20% and has a pattern that can best be described as a maze of No Movement areas. It flips around every turn and repositions itself around Flan (who moves), so it can be kind of a mess.

I was going to have Marisa finish it off with Gain and Bless on her, but then I remembered that Remilia exists. Damn it!

...So you came, Remi.


Don't make that face, let's have some fun. Hey, this is the first time we've ever played together.

Lady Flan, don't say things like that, and just listen to her!

Shut up, Meiling! I can finally play with Remi.

Hey, Remi, you'd really be happier if I was gone, right?

Don't be stupid. I've never said anything like tha-

So you're lying to me again.


I mean, c'mon, don't you remember what you always say to me? "You can't do this, you can't do that." You always decide stuff like you know everything...

You've never even really LOOKED at me!

Ngh, do I have no choice but to fight...?!


Flandre's line actually does change if Remilia was the one to beat her.

We cleared it, somehow, but she's still so energetic.

At this rate, she might just brush us off and fly off to who knows where...

If that happened, it'd throw Gensokyo into an uproar. It's a one in a million chance, but she might even go crazy and treat everyone like an enem-

No, I'm not going to let that happen.


It was slow going, but we finally made it all this way through compromise. If I lost Flan here, then-

What's wrong, Remi? You're making that scared face again.


C'mon, tell me. What were you thinking when you locked me in the basement?

I was waiting for you the whole time, but you never came... If you didn't need me, you should've just thrown me away!


What am I to you, Remi? A toy? Or maybe a pet?

I'm sick of all these painful feelings...

Nobody will ever let me out!


Taboo "Maze of Love"

Guh, she's still radiating so much magic?!

Did she turn her violent emotions into a wall of danmaku?!

...This is what I've been putting Flan through?


It's just... I'm worried about her. I don't want to lose her... But all I've ever done is make her suffer.


...You idiot. You worry about her like a normal person, right? So why can't you just let her know that?


Sadly, the concept of "explaining yourself" is an actual revelation to Remilia.

Yes, haven't you finally heard Lady Flan's real feelings?

I'm sure that's what she's always been yelling through the basement door. You're the only one who can accept them, Lady Remilia!

...I need to accept her feelings...

Don't tell me you plan to give up here? Your words are the only thing that can save Flandre from her loneliness.

Please let her know how you feel, Mistress.

Well, what do you think of her, Remi? I don't think you've said a single word to her about that.


If you've made up your mind, then stop being so wishy-washy. We'll buy you time, so get going already!



Victory: Have Remilia talk to Flandre.
Defeat: Flandre, Remilia, or the Palanquin Ship are defeated.
Bonus: Have five other characters besides Remilia talk to Flandre.

Remilia will move to a pre-set spot after that conversation, which almost always ends up moving her away from the maze. It's kind of a pain!

Maze of Love is another constantly shifting slew of No Movement panels, with a Movement debuff for good measure. You can either slowly navigate your units through it, waiting for gaps in the wall...

or just dump everyone in the ship and have it move instead.

Flandre used to move clear to the other side of the map before she used this spell, which made getting everyone else over a huge pain. It actually got to the point where it was more convenient to mark where'd she go and set up a few teams around that spot. So I'm really glad they changed it.

If you wait two turns, the field will open up near Remilia's starting position.

Now Murasa just has to spam Grit a lot,

and then I can start dropping people off for conversations.

Are you throwing ANOTHER temper tantrum?!

Aren't you that fairy from before, in the basement...?

Never backing down is good, but this is going overboard! Why don't you just make up with Remilia and play like normal people do?

Don't compare this to you and your fairies' dumb pranks. All I wanted was for my sister to smile for me...

What's the difference? Just make up, it's not that hard!

Please listen to me, Flandre! Just for a bit!

You... you're like that red-white, but with different colors...?

Isn't Remilia your only sister? Then she definitely thinks of you as-

"Definitely"? How would YOU know?

Well... if you're living together as a family, then you should know.

...What are you talking about? We've been living together and I don't know anything.

What family, anyway? Remi doesn't care if I'm there or not. It's all the same to her!


Sanae was a fairly major character in the first game, so it's only fair she get a spot on the throwback team.

Flandre, right? It's not good to get TOO violent.

Stay away from me! I'm gonna be alone forever!

Being alone forever sounds kinda hard to do~. Even when you're in the darkness, there's tons of stuff all around you.

I don't see it that way at all. When it's pitch black, there might as well be nothing at all...

But you can still hear and bump into stuff even when you can't see them.

Aren't you just covering your ears? You'll never hear Remilia's voice like that~.

Calm down and listen, Flandre!

Another human...? I don't want you butting in on this. I can't live with my sister anymore.

Are you kidding me? You can't give up that easily!


You and your sister are both vampires, in blood and form. Maybe it goes without saying that you can share time together, but it's important to remember.

Even though the time we spend together is always the worst?

Even though. Just keep believing in change. Haven't things been slowly changing for you already?

(Akyu told me that being dead set on giving up and staying alone was just my own selfishness. I agree with that now. Don't think you're worthless, Flandre...!)

And Mokou was in the first game's epilogue so she totally qualifies.

...Look, it was a good conversation.

The annoying part about this spell is having to wait for the No Movement panels to clear up so I have space to move new units in. Rumia actually died waiting.


Marisa... Did you come to talk again?

Yeah, aren't you doing all this because you want to talk?! You're not the same person you were when you left the basement. Calm down and we can talk this out!

...When I left the basement, huh...?

Do you remember, Marisa? The song I taught you back then.

The song...?

Yeah, about how the last little Indian found someone to take them away.

I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up. It would be better if I'd never been born.

You idiot, don't say that!

But I'm sure Remi would be happier that way. I should just-

No, the real ending to that song is-!

I guess Marisa's route wasn't canon for FMW E.

Since deploying from the Palanquin Ship doesn't use up its turn, I had it drop Marisa off then immediately pick her back up to free space for Remi.

Music: Flanhelp Op.1-496 - Segment I

Listen to me, Flan!


...Why are you here? I have nothing to say to you.

YOU might not, but I have something that I need to tell you. I'm coming for you now, so calm dow-

Stay away!

Flandre slams Remilia away.


...Please, don't pretend to be so nice to me. I'm sick of it... Every time I put my hope in you, you always betray me.

So I don't need anything. It'd be better if I just disappear right here!

I'm absolutely NOT going to let that happen!

"Absolutely"? You can't prove that!

Watch the video!

Music: Flanhelp Op.1-496 - Segment III

...*sniffle* Remi...

L-let go of me, why are you-

Please, Flan. Can we just stay like this for a little while? There's something I need to to say to you.


I'm sorry, Flan.


You said that I'm always afraid... You're right, I've been so afraid that I couldn't bear it.

Afraid that you'd hurt yourself with your power... Afraid that, because of your power, someone else would hurt you.


I don't want to lose you, Flan. But the more I think that, the more scared I get. So I locked you up to keep you away from everything.

And I never stopped to question if that was the right way do to it...


Why do only you get to say stuff like that, Remi...?


I mean, I was even more scared! You never told me what you were thinking, not even once.

So I was sure you didn't need me... And when I thought that, I started to wonder why I'm even here.

I'm so sorry. I've been trying to change, bit by bit. Really, I have. But I still wasn't ready to share my feelings with you.

But from here on out, I'm going to share my heart with you.

...So then, Remi... You don't hate me? ...You want me with you?

Please, please don't ask such silly questions.

I can't possibly ask for your forgiveness, after all I've done to you, but... But you're my only sister. My precious, precious sister.

I want to be by your side forever.


Marisa posted:

...Looks like they're done.

Indeed, I don't think they'll be fighting anymore.

Looks like their feelings finally got through to each other.

They're both such awkward, troublesome sisters. But... I really AM happy for you, Remi.

Lady Yuyuko, is everything okay on your end?

Yup, we're all fine over here, as you can see~.

I wouldn't say everything's unscathed, but luckily no one was injured.

Oh, thank goodness...

Anyway, are those two vampires okay? From over here, it looked like it got pretty flashy...

...Oh yeah, you're really hurt, Remi! And the forest and the mansion too, they're all...

I'm fine, this'll heal in no time.

You don't need to worry about the mansion either.

I'm sorry, it's all because I-

Can we go sit down now? I'm exhausted.

Reimu has had to deal with four straight stages of drama and she is just sick of it.

Let's go, Flan. Everyone's waiting for us.


Look at all those broken dolls.


This chapter is the same on Lunatic, just longer because Flan is stronger and the bats are bats.

Fucking bats.