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Part 34


Hakurei Shrine
Music: Secret Mission!

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Entrance to Youkai Mountain
Music: Border of Regular and Irregular Days

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We're not going to help you get us all captured.

Yeah, even if the Watatsukis haven't done anything yet that's no guarant-

Wait the Watatsukis are in charge?!


Bamboo Forest of the Lost
Music: What's the Strategy?

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I'm picking up something rare nearby.

Well let's go check it out!



A Glimpse at a Future Sky

Music: Harmful Mystery

Got it, so this place is a bust too?

No luck finding Miss Koishi, Orin?

We didn't actually think of translating "-sama" as Miss for less formal cases until 29R, and by then we already had Orin and Utsuho saying "Lady Satori". I'd been meaning to ask Clarste about changing it for a while, but kept forgetting until he just did it himself here.

Yeah. I was planning to look in some more out-of-the-way places, but... If we keep this up any longer we'll stand out. Let's go home, Okuu.

What? But there's tons more places we can look. Isn't it a whole new world up on the surface?

Hokuto posted:

See also: a whole new place with a brand new attitude, but you still gotta catch 'em all!
I mention this because now that song is stuck in my head.

You idiot, do you know how much trouble we'll get in if the people on the surface find us? Or what, you want to go sightseeing?

W-Well, I guess I'm kinda curious since I've never been up here before... But this is the place that chased out Miss Satori and Koishi, huh.

I could never love a place like this...

...Yeah, I feel the same way. Let's just look a bit more and then head home. We don't want Miss Satori to hear about this eithe-



Something's coming!

Nazrin posted:

Okay, this is where the rare readings were coming fro-

Hey, it's THEM!


Oh no, of all people, it had to be THEM!

Those are Underworld youkai! Why are they here?!

Reisen posted:

So you know those two?

Yeah, those two youkai took real good care of me when we went to the Underworld. They're the minions of a real pain of a youkai named Satori.

Why have you come to the surface?! I thought we had an inviolable agreement between the surface and the Underworld!

Tch, it hurts to say this, but just this once, the odds are against us...

Now, now, ladies, why don't you just pretend you never saw anything? I mean, didn't you sneak into the Underworld before too?

That may be true, but we can't just keep quiet and look the other way.

Especially since when they did it, they got attacked and then Marisa got kidnapped and uh yeah.

But what did you come up here for? Why would you commit such a taboo?

...Sheesh, it would have been better for both us if you'd just looked the other way.

Orin, what do we do about them?!

Isn't it obvious? We can't leave behind any evidence!

Orin calls in reinforcements.

Gah, are these all vengeful spirits?!

So many of them too. Where did they all come from...?

Listen up, Okuu. Those humans look pretty skilled. Me and the spirits will fight 'em, while you-

No, I'll fight too!

Huh? You're no match for them!

But didn't Miss Satori look pretty stressed around springtime? I feel like that was right after these girls came to the Underworld!

For the love of- Why do you only remember the weirdest things...?

Fine, do whatever you want, but fall back if it gets dangerous.


Victory: Defeat Orin and Utsuho.
Defeat: All allied characters are defeated.
Bonus: Defeat Utsuho before Orin.

Oh hey, we're back in 5M.

The enemies are completely harmless. This chapter pretty much exists to help you grind up the characters you've been left with.

The only vaguely annoying thing is this large ghost, and it's about to get Magic Teamed.

...I feel like I've seen her somewhere before.

That's right, we saw a glimpse of her when we went down the free the Palanquin Ship...

Unyu? But I don't know you people.

Well, I guess she doesn't remember us.

Birdbrain~, You're three steps away from a sparrow's favor~♪.

Even so, we let can't let our guards down around an Underworld crow.

There's actually a very specific word for raven, and Utsuho's listed race doesn't use it. So Utsuho is actually a crow.

I was planning on keeping her as a raven anyway just because it's an accepted thing, but both Clarste and Hokuto disagreed so yeah.

I get the feeling that they're even more ravenous than the crows on the surface.

Hey, you can't just say whatever you like about us~.

...Oh, now I remember! After you girls came to the Underworld, Miss Satori went through a lot of trouble! I'm gonna pay you back for that!

Music: Skygazer

Utsuho has very adorable attacks.

She's also absurdly weak.

Look at that. For perspective, she's about on the level of those red vengeful spirits!

She has a danmaku field, and it boosts her final damage by... 50.

It sounds like that other bakeneko came from the Underworld.

Yeah, but I'm not really sure what this Underworld thing IS.

...Hm, as I expected, the younger youkai don't know about it.

We only know about it because Yukari went all Sparta on us.

Listen, the Underworld is an underground world that's been isolated from Gensokyo. There's an agreement between the surface and the Underworld to never travel between them.

You can't come and go...?

The Underworld is a place where unmanageably dangerous youkai reside. The sage and her companions determined that this segregation was the best way for us to coexist.

...I see, I think I get it now. I THOUGHT their wavelengths felt more dangerous than yours.

Hey, why don't you stop saying stuff like that and just help us out?

Th-that's right, Reisen. We're surrounded too...!

No need to be so jumpy, they're only will-o-wisps.

Well, there's only one thing to do.

Uh, what would that be?

Take them all down!

Utsuho posted:

...! What's that...?!

Reisen spawns in.

Another youkai beast...?! Is this an ambush?!

Oh, so you're lending us a hand, Reisen!

Don't misunderstand. I'm not here to make friends. But I'm not gonna sit back and watch us get surrounded, either.

Come at me from whatever angle you'd like, I'll shoot you down!

And here's Reisen. She won't be with us very long.

She's got a new attack at the bottom there!

Also damn it Chen, how did you get hit by a 19%?

So we ended up fighting Underworld youkai again... But that's fine with me! Because today, the sun is on my side!

Is the "sun" that thing up in the sky?

Yup. It just being around makes me feel all cheerful. But I guess you wouldn't get it, since the Underworld doesn't have one.


There isn't an large enough for that conversation.

I asked the IRC what the hell I was supposed to do with just Sunny, and was told to record her getting punched. And I was going to before I found out Utsuho has four attacks. So she gets her own attack video.

Also Utsuho missed.

Despite being at 130 Power, it's not a full moon so Keine can't go EX.

I guess you girls really aren't gonna keep quiet about us, huh?

Of course not! I can't condone you coming to the surface.

Why were you hanging around up here anyway? Don't tell me you're up to some mischief under Satori's orders?

No, Miss Satori has nothing to do with this!

She doesn't...?

If you'd just feigned ignorance, we could've been home by now. But if we make an uproar in a place like this, then-

What are you saying? Did you come up here all on your own?

I have nothing else to say to a surface dweller. I'll just beat you up until you can't report to the sage!


Orin is not very threatening either.

Oh and her field buffs the stats of all nearby vengeful spirits. So that's something.

...Hey, Orin. They're pretty strong.

Yeah. We might not be able to handle this alone... I need to gather a few more spirits, or this could turn ugly.

A few more enemies spawn in.

Wha- Even more spirits?!

What's going on here? I thought vengeful spirits were just wandering grudges. How can she just direct them as she likes?

I've no doubt that that cat youkai has the power to control spirits.

Gah, so there's a youkai who can do that too?

No surprise that you jerks on the surface wouldn't know the first thing about these little guys. That's all just your prejudice. Hatred is another emotion like any other. Give 'em a chance to talk, and they're pretty obedient.

Such a sinister power... Just what I'd expect from an Underworld youkai!

But we'll be fine. Our side is still way stronge-

Yo Moo posted:

I'll cut through your hatred!

Merlin posted:

We found the source of that unhappy sound~!

It's not every day that we get a chance to play for vengeful spirits instead of ghosts.

What?! Even MORE of their allies came?!

Oh, it's Youmu and the Prismrivers!

Good work finding us, Youmu.

Yes, I looked into the matter at the White Jade Belvedere and came back with the Prismrivers.

We felt some weird noisiness and came to take a look.

I see some new faces in the audience, but I get the feeling they're not our new friends.

...I should've expected this from enemy territory, huh? This is just getting worse and worse.

Oh, I know how I can help out!

All right, I'm gonna call the hell crows!

What, she has a power like that too?!

We're on the surface, Okuu. Is that really gonna work?

Don't worry, even I'm pretty strong for a crow. Come here, crows of hell!

A whole bunch of nothing shows up.



I mean, uh... Come over here! I'll fight you myself!

*sigh*, What am I gonna do with her...?

I have Alice give Utsuho a quick kick in order to ensure that Reisen can finish her off.

Watch the video!

Reisen's new finisher rules!

Utsuho is so pathetic she doesn't even give any EXP. And her drop item is a Nameless Bone.

So much for that...

Huh? Is that it? She wasn't very strong, was she?

I guess even Underworld youkai have their weaklings.

Yeah, even us fairies could take her on a bad day.

Okuu! I told you you'd be no match for them...

You head back first and leave the rest to me.

*sniffle*, I'm sorry...

With that out of the way, I stop stalling and speed through the map. Keine and Sanae/Shou handle this corner,

And Nazrin/Chen help out Youmu and the Prismrivers with the other.

I thought it was something rare, but it looks like it was just some Underworld youkai.

To be honest, I've got nothing to gain from getting mixed up with your lot.

Hey, you're a smart one. So how about you just keep quiet for us?

I'd like to do that, but observing and reporting are closely related jobs. If you're planning on keeping this up, you'd better brace yourself.

Looks like I've got no choice then...

Orin tries to be a threat, but well, emphasis on "tries".

After the grunts are cleaned up, it's on to Orin. She has a loyal red spirit guard, but they're easily dealt with.

So there are some Underworld youkai who come up to the surface, huh? This kind of reminds me of Koishi.


Wait, are you saying that Miss Koishi was with you BEFORE you came to the Underground?

Yeah, I saw her last winter. What about it?

N-nothing! Yeah, I'd never be thankful to the people on the surface!

A Valored Final Spark later and Orin is at critical.

I considered giving Chen the kill, but her hit rates weren't good enough. Meiling needs levels anyway.

Orin drops a Cat's Tail, which is the only one Marisa Route players can get since Chen's boss fight was Reimu only.

Ngh, you even got me..!?

Phew. You were a pain, but that turned out all right.

Now, why don't you just behave yourself while we tie you up?

...What a mess. I can't believe we got beaten up out here, of all places. If we cause even more trouble for Miss Satori, then what was the point of all this...?

Oh? Is someone actually, finally, resigning themselves?


Utsuho flies back in to defend Orin.

What?! Her?!

Okuu, you idiot. I told you to run home!

I-If you're going to capture Orin, then you'll have to take me down too.

So please, just forgive us!

Huh? Forgive you?!

B-But even if you ask us to, there's an agreement not to come to the surface. Both of you should already know that...

But if I just leave things as they are, aren't you going to tell Miss Satori what happened? Plus, I don't wanna see you take Orin away...

...Well, this is a bind. Never thought anyone would honestly beg us for forgiveness.

It's hard to take a firm hand when someone shows actual remorse.

Then can you tell us why you came to the surface?


It's true that it was our fault for stumbling into the Underworld earlier. But isn't there more to this than simply fanning the flames of conflict?

...Yeah. We didn't come up here for payback or anything. We were just trying to do something for Miss Satori.


The duo hightail it out.

Ah! They took advantage of the situation...!

...We'll never come to the surface again. If you still won't forgive us, then let one of the spirits around there know. If you do, I'll send some payment to make it worth your while. So please, just leave it at that.

Hey, you can't just decide that on your ow-

I've said what I had to say. Let's go, Okuu.

O-Okay. Let's get outta here!

Star posted:

...Whoops, they got away.

They're probably still limping. Are you sure we don't want to chase them?

Just leave them alone. It wouldn't feel right. We were supposed to be looking into the rocket thing, anyway. Ugh, this just got tedious.

Yeah, if we tell Yukari what the Underworld youkai were up to, then she'd probabl-

My, you know me so well.


I thought I felt an unpleasant aura, and sure enough, there were Underworld youkai.

Now, why don't you take your time and tell me EVERYTHING that happened?


There's not much changes on Lunatic beyond improved enemy AI.

Here's why I said that large ghost was annoying by the way: it has a MAP. It even casts Strike on Lunatic to make sure it hits.

Also Orin's field now boosts the stats of all vengeful spirits in its radius by 80, but that honestly just means you have to cast spirits.


Oh, the game stopped. Nice work!

That reminds me. Elly, I found this cute doll over there!

A doll? That's weird, normally you just pick up foo-

Wait, what's that?! Isn't that a haniwa?!


Did you forget? They're Magical Girl Kurumi's enemy! Hurry and throw it away before it shows its true fa-


Uwah, something came bursting out!

Don't panic. Kurumi, use that fallen dustpan over there to transform!

Tekumakuyanyanyan! Magical Girl Kurumi, Build Uuuuup!

Kurumi Breaker! Die!

...This is your reward!


...This is really different from what I thought Magical Girl Kurumi would be like.

You think so? I like it.