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Part 38

There's a metric shitload of bonus conversations this update, but now that college has started I legitimately do not have the time to blow an entire weekend on translating. Clarste and Hokuto already have the important stuff done though, so I'm just going to post it as is then come back and edit the boss convos in.



Palanquin Ship - Bridge
Music: Border of Regular and Irregular Days

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Let's make this trip quick. I need to get back to Gensokyo before I get fired.


Palanquin Ship - Dining Room
Music: Secret Mission!

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Don't mess with the Watatsukis.


Lunar Capital
Music: Bizarre Smile

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We're not going to Earth to arrest anybody. Now stop asking.

I can't wait for Lady Yagokoro to come back and help us deal with all of thi-

Something's approaching the moon!


Palanquin Ship - Bridge
Music: Ark of the Spring Sky

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The chapter starts with a shot of the Earth,

then pans down to the ship, which is slowly floating ashore.


Fantasy Maidens ON THE MOON

Music: Harmful Mystery

Marisa posted:

...The sea, huh?

Yup, the sea...

While a chunk of the crew is staying near the ship, a couple of others are playing in the water.

Hey! Reimu! Marisa!

Stop being so melancholy and let's go swimming together!

Good grief, they sure started having fun quickly. We just had such a spectacular crash landing, too.

Well, the ship's still intact so a little frolicking should be fine.

...Maybe the Lunar Veil stopped working because we crossed the moon's barrier? Anyway, I'm just glad nothing broke from the impact.

Is everyone going swimming then? I thought something like this might happen, so I brought some swimsuits.

You all can do that. I'll be here reading a book.

Clothes like these show far too much skin. I could never wear this in public.

Oh come on~! This is your chance to show your appeal. Why you gotta be so cold?

What about you, Nitori? There are some cute ones too.

Hmmm, but my clothes are already amphibious.

Others are still on the sand.

What's up with them? I'm good at swimming so I'm so really looking forward to this.

I'm no good with seawater, so I think I'll be playing in the sand instead.

Hey, look at this. Doesn't this rock look kinda like the moon?

You're right. Doesn't it seem prettier than the other rocks?

Hee hee. Catch me, Remi!

Hold up, Flan! It'd be bad if you tripped and fell in the water.

Sakuya posted:

Looks like the mistresses are getting along well.

And still others apparently decided to get as far away from the tide as they could.

You're right. To think it's only been a short while since they started going outside.

I never knew there were so many peach trees near the lunar shore. Though, a peach orchard right on the coast? The seasons and climate here must be absurd.

Maybe they're trying to pretend like this is heaven.

...Is it really okay for us to be so relaxed about all this? You'd think there would at least be some soldiers to guard against intruders...

There are, but incidents pretty much never happen up here. They're probably slacking off.

For now, should we just wait for the Watatsukis to catch wind of this and show up? I could deliver Lady Yagokoro's letter like that.

Rabbits suddenly spawn in all over.


Th-They're here! There really were intruders!

Is that a wooden ship? Did they fly that here?

Those are rabbits from the defense force. Looks like they're noticed you already.

But more importantly, Lady Watatsuki isn't with them.

In that case, we should probably keep an eye out while we talk.

Everyone return to the ship. We'll gather together, just in case.

Star posted:

Aw... We were finally getting to play in the water.

Not much we can do about it, some watch-guard showed up.

So are those rabbits over there the moon's soldiers?

Right, Reisen confirmed it so- Wait, where'd she go? And when?

She's hiding under the cushions. Guess she REALLY doesn't want to be found.

Well, it's her old home so it would be a hassle to run into an old acquaintance.

Hey, you rabbits. We're visitors from the Earth.

Bwuh?! From the Earth?!

That's right. We'd like to speak with your leaders, the Watatsuki sisters. So if you don't mind, could you go call for them?

...Wh-What do we do?! They know about the Watatsukis...?

Don't ask me! Someone went to go get them, right?

But for now, if we don't fight them we're gonna get yelled at later.

Yeah, I mean, that's our job...

...Guess we're not gonna be having a proper conversation with them.

They seem to be preparing to fight. Their knees are shaking, though.

Well I'm feeling a bit stiff too, so how about we finally get some exercise?


Victory: Defeat all enemies.
Defeat: The Palanquin Ship is defeated.
Bonus: Clear the chapter within 5 turns .

I feel like this chapter was originally supposed to be the first of a two-parter, but Sanbondo chickened out. Now it just exists to piss you off.

Meet Assholes 1 and 2. Moon Rabbits are bar none the most annoying grunt type in the game, with decent stats, Support Attack/Defense, Parry, harsh danmaku fields (buffs to their hit rates and debuffs to your movement), and frustratingly good attacks.

They're admittedly not that bad on Normal (nothing is, really), but on Hard/Lunatic they are the absolute bane of my existence.

...The swimsuit Koakuma gave me was actually kind of cute.


You think so too, Shanghai? I'll make one for you then.

With only five turns to win, I don't have the time to train up my unused characters like Cirno. Magic Team zooms to the southern front,

If Sokotsutsu-no-O-no-Mikoto knew we were going to crash, he could have at least have told us.

Oh well, what's happened's happened. Guess I'll do some sightseeing.

Reimu lands (you'll see why later) and takes the western front,

and the Buddhists go northeast.

So these are Reisen's former companions.

It's unlikely, but if they find her they might arrest her. I hope that doesn't happen...

Everyone else just goes wherever they want.

It was really hard, but I managed to wake myself up really early.

But it's already noon on the moon? I don't get it...

Sadly, Sunny is actually more durable than Flandre. So she's in front.

Sunny and Flan have a unique team name, by the way: Sunny Milk's Scarlet Mist Incident.

Aaaaargh why are these jerks so accurate?!

It looks like the Palanquin Ship is fine.

The output is normal, and the spiritual cannons are in good shape. It's pretty sturdy, isn't it?

We should be able to get back, but just in case we shouldn't do anything reckless.

And now we're invaders, the worst kind of guest.

I'd like to be optimistic, but something tells me I should be careful.

I can't eat peaches very often on Earth, so it's nice to see so many.

I want to bring some back with me, but they'd probably go bad on the way home...

...I can see the Earth from here. This would be excellent material for a song.

I'll turn what I'm feeling and thinking right now into music...

Flandre isn't at 110 yet, so she basically can't attack. Probably shouldn't have moved her into close quarters!

Good thing I have Alice.

After pondering for a bit, I decided to have Sanae drop a Miracle. This chapter doesn't last long enough for her to reach a reasonable amount of Faith.

We must be the first humans to stand on the moon unprotected!

...Well, I guess that's not that special in Gensokyo.

The dolls are mercilessly taken down next enemy phase, but better them than Flan.

On the next turn I remember to cast Drive. Enough rabbits are dead by now that Flandre actually hit 110 naturally too,

Music: Unbalanced Unknown

which means I'm all clear to spam Four of a Kind.

The stars look a loooot prettier here than on Earth.

Still, I guess it's the fate of all stars to be outshone by the sun...

Oh come on Lyrica, people use you instead of Merlin sometimes.

...With an emphasis on sometimes.

I had the Prismrivers split up to finish off some rabbits.

Lunar Rabbit posted:

Prepare yourselves, we're the coastal rabbits!

Some more rabbits spawn in the northwest and southeast corners on turn 4. In a big old fuck you, the northwest ones are underwater. You weren't psychic and didn't account for water terrain? Well screw you, restart!

Watch out everyone, there are more of them over there!

What's with this coastal rabbit thing, though?

We've gathered the most motivated rabbits from those that guard the coast.

The incident isn't happening in the Lunar Capital. It's happening on the beach!

They're just stating the obvious, but they're so cool doing it!

Should we lock down the bridge for now?

But even if it's unavoidable, things will never be settled like this. You're a moon rabbit too, so can you go call for the Watatsuki sisters?

But, well, it's kinda hard to show myself after deserting... Once the Watatsukis get here, I'll go out and talk to them!

Good grief, I suppose that's that then.

I put the Pyonta on Reimu though, so she can effortlessly waltz over these punks.

Meanwhile Sanae has to use a finisher to even get half the damage Reimu did.

...Well okay, Summon Take-Minakata has a C in Water so it's a bad example (Youmu can do 5.5k with Infinite Kalpas), but still.

Oh good, Counter started triggering. I don't know why I never thought about it before this LP, but Alice's high Skill stat and Magic Team's absurd damage output makes Pattern-Type incredible on them. The one problem is that Alice only has four open skill slots, so I had to give up Ammo Save to put it on.

Good thing FMW4 adds another skill slot!

Aaaaagh, and here I thought we were all finally going to go swimming~.

We're going on vacation after this, so I gotta be happy!

It was really hard getting here, so I want a souvenir.

It'd be cool if there were frogs, but this water doesn't have any fish in it.

Which is funny because the underwater battle landscape has fish in it.

Even though the whole universe is right over there, for some reason I'm still calm.

Knew it. No matter what it is, you just gotta take it a step at a time.

The remaining rabbits are summarily disposed of.

Ugh, these girls are strong~. I give up.

We tried our best, so this counts as doing our job, right?!

It looks like that's settled then. They seemed pretty weak for a military, though.

Reisen's just special. Most normal rabbits are pretty much like that.

But the infamous Watatsukis still haven't showed up. I think someone went to summon them, so I hope they get here sooner rather than later...

It'd be better if we could go look for them ourselves, but that's not happening.

If we move carelessly, the commotion about the intruders will only spread.

It's a bit late to mention this, but when the Watatsukis show up, watch your mouths. There's no one on the moon who's a match for those two.

Hmm, you're hyping them up so much that I'm getting more and more curious about them.

Well, the older sister Toyohime is blessed with natural good fortune and carries the latest Lunar weaponry. And the younger sister Yorihime was born with the ultimate power.

Born with power...?

Right, so no matter how much you-


Wh-What's wrong, Reisen?!

...A familiar wavelength is approaching. There's no doubt!

I can feel something coming over here. Do you think it's...

I feel it too. This aura belongs to no ordinary person.

This overwhelming pressure, like a sharpened blade...!

...It's just as the reports said.

I was dumb and missed the shot, so just imagine that portrait is shadowed.


Even more rabbits?! And someone like a leader, standing right in the middle...

...L-Lady Yorihime...!

Yorihime posted:

I never imagined the lunar barrier would be penetrated so easily.

But now that I, Yorihime Watatsuki, am here, this little charade is at its end.


47 Lunatic is just kind of awful since you've got a really tight margin of error for the bonus. I usually just ignore it.