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Part 39


Watatsuki's Spell Card

Who's up for a double update?

Yorihime posted:

According to the reports, there are intruders from Earth.

But how did they manage to pierce the lunar barrier...?

Looks like they came here on that weird ship over there.

If they can do something like that though, then these are no ordinary Earthlings.

...True, I can feel traces of divine power.

Even if she were hiding, I'd be able to tell. That's Lady Yorihime's wavelength. No matter what happens, we have to avoid a fight with her!

By Yorihime, you mean she's the of the leaders of the lunar emissaries?

Yes. She must have come here after hearing the reports.

So, what purpose could you people have for coming to the moon?

If you tell us why you're here, and surrender to the moon rabbits with your hands in the air, you won't be handled roughly.

Lady Yorihime! Please listen to what I have to say first!

Rabbit runs out. She doesn't actually have a unique sprite.

...! That moon rabbit...

You! You're that deserter everyone's talking about!

What's going on?! Why is she with the Earthlings...?

...Don't tell me you fled the moon only to immediately cozy up with the Earthlings? Not only that, you led them all the way to the moon. Is this treason?

N-No, wait! It's true that I deserted, but I have no intention of going against the moon. I just thought I wanted to go home, so I'm returning like this.

Do you really think we'd believe such a convenient story?

About that, Lady Yagokoro entrusted me with a letter!


She told me to give it to one of the Watatsukis in person. She said that once you read it, you'd understand.

Lady... Yagokoro? Is that true?

Yagokoro? You mean that famous criminal? You've joined up with her...?



...If this is just some excuse to convince me to overlook your trespass, then retract your words immediately. I won't forgive you for carelessly invoking her name.

I-It's true! She put a special seal on it so you'd know it's from her- Wait, huh?

What's wrong? Give her the letter already!

...Um, this is strange. It was supposed to be... It's gone. The letter I put in my pocket is gone!


I-I-It's GONE?!

You're joking, right?! Without that letter, we're nothing but trespassers...


...It's all clear now. So that was merely an poorly constructed ruse.


This is the last time I'll say this. Retract your previous words immediately and apologize. If you do so, I'll listen to what you have to say without any unncessary bloodshed.

Th-This can't be happening! It must be around there somewhere...!


Rabbit posted:

How could this happen?!

Some other lunar rabbits grab Rabbit, take her to the back, and tie her up.

Please wait, we're not lying! If you'd just give us a bit more time to find the lett-

Silence! I will not play along with this farce any further. If you continue evading my question, I'll have you arrested. By force, if necessary.

Tch, I'd hoped we could avoid conflict with the Lunarians.

Well, if they're up for it, can't we just return in kind?

Anyway, let's get out there!

Because I hate myself, I'm using the same team you guys voted for 47. 48 gives a bit more Cost, though, so I asked the IRC and got Chen/Star and FA Nitori to fill in the gaps. I had 2.0 left over even after that though, so I put the Oshira-sama on Reimu.

Lady Yorihime, it looks like they're spoiling for a fight!

...I see, so they plan to resist.

Everyone, save me!

Wait right there, Rabbit! We're on our wa-

Can you really afford the luxury to worry about others? You're all on the verge of being defeated and dragged back to the Lunar Capital.

What are you talking about? It'll be a piece of cake with only that many of you!

...No, we shouldn't expect this to go that easily.

We're up against a leader of the Lunar emissaries. I can tell she's no ordinary opponent!

If you can gauge the strength of your enemy, then you must be quite experienced. I believe this is your last chance to surrender quietly?

And here's where things get interesting.

Let's see...


1. Looks like we gotta fight.
2. You're going down!

True to the source material, Yorihime is effectively the bonus boss of this game. But since the player already has so many limitations coming into SSiB as is, Sanbondo threw in a difficulty slider of sorts. Depending on how I answer this conversation, Yorihime's stats will fluctuate wildly.

If I pick option 1, I'll fight the easiest version of Yorihime. If I pick option 2, three more options will appear and I can choose to fight Yorihime at either base 130 Power, 150, or full on 170.

I normally fight her at 130 Power (let's call her Yorihime Alpha because I love MegaMan Battle Network), but since I spent eight hours fighting Yorihime Omega on Lunatic and am absolutely done with this chapter have a voter-picked team, I'm going to wimp out.

I wasn't planning on making a fuss, but I guess we've got no choice now. It's like that theory where the more you tell someone to come in quietly, the more they wanna run.

We're coming at you with full force!

No matter which option I choose, the team will start at 120 Power.

...?! Their power increased?

Very well then. In that case, I'll simply cut you in two along with that spirit of yours.

Trespassers on lunar soil, atone with your flesh!


Victory: Defeat Yorihime.
Defeat: The Palanquin Ship is defeated.
Bonus: Capture at least two of Yorihime's spells.

The +20 to initial Power makes the lunar rabbits much more manageable this time.

I'll have Reimu, Sanae, Marisa, and Alice clear out the grunts while everybody else forms up. Merlin will also be spamming her MAP like crazy to get Flandre to 170 ASAP.

Music: Let's Make a Flower of Despair Bloom
Look, I was getting bored of Dancing Doll

Alice can match the range of any of the moon rabbits' attacks, so as long as her MP holds up Magic Team can wreak havoc.

W-We're done for. I can't believe we're fighting Yorihime... She's gonna capture us, and we'll all face some horrible punishment!

Way to just hide back and spout doom and gloom...

I can understand some pessimism, but can't you do something to help? If you know her, maybe you could go out and persuade her or something...

No way, going out there would just get me captured.

And how's that different from getting captured along with the ship?

No matter what you tell me, it's just not happening! I can't do it!

...Yeesh, I guess we'll just have to fight without you.

By the way, if for some reason I sent someone all the way to where Rabbit is tied up, I actually do get a bonus conversation:


Everyone! You came for me?!

Yeah. These ropes are pretty tight, better hope they don't leave a mark.

They're really thin though, so it should be easy to- Huh?

What's wrong? Hurry up and cut them!

I can't, they're not budging! What ARE these...?

It's useless to try to cut them. Those are femtofiber ropes I borrowed from my sister.

Um, what's a femto?

To put it simply, an instant. A period of time so short that no living being is aware of it. Time is made up of the accumulation of countless such instants.

What does this have to do with the rope...?

But because we aren't aware of these instants, the smallest units of time, we perceive time as continuous. But... um...

Hm? Is something wrong?

What is this? The leader of the emissaries can't even remember the explanation?!

I-It can't be helped. I'm only repeating what my sister told me!

Anyway, don't get any strange ideas about cutting the rope and freeing the rabbit. Soon enough, you'll all be bound by these ropes!

So here's the first thing you'll notice about Yorihime:

she has two turns.

Even at her absolute weakest, Yorihime doesn't fuck around. She's packing Shrine Maiden 9 (+40% Hit/Evade), Supreme (a further +20%), Break Power Limit, Blocking L3, Predict L2, and Double Move. She's also holding the L-Shooter, which buffs her hit rates by 30% and her critical rate by 10%. So she's getting a constant +90% to her accuracy,

and her attacks are already super accurate as is! Yorihime is almost never going to miss unless you're named Reimu.

Her initial field debuffs Move by 2, which makes it so some of my characters can't even move. But that's okay, she can just come to me.

Gotta grab this Bomb first though.

Lunarians must hate cats because everyone has been beelining for Chen.

Now, why don't you show me your useless struggles, Earthlings.

Those rabbits from earlier were so weak in the knees, but she's so confident.

Could you not lump me in with the rabbits? They don't even have battle experience.

The duty of defending the moon has been entrusted to the Watatsuki house for generations.

I see, so you're the guardian of the moon. Then if we beat you, we can just stick our flag here and head home.

Forget the flag, we can't let our guard down around her.

If you're prepared, then I'll face you just like you wanted. I will not bring shame to the beautiful Watatsuki name.

Music: Lunatic Guardian

I can't believe this wasn't an arrange of Moon Knights. I'm disappointed, cobu.

Compared to her higher forms, regular Yorihime is a downright joke. I mean I can actually get a non-zero hit rate without casting spirits!

Shrine maiden of Earth... We may possess the same ability, but there's a distinct difference between you and I.

Yeah, yeah, you trained more. I get it already, you don't have to kee-

That's not all. I had a mentor who discovered and sharpened my talent.


She accepted my abilities and kindly provided guidance. It's because of her that I'm who I am today.

Someone like you, who roughly refines her potential alone, will never be able to to match me.

Hmph. I've been entrusted with the duties of a shrine maiden, so if it's training you're talking about then I've done some too. As a shrine maiden of Earth, there's no way I'll lose to you!

Very well then, I'll show you the decisive difference between us!

Reimu in particular will have no trouble hitting her. The same can not be said for her chances of dodging, though.

The remaining rabbits will be slooooowly inching towards me.

...The leader of the emissaries is quite impressive. This battle has a completely different feel than all the ones before it.

So even as we confront each other, you're still trying to plan your way out of this situation. I wonder if you'll truly be able to escape with an attitude like that?

I can't afford to act thoughtlessly. Danmaku is all about brains. Allow me to show you that.

Is that so? Then I'll be expecting something amusing.

This is amazing catharsis after my Lunatic run.

A devil of Earth, hm? If you intend to harm the moon, then I'll have to quiet you down.

I don't care about harm or whatever. I just came here to play with Remi.

"Play", you say?

Remi brought me so far outside, we even left the Earth. I never thought we'd be able to travel together like this.

So that's the line of thought that led you to set foot on the moon... Devils certainly are devilish. I shall incinerate you with the power of the gods!

Hee hee, I'm fine with playing with you too!

Sadly Flandre isn't quite ready to go yet, so I have to delay finishing off the first lifebar immediately.

I can tell just by looking at your stance. You're incredible...!

Going by the standards of general society, my skill is that of a master's. Furthermore, I possess the ability to channel the power of the Myriad Gods. How do you intend to oppose me?

...If I falter for even an instant, I'll be cut down... In that case, I'll throw away my hesitation and focus only on cutting YOU down!

Very well then, go all-out.

Delay it till next turn that is.

Alright, we hit her!

Looks like our attacks can even hit the leader of the emissaries!

Not only did you come to the moon, but it seems you also possess a fair bit of power.

Of course, seeing that you took a ship like that through space, I could tell that you were no ordinary people.

Yeah, well, this time we got a little help from the power of the gods.

...Is that so? I see, so that's why I felt their presence earlier. With the power of the Sumiyoshi Sanjin, you could certainly cross the sea of stars.

...! She knows about Sumiyoshi Sanjin?!

She recognized the presence of a god too. Could she be...!

Indeed. If you're a shrine maiden of the Earth, then I'm a shrine maiden of the Moon. I am capable of channeling the Myriad Gods into my body and using them freely.


She might just be way more skilled than us!

Shouldn't she only be about as strong as Reimu? If there are a bunch of gods, I'll just roast 'em all with my fire sword.

If that's the level you're imagining, then allow me to show you my divine invocation. Let's see, if you're using a sword of flame, then...

Watch out, Flan! That's no ordinary flame!

You have a good eye. This is the flame of a God that swallows even hellfire! God of Fire, Hi-no-Kagutsuchi, become a blade to exorcise evil!


Divine Blade "Hi-no-Kagutsuchi"

Yorihime's first spell keeps her original movement debuff and tacks an extra +1200 damage to all of her attacks.

An incarnation of nature, hm. I won't allow this pure sea to be dirtied by things from Earth.

Pure...? Now that I think about it, there weren't any fish in there. Gensokyo doesn't have any seas, so I was really looking forward to this too...

The moon and the Earth have different standards of life and nature. You will never be able to fit in here. But right now, you should be more worried about when you'll fall.

I got a short break, but it doesn't look like I can talk my way out of this!

That doesn't mean much if she can't hit at all.

I was curious how you all got here, but now I see. You borrowed the power of the Sumiyoshi Sanjin. Still, that doesn't seem to be all...

Don't forget the Flying Silo. We couldn't have made it this far without this ship.

It's specially-made, and infused with the Buddhist power of a legendary monk.

So you mixed together Shinto and Buddhism. I can feel the presence of a Lunar Raiment too... So just by assembling those, you were able to reach the moon with even the Earth's technology.

You're awfully concerned about the Palanquin Ship.

I'm preparing for future invaders.

In any case, I see what I have to do now. There won't be any more invaders if I cut that ship in two now.

Like we'd just let you do that!

You think you've seen through this ship, but it's still got some surprises in it. Here, let me show you!

I feel both a brutal animal nature and a well-mannered temperament from you. It seems you've taken up a faith as well... What a strange youkai.

I am an avatar of Bishamonten, tasked with the duty of gathering faith. I'm pleased you were able to understand that at a glance, but unfortunately there's no choice but for us to fight.

Good grief, even your words are contradictory. I despise simple youkai like you. Let me show you what it means to make me your enemy.

With neither Meiling nor Koakuma, Flandre is crippled. She's only got enough MP for two Four of a Kinds, and she can only safely attack through Support Attacks.

Sheesh, no break for us... Fighting you looks like a huge pain. Still, with a sea of stars like that, my shooting star magic can steamroll you!

You seem to be a magician, and a user of star magic at that.

I suppose shooting stars do share some inherent traits with humans like you.

And what's that supposed to mean?

Shooting stars burn up into stardust. The lives of Earthlings are equally transient.

Being stardust sounds pretty cool to me. And you know what? I feel kinda bad for you, you've never seen the Earth's starry sky.

Excuse me?

Unlike here, the stars on Earth twinkle. That's what makes them so great. Come on, I'll show you with my danmaku!

but with Magic Team on the case, who cares?

So you've broken the shining sword... Should I praise you for that?

She's still just testing us, we can't be discouraged!

Okay everyone, let's just keep this up...


Huh? What's wrong, Reimu? Looks like something's bothering you.

I wouldn't say it's BOTHERING me, but for some reason I feel like this is a bad match up for me. And it's not just because she has the same power, there's something else...

I'm sure it's because she's the same type as you, Reimu.

What do you mean?

From the way Yorihime fights, I can sense that this comes naturally to her. It's not something you can make up for with skill or knowledge, it's something she was born with.

You're quite insightful. Yes, I was granted talent from birth. I am only where I am today because there was someone kind enough to spot that talent and nurture it.

So she's got both talent AND experience to back up her confidence...?!

Fighting a genius? That's old hat for me. If that was enough to give me cold feet, I'd never make it as a Gensokyo magician!

Very well, then I'll show you a height that your strong wills could never reach.

Ame-no-Uzume-no-Mikoto. Descend unto me, and show us the dance that holds back calamity!


Divine Dance "Ame-no-Uzume-no-Mikoto"

The second spell has an incredibly annoying effect: Yorihime can not be hit by Ranged attacks.

Usually I have Flandre slam through it, but she's out of MP now.

Also RIP Star.

After inching their formation forward a literal tile at a time, the rabbits hit the gas and sprint to their deaths.

Well at least that gives my B team something to do.

No matter who I'm up against, I'll never lose in a race!

A beast youkai, hm. I see you've developed quite the physical capability. But with my powers, I can move even faster than you.

...Um, is that really a good idea? Miss Ran said that when you're running with everything you've got, skirts are a bad idea...


E-Earth's sense of values must be faulty after all, if that's what a child is concerned about. I am Yorihime Watatsuki! If it would protect the moon, I wouldn't hesitate to expose my legs to the world!

You're blushing a littl-

That doesn't concern you. This conversation ends here!

Doesn't look like I have the Melee damage output to capture this spell.

Guess I'll use a bomb.

Your sound is... tough.

What did you say, spirit?

You don't waver at all, and support yourself with a strong conviction.

I already knew that, but... I must hand it to you, your sense is impressive if it was able to ascertain my faith.

I will protect the moon. You will never make it past me.

And as the leader, it only follows that you'll arrest us too.

Correct. And I always complete my missions.

Shou grabs the kill. Probably should have had Lyrica cast Cheer on her before I had the Prismrivers attack!

To think you breached even this dance. It appears you're not all talk.

We managed to capture it, but she hasn't lost her composure...

With the power of the Myriad Gods, her versatility must be limitless.

But shouldn't one of our own shrine maidens be able to counter with her own invocation?

Oh yeah! Sanae's Summon Take-Minakata!

That's right. I should be able to borrow Lady Kanako's power even on the moon!


A mountain god on Earth. She has the craaazy power to control the sky!

If I invoke the power of the wind, then even against you I can-

Interesting. Your faith in your god must be strong indeed, if you can call upon her power even on this faraway moon. But it seems I'll have to teach you that such singular devotion can be a weakness.

What's that supposed to mean?

With so many gods out there, every god is bound to have a natural foe. If you call upon Take-Minakata, then...

...! It can't be!

Sky against sky, let's have a pure contest of strength!

I summon thee, Take-Mikazuchi!


Spiritualism "Take-Mikazuchi"

Take-Mikazuchi has three effects. First off, Yorihime automatically casts Accel at the start of every turn. Second, she can move through any of my units.

And third, she shatters the accuracy cap. Everything over 100% goes straight into damage, so if Yorihime even breathes on my tanks they'll die.

You're just like that red-white, a shrine maiden of Earth. While it's more limited, I can feel that you also have the power to invoke the gods...

As the shrine maiden of the Moriya Shrine, I've received training ever since I was little.

Even being on the moon won't sever my bond with my god!

If you've trained since childhood, you must be deeply religious. You may only be a human, but I approve of you.

However, the amount of divine power you can channel is but a fraction of the myriads I have access too.

Even so, as a shrine maiden I have to try my best!

What reckless defiance. I'll have to teach you a lesson!

So as always, the answer is to use spirits.

Chances are pretty good Yorihime will go right for the Ship so uh, I hope you cast Grit.

Despite the fact I equipped Enhanced Bakeneko on her, Chen never triggered Double Image this entire chapter.

One of the annoying things about bosses with multiple turns (and there will be more) is that they'll lay down extra danmaku every turn. This both doubles the penalties and can make the game start to lag with the more elaborate patterns.

The rabbits were getting annoying, so I took a break from beating up Yorihime to finish them off.

Is that one of Earth's weapons...?

Yup! It's my proudest invention, a concentration of kappa engineering!

Oh but uh, I guess they're no match for the moon's latest equipmen-

No, if you were able to reach the moon with that ship, then I can't afford to be careless. It would be wise to assume that you don't intend to only rely on such simple technology.

Um, I think there's been a misunderstanding. We never planned on any violen-

I'll hear you out at my leisure, AFTER I've captured you!

Nitori died so damn hard.

I was all set to lose Youmu next but then she dodged an 84%.

A spirit, hm. I feel no impurity from you.

Come oooon, you're a leader! Being that stiff is no good~! With a frown like that, you'll scare all the happiness away!

A frown... Do I look happier now?

It's good that you're trying, but you've gotta relax your shoulders too!

...I've heard the same thing from my older sister. Now I'm glad that I'm your opponent. The chances are minuscule, but I'd be very troubled if my older sister were to find a kindred spirit.

Ah, don't say that. Have a peach and get some tension going.

That attitude is why I can't afford to be negligent!

A bunch of finishers later, the deed is done.

So you've shown me that you can repel even the blade of thunder that cleaves the seas.

We broke the spell, but it looks like she's still got plenty of power.

I can't believe she can fight so long while bearing the power of the gods...

What's wrong? Are you already short on breath?

Well, I don't know about anyone else, but I've never felt better. I am the Queen of the Night! I'll smash those gods of yours one by one!

That's our Remilia! She won't let some uppity lady scare her!

When the Mistress gets like that, I feel like we're invincible!

...I see you've surrounded yourself with allies, through both a devil's power and charm. But will that work in a world without night?

No, the god she just called down is-!

Gentle mother who rules the heavens, fill the moon with your overwhelming light!




The final spell is just a pain in the ass. Not only is it a MAP, but Yorihime automatically casts Zeal so she has three turns instead of two. If you bomb the danmaku you can shut that down for a turn, but only a turn.

Anyway she also gets +40 to all stats while everyone else is stuck with a -2 Move debuff.

I want to guarantee I beat this chapter, so I have the ship run away.

Youmu goes down first.

So you're the boss of the moon... That must mean you're the moon's strongest.

Excuse me?

I heard from that rabbit that you're the toughest around.

That means that when I beat you, I'LL be the moon's strongest!

I see, so you consider yourself to be the strongest. I can appreciate that level of self-confidence.

Unfortunately, I naturally possess the ability to channel the power of the gods. How does a fairy like you intend to grasp victory?


You're still calm...? Wait, no, are you even thinking?

Anyways, I'm gonna beat you! Better get ready!

You're certainly courageous, if nothing else. Very well, I'll be your opponent.

Cirno had Grit on, but I had Shou cover her anyways because the MAP is next.

Speaking of which, in some astounding bullshit, both Reimu and Sanae get killed by this. Amaterasu is Yorihime's least accurate attack, so outside of Lunatic it's actually pretty likely the two can dodge.
then again I normally have WP invested into them so maybe I just have a biased perspective

This pretty much ruins my chances of ending this without suicide rushing.

Lunasa, Merlin, get ready!

...Is what I'd LIKE to say, but I don't really have the spirit for that in this kind of situation.

It seems you're also a younger sister.

That means you possess the skill to understand your situation and conduct yourself appropriately.

Isn't that one of the perks of being a younger sister?

Still, if you haven't polished your own power, you have no chance against me.

How well Magic Team and the Prismrivers do will make or break whether or not I can capture this spell,

and in a stunning reversal of expectations, I get insanely lucky and get a bunch of coin flip odds to land in my favor.

Th-There's way too much of a difference between a fairy like me and boss of the moon...

You should be more than aware of our difference in stature. You're quite reckless.

However, you're an intruder. I shouldn't overlook you.

J-Just so you know, I've got a special power. I'm not going down easily!

You shouldn't be negligent of my abilities either. Now, prepare yourself!

Ah whatever, let's just go!

Sunny gets Parried, but I just needed Flandre's Team attack to hit so that's fine.

You seem to be a powerless fairy. If you intend to disturb the tranquillity of the moon, the-


T-tears?! Are you trying to get me to pity you?!

It's just, at this rate something horrible is going to happen to Rabbit... And, and, everyone's going to be arrested too...

D-Don't expect pity from me. I have too many things to protect.

(What would Toyohime... No, what would Lady Yagokoro do in a situation like this?)

I had Dai attack soley because what the hell, I've already got 125 lines of boss convos to translate, what's another seven?

Okay, bring it home Prismrive-


Well I guess Nazrin is my only chance of winning now.

I REALLY didn't want to fight the most powerful person on the moon.

If you're faltering, you should take a step back and look at your situation. Wouldn't it be wiser to halt this reckless invasion?

That's all just a misunderstanding. Though in a situation like this I doubt you'd just believe me. Well, no matter how this ends, once the battle's over we'll have all the time in the world to explain.

So you're already preparing for what to do once you've been arrested. How wise. But not wise enough; let me teach you why you shouldn't try to run from the moon.

Yeah that went about as well as I expected.

Maybe if I hadn't moved the ship so far away I could have won, but then maybe Yorihime would have rushed it and I would have Game Overed. Who knows!

At least it's finally over.