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Part 41

This really should have been up last week, but alas real life beckons. Oh well, at least this puts us back on schedule after that double update.



Palanquin Ship - Bridge
Music: Dark Clouds

Full Text


They've caught up with us!

Reisen, please help us!




Oh hey, I found the missing letter.



G Free Shrine Maiden

Music: Against an Endless Number of Stars

You better click that because it's the best song in the game!

Rabbit Soldier posted:

Lady Yorihime, there's the Earthlings' ship!

It's closer than I predicted. Is that their full speed?

Cirno posted:

Uwah, they're already here!

Captain, can't we go any faster?!

Don't ask the impossible! Any more and the reactor will burn out!

Save meeee! Wait, no, run awaaaay!

Rabbit's all wrapped up in rope over there!

Why would they go through the trouble of bringing her? Are they planning to use her as a hostage?

Doesn't look like we could save her when she's so deep behind enemy lines though...

...! Even more enemy readings!

Rabbit Soldier posted:

Please excuse our lateness, Lady Yorihime!

We've received permission from Lady Toyohime to use the anti-ship neutron cannons!

! They're coming at us from over there too?!

And they brought some stupidly big guns too! They're way too into this!

What else did my sister say to you?

Right, it seems she's going to leave the pursuit of the insurgents to you, Lady Yorihime, while she suppresses the confusion in the capital. She was saying something about wanting to secure leadership before anyone else said anything...

...Just what I'd expect from my sister, she never misses a thing.

Wh-What do we do? It looks like they're preparing something over there! Even if we run, we're just not fast enough...

Guess we'll just have to deploy who we can and give 'em a fight.

If we mess this up, we're never going home... Like I'd let THAT happen!

Everyone's equipped for space combat, so try to clear an escape route while fighting.

Let's break through as soon as we find an opening!

This is a really pretty stage.

Sanae posted:

I can see the Earth from here... Will we ever get home?

I can understand your unease, but we have no choice but to fight.

Luckily, there's atmosphere here. Is this still inside the moon's barrier?

Still resisting? You people just don't know when to give up.

Obviously. What, are we supposed to just let you capture us?

And what about you? Why chase us all the way out here?

It's my duty to. As guardian of the moon, I must preserve the peace. I could never simply overlook someone who so easily broke into the moon.

Guess we're not gonna talk our way out of this. Fine, I get it.

Reimu looks fired up as usual, but is she going to be okay?

Being all gung-ho is fine and dandy, but the difference in strength is pretty obvious. Think about how to to buy time and help us get away, Reimu!


Victory: Survive until the player phase of the 8th turn.
Defeat: Reimu or the Palanquin Ship are defeated.
Bonus: Have all allied units be across or on the white line by clear time.

The intended way to play this chapter is to sprint to the bonus line as fast as possible. Numerous reinforcements will spawn in to stop you, and the entire time Yorihime will be charging ahead to try and sandwich the player army. It's all very frantic and fun, and I'm not going to do any of it.

See, the bonus isn't asking me to bring my entire army to the goal. It just wants the living ones. As long as I get Reimu and the Palanquin Ship east, I can suicide everyone for Points and PP.

Lunar Rabbit posted:

Um, we brought them out, but how we were supposed to use these again?

The manual says that these things are so powerful, you can pretty much just point them in the general direction of whatever you wanna hit.

It looks like they're planning to use those huge cannons!

Watch out, if it's a weapon from the moon then I'm sure it's-

Here we go, fire!

Wha- Whaaaaaaaat?!

What destructive force! Are they planning to turn us to ash?!

You can't fire that in quick succession, so be careful not to waste any shots.

O-Oh, right. The next volley will be charged in 2 more minutes.

...Did you hear that, everyone? Those weapons can only fire once every 3 minutes, so keep an eye on their line of fire.

It's too dangerous to move up to them, so please don't fight recklessly. Just focus on buying us time to escape!

Yorihime still has two turns, so she can catch up pretty fast.

We managed to make it this far, but...

...Do you think we can really shake them off and make it back to Earth? Lady Kanako, Lady Suwako. Please give us streng-

We couldn't find another way to settle this, so don't think about anything but moving. If we stop for even an instant, our fate will be sealed...!

Oh yeah, if we get arrested and never get back then Reimu's shrine will...

...We're going back to Earth. No, we're DEFINITELY going back!

This chapter is the first you'll see group convos. Instead of every character having their own soliloquy, they share a single conversation with other members in their group. This makes translation much easier, so I'm glad Sanbondo does it.

It's always nice to get a double crit with Magic Team.

When I came on this trip, I never thought it'd end up like this...

Wh-What do we do?! At this rate, we're never gonna make it back!

Woah there, don't jinx us!

Don't look back, just keep facing forwards!

But, no matter where we run off too, it all seems kind of hopeless...

Even so, we have to keep moving. We can't be left behind.

Let's go, it's just a little bit further!

I figured rabbits didn't hit hard enough for Merlin to bother defending, and I was right.

...Good grief, what a harsh journey.

It's not over yet. Not until we're safely back home.

B-But can we really make it back?! There are forces from the moon chasing us-

If push comes to shove, I'll hold them back. Use that time to keep going!

The funny thing is that this totally works. You don't even lose out on the bonus if Meiling gets killed.

Meiling, you can't!

Don't be an idiot. If you do that, we won't truly be able to return.

We WILL make it out of this, and enjoy a triumphant return. Don't bother yourselves with needless thoughts, just keep going!

If you SRW fans were curious, no this chapter does not take place on Space terrain. It's all still Sky.

The ship still has a Tengu Feather on it, so it made it to within spitting distance of the goal by the second turn. Enemy reinforcements are imminent, though, so Reimu pops out and prepares to stand guard.

Meanwhile everyone else Focuses and prepares for round two with Yorihime.

Eeek, I don't think we're gonna make it!

...If we get arrested, everyone back on Earth will be sure to get worried. Mokou, Akyu, and all of the people in the Human Village...

H-Hey! Keine, YOU of all people shouldn't get depressed like that!

Y-Yes, you're right! As the guardian, I must act appropriately!

We must keep going, even in this bottomless darkness!

One of the annoying things about FA Nitori is that her Team Attack can't be used until she hits 105 Power. Obviously this isn't a problem if you get her 50 kills but... Well, that would require using Nitori at all.

I never realized how deep the darkness of space was until we came out here.

You must be tired. We've been fighting nonstop ever since we got here.

...Can we really get back to Earth?

No complaining. We gotta get over there somehow and escap-

Luna Child posted:

What? There are enemies in front too!

Just when I thought we'd pulled ahead of them...

This is our backyard, Earthlings. You won't get away that easily.

We would've caught you earlier too, if it weren't for that sniper support.

Huh? Wait, could that have been...?

(...True, without that interference we would have seized their ship then and there.)

(I've seen those bullet trails before, but it couldn't have been her. She was too much of a coward to ever rebel against the moon.)

Awawah, she caught up to us!

You thought you could run at this point? You're looking down on me.

This isn't the Pure Land of the moon. I can wield my power freely!

There's different dialogue if you defeated Yorihime last chapter.


So you plan to fight me to the very end.

We got pretty close last time, so now we're going to finish the job.

You've got some nerve, but this isn't the Pure Land of the moon. Here, I can wield my full might, holding nothing back!
Presumably Yorihime didn't want to stain the moon by killing something on it.

Alice has more Skill than even the super boss.

Yorihime isn't any stronger than last chapter. Actually, I think the game always just uses the weakest version.

It feels like we're about to get caught~.

Well that just means we have to go even faster!

C-Cirno, are we going to-

I-It's gonna be okay. We're not going down in a place like this!

But what are we going to do? I don't think we can rescue Rabbit anymore...

If we get caught, it's over. Let's just focus on running right now!

Chen: literally lightning fast.

Can we break through their net and make it back to Earth...?

Nazrin, you musn't give up hope!

I know that, but you have to admit these circumstances aren't good. There's the remaining distance to Earth and the huge difference in powe-

This is our only option, so there's no choice. We're all going to make it back!

Don't look back and go full speed ahead!

The ship can take more than a few hits from the rabbits.

And of course Reimu just dodges everything.

This is the last MAP Merlin had in her. All she's good for now is casting Bless.

I have everyone clean up the rabbits before focusing on Yorihime.

Oh hey, Chen finally triggered Double Image. Too bad she was Focused.

*sniffle* I was trying my best too...

I figured Star was next, but she barely managed to hold on.

And the rabbit that I thought was going to finish her off went for Mystia instead, too.

A MAP gets launched,

but the only person in range is Reimu.

Who true to form is cleaning up house on her end. Unlike the ship, which missed an 89% that would have gotten me a Bomb.

The rabbits manning the cannons give up 20,000 points on defeat, so I send Magic Team after them.

Meanwhile Mystia drops a Bomb to clear the way for Youmu to slice up Yorihime.

Nitori doesn't have Strike, so all she'll be good for is helping Youmu not die.

A few attacks and a Miracle later, and Yorihime's down to yellow.

...! More pursuers are coming from ahead!

They really want to catch and punish us, huh~?

Did you really think we'd let a gang of brigands off the hook so easily?

Brigands?! Well, I mean we basically ARE, but that's totally not fair!

Yeah! We're Eirin's friends, and-

I see you're still clinging to that lie. How dare you know-nothing Earthlings usurp her name for your schemes...

Based on what you've been saying, you must have some sort of connection to Eirin. Isn't she supposed to be a major criminal on the moon? How can you put so much faith in her?

Yeah, the rabbits are always talking badly about her...

...Lady Yagokoro would never make the wrong move, in any circumstance. My sister and I are carrying on her will, and have protected the moon to this day.

You'll regret trampling all over those feelings!


You know, I completely forgot she still had that.

Sorry, everyone. I'll be heading back first.

I might be heading back, but you girls better still do your jobs.

Reimu's cleared up enough of the eastern front that I take the chance to get her and the ship over the goal.

And on the western front, Youmu and Sakuya get Yorihime low enough that Flandre can finish her off.

So even after that earlier fight, you managed to barely beat me...

You get it now? I'm the strongest IN SPACE!

I didn't expect this much resistance. I'll acknowledge your strength. But it's still not enough!

Yorihime casts Guts.

...! Her stamina's been restored!

No way, we have to start all over again~?!

When I am away from the moon, there are no limits on my ability to invoke the gods.

Resistance is meaningless. Do you understand now?

Yorihime will respawn infinitely, which makes her a giant EXP/Points pinata if you can kill her more than once.

Also she drops the Lunar Magatama which does absolutely nothing. No seriously, the item description even says it's a trophy for beating Yorihime in chapter 49.

Anyway, now I just need to stall Yorihime for a bit then get everyone killed.

This wave of reinforcements is why I had the ship run, by the way.

Nobody died.

So Yorihime did it again.

I knew it, I'm still too inexperienced...

You better watch out, cause Remi's definitely gonna get you!

Yeah, no.

If you didn't like my song, you must be really living it up~.

Oh well, no choice then. I'll head back and have some tea.

The ship will be spamming Defend to make it through enemy phase until Reimu can deploy again.

...They're still sending reinforcements. Is there no end to their fighting forces?

What do we do?! At this rate it's only a matter of time until we get caught!

I wonder what they'll do to us if that happens. Even if they release us someday, who will manage the barrier while Reimu's gone?


...I don't want to consider this, but if we never come home they'll probably set up a new shrine maiden back on the surface.

A new one?

There was a previous Hakurei shrine maiden as well. And one before that, and before that... When the world loses their shrine maiden and needs another, they tend to get one.

B-But Lady Yukari would never give up on Reim-

That's just the sort of person she is. If I'm not cutting it, then she'll find a replacement. That should be obvious. That's just the sort of thing a shrine maiden is.

Please don't talk like you've already given up! I'm sure we can pull through this somehow...!

Burn with as much fighting spirit as you like, it's futile. No matter what you try, you'll never escape.

I'm on the home stretch now, just need to last two more turns.

I made a mistake, so please handle the rest.

To think I'd lose, I'm so useless...

Yowch, guess I'm not ready for a solo live yet.

Oh wow, the rabbits stacked enough accuracy boosts to get a decent hit rate on Reimu.

And that's all my objectives attained.

I can't fight anymore... Everybody, be careful not to lose!

I'm not strong enough, I'll have to retreat!

Unfortunately, I ran into a small problem called "Shou refused to die"! I actually had to do this chapter again because Shou's defenses got so high all the rabbits couldn't finish her off.

But I played through so fast that I screwed up Reimu's positioning, so I couldn't kill a rabbit. That rabbit's danmaku field slowed the Palanquin Ship down enough that I couldn't make it and Reimu past the goal.

Third time proved to be the charm. Magic Team is the only remaining non-crucial character,

and with her two turns Yorihime is more than capable of taking them out before the deadline.

One last enemy phase of Reimu drawing enemy fire, and it's over.

We've endured their attacks until now, but at this rate...!

No matter how many we beat, more just keep coming!

To think you'd manage to evade the lunar forces this long. Impressive. But it's time to end this.

You kidding? We're not even tired ye-

Wrong, you're too late!

Music: Girls, Surpass the Carnage

How's that, a direct hit on your reactor!

And from this range, you can't use your guns or your main battery!

No, they attacked from behind...?!

They got us good, we can't make any careless movements!

I'm sure you understand now. There's nowhere to run. We'll take you into lunar custody, and get all the details about this incident from you.

No way! I can't believe everyone got caught...

If we attack recklessly, we'll just hit the Palanquin Ship too!

(...The ship stopped moving. Lady Yorihime must have finally cornered us. I should've just gotten out of here by now. What I am doing?!)

(Argh, what do I do?! At this rate they'll catch me too!)

Well then, first I'll have you surrender the ship.

Not on my watch!

Yorihime posted:

I see you're still quite tenacious, shrine maiden of Earth!

Reimu confronts Yorihime.

What, did you think I'd just sit back and watch this?!

Reimu, it's too dangerous to fight alone!

But if I don't, who's gonna chase all these guys off? I'll hold them back, you girls do something about the ship!

But no matter how strong you are-

The magician is right.

Yorihime blasts Reimu and the general area around her.


Aah! Reimu!

You move well, but there's nothing you can do in this situation. You can't make up for such an absolute difference in power!

More attacks shepherd Reimu a bit northwest.

Aah! Miss shrine maiden, run!

It's no use, she can't get away!

Your mistake was going up against me and the army of the moon.

All soldiers, fire on her at once!

...If I get beaten and captured here, I'll lose my job as the Hakurei shrine maiden.

That's why I can't lose!

All soldiers, fire!

Rabbit Soldier posted:

W-We got her...!

...No, you didn't!

Rabbit Soldier posted:

She dodged...? That shouldn't be possible...

Take a good look at Reimu's map icon.

...Then, to be absolutely sure, I'll deal with her myself. This ends here, Hakurei shrine maiden!


Music: That Voice Won't Reach

As I recall, Reimu actually has a dodge sprite with her eyes closed. I guess they forgot to use it here.

I probably should have recorded this.

Touhou fans have probably already identified that attack. The animation might seem kind of random, but believe it or not it's appropriate. The hint is Scarlet Weather Rhapsody.

Tch, I took a direct hit...?!

Are you alright, Lady Yorihime?!

Wh-What happened?! Did she dodge Yorihime's attack?

No, it's almost like it went right through her...

Why you- Take this!


What?! We all missed...?!

Reimu casually eliminates the rabbits.

Reimu! You did it!

...This sensation is clearly different from before. I can't feel the presence of a divine invocation, so does that mean this is the girl's own power...?!

Rabbit Soldier posted:

...! You little!

Eat some Buster Launcher!


N-No way!

Those four go down too.

What's going on? None of our attacks are hitting!

...I see. I've figured out what sort of power that is.

As she is now, that shrine maiden cannot be affected by others. She's become a completely unilateral being. However, that power is scarcely different from mere violence...!

Reimu flies over and slams Yorihime.


Reimu, don't tell me you plan to take them all on by yourself?!

Wh-What do we do? Should we help her out...?

...No, I think we should leave it to her. Even if we went out there, I don't think our words would reach her as she is now.

What are you talking about, Mistress?!

Can't you tell? She's attacking without even looking at her surroundings.

...You're right. This Reimu seems a little scary, maybe.

When did Reimu get so powerful?

...Yeesh, this isn't good.


Marisa posted:

Stop this fight, Reimu! Just pull back for now!


Hey, Reimu!

...Marisa? Don't interrupt me, I'm about to settle this.

Are you KIDDING? Do you even know what you're doing? This totally isn't how you normally fight!

Reimu opens her eyes.

R-Reimu stopped moving...?

Marisa, I...

I know you're desperate, but don't push yourself so much. Even if we get arrested, I'll keep you company!

FMW's going with a somewhat common dramatic interpretation of Reimu's character that posits that she thinks that nobody would give a damn about her if it weren't for her job. I guess after everyone pitched in just to help save her shrine back in FMW2, she doubled down even harder on that?

This wasn't really set up at all beyond Reimu's flat acceptance of Yukari's constant reference to her to as the Hakurei shrine maiden instead of a unique person, so it's about as left-field as her drama back in FMW2. But eh, at least she's consistent about keeping quiet about this sort of thing.

...So you stopped the shrine maiden. What a touching display of both bravery and friendship. But I won't give you another chance to act!

Yorihime casts Soul which... doesn't have a special animation in this game.

Mining the data says it boosts damage by x1.8. When we get it for real it'll probably be the usual x2.0 though.

Yorihime's aura is expanding... She really means to fight!

So much energy... Do you mean to end this in one blow?!

This is where it ends, humans of Earth!

P-Please stop this!

Reisen finally comes out of the ship.


Ah, uh...

Are you... Raysen?!

One of the quirks about Reisen is that her original name was written in katakana (レイセン). Upon arriving at the House of Eternity, though, she was given a different name that was pronounced the same but written in kanji (鈴仙). I think the current way to differentiate it is to have her moon name be Rei'sen, but Raysen works just as well and has much less random apostrophes.

Reisen, you came!

I thought you were hiding in the ship and weren't coming out?

Wait, is that Lady Yagokoro's letter?!

...Raysen, I thought it was impossible, but it really was you. Why would you, who ran from the moon, come back with these Earthlings, after all this time...?

...Th-That's, well...

(...I knew I'd freeze up. I'm not strong like Lady Yorihime... But I'll never waver in my desire to go back to Earth...!)

...Is that a moon rabbit?! She looks like she's a friend of the Earthlings, so let's just deal with her quickl-

Out of the way!

Reisen posted:

I absolutely MUST return to Earth... Don't get in my way!

Reisen posted:

Lunatic... Red Eyes!

Reisen posted:

Sorry, but I have to keep going...!

Reisen zips over to Yorihime.

Raysen, you escaped the other rabbits' danmaku!

Lady Yorihime, I have no intention to fight! Please just give me a little time to talk!

I brought a letter from Mast- I mean, from Lady Yagokoro!

...! This seal is certainly Lady Yagokoro's...!

The Master has always been hiding on Earth to avoid pursuers. But once she heard that the Watatsukis had assumed leadership of the emissaries, she came up with the idea of sending a letter.

...How would you know so much about Lady Yagokoro? Don't tell me you met her on Earth...?

It's a long story. More importantly, please read the lette-

Very well, allow me to verify it.


Lady Yorihime...

...It all seems to be written here. That we should accept this rabbit, and how we should treat you...

Lady Yagokoro says I should let you all go.

Y-Yes! That should resolve this misunderstanding, so if possible...

...If we can end this with that, then would it help if we all begged too? The situation escalated quite a bit, but we're all out of strength.

Yeah, I'd say both sides are too injured to go on. I've had enough of this.


...What the humans are saying is true. We definitely never wanted to hurt the moon.

I understand. I no longer doubt you. In deference to Lady Yagokoro's words, I'll overlook this incident.

...Lady Yorihime...!

However, the spacefaring vessel and the red-and-white shrine maiden are worth noting. I'll remember that such powerful entities exist on the Earth.

If anything happens, we'll make our move. Take that to heart.

Is that a warning? I'll keep in it mind.

Well, um, I think we've overstayed our welcome...

Rabbit, this is all happening so suddenly, but: Bye bye! Again!

Yeah, thanks to you girls it looks like I'll be okay too.

...Thanks for everything. Be careful on the way home.

Yes, you stay healthy too.

Everybody but Reisen escapes.


Lady Yorihime, um...

I don't intend to detain you. Do you have something else to say?

I-I guess I might. Um, well... About when I ran from the moon, and when I left your sid-

Lady Yagokoro chose the Earth, did she not? So I don't begrudge you for making the same choice.

Or are you saying you want to return to the moon and clear away your sins?

N-No! Definitely not that...

Then the pet moon rabbit we called Raysen is no more.

Now go.

Yes, Lady Yorihime... Um... I'm sorry.

Reisen leaves.

So you really did let the humans go, Lady Yorihime.

What exactly were you talking about? Yagokoro is a wanted crimin-

Just leave this matter to my sister and I. We'll handle everything.

We'll be taking the rabbit too. Go to my sister's estate and inform her.

U-Understood! I'm going now.

It's over now, so can you untie me already?

The remaining moon rabbits leave too.

Yorihime posted:

...Lady Yagokoro, I always knew you were still doing well.

But, this letter is...


Lady Yagokoro...

Man, this has been a pretty bad day for Yorihime.


For the Lunatic run, I abused another trick: Sunny's Reflection. If I pile everyone into the ship and then have Sunny throw that up, the enemy AI has no idea what's going on and doesn't move.

That gives me three turns of mostly free movement, which combined with stacking Move boosting items can get me so far away Yorihime will never catch up. The only downside is that I lose out on a lot of Points and experience, but eh. New Game Plus.


*yawn* *snore*


Oh my, you're still not up yet?

You know you missed the morning scripture reading, right? If you're planning on making snoozing till the moon rises a daily routine...

Wait, no!


Woah, she dodged!

This seems like it'll be a hassle. Sanae, I'm entrusting you with the duty of waking her up.

Huh? Why me?

You're both fellow shrine maidens, and it's not like this is the first time you've done it either. Good luck.